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  1. You can say it is if you want to. I saw some of the same crappy stuff as mentioned where you quoted me, but I saw a lot of vastly improved things. One item i didn't bring up is that watching these two offenses was like looking in a mirror. Both QBs were stupid efficient. Both teams were taking shots down field. Both teams were unable to run the ball. The difference? Sark coached circles around their OC on first down. They continued to spot us 2nd and long the entire game by ramming Barkley into the LoS for 4 quarters. The Falcons ran enough of first down to make make PA effective, but called a game that kept us in 2nd and short on many series. Our offense was playing a better defense than theirs and played from in front the whole game. Ryan was special, and Sark may have called his best game.
  2. From another thread, but it fits here.
  3. I think we watched different games. In the game I was watching: Falcons defense had 4 sacks in a half Falcons stopped Giants cold on forth and goal Falcons sign a wrong footed kicker off the street who goes 5/5 on kicks including two of 50+ Falcons holder didn't screw up while playing wrong sided Falcons QB was 18/18 in clutch time Falcons coaches called worked out. Not sure I like the FG call, but Quinn's style is to trust his players. Lefty came through. Probably would have been fine to trust Ryan...but it worked. Falcons came in with an obvious defensive game plan to let anyone but Barkley beat them. They played him as well as anyone has all season. I get that plenty went wrong. The two false starts that kept us from icing the clock were really the things that bothered me the most. That said, there was plenty to like if you were looking for it. Some things clearly differentiated this game from our previous less than stellar efforts.
  4. If Beckham has to watch Julio go for 200 on 7 catches and 3 TDs while he gains 70 yards on 10 throws within 3 yards of the LoS...we may get the see the most epic primetime meltdown ever.
  5. In my mind the over/under on Barkley is 200 from scrimmage (run/catch). If we hold him under that, I like our chances. Over that...not so much.
  6. Depends on who you ask...same as you!
  7. lol. I've responded three times too often to this thread. I promise to let it go and stand on my reputation...good, bad, or indifferent.
  8. You literally typed, "Shut up and watch." That was the only thing I was responding to. I, personally, have no issue with O'dell or anything he has said. I actually agree with your sentiment. However, I do think you telling him to "Shut up and watch" was doing exactly the thing you were upset about him doing. Hence my "circular" comment.
  9. No, you were committing the same infraction you were accusing the poster of...policing thoughts. You can stretch my words all you want. They will never get you where you trying to go.
  10. As you demonstrated, its a rather circular argument that could go on for ever...
  11. The offense is not changed. We are facing statistical bottom feeder defenses at home. When we haven't been a home, the offense has struggled even against struggling defenses.
  12. I don't think this is a good comparison. Free's situation was that he and/or the team elected not to repair a known ligament issue during the off season. Weak joints do not make you less susceptible to secondary injuries, they increase the chances. At the point that the team elects not to repair known injuries to Neal or Debo, then I could go along with the analogy. Apples to oranges I think.
  13. Which available FA do you want?
  14. I think because I have watched all of Barkley's games and I have watched all of our games...I'm more worried than most. He is creating without a bunch of help from his OL. He frequently eludes defenders in his own backfield. In short, he is the best runner we have faced and only Kamara is clearly a better receiver. For a defense missing DT, MLB, FF, and SS, he is a walking talking nightmare. His strength matches up 100% to our injury driven weaknesses. Its a bad matchup. All of that said, they are a staggering team with locker room issues. We should win even if Barkley goes from 250 from scrimmage.
  15. With all due respect, I live in Giants country. I know them better than any team other than the Falcons. They are not very good. They are a team that is worse than the sum of their parts. They have club house issues, and talent can't overcome that. More importantly, their OL is inadequate at pass blocking and they struggle to bring pressure on defense without blitzing. Even we will be able to pressure Eli in obvious passing situations. Beasley and Takk can get after this team. What the Giants are is a matchup problem for us. Their strength, RB, is our weaknesses. If we can hold Barkley to around 200 yards from scrimmage, we should be able to win. More than that, it gets tough. And yes, I do think his over/under is right around 200 scrimmage yards. We have played RBs that match his receiving skills. However, we haven't played any that can touch his ball carrying ability. While their OL is a liability in pass protection, they are more than enough for us in run blocking, especially in Grady doesn't play. If we have Grady, neal, and Jones, this would be a walk. Our run D is decimated atm. Eli will be a total non-factor unless Barkley ruins our day. He is no longer capable of making ordinary throws, in a clean pocket, on a regular basis. If we can manage to stuff Barkley on just an occasional first down run, Eli will be a sitting duck with those deer in headlight eyes shining. I see a blow out. I just don't know who will win it. It all comes down to just how "off" Barkley goes on us. He's going off, mark it down. It is just a matter of how much.