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  1. As you can see I dont post here much but I stop in occasionally just to see whats going on. I admit sometimes this so called "homerism" can get a little annoying but whats way more annoying is these posters who seem to be here everyday explaining why they think the Falcons wont be any good. I can take someone praising the Birds way better than someone who is supposedly a fan downing them. There is a difference from being realistic, a troll, & and a ****. Do you get some type of trophy because you predicted that we would suck? Did you feel some type of way when we went to the playoffs in 08 when no one expected us to do so? Were you excited when we made it to the NFC Championship game 2 years back or as soon as we lost (in dramatic fashion) you said "I told you so"? Whats goona make you excited about the Falcons? I'm not gonna name any names but you know who you are(you beeshes post everyday). What do you do "IF" the Falcons turn it around? Cry from happiness or b/cuz you wern't right this time? I think most people here have optimism we'll win it all 1 day but if all you do is ***** about why we won't whats the use of being a fan. Opinion based or fact based, homerism or realism, trollism or "****"ism do you actually sit in front of your TV and say.... Come on Falcons!!!! or just say I told you so...if its the latter how sad your life must be.
  2. What does the bench press have to do w/ anything? This morning on MIke & Mike they said Jared Allen had like 18 reps in the bench press. Warren Sapp's was pretty low as well and they still dominated. People put way too much stock in these combine workouts.
  3. When he said the Falcons dont make the playoffs you could hear people in the background laughing.
  4. Dang was he digging a trench in the backyard b4 he made the call? Why is his phone so filthy? I swear these dumb arse Saint's fans crack me up. They act like they have been a perennial team for 20-30 years or so. I know the transition back to the baggies will be a little hard but its inevitable. Embrace it Saints fans. Its your true identity..
  5. I know I don't post here a lot but I definitely remember him being a great poster over the years. This is very sad. My condolences go out to all of his family & friends.
  6. I'm not suggesting that this was all due to Ryan. Its the fact that a rookie QB came in and weathered such a storm is not all that easy even tho much of his rookie season was game manager mode. You put a Mark Sanchez or even Joe Flacco in the same situation i guarantee we are worse off than we are now.
  7. He was also talking about the state of the franchise when Matty took over. He said that we were in the worst possible scenario he could think of for a franchise when we got left to die by The Vick scandal and Patrino quitting on us. (Even worse than what the Saints are going thru now). For a rookie QB to come in, in that much filfth and produce 4 winning seasons that the franchise has never seen is pretty good.
  8. Did you even read the post? Again he's not comparing talent level. He is comparing where they were in their careers early on. The fact that it was said Peyton cant win any playoff games. It was said early in Jordan's career he will never win a championship, the same about Lebron.
  9. Greeny said he wasn't comparing them in talent level. What he is saying is that over the same point in their careers what people are saying about Ryan now is pretty much the same thing people were saying about Manning back then. He said the same thing happened w/ Jordan & Lebron. He's not suggesting Ryan will be the greatest that ever lived but he has the"potential" to be a great QB, but right now he's in that really good realm of QB's. He was also saying he would put money on Ryan ending up being an elite QB before his career is done with. So don't turn this into a Ryan will be Manning debate b/cuz that wasn't suggested @ all by Greeny.
  10. You people are unbelievable actually talking about cutting Turner. What does Turner have to prove during preseason? Honestly the preseason to me seems its all about the passing game, b/cuz all of the RB's have done shiitake. If theses were regular season games and Turner looked like this cool....Blast him! Yell cut him from the top of the dome. For now can we just calm down. What do you expect from 2 series of play anyway?
  11. Man I love when Julio gets the ball Dude runs so hard to the 'effin endzone it ain't funny.
  12. For someone who is a supposed supporter of another team, you sure seem to have an infatuation w/ these so-called loser Falcons. I mean you're like here everyday just to say something negative. With time you put in hatin on us how do you have time to root for whatever team it is you root for?......Ohhhhhh that's right, I get it. You're a TROLL. Now you got me wasting time calling you the obvious Seriously get a Fluckin life simpleton.
  13. If we play a competitive game and it looks we fought tooth & nail. I cant really ask for much more. I cant take another blowout in the playoffs. Matty's 1st year we could have won that 1 but the last 2...*sigh*....left me sick to my stomach.
  14. Swift I totally understand you not trying to settle for what has happened the last 4 years. And in this regard I agree w/ you, but everyone here I guarentee wants to see us win a championship. (its long overdue) I think what most people are trying to get @ is we have never seen consistent winning from this franchise. EVER! Stability is a major contributer to getting to that championship. Is Matty like Rodgers, Brees, Manning (either 1), Brady or whoever you think is elite in this league. **** No. Is he capable of taking us to a championship? **** yes. It takes much more than him though. How can a QB as talented as Dan Marino have never won a championship? When you go on your rants...or maybe I should say criticism's you sound like that guy Randy Quaid played in Major Leauge II. He was a fan of the team but just negative about every little fricking thing. I look @ it like we are in uncharted waters. We have never seen this much consistency. I hated being so great 1 year to have the next year go str8 down the tubes. Its a process , and to me it just seems like we're on the right path and who says that path wont get a little rocky. Criticism is great but all the time is just a drag.
  15. As Much as I hate to say you are wasting you breathe around here. Most everybody here has no faith in this team and never will. Its sad, but the truth. I actually saw someone get called a loser b/cuz they still have faith in the FALCONS! Trust me when we start winning they'll be here to cheer em on but but another loss and we suck again. SMGDH
  16. Then how did you become a Falcon fan b/cuz most of our history has been bad. These last few years have been our time of consistency. I swear some of these comments in here are just pathetic. Then If we start winning again here come the band-wagoners jumpin up and down w/ the real fans.
  17. OK we get it we sucked bad today........... So we should just give up? If you are even talking like this, you sir/madame is the typical bandwagon a$$ fan I hate! Why even post anything now. Oh I get it we haven't gotten your "I told you so's" out yet......
  18. 4real man please just go root for the aints! Do you even see how dumb you look w/ that name?
  19. and you're a Falcons fan 4 lyfe?!?!?!? This is what kills me about our fan base. Yes we had a horrible game. After 1 game you give up. Please go cheer for another team. I'mma ride wit em if we pull a Lions season. Is it fun to lose like that......**** no, but you should still believe in them. Honestly I don't know why I even came in here. U GTFO here and go suck some Saints man fluid. Bandwagon a$$ fans. Please just go.........
  20. I guess Ryan is supposed to be a shut down corner/4 sack a-game DE too right? STFU dude! You just talkin stupidness now.
  21. That pass to HD in the endzone was money. Between 2 defenders. Weak arm my a$$!!!
  22. This is really exciting!!! With more of a push up the middle there's no were Brees & or Rodgers can step into now.
  23. If I'm not mistaken wasn't Matty 1 of the best in the league last year when it came to pressure and 3rd down situations?
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