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  1. I'm a casual NBA fan at best. I've watched 3 of the games in this series, and that matches what I watched the entire regular season. That said, I am an Atlanta guy and I follow the Hawks and Braves daily, even though I'm not a big NBA/MLB fan. To a casual fan, the Hawks just look like a team that is never impressed with the opponent or the game situation. They seem to play with confidence in all situations. I think they understand intellectually that when the best teams in the East are at full strength, they are going to be playing with a size/power deficit. The thing is, I honestly don't
  2. One thing that is pretty similar between Quinn and Pees is that both like to keep things pretty simple at the safety level. The ability to play zone/eyes forward and speed to keep a lip over the top are the two primary traits you need. The ability to ball hawk/anticipate is a big bonus. Pees will blitz more, but other than that both schemes are pretty vanilla on the back end. Most of Pees "multiple" looks involve the front seven. Therefore, I think good zone cover guys with speed can work on the back of this defense regardless of the position they usually play. In other words, there may be obt
  3. Yea...I'll continue to call a buzzword a buzzword until proven otherwise.
  4. First we had "process," then we encountered "brotherhood." Now, we are becoming one with "versatility." My guess Jeff Holland must be versatile?
  5. I totally agree. I just see "adequate" as a huge upgrade. Sad...and hopefully we will find Davis has more then we think. I'll quickly admit Turner brought more than I though he would the first few seasons.
  6. I'm not "excited" about him dominating the league, but I consider him a massive upgrade over anyone on the roster last season. He will at least be NFL average, with above average abilities in some categories (pass catching). I think he is a good scheme fit. I consider him 100% adequate. That makes him a great place holder until we can do better and, potentially, a great compliment back when we can do better. I see him as a zero liability guy (has sufficient vision, speed, ball security, first step, patience/instinct, pass blocking, etc.) He may not be a dominator in any of those areas, b
  7. My concern is no more or less than any other year. I'm confident I don't know jack...just like always. I have no additional concern with the new system/coach situation as I see a plus (modern approach to analytics and opponent specific game plans) and a minus (new system/terminology to learn). From a positional standpoint, I don't see last year as much of a measuring stick for how guys will perform this year. Especially across both lines, they will be asked to do things differently.
  8. I'm more referring to the way a defense has to change what it typically does vs. Julio. Its not about stats or points, its about how his presence changes the game. Year 1, Pitts won't be there.
  9. One random thought as I read through this: If any of you really think Ridley + Pitts = Julio + Ridley, kindly pass some of that my way. The premise of this thread it kinda 2020 anyway. AS just does things differently. If we haven't expanded these types of threads to include the RB position by week 5, something is going horribly wrong.
  10. The syntax in the OP actually works for my brain. Should I be concerned? I think we are officially out of topic ideas. How long till training camp?
  11. Didn't click the clip. No stabby stabby or choppy choppy for me! The theme I'm seeing, even from experts, is that the Titans are going to be this prolific offense. Have they watched the Titans? Do they know who the HC is? Do they know the OC's background? Have they ever heard of this dude named Derrick Henry? Do they understand that even healthy Julio takes many snaps off (is on a pitch count)? Bottom line: They have forgotten who the Titans are. That offense will be a ball control monster that can survive an occasional shootout.
  12. I am excited about Pitts. I think it is almost impossible that he lives up to TATF expectations this season. Your not getting prime Julio out of a rookie TE in year one. Give him into year 3 for that.
  13. In general, not as talented as the teams they were playing. The exception was probably the year they lost to the 9ers.
  14. You don't replace Julio. You adjust your scheme for his absence. If you try to plug in the next guy up...yea...good luck with that. We are fortunate this is happing along with scheme adjustments and a new coaching staff. In the long run, it will be a good thing that we are getting a coaching staff that hasn't been attached to Julio for years. They will be able to see what we have an not what is missing.
  15. Oh...the HOF thing. Yes, players generally make their allegiances known at that time. Tony G is what brought that to me. We all know where his allegiances are. It will be the same with Julio. You are 100% correct. But I'm still right! I'm throwing the semantics flag. AB is a professional and always acts like a class act. I am so proud that he has been this team's owner. I remember the Smith years clearly. I'll hold onto my ponderings for now. I still wonder if it will all be the same for him. Hope so. He came through the post Vick era with flying colors. Ryan was a quick reset butt
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