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  1. The team played sloppy. Especially the first have the season, the pre snap penalties and interceptions off receivers were just plain ole hard to watch.
  2. Well his last call in the red zone was a game winner...till Julio fell down. Even after he stood up the ball was within reach. Great concept used throughout the league to first read the defense, then create a mismatch.
  3. Com'on man. You know the flaw in this logic. If Quinn was so great he'd still be the DC in Seattle...
  4. The little fact no one is willing to believe. So well isolated on a midget that Julio had time to roll around on the ground and was still isolated 1 on 1 after he stood up. Never has so much space been created in isolation for such a physical mismatch.
  5. Cool...we can run out and sign a RB immediately.
  6. Where is that statement in his post? I think that is an intentional misrepresentation of the common narrative of Sark support on both halves of the statement.
  7. No one is absolving him of blame. No one is absolving Ryan of blame. No one is absolving Quinn of blame. The team fell short and 100% of the organization shared in that. My take is that pinning this on one guy is going to set your offense back another year and fail to address the core issues. We need a championship, not a scapegoat. Address the issues and press on.
  8. Just for fun. Here are Barnwell's comments. This doesn't mean I'm right, just that there is always another way to look at things. He breaks down the whole goal-to-go series at the end of the game. LINK Sarkisian's playcalls on the final series also came in for plenty of criticism. A first-down fade to Julio Jones failed. On second down, he called for a shovel pass to Terron Ward, who didn't seem ready for the ball. Third down was a slant to Jones short of the end zone, before fourth down saw the Falcons motion fullback Derrick Coleman out as a wide receiver before running a sprint-out for Jones, who slipped and never got open on a play the Eagles saw coming as the Falcons broke the huddle. The playcalls certainly didn't work, but they weren't as bad as the picture I presented above. The fade to Jones is entirely defensible given that he was matched up one-on-one against the shorter Ronald Darby. Ryan's throw was bad. I don't understand why it wasn't to Devonta Freeman or Tevin Coleman, but the shovel pass has been an effective play near the goal line this season, with the Chiefs scoring repeatedly with the tactic. The Patriots also scored on a shovel pass on Saturday. As for the fourth-down call, the fullback motioning out to the weak side is a tactic the vast majority of teams (including the Patriots) will use to both identify coverage and take a defender out of the play. The Eagles called the sprint-out, but the Saints used a similar play as their regular two-point/fourth-down play for years, while the Raiders ran the same sort of sprint-out and throw to the pylon for a game-winning score against the Chiefs in Week 7. It's a natural follow-up when teams are expecting a fade, but Jones slipped. I don't think it was a great playcall, but it's not an inherently stupid choice. Atlanta fans' frustration with Sarkisian is also overstated and a product of regression toward the mean. The Falcons were dominant under Shanahan last season. They led the league in points scored, but that doesn't tell the whole story. Their five offensive linemen started all 16 games, the only team in the league to do so. Atlanta sported the most productive first-down offense in the history of football. Even if the Falcons planted Shanahan on the sidelines and didn't allow him to take a single call from another team, Atlanta's offense was going to decline in 2017.
  9. Thanks for replying. I think you'll find your in the majority. Btw, did you read the off season notes? Do you think those are valid next steps...regardless of OC?
  10. I understand you perspective. I just disagree. If you go by the book on every snap the defense will be on you like flies on ....
  11. lol. Here is the millennial version: Quinn's philosophy of managing the game from a defensive perspective has impacted the efficiency of the offense. We are less aggressive on early downs and put into conversion situation more often than in the past. To fix that we need to add a few pieces on offense to make the defense fist approach to game management. In year two of this approach, the offense will be more use to the ball control tactics and will execute better. Bringing in another new OC will only complicate the transition in offensive philosophy. I know the new trend is to throw only you conclusions out there and then defend them in a series of 40 replies to all responses. That said, I only visit the board and respond to posts about twice a day.
  12. Agreed. However, philosophy has an impact on execution. Every OC the Falcons have ever had has made individual play calls that were wrong. The same will be true of their next OC. Overall, my position is that the plays were good enough if balls are caught and penalties are not committed. On the Jet sweep: Running an individual play that is situation inappropriate is fine. What made the jet sweep vs. the Patriots an insane call is that they run that play themselves so often. You know the defense is camped on it. On the shuttle pass: Shanahan ran that play often. Nothing wrong with calling the play. I just think Matt has to swallow the ball when its obviously not there. I'm fine running that play to Ward only because we now know Freeman was banged up in a significant way.
  13. The significant point to me was 3rd downs attempted. Our conclusion is the same. But, under Quinn we will not be (more aggressive on first and second downs). I just don't think he's interested in scoring in 8 plays. That is my point in a nutshell.
  14. I have broken down the pace of play stats in other threads. You are completely correct. Pace of play was virtually the same. When I say playing slow, It is a philosophical statement. Look a air yard, YPA, plays per dirve. 3rd downs attempted. All of these stats point to a more methodical approach in 2017. Our 3rd down conversion rate was very good this year compared to last year, but we faced fewer 3rd downs last year do high average yards per play on first and second down. That is not scheme, that is approach.
  15. I was amused for sure. It lasted about 12 minutes...then I was right back on the Falcons. Just my personality. You'll love my recent post is defense of Sark. I'm on to next season!