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  1. There is only one presidential candidate that advocates for a government that protects rights rather than stripping them, as our current government does. A vote for Gary Johnson is not wasted by any means.
  2. The government subsidises a market for widgets, then those who provide widgets figure out that they can charge more for them. Then everybody complains that widgets cost too much, and they want more subsidies for widgets. Rinse and repeat.
  3. Its actually not a bad idea. As someone who grew up on the Gulf Coast through dozens of hurricanes, the response I saw from insurance companies for providing from their customers has vastly outperformed FEMA. I only ever saw any FEMA presence once after a hurricane, and that was to shove MRE's in people's trunks whether they needed them or not. Insurance companies were giving their customers ice, first aid kits, emergency perscription refills, food, and bottled water. If the customers couldn't get there due to bridges having been washed out, they delivered them to your house. I believe that
  4. Yet another bubble created by artificial markets, which were in turn created by government subsidies.
  5. I trust the government's numbers about labor demand about as much as I trust the government to be able to somehow artificially increase labor demand. Not at all.
  6. I would argue that modern firearms have enough safety features built into them that they will only behave differently than than the original intent of their possessor in cases of gross neglect. To commit that neglect is itself a choice. Personally, I cannot be comfortable if I'm in the proximity of any firearm that is not as reasonably safe as it could be at that moment. I cringe when I see people "lasering" others with firearms in movies, or practicing poor safety in general. I refuse to go shooting with anyone who does not take safety as seriously as I do. Being careless with a firearm is
  7. There is no such thing as a gun accident. Somebody handling a firearm chose to ignore some rule of safety (in this case, he failed to identify his target before shooting) every time you hear one of these stories. Stupid people do stupid things that hurt or kill people with or without firearms.
  8. I'm ready for this election to be over so Ohio can go back into obscurity.
  9. I'll say it again. I like the FEMA that uses police agency powers to assist in emergencies (swooping in to save the day). I detest the FEMA that is a check writing bureaucracy. Unfortunately, FEMA is becoming more of the latter and less of the former.
  10. From my experience growing up on the Gulf Coast and being in dozens of hurricanes, I know that there's not one monolithic situation described as "in the middle of a hurricane". The conditions can range anywhere from "extremely dangerous" to "not as bad as a thunderstorm" depending on the situation. I drove to my girlfriend's house "during a hurricane" once, because I was bored and her house still had power. It looks to me like that guy is having fun.
  11. If you don't want to get shut out of White House press briefings, you run the stories that the WH is ok with you running and you downplay the stories that they don't want you to run. UNLESS The story is big enough that all of the media outlets are going to eventually run it, in which case its first-come first-served. Consider a similar situation with the scandal where Brett Favre harrassed Jenn Sterger. Deadspin ran that story with details for months and nobody cared. When one reporter had the 'nads to ask The Jets directly in a press conference, the whole thing broke and ran its 15 minutes.
  12. I love Whedon's work, but from what I saw from a video of him doing a comc-con panel (or some other event), he is a raging leftist and anti-capitalist.
  13. Kids approach problems like this like an athlete stretching their muscles, and they enjoy figuring out the universe. There is no greater joy for a child than realizing that he or she figured out something on their own. (Many) adults approach math problems as an inconvenience that they were supposed to never have to do again after they did their final and got their diploma. In many cases, this one included, the kid is right about much, much more than just the answer to a math problem.
  14. I'm a small-government guy, and I can see a legitimate role for an agency like FEMA. It needs to be reserved for rapid response to true emergencies only, and less of a lot of the administration and check-writing that FEMA seems to be bugged down into today.
  15. I did read it, when I read the Drudge Report. Then I came on here and saw the exact same wording in the exact same font and the exact same hyperlink color shoehorned into a thread on here for some stupid reason. I don't care what this guy had to say about Obama. The fact that his son died in his military service does not elevate his judgement above my own. If you want to hate Obama, do it for objective reasons, not for subjective ones.
  16. Trump does have a point that Obama's is one of the least transparent presidencies in history, but its what he has done in the oval office that is secretive, not his past. Seriously, who cares where he was born or what he did in college? Hit him on what he has done in full view, and what he has chosen to hide in secrecy while on our payroll.
  17. Its due to the insane fear that some parents have that letting their kids go door to door in their neighborhood will cause something bad to happen to them. There are urban legends out there that tell them so: http://www.snopes.com/horrors/poison/halloween.asp The funny thing is, if you ask one of these parents about it, they will tell you that they know its not real and that nothing would happen to them. What they worry about is what other people will think about them if they let their kid trick-or-treat. Hopefully these kids will grow up to learn from that as an example of stupidity than an e
  18. Other people can read Drudge any time they feel like it. You don't have to copy and paste spam for them.
  19. He should have been more careful. I don't know much about your workplace, but I imagine that someone could have done far worse with that.
  20. I was mad that Vick committed fraud against my favorite NFL team by signing a contract while he was knowingly in violation of it. I'm not mad about this, cows don't have rights.
  21. Supposedly he was quoted as saying he wanted to be "one with the tiger". Good luck, sir!
  22. Its definitely illegal, but I doubt that anyone other than the NFL or the Atlanta Falcons could claim any damages.
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