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  1. I don't understand all the love. Freeney's stats are basically zero after game 7 last year. He can still do some things, and draws attention, but is that enough? He brings a wealth of experience, but he is not the same player her once was. He no longer has the burst or speed or stamina. I wish he would coach, but I doubt he will. I think he wants a very limited role and snap count. I think he wants the paycheck, but not all the wear and tear.
  2. Interesting that his point is that Seattle has the best linebacking corps. Many of us believe the Falcons linebackers will be among the best in the league this year. We shall see.
  3. This. He will become the primary FS back-up if he puts in the time necessary. Quinn will find a place for him, if he has talent. I am not fan of Allen. He was ok, but certainly not an upper echelon FS. Quinn is all about creating competition, and has shown no hesitation in playing rookies. Let's see what happens in games...
  4. Ward was serviceable by the end of year two in the system because he got a lot of playing time. I'm not sure you guys realize how tiny that guy is. First time I saw him, I laughed. Yes he is built like a bull, but his size really limits him. If he makes the Falcon squad this year, then something bad happened. I believe Hill was brought in to upgrade the 3rd back. Quinn wants the RB's to be fresh for the whole year. Shanny has shown a proclivity toward bringing in former players to help current players learn the system. Almost certainly that will happen in SF. Ward fits that mold.
  5. I have not written a word about that game. I was devastated by the loss. Could not and will not go back and re-watch it. I actually get angry when people talk about blowing it. I love the coach's attitude. I think I see why he added some players with "grit". Those are they guys that make losing miserable, and put an exclamation mark on wins. I cannot wait for practice to start. I cannot wait for actual games to be played. I believe the intensity of the defense will be off the charts. There are going to be some dog-fight battles in practice. The Offense will benefit, but will get punched in the mouth first. I do not think you will see this version of the Falcons give up meaningless 4th quarter points and yards. I will bet you there will be a new 4th Quarter pride that says, "that will not happen again". I am not past the loss, but I will embrace the new tone completely. Every interviewer that asks about the loss will fuel the fire. This is going to be a fully instituted Dan Quinn Defense with execution, attitude and physicality. I am all in.
  6. Your second sentence is key. IF HEALTHY... at 30, coming off that injury, and given his history... no. There is a reason very few NFL players make it past 30. The mind may be willing, but the body can no longer do it.
  7. Doubtful. He will be 30 this year, and has a history of injury. Way too many young guys shooting to take his place.
  8. No worries, my point was Riley will take snaps of several player from last year that will not be on this squad. He is more than "just depth".
  9. Thanks, already Acknowledged the error.
  10. Wow, you are right. He got hurt so early, I had forgotten.
  11. I don't think Spoon took a snap last year. So I said he will replace all of the snaps by War from last season.
  12. Just think that Riley replaces Warilow. That is a major upgrade in many way. He can do things that the hoped Spoon would do. He will get plenty of snaps this year.
  13. Whats wrong with devout players. Is he anti-religious? Perhaps he means devote an extra player? I am not a spelling geek, but I assume that was printed in the paper too? No time to proof read things these days?
  14. The only thing for sure is that Quinn will go after his guys, no matter where they are ranked by the "experts".
  15. Still can't do it