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  1. I think my favorite thing about every single draft as far as QB's go is this time last year almost no one had Wilson, Mac, or Lance in the top 10. Lawrence and Fields were legit top 3 guys you can't miss on and Wilson has now supposedly jumped Fields and Lance might have as well without even playing a season. Just like this year and like every year someone will have a solid to above avg season or a bad season and will be crapped on or praised and their stock will rocket one way or another. Usually for QB's it rockets upwards as they force the position to be a top 5 to 10 pick when in rea
  2. Problem is based on their play for us what you replace them with won't be as good. Denard is a legit top 32 CB in this league and the #1 or 2 NB in the league based on PFF's numbers the last 4 or 5 years. He should have been making way more money than we gave him last year we lucked into that. Blidi also has played above avg for us when he was pushed into starting bc of injuries. I wouldn't replace someone just to replace them unless i can upgrade them for sure and of whats available in FA right now i don't see it happening nor available for the price we would have to pay. Maybe i
  3. Considering both of them were on super cheap contracts and we need both of them it would be a shame and mistake not to honestly.
  4. Let me get Blidi and Denard back from that undrafted list both of those players are great at what they do and are asked to do.
  5. I came to post the same exact thing lol I can't stand guys like him who automatically assume because you are light or smaller that you automatically get bullied by other teams. Theirs not 1 person in the nfl thats gonna bully Grady Jarrett i don't give a **** if he is 305 or not. Grady will dominate 99% of the league in pass rush and run stopping. Same with Debo and Foye both of them are really good in coverage but both of them also do well against the run. Light does not = weak just like big does not = slow nor strong.
  6. They did tonight their doing pretty good this year actually. Their getting better and better the more people come back from injury. Once Collins, Hunter, Dunn, and Cam come back their going to be seriously hard to deal with for anyone in the playoffs.
  7. I say give me 19, 2nd this year, 3rd this year 1st next year and Sweat and were good
  8. Can't stand him as well but he is correct in his assumption this time. He actually did something he has never done before. He is going to include a trade in his mock drafts with us trading down because he thinks Ryan is the correct guy for us and not a problem. Which to me is a complete 180 from him blasting Ryan all these years. It's the 1st time i can ever remember him being completely right on both things he said about Atlanta and what we should do.
  9. and just like alot of those teams they keep getting burned over and over again because they keep reaching on QB's that aren't worthy of doing so far. I understand and agree with the premium of the position and i agree that teams are doing what you are saying bc of it. What i don't agree with is that they should be doing it. To me the smarter teams that have continued success are the ones that don't make continue to make these massive splashes and feel they have to do this or have to do that. But more so let the draft fall to them and watch it closely each year and get the best players that
  10. Dude i swear to god if that happens im qutting scouting any QB from now on and fully accepting i don't know crap about the nfl anymore lol. Bo Nix is god awful and i don't see how anyone can talk themselves into taking him as a Franchise QB right now.
  11. For me it was only 1 or 2 years until the restructure happened. Thats why i was fully ok with us drafting a QB at that point. Once we restructured and kicked that massive guarantee down the road for another 3 years i don't see how they move on from him in less than 3 years without taking the massive hit. So i don't feel i was in the wrong to much saying 3 years instead of 1 or 2 like i was saying before the restructure. That and i honestly don't feel now that they want to move on from ryan in the next 1 or 2 years or else they wouldn't have restructured him. Their was ways of making money
  12. Maybe or maybe not on those guys but this is a list i made of players a few days ago and we are guaranteed to get atleast 1 of these guys at pick 15 if these are the 1st 3 picks Lawrence, Wilson, Lance replace with lance fields or mac and add lance to the list if you feel lance doesn't go 3 to SF. Micah Parsons Patrick Surtain Caleb Farley Rashawn Slater Penei Sewell Trevon Moehrig Chase Waddle Smith Travis Ettiene Najee Harris Justin Fields Mac Jones With all these guys listed that takes us to the 16th pick meaning their are actually guaranteed 2 players of
  13. I really don't like the drafting one now part and let him sit for 3 to 4 years before he starts thing. To me that is a wasted pick and by the time you actually have him play on the field he is due for a new contract after maybe 1 year of play. To me thats the one benefit of drafting a rookie QB to start is you don't have that massive contract to hinder you for a few years to build a contender around him. But by wasting a top 5 pick this year in doing so you are wasting a great opportunity to put a top tier talent around Ryan or multiple good players in the 1st few rounds on the team via tr
  14. Which i have no problem with the 1st round investment on one im actually all for that i just don't buy into the fact you have to get one in the top 5 to 9 of the draft. Im more so in the find a good one like a mac Jones or etc. in a future draft in the 10 to 32 range and go get him. You will give up way less and have no where near the investment in it hurting your team unlike others having to trade into the top 5 giving up a fortune to get one. Now if we didn't have Ryan i would be all on board with accepting one of the top 5 QB's as we don't have to give up anything to do so at 4 but si
