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  1. Two me, coaching is the main issue. The fact that we ran the ball really well for 3 quarters, then refused to run with a late lead, is problematic. Yes the Bears came in with a very formidable run defense. Yes they were loading up against the run. It is totally possible had we run on 1st and 2nd down, we would have ended up in 3rd and long and all the threads today would be able the offense "trying not to lose" at the end. I think we are to the point where coaches are thinking "how will this look on Monday" as opposed to "how do we win this game."
  2. The only thing I agree with is that every game coming up is winnable, IF... Don't look like "if" is in the cards if this announcement proves correct.
  3. Morris and Quinn share the same coaching strengths and weaknesses in my opinion. They have demonstrated in their HC opportunities that they are both players coaches who display high levels of emotional intelligence but lack the "anchors" to leverage that strength into either consistent execution of the little things or sustained effort. I respect both Quinn and Morris. I think they can be successful. I even think they can be successful as NFL head coaches. I just think they need to get outside of their coaching comfort zones and bring in strong coaching personalities with diverse approac
  4. That was before the Falcons, who wanted to keep the Shanahan system, let the only guy who could help walk to another team. That guy is now with the Packers and AR seems to be having that "year 2 in the Shanahan system" season.
  5. Seattle didn't destroy us. Dallas didn't destroy us. Chicago didn't destroy us. That would be way too painless. Why would week 4 in front of the world be any less painful that the first 3. "Destoryed" would be taking the easy way out for this team.
  6. It is amazing how the trend of QBs taking a big step forward in year 2 of the Shanahan system continues to ring true.
  7. This is what it comes to. The liaison between the team and fans endorses the Yatzee solution. Throw the same five dice back in the cup, shake 'em up, and hope for the better roll next time. I'm out of patience and words. --------------------------------- LINK Call it 0-3. Call it unlucky. Call it snake-bitten. Call it whatever you want, it is time to roll the dice. And it has to happen now with 13 games left to play. Maybe the Falcons need to look at starting different players and playing others less. Maybe they need to shift responsibilities w
  8. It gets to the point where you have to do it just to let the fan base know that repeating the same mistakes is not acceptable...at any level of the organization. I just wonder who you turn the team over to? Morris is probably the fan choice, but he is cut from the same "emotional leadership" fabric as Quinn. They team needs a more strategic approach where game planning for specific opponents and executing simple moves time after time is emphasized. "Let it rip" and "all gas no brakes" only works if your starting point is somewhere near where it needs to be and you are pointed in approxi
  9. I have to be honest with you all. I could care less if the Falcons are joke, if announcers clown them, if we are all laughing stock. Maybe its because I'm of a pre-millennial generation, but all that rep stuff means zero to me. I'm all about process and results. Continuing the get the same results with no major process changes is infuriating to me. I even think the offense was trying to be better until the 4th quarter when they went pass happy with the big lead. They ran the ball so effectively all day to protect the D, but after Chicago scores to make it a one score game you have an 20 second
  10. 3 TDs in under 5 minutes. That is as much on DK as on the defense. You have to burn 30 seconds a snap when up two scores.
  11. That was the best thing that could happen. Now we can win it without the defense having to touch the field.
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