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  1. Is Mike Vick still in the league? What does that have to do with anything?
  2. You're probably right. It's exactly that play that lost the game. It wasn't the strip/sack, throwing from shotgun at 3rd and 1, or the fact that the Falcons were stopped in their last four drives. Most teams have QB's that can still call a play even if the call isn't coming in from the sideline.
  3. "Dirk has been the man since he walked in the door" - TE Brandon Myers
  4. Good news for him... There's plenty of high schools who don't care about integrity, honesty, or character.
  5. Of course they are, Raheem Morris and Bruce Allen reside there. Plus D Hall, and all his supposed glory.
  6. OH cool. So this has nothing to do with your Jeep. Remind me again why YOU brought it up?
  7. He HAS been held accountable for his actions... he has been staying away from the team until he gets himself right. What do you want, a suspension? Guys get in fights everyday in practice, want me to start taking a look around the division for occurrences of teammates fighting teammates? Or is it just the fact that nobody gave a **** when some dude stole your durango, so you are **** bent on not giving a **** for anyone else? Continue to make a mountain our of a mole-hill over a guy who is the epitome of what Schiano is looking for in his players, except for an incident that happened 3 days after his remaining sister died in a car accident and he took guardianship over her children. I'd like to see how you respond in that situation. All is fair in football rivalries, huh? In my little interaction and both you and Brian Price, I'd much more likely call Brian Price a decent human being.
  8. Anyone want to comment on what Price has been through emotionally since he came in to the league? Maybe comment on the fact that he was hospitalized after his sister's death from dehydration? The guy is the epitome of trying to overcome some very horrible circumstances since he came into the league. I'm not going to fault him for losing his composure, all I want for him is to get right... and provide his nephews with a stable and happy home. Even if that means that the poor kid might not play football again. He deserves it, but as a human being, I want him to be right. He's been a model citizen for the team, but life is more important than football. Best of luck to you, Brian.
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