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  1. The rest of the line did their job on all three plays highlighted.
  2. Cam is an amazing athlete, but he was the best player on the field his whole life. That breeds arrogance. The same fate that has happened to almost all great athletes has happened to Cam. The supermen persona made him think he was bulletproof. He could have avoided more hits, and gone down, but he knew he could withstand whatever came his way. He has more mileage than a typical pocket QB. He and the Panthers must protect Cam from all unesssary hits or he will not be able to soar above the crowd. Every year new kids come into the league and are faster and stronger. Humility is the only thing that can keep him in the league past his early 30's.
  3. Multiple times the throw was made a tad late. Last year the timing got better through the season. God things are ahead for the Falcon's offense.
  4. One of the great things about Quinn is that he lets players learn the hard way. Should pay dividends later in the year.
  5. There is a reason he was undrafted. His lack of coverage ability is clear to see at game speed.
  6. Still don't know why anyone cares about ESPN opinions. Zero cares given.
  7. Wor seemed to play mostly 1st down. He is not fast enough to cover the AtL backs. Hope to see lots of 1st down pass plays!
  8. Mostly all the other darlings have looked horrible, no choice now. Still won't see highlights and fawning praise.
  9. Replay was clear, he foot never went out, though he did kick the top of the pylon. It was. TD.
  10. The only real value is the mindset of the PackerNation. There seems to be some general disrespect for the Falcons defense. The team will have to shut that down on the field. Let them play, then we can compare teams.
  11. One game at a time. Beat the bears. Nothing else matters right now. I believe that is Quinn's philosophy, and this team is formed in his image. This team appears to be motivated like none I have seen in the past. I am sure each player remembers the feeling of loss and will do what they can to prevent that feeling again.
  12. New season, looking ahead only.
  13. Isn't Simms like 27? I think he is fully developed. Edit: 28.
  14. Some of those penalties were quite minor. If this was a real game, I would have been irked.