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  1. North Korea has extorted the western world for decades with idle threats. In some ways, its pretty much their only national export. How strange is it that Barack Obama might be the first president to say "no", and refuse to be a victim to their evil? ...or then again, Obama might just be bargaining for slightly less extortion. Time will tell.
  2. I'm in favor of removing welfare entirely. Why would you say that I believe in entitlements of any kind? Or do you never think before you type?
  3. There is an objective morality, and it sure as **** doesn't come from the Bible, a morally bankrupt collection of letters.
  4. 1. Demand a constitutional amendment that creates a separation of the government and the economy, for the same reasons as we separate church and state. This will also end the Federal Reserve. 2. End drug prohibition, and add a consitutional amendment that recognizes individuals ownership of their own bodies. 3. Eat ice cream, then step down.
  5. The new documentary FrackNation exposes the volume of lies in Gasland, including the tainted water. People who use wells for water have always been able to set their water on fire, when their seals are cracked and natural methane is making it into the pipes. Hydraulic fracturing has been used for decades, and there is no statistical correlation between fracking in a region and wells in that area suffering failures. Skeptoid has a great summary of the pros and cons of hydraulic fracturing, including ad hominem attacks by the Natural Gas industry on the filmmaker of Gasland. http://skeptoid.com/episodes/4275 He's a liar, but that shouldn't be the focus of a rebuttal against Gasland.
  6. How about if instead you go somewhere like North Korea, where people believe like you do: that people are a nuisance that must be cared for and not potential geniuses and entrepreneurs.
  7. Personally, I think its far more damaging for a child to have two parents and be raised by only one of them 99% of the time than it is for a child to have one parent and be raised 100% by that single parent. If you want to kill a child's self-esteem, watch your wife raise your child because that's what you think women are supposed to do.
  8. What if I as a taxpayer do not want my money going to such a terrible act done by people like yourself who absolutely hate humanity?
  9. The Wire Game of Thrones Breaking Bad Firefly The Shield Cheers WKRP Seinfeld The Walking Dead Homeland
  10. Shame is not a basis for raising children. It is an attempt to teach them that the only reason to be moral is for the sake of the opinion of everyone that is not yourself. I wish the girl had held her sign up proudly, and then later informed her parents that her life is not theirs to own. If they believe that she is behaving in too entitled a manner, then the answer is simple: don't enable her.
  11. This is only an issue because Christians hate homosexuality. Christians hate homosexuality because someone else told them to. That's it.
  12. This is likely due to correlation, not causation. Kids with single parents are more likely to be born into a tougher situation aside from their family status. Kids thrive with one parent, as long as they are taught the value of achivement. Kids thrive with two parents, as long as they are taught the value of achievement.
  13. The cuts are extremely minor, reducing the government to the size that it was just a couple of years ago. You'll see several federal agencies doing the same thing, making it sound like a cut the size of a few percent makes it impossible to do their core mission. Major companies will make cuts sometimes as large of 25% of their operating costs and often with only a small drop in productivity. Imagine if the true fat was cut from government programs, do you think they would still be able to function as well? The true problem with most government agencies, and this is especially true of NASA, is that they believe that their true mission is to employ people. If people have a problem with that, just get Krugman back on tv to tell people that its in their best interest to employ people regardless of what they do with their employment.
  14. My question to the author is "Why does there have to be a reason?"
  15. Next up, getting rid of the laws that specify which hours local governments can restrict Sunday alchohol sales to.
  16. The ghost of Keynes still haunts the White House.
  17. So any time a murder is committed and the people involved are not of the same race, then the state's legislation is at fault? I have yet to hear anyone explain to me why someone should have to do a token fake run before doing whatever is necessary to save their life. I'm not saying that this situation is what SYG is intended for. Rather than being a criteria of the validity of it, this was a guy who did not take responsibility with his right to defend himself. Would it make you feel better if he ran off and shouted "I'm running... I'm running" before he filled the car full of unarmed idiots with lead?
  18. The guy is getting charged. Unless he has some dynamite proof of justification, he is going to do time. So why all the fuss?
  19. Yeah, my point is that if you are in a position where you wouldn't be faithful to your spouse, you should get a divorce. Way too many people avoid divorce for the wrong reasons... usually some feeling of duty or responsibility to a family. Your spouse is likely better off without you if you do not want to be with them, and your kids will be better in a divided home than daily living in a broken, hateful environment.
  20. Cheating on your spouse isnt selfish... its self-destructive, which is quite the opposite.
  21. For the people who advocate this, their inner hatred of mankind in general is finally being projected outwards.
  22. Just remember that you owe nothing to family by default. You should only associate with the people that YOU choose to associate with. You should never allow yourself to be pressured into having a relationship with anyone any time its not in your best interest to do so.
  23. I havent seen it yet, but I've heard that the effort put towards the game is no joke.
  24. Whenever something strange happens in the US, I close my eyes and try to guess whether it happened in Florida or in Ohio. Its a 50/50 shot.
  25. The insane War on Drugs obliterates everyone's Constitutional rights, no matter what their color is. Bigots started it, and its time for all rational people to put an end to it.
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