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  1. As I said before we drafted Pitts to replace Julio not play with him. I thought a first rounder was too much to hope since everyone and their mama knew our cap situation was terrible. This is the best case scenario for us thanks to the years of TD killing our cap. Thanks for the great years and HOF career in Atlanta, Julio. I will miss you and hope you do well as a Titan.
  2. I don't think we are getting a first for him due to how bad our cap space is plus his injury history last season. I think a 2nd round plus some other picks would do the trick.
  3. I knew they didn't draft Pitts to pair up with Julio. TD had our cap situation in a horrible place before he was fired. It was inevitable they would trade Julio just for the cap space. We just need our new GM to get the most value he can before Julio goes on TMZ and says I'M OUTTA HERE! all over again.
  4. It is like I knew exactly what I was talking about.
  5. I fully expect Julio to be traded as a post June for the cap and to get draft picks in the future. Pitts is here to replace Julio not play with him.
  6. I believe they have a QB in mind at #4. If that one is gone and a trade is there I can see them trading down to address needs. My dream scenario is getting Fields and moving Matt next offseason for whatever we can get in draft picks. Whatever they do we do know Matt will be starting next season.
  7. You really think someone at the site would go after your IP? Wow. That's a pretty big (and illegal) step for anyone to take over an internet fight. btw have you heard of IP spoofing? Just throwing that out there since I can't link to anything that would be considered a TOS violation.
  8. I don't know what this is about but why don't you post over at the other board and tell them how you feel?
  9. Actually my several years of both going to games and posting on the various forums for the official site have told me quite the opposite: everyone and their mother knows Atlanta fans are horrible about not getting in their seats on time for any sporting event. This is absolutely nothing new.
  10. More people need to read this and do it to get rid of the sidebar. Its just like going back to the old format.
  11. Dude I gave you +1 but I wish I could give a hella lot more. The boards are now **** readable again with that crap removed. Thank you for posting this.
  12. Seriously. I don't see anything directly from an admin or a mod saying what is going on with the boards. I refuse to visit the forums until they are changed back. If this is the new format here then at least please come clean and say so to the community. If it is really a "bug" that has lasted for over a week then how long does it take to fix a "bug"?
  13. I think this is atrocious that the boards look like **** thanks to one **** ad and the boards are NEVER up on gamedays because they won't upgrade the servers. Blaming one thread on the off topic board for why the board crashes is laughable.
  14. If this is a bug then they are taking their sweet time fixing it. If this is a new look then I'm outta there. It looks horrible and way too cramped to read.
  15. My wife and I work for a major insurance company, sadly we deal with these kind of horrible tragedies on a daily basis. It never gets easier. This poor man did the only thing he could to save lives by giving up his own. RIP.
  16. I refuse to watch the video but people like this should be tortured and executed.
  17. I have to say I find it interesting to see if a liberal nutjob terrorist like this guy will get the same media piling on that, say, a right wing militia nutjob terrorist gets.
  18. Basically you want to walk out of the draft with at least one player in the top tier or second tier at Qb, Rb, Wr and Te. You can safely punt kickers and team defenses. You want to avoid older skill players and always draft some sleepers if you can.
  19. Thanks for letting us know. I hate it when people change their usernames or start using another account and act like the rest of the posters should know who the **** they are.
  20. It was good even though a decent amount of it is complete fiction.
  21. You are out in public doing something that is designed to attract attention. You don't get to be offended if someone films it.
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