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  1. We are a pass rushing first round pick DISASTER! Vic was the best so far in the last DECADE!
  2. First things first Vic B was a lot better than some bums we picked in the first rounds previously and they are to miserable to mention..................look them Up!
  3. Tell me how many chokes the dogs have in championship games! Fromm future is holding after points!
  4. Fields will go 1st round and UGA let him walk!!!! See where I am going.................
  5. I would pick my nose before Fromm, ESPN wasted a camera on this bum!
  6. Another over hyped UGA player who is truely a DOG!
  7. hudson michigan lb donovon peoples wr michigan
  8. Whichever way you spin it , Its still a LOSS...................
  9. I can coach the boys for the rest of the season! I am 0-0 for the NFL better than this bum! I would trade DQ defensive philosophy for a warm six pack and stale chips! I felt this would happen when the rah rah and statements wore out.
  10. My grandma can score and execute plays better than these bums! Titans are mediocre at best! Until they play the Falcants
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