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  1. Kudos to the OP. Well said. The sky isn't falling on ALL of us. Some of us are rational.
  2. I was complaining about this for most of the game. He would have a grin or smirk, or clap his hands after the dawgs screwed up. Just didn't seem right. Maybe he thought he was trying to keep his guys calm, but his body language was just bad to me. I've been a huge Richt fan, but its been going downhill for a few years now. Whether his coordinators are at fault really doesn't matter. Ultimately it all falls back on Richt....and it can't keep going like this. UGA has way too much talent for this too happen. Last night it looked liked a bunch of mules pushed around a bunch of Clydesdales. Props
  3. Thats awful. Hope she is doing better. Can't say that i begged any gods to change his/her plans, but i still feel for you guys. If she does make a complete recovery, make sure to thank the doctors that actually took care of her.
  4. It is kind of funny. I used to argue about vick, then I grew up and got my own problems to deal with. Plus, if the mods and long time members are just as ridiculous as the obvious trolls, then what's the point of debating anyone? Looks like people argue for the sake of arguing. And to make it worse, it's the same argument they've been having years.
  5. First... hindsight is always 20/20. Second. Its interesting that TD 'lucked out' with the picks that worked out but the picks that didn't were blunders. Evidently he was busy eating lettuce and buying hair gel instead of building a 13-4 division winning team that has had a winning record for the past three years. Now I remember why I stopped coming to these boards.
  6. I haven't watched or listened to ESPN or any other sports show for about a month now. The anti falcon sentiment was obvious. Let them talk. Let them keep spewing their nonsense. They can talk that mess all the way to Dallas. If you guys haven't noticed, we are 13-3 and they have been wrong about us all year. And you know what? It's going to kill them when they have to talk about "the super bowl champion Atlanta Falcons."
  7. Any song on the radio, pretty much. All we have here is country, rap, and a station that calls itself Rock 103 yet they refuse to play any rock made after 1976. I don't know why they wont just call it Classic Rock 103. Gets on my nerves. I won't even get started on what the rappers are calling music these days.
  8. I didn't watch the 'Decision'. I watch/listen to 'The Herd'... that's about it. ****, I even stopped listening to him for a few days because I was sick of Bron Bron. All that said, I'd be lying if I said the aftermath isn't amusing to me. Ugh, Favre. **gag**
  9. I don't like any of it. I've written emails to certain ESPN shows telling them how sick I am of hearing about LeBron. The only thing I have against the people of Cleveland is that they are acting juvenile. And once again, I don't like LeBron. I hate people that talk about themselves in the third person. He is your typical diva. My point is he owed Cleveland nothing. NOTHING. Yes, they have a right to be upset, but to act juvenile? That is uncalled for.
  10. Aww, that's cute. I guess my earlier post must have bothered you.
  11. I don't give a rats *** about LeBron. Didn't before the decision, don't now. About contradictions, you don't think offering someone 128 mil and then calling them a quitter is a contradiction? Bron, Gilbert, the cavs and their fans ALL look pathetic. So 'it's how you handle situations that define you. He didn't do himself any favors..............' So that applies to LeBron only, huh?
  12. So if we aren't arguing that he handled this wrong and that any FA has a right to pick any team they like, then what exactly is the argument?
  13. Life isn't fair, never has been. The people from Cleveland should know that
  14. No one is denying that how James handled this is wrong. The problem is that he had a right to sign with any team he chose. Cleveland acts like they deserved him simply because he is from the area. He was 'theirs' and now that he left they are acting like children. As I said earlier, I've known LBJ was a diva so his actions don't surprise me. Clevelands fans just want to act entitled and like he is a traitor when they don't even appreciate the 7 years he has given them. They are being just as selfish as he is. The bottom line is he could sign with another team and he did. He went about
  15. Not my problem. I'm not trying to be rude but I've made my position pretty clear.
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