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  1. **** of a start boys lets keep it going tomorrow night and bring this bad boy to atlanta up 2-0.
  2. for sure was but we didn't get the call that should be 2 outs right now.
  3. That was a strike it was close when looking at it live but the chart shows it as pretty well on the plate. Travis swiping away from the plate on the catch made it look like a ball a bit. But no doubt that was a strikeout we should have had instead of a walk.
  4. If it's Will with the way he has been pitching the last quarter of the regular season and this post season i am pretty confident with him.
  5. Same i doubt it but by god i would try. We could use that for Freeman and Rosario.
  6. I was talking about with his contract lol Like find out what we can do about getting that back not keeping him XD
  7. Honestly just give the man what he wants we gotta keep Rosario as a Brave going forward. Pay him and Freeman and then figure something out with Ozuna when the time comes.
  8. We have really gotten into their BP hard this game. Might not be alot of runs during those BP innings to show for it but we have made them pitch alot. They have already thrown 40 more pitches than we have at 155 to our 115 and their still going. Most games you don't even get to 155 it's usually around 140 to 150 for the entire 9 innings.
  9. look im one of the 1st to admit for 2 full seasons before this year i couldn't stand luke jackson aka puke jackson. But to act like he wasn't a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT pitcher this year up until those 2 dodgers games is absurd. Also until those 2 dodgers games people were praising him this entire season.
  10. He did do it for you in the playoffs against the Brewers.
  11. yall are busting on luke way to much considering how good he was in the regular season and in the Brewers series. Some teams just have pitchers number and the Dodgers had Lukes. 2 or so games shouldn't completely ruin everything else he did this year.
  12. I have faith in him he did the same thing a game or 2 ago and settled down for a smooth 5 or 6 innings after that. Charlie knows how to handle these situations in general even on his not best stuff days. Doesn't mean he will correct it everytime but i trust him to fix it more than most ppl.
  13. Just based on i think Ridley could be replaced in this offense with a player that might fit it better. I would look for a team with an abundance of D-lineman or CB's that are of equal value to him and see if a swap is needed from both teams to help out their biggest weaknessess. Although i guess WR is sorta weak for us to right now so might not be a great idea either. I just feel we could easily find or get another WR to put up solid numbers in this offense before us finding a good Pass rusher or CB. Plus if we have to pay alot of money for either position in the next year or 2 i would rather it not be a WR.
  14. I think so far it's Chase he has 754 yards and 5 TD's through 7 games with Harris right behind him at 632 total yards and 4 TD's through 6 games. Pitts is at like 471 and 1 TD through 6 games which compares to those 2 is quite a bit off production wise but for a TE he is on pace to have the best rookie TE season ever yardage wise i think. So he is doing his job no doubt and im proud of him. One thing he does that Chase doesn't do as well is run block though he is a really solid run blocking TE when called upon.
  15. I feel the nfl might not be for you then my friend if that bothers you XD. Because even the best of teams in the nfl win by 3 points against bad teams all the time. Sometimes you get blowout wins but alot of games come down to 1 score and thats even in games like Bucs vs Eagles last week and then you get the opposite of mediocre teams or bad teams like the Bengals beating what is considered a great team in the ravens this week by 21+ points. It's not just the Falcons it's every team that goes through this throughout the season. We will probably have some blowout wins here and there and then take a few as well. But most games are close more often than not throughout a season.
  16. Not saying the young ones aren't messing up some but those exact things were happening with Harris and company as well. I'll atleast take it from a rookie with more upside to get some experience while still being a talent upgrade to make splash plays like Hawkins and grant did some XD
  17. I look at it like this we started the season with quite a few talented free agents. We had -40 mil in cap space to start the season. Which means we have to cut, trade, or not resign some of our best players that has higher cap hits like Neal and Julio for starters. Which leaves us with very little cap space to start the season with and only allowing us to pick up guys considered less talented than most or guys who have some talent but are journeymen or older. To me that says we are a supposedly less talented team this year than last year on paper. The fact our coaches have us playing this much better than last years team through 6 games proves we made the right choice on coaches or atleast easily upgraded them they just need a few years to build their team with their own type of players and to get the cap space back under wraps. This season where as i love the wins and progress doesn't bother me if we lose a good bit of games year 3 is where i think we need to be contending and gives our coach's enough time and ammo to rebuild a legit contender from the last trash heap they were left with. Now if we contend this year and next year then more power to them that just gives me way more hope for the future and proves we have REALLY GOOD coaches going forward.
  18. Considering multiple of those big plays was from Foye and Fabian. Those are not rookies screwing up those are proven vets not getting it done.
  19. Speaking of a Screen i don't think i have seen one from us when Miami has been bringing the heat all game.
  20. Dude what the **** does CP have to do to get that Pass Interferance call from the refs. The dude is getting mugged non stop on these short routes it's BS.
  21. For the same reason he showed earlier when mayfield completely whiffed on his block and the 3rd down play was screwed. Davis did a spin move and powered his way to a 1st down saving that drive. Davis has been pretty good as a 2nd RB to CP im for sure not dissing Davis at all he brings value as well.
  22. Thats not unpopular that was literally said almost every game this week and not alot of members on here disagreed with it. We all agree he is talented and has amazing route running but the majority of those same people praising that from him also agrees he is very soft and probably isn't a true #1.
  23. Thats a good thing he didn't because the safety and lb that Tua was running toward was literally just waiting for him to get to them behind the 1st down marker. They have to be aggressive there and come up and attempt to make a stop before the 1st down line. If you miss the tackle it sucks but you atleast slow him down before he gets to the 1st down.
  24. So no pass Interferance and the dude jumped offsides before the snap neither were called. Refs screwed us 100% on that last set of downs.
  25. I think if we get Oliver back next year at NB and pick up a better #2 CB in FA or draft + starting grant and Hawkins. Our secondary will be pretty dang good while being young and talented. Then find a few pass rushers hopefully is the biggest thing we gotta do.
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