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  1. Today's right-wingers do not understand Liberty, and consistently trade one immoral injustice for another.
  2. One thing I liked about The Grey was that it reflected man's survival versus nature, whereas the majority of media nowadays portrays nature differently. Usually nature is seen as having an intrinsic value, which it does not. I also liked the overall message about the struggle of survival. But yeah, the ending was terrible.
  3. Incorrect. If you take a friend out on a sailboat, and have a disagreement with them that turns into a fight, you cannot force him in the water or leave him stranded on an island. The same is true with children. If you bring one into the world, it is a crime to physically harm or neglect their metaphysical needs. This is entirely compatible with Liberty.
  4. Curing cancer isnt as simple as a single shot or a single drug. Its vastly complex, more along the lines of "curing virii" rather than "curing rhinovirus (the cold)". It is vastly important that we cure cancer, but its never going to be a single magic bullet. A series of cures will eventually be developed, likely by a loose team of chemists, biologists, and even physicists. The planet is not overcrowded... there is nothing immoral about curing cancer. Rather, refusing to allow people to purchase their treatment for cancer for superstitious reasons is just plain evil. The same goes for the FDA.
  5. Here's a crazy thought. Why not let the employee and the employer work out these details on their own terms?
  6. So then do you agree that they have a right to keep what they earn? Would you prefer for the law to override that?
  7. So? (This is an attempt to get a response from the original poster explaining what's wrong with the declaration presented in the thread title.)
  8. So you want them to behave differently and you want to use the law to do it? Do you consider that to be a fair statement, then?
  9. Then you are arguing that people who have wealth also have rights. Where do those rights extend to? Are they allowed to own property? Are they only allowed to keep some of it? Who gets to decide, of the property that they have earned, how much of it they get to keep?
  10. My critique of the people who spray painted that is the same as my critique of Al Sharpton and the New Black Panthers: Neither they, nor I, nor you have any idea what really happened before that shot was fired.
  11. I've been telling people for years now that I believe that education is the next big bubble. If you want to know why, look at the list of professors at your nearest big university, and find out how many of them actually teach classes.
  12. By "work" do you mean take money from those who earned it and give it to those who haven't earned it? Or do you mean that it would somehow indirectly accomplish that same task without anyone having to dirty their hands to make it happen? Then no, trickle-down economics would fail. If the goal of setting up an economic or political system is to get money to poor people, then you have two options that will work: you can give the poor every chance to earn money in a free market that provides equal treatment under the law.... or you can shoot all of the rich people in the head and redistribute th
  13. What's stopping you? If you are so terrible a person as to steal from someone in a crisis, why sit around and wait? Just go steal from someone now, and then you can complain from prison about how the system isn't fair because you weren't just handed an iPad.
  14. Yeah, this could come down to Martin's girlfriend's testimony versus the new witness' testimony. That article also mentions that the police have established that the cries for help on the 911 were from Zimmerman. I'm wondering if voiceprint analysis from the FBI will confirm that. If so, this could get turned on its head really fast. Like I said before... nobody except for Zimmerman and Martin knows/knew what really happened that night. I don't, you don't, and Al Sharpton sure as **** doesn't. This needs to be played out in a court of law, and yes that means that Zimmerman should be arrested
  15. Its immoral to take money from one person by force in order to give it to another. Look, if you want cheaper healthcare, stop subsidizing it with Medicare and Medicaid to start with. The more you subsidize something, the more the prices of it will inevtiably increase.
  16. Children become self-aware some time between 18 months and 24 months of age. At that mental leap, if you set up a toy shopping cart that is dragging a rug behind it, you can observe that if the child is standing on it, and therefore cannot push the cart, they will move themselves off of it and proceed. Before that mental leap, they will keep pushing on the cart, never understanding why it won't move forward. I've noticed this with my son within the last month... for a while now I could say his name and he would respond. But now, if I ask him "where is <his name>", he will appropriatel
  17. The only reason: its immoral to prohibit them in the first place.
  18. Yeah, and personally I believe that Zimmerman should have been arrested and "interviewed" by the police. I have the expectation that if I ever have to use deadly force that I'm going to be handcuffed and booked, no matter what the circumstances. If I did nothing wrong (and I would like to think that I would have a cool enough head in a crisis to do the right thing), then I would not expect to be charged. A lot of people are grumbling about the provision of Florida's self-defense code that maintains that you do not have to prove that you attempted to flee in order to use deadly force in self-d
  19. There are good and bad police, just as there are good and bad people. Lumping them into one group is just as much a logical fallacy as bigotry is.
  20. The only two people who truly know/knew if it was self-defense or murder are Zimmerman and Martin. It will be interesting to see what the FBI investigation will bring up. Zimmerman had the right to follow him on public property without being assaulted, so long as he did not accost Martin in any way. If Martin turned around and confronted him physically, then it is justifiable. If Martin turned around and told him to go away, and Zimmerman panicked and shot, then its either murder or manslaughter depending on the specific details. Zimmerman seemed frustrated by past crimes committed by blacks i
  21. Facebook truly is what you make of it. Don't like something? Block it from your sight. Don't like someone? Unfriend them. Just like life.
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