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  1. I love this draft! Heavy on the offensive line and defensive line. Plus the corner of the future. I can dig this
  2. Let me tell you something, if this draft goes down like this we are Super Bowl champs!
  3. Wait don’t we have the 4th spot???
  4. My question is where was the explosive plays to Calvin Ridley? Did he even catch a ball tonight?
  6. Is that the guy out of Miami?
  7. I’m crying lmao !!!!!
  8. This Guys Arms Are Extremely Long!!!! Great in press and zone coverages. Recovery speed is through the roof. Great pick!
  9. Buccs are goin down this sunday!!!!!

  10. This game needs to come quickly!

  11. Game Day! I'm super hype right now, would definitely like a "w" in the won column but it's still just a pre season game. Go Falcons!

  12. I'm pulling for darin walls from ND. He'll really compliment the secondary a lot.

    1. DD: Objective Elite

      DD: Objective Elite

      I'm just hoping one of those guys(Owens, Franks, Walls) can play at an NFL level.

    2. Del-Falcon21


      I hear ya! So far owens had not showed me anything..

  13. It was time to change my avatar on here, hope u all like! Go Falcons!