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  1. The last time I checked, "government" in 0AD consisted of the people with the most weapons, who murdered and raped without consequence. Gee, I wonder what Jesus' opinion of the proper role of government would be? Probably the same as mine, and I'm agnostic.
  2. Look, we all know that Obama is a socialist just like every other US President in over 70 years has been. But that's not going to change the fact that he will be elected president by a generation that largely (and imo incorrectly) believes that the government is the answer to people's problems. There's no real difference between Obama, Clinton, or McCain. So what's the point?
  3. "Change. Hope. Hope for Change. Change for Hope. Thank you everybody!" (woman in audience faints) -- every Obama campaign speech ever.
  4. The lame duck neighbor to the south occassionally sends armed troops across the US border in order to assist drug smugglers. Border security is a necessity for this nation. Way before the Republicans and Democrats send our military off to topple and/or support two-bit murdering dictators.
  5. The last I heard, Rambo 4 was about government sponsored massacres in Burma.
  6. Personally I believe that Christopher Walken should be able to shake the hand of every presidential candidate in order to find out if they will bring about nuclear holocaust.
  7. He was intimidated by your ability to use reason and logic to circumvent the principal of freedom.
  8. There is also a filter that you can have implanted into your body to filter out harmful toxins. ITS CALLED A LIVER! :P
  9. There's two kinds of people in American society. Those who believe that an armed civillian populace would be the most polite, safe society. And those who believe that if people had an abundance of guns, they would go on a shooting rampage every time the snack machine failed to give them change. It speaks volumes about their personality depending on which they believe. Do they believe in individual responsiblity? Do they get their worldview through the popular media or through their own experience? Have they ever used a firearm, and are they familiar with how it works?
  10. No Jean-Bertrand Aristide? I guess the media doesn't want to mess with Bill Clinton's favorite pet dictator.
  11. Actually I've never said that HDDVD would win, or that BD would win. I don't hate Sony nor am I "anti-Sony". To hate Sony would mean that I'm pathetic enough to feel emotional about a brand war and come post about it on a message board.
  12. As the owner of an HD-DVD player and about 12 titles, the biggest tragedy here is womfalcs thinking he is right and continuing to post about it.
  13. McCain is a MAVERICK!* *by "maverick" I mean "big government authoritarian". MAVERICK!
  14. Vick signed a contract fraudulently since he was violating its terms at the time of the signing.
  15. Torture is wrong in terms of getting U.S. soliders/agents to do it. We need to do like we do with assassinations and pay another nation to do them for us. While it wrong, it is not wrong because of the Geneva Convention. Un-uniformed combatants with no command structure made public, and who purposely target civillians do not get protection from the Geneva Convention.
  16. I tend to only go with the mainstream in anime: Akira / Ghost in the Shell / Princess Mononoke / Vampire Hunter D for movies, Samurai Champloo / Ghost in the Shell for series. I just dont dig the child-like stuff or the crazy tentacle-rape stuff.
  17. I've seen a Marine repeatedly hit a 2-liter plastic coke bottle at the 100 yard marker with a .45 1911. I've seen a power lifter do 575 lbs. I've seen a Tai Chi master punch and crumble a specific brick inside a section of brick wall. I've seen a (male) martial arts teacher sit straight in a perfect split, then rotate forward and touch his nose on the floor with his hands behind his back. nothing like Mr. Hatchet-head though.
  18. Eatcorn, its nice to know that you are okay with it. Its also nice to know that you are okay with the government taking money from everybody else. Do you also cheer for muggers on the street? If someone were to do the exact same thing that the Federal Government does with Socialist Security, you would go to jail for fraud because it is what is known as a Ponzi scheme, named after Charles Ponzi, the man who dreamed it up in the 20's and went to prison for doing it. So not only did our government get to take this idea from a fraudulent criminal and get to run it without any regard for the law,
  19. There are no classes, there are only individuals who are either accruing wealth or they aren't.
  20. As a former Time Warner employee (which owns New Line) I can tell you that they would rather go to court than give away a dime, much less $100s of millions to an organization that they promised it to.
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