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  1. I am a Matt Ryan fan. HOF for sure in my eyes, but lets face it he not gonna play forever. Just because someone has an idea to draft a QB for the future you now it all's go crazy about the no love for Matt Ryan.
  2. Said the same thing about Lamar Jackson. See how that turned out.
  3. Sorry fixed it. Meant to say Jalen Hurts
  4. I have done a couple of mocks and it just seems to me that I keep going back to Jalen Hurts at 55. I know we need help now problems everywhere on defense. But I just keep saying he is the best player left at pick 55. Most on here will probable think I am crazy, but I just couldn't pass up on the chance to get QB of future. Matt needs some pushing. I also think we could be creative getting him in plays this year. Letting a guy sit and learn for a year or two is a good thing. Oh well it was just another thought as I go through the draft process. Thoughts?
  5. Reminds me to much of Vick Beasley, the only difference is the motor and that may be enough but is more of a project to me than a sure thing.
  6. Never said I did. If you dont have anything productive to say then shut your mouth.
  7. Im no expert, but Kinlaw may be the best defensive player in this draft. I would move up to get him. Not seeing any love coming from boards just wondering why? Love to hear thoughts on the subject. Not impressed with Chassion.
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