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  1. Garcia is well know for being a pain in the butt and always wanting to be the starter. He doesn't try to help a young QB's development and becomes a hinderance. We are better off with Redman. That being said I still can't believe a team in the league didn't sign him.
  2. Coach Smith saw what we all saw Gazoo, he looked good, it wasn't coach speak.
  3. Pierre Paul looked good, it was only one preseason game though. Time will tell, but I think Spoon will be a stud on this team for many years.
  4. I hope that Turner's re-dedication to his health and fitness will help him defy the odds. Most RB's that get as many carries as he did in 2008 go downhill quickly after that season. I hope that isn't the case with him.
  5. Brilliant post. Need more topics from you. Thanks.
  6. We really need another TE. I hope we can still get one in the next round.
  7. The coverage from NFL network is a lot better than the ESPN coverage. Mayock really knows his stuff. The only redeeming thing about the ESPN coverage is Coach Gruden.
  8. I hope that Jenkins can bounce back this season. We are going to need him.
  9. I have always thought that he would develop into a steady player at the NFL level. I would be okay with it if they let him go, if he doesn't do anything during Training camp. There are only so many chances you can give a guy, if he can't perform you have to move on.
  10. I hear ya, it would have been so much better if we had won that year though.
  11. Exactly, Ownes is the future of our secondary.
  12. I wold say that the Saints are the team that won't win a playoff game. I would watch out for the Winner of the Eagles vs. Cowboys game in the Playoffs.
  13. I would be very suprised to see him in a Falcons jersey next season.
  14. How much does one guy have to go through. I wish him and his family well.
  15. This guy has always been a class act. A great addition to the team.
  16. That is not the news I wanted to hear.
  17. Please refer to my "Attention All Pylons" thread.
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