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  1. We don't. We participate in a global market, and everyone is better off for it. You think gas is expensive now? Wait until the protectionist bureaucrats get even more control over trade law.
  2. On a side note, my 2-year old son thinks its hilarious (and I do too), so he's made up about ten of those 25 million hits.
  3. Its terrible, but you can't deny that the dude has more talent than most of the dredge of pop-stars in America today.
  4. A war is just if it is conducted to defend yourself from an aggressor and to defend the rights of your citizens.
  5. This is so over-simplified that you must be ignoring the situation intentionally. There is no guilt in having civilians die in the progress of pursuing a just war. There is an ocean of guilt in purposely targeting civilians while avoiding any and all military value of your target.
  6. Acknowledging the right to free speech isnt enough. You have to defend it. South Park had it right; you cannot just bury your head in the sand, or you never had free speech in the first place.
  7. The problem with the term "Libertarian" is that its a very, very broad tent that just about anyone can put themselves under. Some hillbilly who believes that Obama is a reptilian alien who is the antichrist can call himself a Libertarian and nobody is willing to correct him. Probably because to correct him would require applying a universally accepted definition of a Libertarian and there isnt one. Even Bill Mahr considers himself a Libertarian and he's a Marxist. Glenn Beck believes he is a Libertarian and he pushes his Mediterranean death cult on people politically. So if you are going to t
  8. Its ok to advocate the use of the military without being in the military yourself. Its a division of labor... some people are cut out to fight militarily, and some aren't. For instance, I work for AT&T. When my friends and family have complaints about our service with one product or another, I don't tell them to go climb a pole and adjust an antenna. I ask them what we can do to make our service better and I forward that along to the appropriate people. The United States was attacked by an Islamic terrorist force. The US military can and should be enabled in some manner to pursue our def
  9. They hate Western Culture, and that's why they use Twitter on their mobile phones to organize violence against modern culture. Also, those nations are largely made up of idiots.
  10. Season 1 was a very pleasant surprise. I caught a few "24ish" moments, which isnt surprising since its the same creators. The difference being that Showtime actually lets them develop a real show while Fox assumes their audience are all mentally deficient.
  11. I'd meet with Beyonce too if I were him. The less ANY politician actually does, the better off the economy will be.
  12. I agree that foreign aid should only go to our closest allies, if its given to any foreign country at all. Just out of curiosity though, how much do you guys think foreign aid takes up out of the Federal Budget?
  13. ...and yet there is a waiting list with about double the number of applicants each year for the number of openings in just about any county you mention. Maybe if we had pay cuts instead of raises, some of them would actually see their pension before cities and counties go bankrupt.
  14. Look, Obama just wants Israel to handle its own problems that he either created or allowed to let happen. Now the Israelis just need to shuffle off and try not to die in a suicide bombing, a rocket attack, or a nuclear blast.
  15. Why would he need to attend any briefings? Its all going according to plan. The question is whether Obama is conscious of his desire to see civilization burn or if it is something he is trying to ignore.
  16. My somewhat-cynical opinion? They are there to die and then be used as diplomatic capital in the future. Its terrible. If I can turn back time and give them three words, they would be "Fire at will."
  17. On a simple level it would seem that what the Teacher's Union is asking for would actually go into the pockets of teachers... the truth is, much of it would end up going to "The Blob".
  18. I have to agree. There does not seem to be any reason to justify having diplomatic relations with Libya and Egypt right now. We would receive no benefit from it, and the US government should advise American tourists and businesses to stay away indefinitely.
  19. It is immoral for the government to prohibit what a consenting adult chooses to consume in their own body. Despite what the DNC's opening video said, we do not belong to the government.
  20. If you think this place is terrible now, then you weren't here during Vick's prosecution.
  21. My counter-proposal to the teachers would be to close the schools and refund as much money to the tax payers as possible.
  22. Compared to the rest of the crap on this forum, Kluwe's awesome letter deserves to be posted a few more times.
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