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  1. http://www.reason.com/brickbat/#124684 http://www.ktbs.com/news/Police-chief-won'...-incident-8021/ Why don't these people know to get on the ground before the police tell them to? Sheesh... deadbeats.
  2. What the holy crap!!! Is that real??? Nah, joke site. They are the ones who sell the "Get Your A## to Church!" tshirts.
  3. http://www.landoverbaptist.org/ I wonder what Landover Baptist thinks of all of this?
  4. Spent a lot of money on things that a limited government should never, ever do.
  5. But even when you pay your credit card bill it is still going into the economy. Your creditor is owned by another company that likely has its own investments and possibly even new companies to start up. It goes into new organizations that acquire new capital and create new jobs. I want to reiterate what I said in another thread though. The government isnt "stimulating" anything. Its making up a very small amount for the enormous impact it had when it started derailing the economy in the first place. Its like when you are driving down the highway and you realize your parking brake is on. When
  6. I certainly do hope the troops come back early. Especially since they'll need a break before the next Democrat president sends them off to prop up murdering dictators who contributed to their campaigns via front companies on U.S. soil.
  7. Because they just told you it wasnt partisan... weren't you listening? :hehe:
  8. I don't put it anywhere. The company that wants to build it puts it on the land that they own. Unless my local politician is a Republican or Democrat (probably is), in which case somebody's land gets seized to make it. Oh no! Not property values! :crying: Quick, suspend the rule of law! Gee, it sounds like they should have done more to attract industry and commerce in their community instead. Through user fees (highway taxes) which are used to expand infrastructure. If he will promote freedom, I dont care if a blind albino from Abu Dhabi is my elected representative. When towns comp
  9. And the worst part is that they aren't even really "like you". They didn't grow up on a farm like they show on their campaign ads. When they show up for a rally in Kansas wearing a polo and jeans they are dressing down for the first time in their life. When they were kids they rode to their little league games in limousines. They never held a part time job where half of their pay went to payroll taxes. They never started a small business and had it buried in stupid useless regulations. They never had a union screw them over and tell them it was for their own good.
  10. With the exception of Haiti, the United States ended its slavery in the worst way of any other nation in the world. With the unconstitutional invasion of half of its nation, the use of the military to silence criticism in the press, and the useless death of 186,000 Americans.
  11. Because our "interests" are not just held by people like us. Our "interests" are the same interests that all humans have: the desire to be free. Personally I'm interested in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So is a slave in the Sudan, or a serf in North Korea. No matter what color you are, what sex you are, or what your favorite color is, freedom is an interest. And it also holds true that any other guarantee that a politician has to offer is at the expense of those rights from someone else. Granting political favors and special rights to people based on their color,
  12. If you want to elect someone "like you", then you are implying that you want someone who will impose and legislate your world view as opposed to someone who will impose and legislate someone else's world view. I don't want a politician to impose a world view at all. I just want them to leave me the #### alone.
  13. hehe awesome. Stolen from Monty Python's The Meaning of Life, though.
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