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  1. Thought you were being sarcastic in your prior post. You have an odd definition of mediocre. Not sure you realize how few top-tier quarterbacks exist. Who would you prefer?
  2. He has 3 games to earn the spot. Without dramatic improvement, he will not start. Quinn is not blind. Frankly he missed too often on ST last year too. Unacceptable the way he watches the play instead of getting his hands on people.
  3. Perhaps this will be best answered after some actual games are played. Tons of optimism for sure, but I say there is more quality depth than I have seen ever. 1st and second year guys will have to contribute to confirm what we all hope.
  4. Wasn’t he wearing a Falcon Logo?
  5. At 26 years old, 3 years at best.
  6. OS, I trust the coaches and talent evaluators know what they have more than any of us outsiders. Many players will be cut between now and the season. It is entirely possible the LG is already in the team, but if he is not, there will be dozens of transactions before the roster is set. Relax and enjoy the Spring my friend.
  7. Why oh why doesn't the head coach spend more time on this message board instead of wasting time evaluating film and talking to friends that have coached players. I'm sure he has also been wasting time talking to doctors and trainers about health and rehab progress. Gosh, I sure hope Dan Quinn realizes he needs a starting LG. I bet that slipped his mind... Won't someone direct the coach to the wisdom of this message board?? My goodness, the season is almost over.
  8. Hi ballfan,

    Are you looking forward to tomorrow's season opening game? How do you think the Falcons will fare tomorrow?

  9. Is ready for some football