  15. 10th or later Rodgers Watson Jackson Carr Cousins Brees - Until retirement Brady Wilson Mahommes Bridgewater Lock Hurts - Maybe Rudolph - Their future possibly inside the top 10 Ryan Stafford Murray Mayfield Allen Hebert Newton Tua Jones Darnold Tannehill Smith Burrow There we go a pretty quality list of the majority of the QB's who will start or have a good chance to start next year or might get replaced. Looking at that list i personally prefer the guys 10th or later than to the guys inside the top 10 but thats just me and proves t
  16. I've already settled in on the you don't need to nor have to draft a QB in he top 5 to 9 picks of the draft and can find plenty of quality QB's in the double digit picks or later. Heck if anything i can bet of all the QB's playing right now in the league the list of QB's are better 10 and later than in the top 9. The QB position gets so hyped up that teams are forced to take and accept QB's who really aren't worthy of a top 5 pick to get one just based on the positions value. For me i ride with Ryan until you can't ride anymore and look for my QB of the future in the next few drafts som
  17. Like alot of others it would be Pitts for me as well. It's not that he isn't a very good player it's more so i don't feel we need a TE anywhere near as much as we need alot of defensive players in this draft. I can live with taking Pitts at this point as we would have then taken the BPA which im never against but i would also feel we would have missed out big time on upgrading many other positions if we don't move down. With the situation we are in and as many holes as we have i don't see how we shouldn't do our best to add more players in a draft this loaded over 1 high quality player at a
  18. I'll give you Pitts he is probably the 1 guy i can see as just being that much better at his position than anyone else in the draft and it not being even close. He might could be generational and as much as i really don't like taking a TE in the top 5 if we did i wouldn't exactly complain non stop about it. But i personally don't value Pitts that much more of a player than the guys i listed that i would take him over any of them + multiple other picks if it were offered. As far as the Qb's go though outside of Lawrence i don't see any of them as players i would have a hard problem finding
  19. Actually if we can get a Micah Parsons, Patrick Surtain, Caleb Farley, Rashawn Slater, Penei Sewell, Trevon Moehrig, any of the top 3 WR's, Travis Ettiene, Najee Harris, or **** even a Mac Jones at 13. Then i really don't see that as much if any of a downgrade in talent to a Pitts or one of the top 3 QB's in this draft outside of Lawrence. Note i just listed 12 guys that are not any of the QB's or Pitts which means we are guaranteed to get one of those players i listed + extra picks i don't see as that anywhere near a loss to us even if some of the picks were for next year. To me we get
  20. Honestly not a bad idea from him the Bills are a good looking team and give him a very good chance to possibly get a Ring if they keep improving over there. Plus if he plays well they will have more eyes on him on the Bills than alot of teams. Now with that said are the Falcons linked to anyone at this point i think we have been crazy quiet so far outside of making some money and cap space but i would think we are atleast talking to people for when the cap frees up. TF seems to be a very tight lipped GM without much info coming out on anything.
  21. Im not saying don't get Levi im saying get LEvi after we lock up Dennard 1st. If we can only get 1 of them then im taking Dennard then going to find another CB in the draft but if we can sign levi after Dennard then the more the merrier.
  22. Nah i would say our measuring tool would be proven statistics of what Dennard has done over the years at Slot CB where he is probably top 2 or 3 in the business at Darqueze Dennard played a shortened season last year due to injury, playing in just 9 games. However, when he was on the field, he was phenomenal. He allowed a completion percentage of just 48.6%. In 235 snaps played from the slot he was only targeted 26 times. He allowed a lowly 68.4 QB rating on those targets which ranked first amongst slot corners. He also has 5 passes defended on 35 total targets. Over the last 3 sea
  23. Safety RB DE/LB - Pass Rusher OG CB NT Backup QB Backup TE
  24. Actually before the new deals we just gave out to the RFA's and like 6 people we brought back we were at 5.5 mil above cap space now with those 6 added we are at 8.2 mil above cap space. Here is the link at sportrac i been using that does the top 51 that actually count against the cap instead of everyone on the roster and not taking the top 51 into consideration. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/cap/
  25. I'll just sorta copy and paste i did in another thread but i already did this exact thing you are looking for and it was alot easier than people are thinking to do so. Jake Matthews restructure just got us to 5 mil over the cap Extending Debo and Grady for a extra 2 years and converting the majority of their base salary this year to signing bonuses and giving them a small bump in pay like 500k to 1 mil extra a year for production and for good faith for helping us this year gives us about 10.8 million from Grady and 6.5 million from Debo. Just those 2 moves alone puts us around 12.7
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