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  1. I just feel it is another move that doesn't move the team forward. It is a grasp for hope as opposed to part of a clear plan for the future. We all hope this works, and that is the issue. I feel like it would enjoy 50% less fan support here if he played for any other college. I don't hate it...I think just its a very clear path to "same ole, same ole."
  2. Exactly. One of these players will be like having Hooper two years ago. It will be a step back, but not a total void at the position. As the video points out, his yards, catches, TDs, and FDs have gone up each of his four years. It would be unrealistic to say Graham will = 2019 Hooper....but he does have a shot to = 2017 Hooper. Considering the discount, I think it is a hit you have to take to move either Defense or the RB position forward. The roster has enough talent approaching the end of their rookie contacts that there will not be any painless off seasons for a while.
  3. When we pick at 16, there will be someone on the board that time will show had no business being there that long. Its up to TD & Co. to figure out who that gem is. If we uncover that gem...the narrative will probably be that we reached. Thems is just the facts.
  4. So far it looks like most are on the same page. DK tends to emphasize TEs. I'm hoping that knowledge will be in the minds of those negotiating with his agent. That said, I'd hesitate to give him $7m. Pass catchers we got.
  5. If you can't beat good teams, your not winning it all anyway. I love watching every game. I enjoy every win! That said, as a fan, I've seen everything short of winning the Super Bowl. The Patriots prove that soft schedules help with homefield and byes. That is not a zero factor. However, you have to beat every team in front of you to win it all. Falcons can beat every team on that schedule. We all know under Quinn's leadership it's just about catching the positive mojo at the right time and limiting the losing binges.
  6. When the Falcons are playing zone, that man is a menace facing forward with eyes on the QB. He has the recognition and anticipation of a ball hawking safety...with elite range and agility. You can run over him. But, good luck throwing in front of him when his face is forward.
  7. Hooper went from solid to strong in 2019. Across all stat categories on a per game basis, he is at the top of the 2nd tier. He compares well with both the TD leaders and the yardage leader. Additionally, he doesn't share the lead possession role for the team that guys like Andrews and Ertz have. My opinion is we need to resign him IF he is willing to take a contract that reflects his value to the Falcions. My fear is that teams that lack a strong receiving core will drive up his price. Falcons are better with him, but we can't overpay considering our overall receiving talent.
  8. He probably will do enough. It is pretty darn impressive when the whole world knows you handing off to Henry to get him the title and he goes 50+ any way. That is one full sized man all ate up with the quicks. He played on one leg for weeks 13-15.
  9. I haven't heard any news since Friday. Different toon at today's PC? I'm an out of towner, so I get all the news on replay.
  10. Quinn has already spoken on the issue. Embrace DK.
  11. My overall mood and take? Not pleased, but not devastated. I have always recognized Quinn's upsides (players coach, good at matching talent to system, coaches fundamentals well (without those fundamentals making it to the field on many game days)). While I have entertained doubts about Quinn for as long as he has been here, I am not certain there is a better option in all the names I've heard kicked around. I'm sure for Blank, that was a huge chunk of the equation. As for the future, the random streaks in both directions live on. Here's hoping we start strong next year, survive an inevitable downturn, then surge into the playoffs. It has happened before. It can happen again. I, unlike some, do believe that most of the talent is sufficient to win (reference Saints and 9ers games). My 2020 wish for the Falcons? If I have only one, it would be that we get better at running the ball on offense. The big question of the organization is were the running game struggles this season due to talent (injuries?) or scheme?
  12. Completely disagree on both points.
  13. More DQ will be more of this...just like the last 4 seasons. Pendulum swings of momentum in both directons, both within games and over the course of the season. Winning 6 of 8 after losing 7 of 8 is the epitome of the Falcons under Dan Quinn. -2015, Falcons start 6-1 then go 2-7 to finish 8-9. -2016, Falcons win 4 out of 5, then lose 3 out of 5, then win 5-6. -2017, Falcons start 3-0, then lose 4 out of 5, then win 6 of 8 (sound familiar?) at the end of the season. -2018, Falcons lost 4 of the first 5, then win 3 in a row, then lose 5 in a row...then win 3 in a row. Lady MO was drunk that season. 2019, Falcons lose 7 of 8 to starting, then win 5 of the next 7. There is a theme here. Dan Quinn is an emotional leader. When times are good, they are good. When times are bad, the snowball rolls freely down hill. As evidenced by multiple extended cold spells, he lacks the coaching and leadership skills to anchor the team for a quick turnaround when Lady MO swings against them. A team with this talent should never lose 5 of 7, 4 of 5, 5 in a row, or 7 out of 8. The streaks the other way show they have the talent to win. The wins this season show they have the talent to win against top seeds on the road. Please don't be distracted by recency. This "turn around" is really just confirmation that the pattern continues. It is in every since of the phrase: "Same as ever." The only good thing is that 2016 is possible under Quinn. If you catch two winning waves in the same season you can ride the swell deep into the playoffs. That said, we all know what happens on the micro level when things start to go south. Quinn's emotional "rah rah" style lacks the fundamental anchoring points to drive a stake in the ground and say "we will slide no further down this hill." Dan Quinn is 28-3 and making .500 football out of 5-1 season starts. That is who he has consistently been. I like him. The players like him. He is a good teacher. However, the only emotion based coach I've ever seen that can sustain winning is Pete Carroll. DQ is no PC.
  14. Zero sting. The word I would use is elation! Go Falcons! Winning is good. Winning is fun. Drafting is boring. Finishing 3-13 will hurt you more in free agency than sliding 8 spots will hurt you in the draft. Some players will only go to teams they think have a chance to win.
  15. The Chargers are the team I most compare Atlanta to over the last decade. Obvious talent, but they manage to never perform up to it. Often there are key injuries that make you want to "forgive" the struggle, but the teases of brilliance and inconsistency remain constant even when players return.