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  1. I'm not swayed by the opinions of those who seek to destroy civilization. Also, I didn't say "democracy". I said that they are a rights-respecting government. I also never said that I intend to spread it in the Middle East. The people in the Middle East, just like the people in the United States, get the government that their culture projects. Israel is not under any obligation to conform to agreements with those who murder their citizens.
  2. They are our only ally and pretty much the only bastion of rights-respecting government in the Middle East. Israel is worth protecting if they are attacked, and they pretty much are being attacked right now. Granted its piece-by-piece, but it could soon easily be wholesale soon.
  3. It sounds like Ford had a self-interested motivation to pay enough to retain his employees. Imagine the lesson learned by other indutrialists, at a time when they were seen as the mythical "robber baron".
  4. I'm more in the "Destroy their enemies if they attack Israel" camp. Not so much in the "Pay off their enemies and hope they don't break their word... again" camp.
  5. We deport immigrants all the time, its just that bureaucrats use that option to deport the immigrants that they want deported. Much in the same way that the IRS audits the taxpayers that bureaucrats want audited for one subjective reason or another. Maybe some random Mexican manual laborer isnt being deported because he does his job, collects his wages, and stays out of people's way. Maybe Obama, the ICE agents, and even YOU can learn an important lesson from him.
  6. My vote will go to someone whose plan for fixing the economy is to try to stop "fixing" the economy, the way that boxing matches are fixed.
  7. There's a lot of wiggle room in the terms "influenced by" and "a follower of". Technically one could say that I was influenced by Karl Marx. It doesn't mean that I agree with him in any way at all.
  8. Marketers call that effect a "buycott", the opposite of a boycott. If the movement is to be summed up by what I see on Facebook, then it would seem that they are supporting Cathy since they feel that he should be allowed to speak his mind. I think they are missing the point though... for me at least, my boycott is based on their lobbying. Cathy's comments were in response to being asked about Chik-fil-a's lobbying and charitable choices. For the record, I don't endorse or encourage the more coercive protests against Chik-fil-a, such as "occupying" them with sit-ins and politicians trying to f
  9. Its a cute point, but in this case it doesn't apply. In order to be granted priveledges and rights pertaining to married couples (such as receipt of benefits, tax options, etc) the state has to recognize it. In order to avoid any confusion, the state just goes ahead and prosecutes you under criminal code if you even try to call it a marriage without a license. So its not like you are buying and selling weed under the radar... in order for this crime to succeed, you have to flaunt it openly and publicly.
  10. As far as I am aware, nobody has ever tried to openly marry a same-sex couple in Georgia without a license. I shouldn't need to say "without a license", since one will not be issued. However, its the "without a license" part that is illegal, and yes, backed up by police force. I would imagine nobody has attempted it, since, ya know, they would be arrested.
  11. http://law.onecle.com/georgia/19/19-3-3.1.html "Marriages between persons of the same sex are prohibited in this state." "Prohibited" does not mean "its not a good idea... please don't do it, thanks".
  12. No, I've repeatedly said that Dan Cathy and Chik-fil-a have the right to speak and to donate to lobbyists and political campaigns as they please. However, what they are endorsing is a violation of the rights of others, and that is immoral. Unlike the vast majority of this board, I can differentiate between stating what someone should not do, and what they should not be allowed to do,
  13. O.C.G.A. 19-3-46 (2010) 19-3-46. Forfeiture for officiating at marriage without license or banns The Governor or any former Governor of this state, any judge, city recorder, magistrate, minister, or other person authorized to perform the marriage ceremony who joins in marriage any couple without a license or the publication of banns shall forfeit the sum of $500.00, to be recovered and appropriated as set forth in Code Section 19-3-45. ------ Now, try not paying that fine and watch what happens. Stand in court and tell the judge that its not due to financial distress that you aren't paying a f
  14. And I believe that you are underestimating the fervor with which some people, Christian or not, do NOT want gay people to marry. We'll agree to disagree.
  15. Great news! Let's start handing out marriage licenses to same-sex couples, then. Actually we can't: http://law.onecle.co...9/19-3-3.1.html
  16. If you tell them that a same-sex marriage in Georgia is going to be on the 6 o'clock news, they'll have the state attorney general there to make sure the arrest is by the books. Its either illegal (and all laws are enforced by the police) or its not.
  17. Boycotting is not an attack. Taking away someone's rights through legislation, and the support of that action, is an attack. There's a canyon about a mile wide between what people think this debate is about (mudslinging on Facebook) and what it is really about (Chik-fil-a revenues going to support lobbyists that seek to keep same-sex marriage illegal). Its legal for them to contribute, and it should be, buit its immoral all the same.
  18. Call up the police and tell them that you are going to perform an unlicensed marriage since same-sex couples cannot receive marriage licenses in Georgia, and tell them the time and place. Tell them that news cameras will be there as well. Then tell me that marriage licensing is not backed up by police force when they bring you in in handcuffs.
  19. Yes. If everyone on the planet believed that police force should be used to keep gay people from enjoying a marriage together, then every one of them would be wrong. Note that I didn't say "hateful". That word is used to describe those who spend millions in order to shape the use of police force to keep them from doing it, which is a far cry from posting pithy Bible versus on Facebook. (Insert meme-y picture here comparing Chik-fil-a to OPEC) The vast majority of the oil-based products that I buy were made from oil purchased from North America. Most of the remainder comes from South America.
  20. Self-righteous? Maybe... I express what I believe is true. Unlike Dan Cathy, that expression does not lead to the violation of the rights of other, innocent people. Hypocritical? Citation needed.
  21. They donate quite a bit of money to lobbying firms that persuade politicians to make it illegal for gay people to marry each other. That's pretty hateful.
  22. I don't think Dan Cathy is a bigot. If he were a bigot, for instance, he would oppose same-sex marriage because of a blanket assumption about how individual same-sex couples would act in that case. He's much worse, in that he opposes same-sex marriage for no rational purpose whatsoever. This isnt about his right to express his opinion, or even his right to donate to lobbyists and political campaigns. Everything he has done is legal. However, he and Chik-fil-a are morally evil for using their money to pursuade politicians to continue to violate the rights of same-sex couples. Yes, same-sex m
  23. I don't classify people by race. I waited for Obama to behave terribly before I slammed him.
  24. For real. When I met the person from Pennsylvania, he had just finished a road trip to the South. He shook my hand and told me that when he stopped at a Waffle House on the way down, all the people of one race stayed to one side and the other race on the other. I wont repeat what he said to me, but it was a very offensive way of saying "good job". I immediately felt sick that I could even be incorrectly associated with anything like that.
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