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  1. I agree with you. How bad does the talent want if for themselves and each other? How well coached are they? I will be impressed if that talent executes at a high level and plays as a team. If that happens....special things...many special things. I suppose COVID and injuries may be the biggest wildcards in the equation if the Falcons are able to put all that horsepower to the pavement. Anyone who doubts the potential upside should go back and watch the SF game from last season. There was nothing fluky going on there. The Falcons stood toe to toe with a well coach, talented, team that needed a win and punched them in the face straight up.
  2. Just reading the words, the Atlanta analysis seems to be mostly based on the number of first round picks potentially on the field at the same time. After all, draft position is the best indicator of talent...
  3. Not covered in this interview, but the cost to sign vs. our cap situation are the two factors stacked against Neal. We've signed all to star contracts we can fit. Unless he gets hurt, someone will pay top dollar for the position. His athletic ability within his skill set (sideline to sideline + coverage) is at the top of the league for the MLB position atm. Any team with a stout set of DTs and a solid FS to keep downhill blocks off of him will covet him.
  4. I rewatched both GB games and the Seattle playoff game of 2016. How dominant that offense was gave the illusion that the defense really stepped up under Quinn. It didn't play bad, but the fact of the matter is the Shanahan offense was putting opposing offenses in a position where they had to be perfect just to match. Add to that the collapse in the Superbowl. The net outcome was the Shanahan was the bad type of goat that season and Quinn became a coach that had unrealistic hope attached to him. I got buried in a thread for stating I wasn't sold on Quinn the week before the Superbowl. I stand by that. I don't think he's a bad coach, but I also do think he is the type of coach to lift a team to play beyond its collective talent. In other words, Shanahan was out coaching everyone in the 2016 post season and Dan Quinn's defense was put in a beautiful "all gas, no breaks" situation. Quinn is a different coach on defense when supported by a great QB, great play makers, and a great offensive mind on the other side of the ball. That isn't bad. It just means he's not great on a stand alone bases. All the rambling aside, the team can win a championship with him leading. He's not a great asset, but he's no huge liability either. But, honestly, sometimes I feel that he is just good enough that Blank can't risk letting him go in hopes of finding someone better. Ironically, that is the same argument many fans have about Ryan. Let's be honest though...Dan Quinn is no Matt Ryan.
  5. Here’s what you need to know about those two: 1. McDaniel is the star. Remember all those new run plays and wrinkles the 49ers used for the first time in 2019? Those probably came from McDaniel. Shanahan and his father are zone-blocking purists. McDaniel is a run-game genius who has mastered every blocking scheme. Most teams would love to have him. Just not the Falcons apparently The less the Falcons disclose, on almost all subjects related to competition and athletic readiness, the more I like it.
  6. I believe you build a line from the inside out. Center is in a good spot. If Guard play improves, tackle play will follow. There has to be trust, or guys are going to hedge their bets and try to cover everything that moves at the snap.
  7. Keanu only weakness is that he gets pushed around if the offense successfully engages him at the point of attack. That is why I get mildly amused when people call him a run stuffer. He is more of a run attacker. He is a missile, not a tank. He is a speed/agility/football IQ/attitude LB. He wins when he beats you to the spot. All size will do is slow him down and allow the offense to successfully engage him at the point of attack more often. That is why attacking DTs and one true edge threat are so important to our D. Two blockers on GJ, one on the edge with a helper. If the rookie DT becomes a true threat you have to account for him. It gets to the point where you have one high football IQ heat seeking missile running free in the middle of the field on some snaps.
  8. When Julio made the sideline catch on Ryan's indefensible throw, I though the dagger had been thrust through the heart of the comeback. I've been a Falcon's fan for over 40 years. I knew better...but I let my guard down in that moment. Here's hoping this is the "winning" season. Thanks for the memories OP...lol.
  9. I agree. The fact that it isn't the same type of injury recurring gives me some hope. I feel the chances or seeing Neal at the top of his game are about 10 times greater than the chances that we will see Gurley at the top of his. Neal had two injuries of the "can happen to anyone on any given play" type. Its not like he's got a recurring issue or a degenerative condition. He's 24 (25 in July) and 90% of his body has the wear and tear of a 23 year old player.
  10. I agree with the writer. "While trading Hennessy or Gono makes zero sense because of their youth and upside, the Falcons should be open to trading the other three, especially the latter two. Carpenter and Brown..."
  11. I don't think he will "go down," I just think he will be what he is: a dude with an arthritic knee. He'll do some good work, but he's not going to be 2016 Gurley ever again. If he's 1a, there must be a 1b for the running game to go.
  12. The comparison is a bit apples to oranges. New era...different rules. Kickoff return in 2019 is inherently more difficult than in 1990. Also, there is a big gap between generational talent as kick returners and "easily replaceable." I think Barner falls in that gap. Replaceable, certainly...but probably not by a dime a dozen plug in.
