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  1. I have to say I am at 47 or 48. I tried to remember all the women i sleep with. I know by the time I graduated High School I was over 10. When I graduated college I was about 15 to 18. I did my real damage while I was in the Army and Grad school..........................lol i have to say Law School has some real horny women in it. They don't date because they study all of the time, so they luv the one night stand. Fellas, Emory is the unknown gold mine of Atlanta trust me guys, I would not lie to you abut this.

    After I got out the Army (March 1997) I was GA ST. grad school and I lived near the Emory Campus. I don't know if its changed much but in the late 90's this place was off the chain guys!!!

    If you live in Atlanta, GA and you don't have a fine women, its all on you. Now go get em!!!!!

  2. Jaws does not like Running QB's He did not like Steve Young, Mark Brunell and Randell Cunningham. He never likedMike Vick's game from day one.. Remember, HE lost his starting job to a running QB Randell Cunningham. .

  3. All day long on Philly radio fans have been ripping the Eagles and Vick for obvious reasons. He's going to find out that people up north are a lot different than in the south. He has zero support above the Mason-Dixon line.

    He has a chance to prove himself as a rehabilitated human being. I hope he makes the most of it.

    Iam not surprised. They don't like the current QB. But its ok. That proves that sports fans in Philly have no class!!!!!

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