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  1. Governments using force to make sure that people's rights are not violated = yay. Governments using force to make people behave in some manner that you personally prefer = boo.
  2. The most bigoted Americans I have ever met came from Pennsylvania and Ohio.
  3. Its force. Just because many people today are used to it does not change that fact that all crimes, whether they have a victim or not, are enforced under threat of physical punishment. Physical punishment is also used to enforce laws against the consumption of narcotics, for instance, For the same reason that I believe that people have the right to control what they consume in their bodies, I believe that people have the right to keep what they earn unless they are in an a situation where they are facing extreme impending danger. In the case of the gasoline tax, it is indeed a consumption tax.
  4. The late Michael Crichton talked about the culture of that area a lot in his book "Travels". In New Guinea, towns often went to war with each other even today, and would invade in bands of 20-30 people. Just imagine some neighborhood in Atlanta packing up with machetes and hand tools and invading some other subdivision. He wrote that a bus full of British tourists that were there to see the pristine landscape and tribal culture drove by just in time to see some farmer being beheaded by a mob just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  5. Off-topic, but related to slavery... I love John Green's Crash Course: World History segments on youtube, and he posted this yesterday:
  6. Government roads and infrastructure are in terrible disrepair because their funding was stolen for mass transit boondoggles like the light rail line in California that hasn't laid a mile of track in several years. Also note that electric cars use the same infrastructure and tear it up just as much. Health issues relating to gasoline? Try running every ambulance fleet in the U.S. on alternative energy and see what health issues pop up. Wars relating to securing gasoline? We get the vast majority of our oil from here in North America. As it turns out, war isnt necessary to secure oil. You can
  7. $0.50 per gallon isnt enough? The "evil, greedy" oil companies only make about $.02 or $0.3 profit per gallon. If you want to use force to change people's behavior, why not just pull a gun on them? If you believe that you know better what people should or shouldn't buy than they do, then just ration gasoline and use the police to enforce it. That would be much more honest to your intent.
  8. So is the plan to have more energy options available? Or to stick it to the evil oil companies? In a free market, all energy options that are technologically feasible would be available. Propping them up with subsidies just creates a very dangerous illusion of feasibility.
  9. If you are implying that all of our modern taxation is done with consent, I would point out that in a free society the majority cannot vote away the rights of the individual.
  10. We've known for quite some time that "empty" space is actually teeming with sub-atomic particles popping in and out of existence in the "quantum foam", but such energy is relatively low and there's very little chance of ever being able to harness a detectable (much less useful) amount of it. Plenty of people will still claim to have created a way to harness "zero-point" energy, however, and if you just send them $100 over Paypal they will send you the schematics for it.
  11. The Higgs-Boson has about as much to do with God as the Loch Ness Monster.
  12. Unless you are getting collector's editions, I would recommend buying Blizzard products (or anything on Steam as well) digitally on their online store. Even IF you buy the actual disc, you still enter your serial key online, patch up half the client over the network anyways, and then you might as well throw the disk away since it is no longer necessary. Edit: One note... a friend of mine didn't follow this same advice, and purchased a physical copy at Target. It turns out that some thief purchased it, registered the key online, and returned it as "defective". My friend was put in a position w
  13. The fastest, most effective method of expediting this that I can think of would probably be to knock down the 80k+ pages of regulations that small and medium sized businesses have to contend with. Major corporations deal with this by employing an entire Compliance Department full of people, and that bleeds them dry. But small and medium sized businesses can't even afford to do that, so often business managers and owners spend an insane amount of time constantly running down checklists, most of which have no tangible impact on the safety of their employees or the rights of their customers.
  14. Absolutely not. The sheer difference in the nations with the most free economies and the nations with the least free economies show us that the field is terribly, terribly distorted. However I would say that the difference from one American to another American (or between members of the same somewhat-free nation) in terms of pre-choice opportunity is extremely minor compared to, say, the difference between a citizen of Hong Kong and a peasant in North Korea. They have a somewhat similar history in the long view, but vastly different circumstances now. A citizen of Hong Kong who either has a ne
  15. No. If I choose to share my income with my wife and kids (which I do), then I have made a volitional choice to do so, and I have expressed that I value my family more than I value the income. If NFL teams choose to stay in the league, then they show that they value their partnership more than the specific money that they directly receive from fans... and they should since its a mutually beneficial arrangement. The teams have the obligation to follow their contracts with the NFL, but when that conflict is up for renewal, its their choice to stay. "Socialism" cannot apply here since no coercio
  16. Its all about the choices people make with the free will that they have.
  17. Obama was the alpha wolf. The den was actually in Kenya.
  18. I detest Barack Obama, but I don't care where he was born. I would vote for a president who was born in a mosque in Mecca, to Neo-Nazi parents, if I truly believed he would respect individual rights and liberty. Birthplace, which is something that cannot be chosen, should never be a factor in evaluating someone's character, integrity, and values. Obama had to come to America to lose his.
  19. If nothing else, this is further evidence that he should have been arrested and photographed, even though there wasn't enough evidence for him to be charged. I have no idea what really happened, but if I had been in Zimmerman's shoes, and if I were innocent, I would want as much documentation on my condition as possible. Just because the police don't put you handcuffs doesn't mean you are safe, especially when lynch mobs are going to put you on public trial without evidence.
  20. The people who had sealant problems with wells that were discovered after hydraulic fracturing will still have the same sealant issues, just without the fantastic video-friendly results. http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4275 As for earthquakes, are you seriously implying that earthquakes are a concern in Vermont? Or that fracking would increase their intensity or their frequency by any measurable amount?
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