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  1. Ditto!!!!! Good Luck MV7 go kick some azz until Dec.6th and I hope you ride the bench!!!!!
  2. I have to say I am at 47 or 48. I tried to remember all the women i sleep with. I know by the time I graduated High School I was over 10. When I graduated college I was about 15 to 18. I did my real damage while I was in the Army and Grad school..........................lol i have to say Law School has some real horny women in it. They don't date because they study all of the time, so they luv the one night stand. Fellas, Emory is the unknown gold mine of Atlanta trust me guys, I would not lie to you abut this. After I got out the Army (March 1997) I was GA ST. grad school and I lived
  3. Jaws does not like Running QB's He did not like Steve Young, Mark Brunell and Randell Cunningham. He never likedMike Vick's game from day one.. Remember, HE lost his starting job to a running QB Randell Cunningham. .
  4. Georgia Southern has 6 national rings on that gimmick, high school offense.
  5. Man thats bad. Tech will have to make sure they have a good QB at back up. I know that Coach will have the troops ready. GATA
  6. Iam not surprised. They don't like the current QB. But its ok. That proves that sports fans in Philly have no class!!!!!
  7. we will be ok. Its just the 1st game.
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