  13. No other Falcons team was close to as dominant vs. the rest of the league. The 1980 team was unique in that it underachieved by not winning the Superbowl. It was the best all around team in the league that year. William Andrews and Lynn Cain. Those were the days my friend... Younger Falcon fans...do yourself a favor. Google up some William Andrews. Think fullback thighs with just good enough speed to take it to the house. Great hands and lateral quickness.The closest modern Falcon for comparison isn't that modern anymore, but it would be Michael Turner his first couple of season with the team. William was a much better receiver.
  14. Yep...I'm a business book junky. Jim Collins has a philosophy that summarizes as: "First who, then what." The analogy he uses is a bus. You have to first find the right people, then you have to make sure they are in the right seats. I think "aces in their places" is the twitter version of that philosophy. I like it!
  15. Our offense should put up enough points if DK is as bad as everyone says. If he is not, it should put up more than enough points. Knowing that, I just want to see some of Dan Quinn's "all gas, no brakes" out of the defense. No stupid plays like spearing and late hits, but I can live with a double handful of aggressive mistakes over 16 games. Let's make mistakes of commission instead of mistakes of omission this season. As much as I was totally, vocally, adamantly opposed to Morris coaching offense; I'm that excited to see him coordinating the defense.
  16. This was the question I had. If Treadwell can approach being another Sanu, the guy who dependably moves the chains with contested catches and occasionally gashes you if you get out of position, then I think he's a good acquisition.
  17. The term "reach" is relative. The alternative term is "settle." It is better to "settle" for BvA than it is to "reach" to fill a need at a position of weakness? I don't do draft analysis, but I am curious, how many CB's came off the board between the Falcons first round pick and their next pick? Were any of the CB's left when the Falcons picked in second round in the same talent tier as A.J.? If so, "reach" will get less of an argument from me.
  18. I agree with the video. If you have effective line blocking, the RB don't matter as much. His condition won't be as much of an impediment. However, if the line isn't creating big gaps the physical tools of the RB matters more and Gurley could be like 2019 Gurley. His production will be linked to the performance of the OL. He won't be superman who leaps unblocked defenses in a single bound. Video pretty much nailed it.
  19. But, interestingly enough, 4 of the last 6 are the somewhat less important non-conference games. Tough games with some wiggle room. With all our out of division conference games chalked up front, this is one of those odd years where a fast start is potentially more important than a strong finish as far as playoff chances go. Momentum is a different story, but you have to win those conference games against playoff shoulder teams like Dallas, Minny, GB, Seattle and such.
  20. This article is premised on the fact that ticket revenue, once lost, will not be replaced. I think that is a weak premise. I think the league and player's association can come up with a way make up some of the revenue lost at the gate. Every butt not in a seat is a butt that will watch on TV. There will be a strong case to increase the revenue generated from advertising and broadcasting. While some potential advertisers are struggling, others are swimming in new cash (for example, insurance companies).
  21. Don't get me wrong, I love winning every week on its own merit, but there is only one victory left that will be truly special to me as a fan. The team has already given me every other thrill and heartbreak football has to offer. If you can't get through a tough schedule with enough wins to make the playoffs, the playoffs were not very likely to end the way you wanted them to anyway. Beat your opponent each Sunday. Its all you can hope for.
  22. This isn't meant as an attack, just my view of the world. The only thing more ridiculous than questioning Matt Ryan is questioning Tom Brady. Face value means something. Regardless of the support cast, a man has to take the ball in his hand it get it done. Man took the ball in his hands and got it done. On so many levels, it is what it is. Past primetime Tom Brady is still Tom Brady. Neither Scarnecchia nor Belichick took a snap in the 2nd half of Superbowl 51. Tom Brady had hand on ball. Fool's Gold? I guess that expression means something different to me. To not be worried about Brady because he is old or because TB doesn't have support for him is one thing. To label him as a player as Fool's Gold is just misinformed imho. I'd put him above Joe Montana in the stable of QBs who's accomplishments far outweigh their arm talent. I consider him to be like Jerry Rice. Talented enough, but he can still beat you even if he's not able to outrun or out jump you. Some dudes just want it more and plain ole outwork you. Tom Brady will not stand in the way of TB winning. That makes them infinitely more dangerous than the last few seasons where they had to beat both the opponent and their QB to win. Your concluding sentence in the OP is reasonable, but you are wrong on Brady. Nothing he has accomplished is an illusion. Question marks around the team? Sure. Behind the center? I doubt it. I'd be more comfortable as an opponent with Winston back there. Just saying. Sometimes things are just what they appear to be. I'm not shaking in my boots, and they have not moved up 10 or more spots in my personal power rankings like at ESPN, but I do respect the QB.
  23. The Raiders took Damon Arnette at 19. If we think Terrell was a stretch at 16 their fans must really be scratching their heads over the 19th pick.
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