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  1. Here's hoping! I'll probably be the dude yelling "I'm still on the fence" all the way to the Super Bowl.
  2. Sometimes is it a give and take. He asks for a little more control, they expect results faster or they will want to take it back.
  3. I've seen articles on this already. If Rivers gets serious consideration, Ryan is a shew in. They were contemporaries in organizations that are close enough to make for a meaningful comparison. The Falcons probably had marginally better talent for Ryan, but Rivers worked with better schemes and coaching (except for the Shanahan years).
  4. I've linked Ryan's telling of the "first pass" story below. The thing that struck me is that he said the play was designed to go curl/flat to the right side. They were going to try to start out with safe throws because Ryan thought of himself as a slow starter. However, a pre-snap read put him on the skinny post, which was a throw he had been struggling with. His pre-snap thought was along of the lines of "great, I've got to hit the skinny post on my first throw." The reason I think this is important is that it shows why some can't miss prospects miss. Ryan recognized the reads, pre-snap
  5. My "notion" about minimizing passing attempts leading to punts was very specific to the Falcons in 2020. You took it as a general statement. The team that is unable to run must pass. For the Falcons it was an ability question, not desire. Look at how many multi score leads turned into a punt fest at the end because they were simply unable to run the ball.
  6. It's a form of backlash. They were all ready to crown him champion, and then he let them down and never got back to that level. They emotionally invested in him, so he now feels their rath. RM and Ulbrich were never the brand here...DQ was. False hope unfulfilled.
  7. I agree. I'd rather have a HC who is more comfortable coaching than doing anything else. That said, he is going to learn. Fontenot made it pretty clear that he feels the HC should be the singular voice for the organization during the regular season.
  8. Reading this thread was actually refreshing. If you put it all together, I think we've collectively "bought in." There isn't a position we could draft at 4 that wouldn't be helpful in some way, shape or form. Getting the baddest man on the board is always a winning move.
  9. What it could mean is that drafting a QB will tell you nothing other than he was the BPA. Wouldn't say much about Ryan's future, for instance.
  10. RM might be done here. Mike Garafolo @MikeGarafolo · 1h The #Rams are focusing on former #Falcons DC/interim HC Raheem Morris as their new defensive coordinator, sources tell me and @RapSheet . Not done yet but it's looking like he will be the one to replace new #Chargers HC Brandon Staley. https://publish.twitter.com/?que
  11. I speak in humor...not criticism. I go through this crap every day.
  12. LOL. Watching them try to pull off a video conference is concerning me...lol. Organizations have had 9 months of practice with this!
  13. True...but the cap number also gives him more value to the Falcons than it would to less cap encumbered teams. It gives you flexibility IF AS thinks he matches this year's draft prospects future starting potential. I know the fan base here tends to prefer "any of the big 3" this season to any other option, but I don't trust TATF's player evaluation much at all (myself included).
  14. I think we just represent a tough audience. If everything you touch grades out at B+...your probably a 1%er in life. B+ = gud!
  15. Nice post! That said, my mentality and take on Ryan is a little different than yours. I don't think he needs to be "managed." I think it is a flawed approach to "minimize his attempts to focus on the running game." This implies a team can run if it wants to. Minimizing pass attempts in 2020 led to punts. Unless something changes in 2021, the same will be true. I think we need to flip that recommendation and focus on building a running game, then unleash the MVP QB as a weapon off of play action. I think mentality and roster play a large role. Mild 'ole "Matty Ice" is a gun slinger at
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