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  1. Not "if," but "when." I hate it, but that is the way I see it. Glad we are building up the other side of ball. Our offense is good without him, but not able to carry a team to a championship alone.
  2. Good team sport/life lesson here. When you fall short, let the media and fans blame someone, you just go work harder! Everyone wants to compare this team to Carolina from the year before. This team has neither the anxiety nor the over-compensating cockiness that team displayed trough the off season. This team's response is to work harder, not to make excuses for an incomplete effort (see Cam here). Embrace the suck? I hate the expression, but I'm starting to get it just by watching them.
  3. We are playing a 1st place schedule. We are playing teams who were left hungry when we trounced them in the playoffs. We are playing a team who's season ended on a miracle play...that team feels sure they should have been in our place. We have a tougher road than the Dolphins. If we pull it off, there will be no doubt who the best team to ever take the field was. I don't see it happening, but I didn't see last year happening either. One can hope!
  4. I think they will be as good as their combination of coaching, health, and talent will allow. I don't think winning the game would have hurt their chances this year nor do I think losing it was a good thing. Each season is an independent event.
  5. Perhaps, but the first game Leftwich started that season was far uglier than anything in Harrington's resume. I remember the hype, followed by complete exasperation before the 1st quarter was even over. Never have I though less of myself for having delusional hope. Bryon's performance was 100% predictable, and I was in complete denial. That whole season was a lost cause.
  6. Drafting of Hill means they are committed to have a solid pass blocking RB on the field when they abandon the run with a 25 point lead and 22 minutes to go.
  7. Didn't read the article, my response is to the title. The Falcons can't learn a dang thing from the Warriors. The Warriors were the top big cat in the league with a major injury. The Falcons are the new kid on the block. For one team, dominance is to be expected. For the other, it was a new thing. Had the Patriot's let 28-3 and loss...they could learn something from the Warriors. No lesson here for the Falcons. Nope...not buying it.
  8. Personally, I want Ryan to focus on flawless execution. I don't want him to get distracted by trying to out guess the coach on a play-by-play basis. By all means, let him adjust when it is obvious they are in the wrong play. His day job is executing play calls. If that doesn't happen, the play call won't matter.
  9. True, but I suspect Collins and the Falcons coaching staff have seen this film as well. Let's hope he still has room for development.
  10. The consolation prize! Seriously though, that is quite an accomplishment. I hope they recognize and enjoy their success while staying hungry for the ultimate prize.
  11. I knew the name. Somehow, I was unaware of the story. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Totally agree. All he needs is opportunity. I was just pointing out how Morris is motivational to a fault, facts be darned when he's pumping someone up. It is his style and it blends well with Quinn's system.
  13. Not joking here, I don't get this reference. Someone help.
  14. Hype + Hyperbole = Rah Rah Raheem. Make no mistake. I'm a big fan of Justin Hardy. That said, he is not tougher than Julio Jones by any objective measure. Julio is building a HoF career on one good wheel. Nobody on our roster has, perhaps at anytime in history, has performed through pain at a higher level than Julio.
  15. The first Falcons game I remember going to there we had terrible seats. Because it was a multi use stadium, the lower sideline sections had basically metal bleachers that extended out toward the sideline. You can see them jutting out in that picture. I was down in that lowest section. I was 9 years old (1976) and all I could see was the players backside. That said, it was a great game. We were playing the Cowboys and they came in with just one loss on the season (9-1). We were 3-7 at that point in the year. After that game, they had two losses. I remember the fans got really carried away and started rhythmic stomping on those metal bleachers. It felt like the whole area was moving up and down 2 or 3 inches as they stomped in unison. It was a wild fabulous time. I'll always remember my first Falcons game. I was just a kid, and I loved me some Steve Bartkowski!