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  1. The GOP correctly saw the Tea Party as a threat to its institution, and moved quickly to hijack it. If you go back in time to look at the speakers at the first Tea Party conventions then versus the speakers now, they are vastly different groups of people.
  2. How about the Davis Debt Consolidation Punt?
  3. Kudos for the Daily Show in calling the media out. I don't think Paul is going to end up as the guy for me, but the way that the media (and old school Republicans) treat him is blatantly unfair.
  4. I'm not a Republican, but I feel like throwing out a response anyways. He believes that a single thought in his head (in this case, a prayer) can influence the national economy. This alone disqualifies him for me.
  5. Personally I don't think it's a conspiracy in the way of cackling cronies smoking cigars and counting their stacks of cash or anything like that. I believe that the FDIC truly believes that they are doing what they consider to be the just and moral thing. In my theory, they have bought into a flawed morality and they have evaded reality in order to support it. They see themselves as being like polite officers protecting consumers from potential exploitation from bankers. In their view, the reason that these bankers are successful must be because they are taking wealth from someone else; that
  6. The bank markets loans towards low-risk small businesses, making up about 90% of their customer base. The FDIC tells him that since most banks are closer to 25% of small businesses, he should stop making loans to low risk businesses and make them somewhere else instead. What he is doing makes him successful. They are flexing their muscle to try and make him stop doing it, and more towards a conventional MO that is less successful. They are doing this intentionally, and therefore they must want him to fail. Let me ask you this... how do you think he got on their radar in the first place? Do y
  7. Well after reading this: I imagine that the conversation is something like this: Depping: "Well, things are going really great. We're successful and we have an insanely low loan default rate! I bet the entire banking industry could learn a lot about where we target our lending and what criteria we use to approve loans." FDIC: "Hi, we noticed that you are targeting your loans towards small businesses. According to our guidelines, you shouldn't be succeeding, and therefore you probably aren't. We are going to change which favors you get from the Federal Government until you change the way that
  8. I hear you, but personally I see this as an argument against having the FDIC in the first place. I can understand how it could boost investor confidence, but at the same time it puts all of us in a position where we feel entitled to tell other people how they should run their businesses. I'm not going to jump on here and advocate burning down the FDIC with torches and pitchforks, as there are many many other bureaucracies that are higher on my hitlist. I just find it highly irrational that a bank with a solid, simple mode of conducting business is being told to stop being successful in the wa
  9. Correct, he is now. My reference there was to the FDIC requirements that were to be placed on his bank, which was already successful.
  10. Financially endorsing one business over another is coercion for the same reason that endorsing one religion over another is coercion.
  11. The way I see it, we are being forced to support banks that are failing, while our money is not giving that same level of support to the banks that are really succeeding on their own in this market. It would seem that the FDIC is trying to get banks to fail as opposed to insuring their success. This behavior is completely backwards from what they were intended to do.
  12. He does now, but he also has to break apart what he spent 7 years building. He has the right to conduct business in whatever manner he wants so long as he is not fraudulent or deceitful in any way. But by taking away FDIC support, the government is sponsoring his competition, and his customers will choose another business that has the FDIC subsidy behind it. Instead of trying to coerce this bank into a business model that will destroy it, what the FDIC should be doing is learning what this guy is doing right.
  13. How would you feel if you spent 7 years building a successful bank, and then had people who couldn't even shine your shoes properly tell you that unless you accept their failed method of conducting business then they'll make sure you lose all of your customers? You say "banks" in your post, but this is an individual who (along with his individual employees and fellow investors) is having his rights taken away.
  14. It sounds to me like the same people who declared big banks "to big to fail" are now declaring that this bank is "too good to succeed." This bank has a solid, simple formula for succeeding in a market where it isnt supposed to, according to regulators. They say that they are doing it to protect the industry, but it really seems to me that they are doing it because they want this bank to fail like all the other ones. Its like if you have a child who isnt very athletic trying out for a little league baseball team . Yet during tryouts you see him doing much, much better than you thought he woul
  15. Interesting story about chicks and baggage. Before I was married I had a girlfriend who was bisexual, and she gave the following insight: "I'll (*$%#&%^ a girl, but I would never ever date one. We're nuts."
  16. I can't really find where ATL Bear suggested that everything should be privatized. Can you cite the source please?
  17. I would say that gold has never had a more objective value as we find more and more industrial uses for it. Back in the days of those European monarchs, maybe only 1% of their subjects could afford to own gold in any form. Nowadays the effort required to acquire it is relatively trivial. That's not to say that its common... only one out of every billion atoms in the solar system is a gold atom. But, its value is no longer the dictated at the whim of the oligarchs.
  18. I -1'd on accident when I meant to +1 anyone know how to undo it? It doesn't seem to give me an option...
  19. Whichever individuals that facilitated the bribe or engaged someone to go do so should indeed be held criminally responsible. The company itself should receive a fine equal to their profit margin in constructing the kiddy jail.
  20. I'm by no means a supporter of socialized medicine, but the place where someone was born does not determine what rights they do or do not have. Any such distinction is just as immoral an act as redistributing wealth.
  21. I would consider the actual source of the problem to be not just the corporation that profited from unethical practices, not just the public official who illegally condemned minors to what amounts to slave labor prison, but primarily the people who enabled such actions by allowing the judge to do this for so long. There's no way he could have done this for any meaningful amount of time without bailiffs, clerks, prosecutors, accountants, prison workers, and police all looking the other way. They evade reality because they know that the only way to get along in their professions in that industr
  22. The last I checked, the person handing down the sentence was a corrupt public official. And also please note, even as an advocate for capitalism, I do not want a privatized criminal justice system (courts, police, or prisons). The solution to overcrowded prisons is to free the prisoners who never violated the rights of anyone else.
  23. Wow, no Bernie Madoff? I guess he's not technically a celebrity, but then neither is Anthony.
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