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  1. Rosemount
  2. Yep, he did it last year with the rookie kicker they drafted as well. Now they have Dan Bailey, he misses a kick and they sign a new kicker. Can't bode well for fragile minded kickers.
  3. From someone who lives in Minnesota and listened to the Walsh woes on every local sports station for years, I am not confident in this signing. He has a huge leg, but was a head case. If he saw a sports psychologist and figures it out, he certainly has the skill. I will also say Zimmer is the worst head coach with kickers. He publicly shames them for misses and essentially belittles the position. They have always had kicker troubles since he coached the Vikings. Hoping a few years removed from that with a positive coach can help his confidence.
  4. I get it, but that's not exactly the vibe you get from the chicken littles on the board right now. I wanted a DT too, trust me. But our oline blew last year.
  5. Did people forget that Matt was getting the line pushed in his face all season? I loved the idea of building defense but a staple next to mack in the middle will buy more time to actually make plays. We all want a flashy pick, but we all know we needed help on both sides of the line. The best guard in the draft is not a bust.
  6. Bring him home TD!!!!