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  1. Living in Giants land and being force fed almost all of their games, Collins would not improve our team in any meaningful way. His reputation is earned and well deserved. His current level of play doesn't match that reputation...at least not his last handful of games.
  2. I think the big question is: Is Bell great, or is the Pittsburgh OL and running scheme great? I think people are thinking too hard about the other RBs numbers in Pittsburgh this year...can't remember his name atm. But yea, Coleman is not >= Bell. Not really close imho.
  3. I agree with this. The team can't cut guys unless they have some firm idea who the alternative starters are. I think if you look at the other releases, you'll have a pretty good idea who the presumed starters are. When you don't have the "next guy up" signed yet, its harder to cut guys loose.
  4. Oliver is not as obvious to me as Tavecchio. I never thought the bar was that high. Those guys were good, but there are guys as good playing for less. That is why I like the moves. I just laugh at the expectation that "we freed up XXm dollars...now we can buy one good player." And yes, that really is what some posters think.
  5. Now the real fun starts. For every cut, they have sign equal talent for less money or more talent for the same money. Otherwise, they haven't saved a dime of real cap money. Despite my infusion of reality, I'm a fan of the moves so far. '
  6. I choose to.
  7. Its a short train, but its on a long track. Make yourself comfortable.
  8. All I take from this quote is that Matt has a supportive spouse who is squarely in his corner. Anyone who has that has a good thing. Money can't buy you that and you can't win it playing football. I'm happy for both of them.
  9. Sounds like management is angling for the "mini-rebuild" defense for any performance flaws in 2019-20.
  10. As far as being a shifty route runner, sure. That said, Edleman is MUCH more physical than Ridley and Ridley is quicker and more elusive in space. I actually think Sanu, as mentioned by others, is the better comparison.
  11. This is really the point. You don't want to pay him the BE the guy. You want to play him the HELP the guy. He's not bad. He is also not a consistent individual difference maker.
  12. my problem is what he is worth at a stretch is 5-7m. I don't know how you get him to sign for that. Someone out there will choose to pay him for 2016 instead of the other 4 years.
  13. Linebacker Akeem Dent is the most recent Georgia pick for the Falcons, selected in the third round in 2011. In 2008, tailback Thomas Brown was a sixth-round pick for the Atlanta franchise, in 2007 tight end Martrez Milner was picked in the fourth round, and quarterback D.J. Shockley was a seventh-round pick in 2006. Before that, one would need to go back to the 1994 NFL Draft to see the Falcons pick a Georgia player, Mitch Davis, in the fourth round. New England, by contrast, has picked seven Georgia players since Bill Belichick became the Patriots coach in 2000. Best back in football benched for Anderson. Taking Crimson Tide WRs over UGA. Dumb! If he actually wanted to make a case...Iowa is where you go to make the team look dumb.
  14. Okay, you start by signing a DE/OLB , CB , OL , and OT for around 5m each. Then you go find a rush end for around 13m. Now the holes you created with cuts are filled. Now you've got 26m or so to plug holes or resign your own FAs.
  15. Most disappoint if that is the standard.