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  1. And here he is ranked 42nd and 3rd CB in the draft i also sorta hate Walter football ranking most the time i have major issues with them most the year on their mock drafts for us and player rankings. Sometimes they have some ok ones but to me the majority of them are pretty bad. But their are other sites who have him in the 70's as well which would be early to mid 3rd. Same goes for players like Harris at RB i have seen him 15 to 20 in some rankings and in the late 2nd in others which to me is absurd. All im saying is if it'd within a round of their projection and you like that play
  2. Actually in the majority of mocks i see all over different forums now and even some mocks from so called experts Samuel has been sliding into the late 1st on alot of them. So early round 2 isn't to far out of the realm of possibility he's a very talented player and could easily go before or a little after our pick there. With that said Neal and Debo were both bigger reaches in their drafts than Samuel would be here if he even was a reach and i wouldn't change that draft for anything in the world. Same for that boy Terrell last year 16 was a much bigger reach than expected he would go as m
  3. As far as intelligence goes Rico was elite and one of if not the smartest players on the field on any given sunday. His problem was his athleticism wasn't as fast or as impressive as his brain was. If he was more athletically gifted he would have been a Pro bowler and All Pro no doubt in my mind. The biggest credit to him for me was when he got injured and Kazee came in to replace him and we went from an avg or little to below avg secondary to one of the dumbest secondaries in nfl history. The videos of Coach Billick breaking down how bad Kazee was putting our guys out of place and havin
  4. Im not down on Ettiene im a clemson fan so im actually a huge fan of his. He is my #1 RB in this draft after Harris. Even Harris i don't have as a top 15 player in this draft even more so based on the positions they play. Im a huge mock draft guy as the offseason is my favorite time of the year even more than the real games lol. I spend i would say 75% of my non work time messing and playing with mocks or debating them and scouting players. I pretty much live on the mock draft forum on footballsfuture It's more so of me keeping an eye on analysts and mocks and expectations where the
  5. Im actually a TD supporter and thought he did well overall and didn't deserve to be fired. Now thats not to say he can't be upgraded or a fresh look at the team won't help. So im not against TD being changed for a fresh set of eyes on the team with a new coach. But i think he was very good for us over the years and hit on alot more things than he got wrong.
  6. Im guessing this is that simulators BPA board? Because i personally don't feel a few of those guys would be close to BPA at where we selected them. Ettiene for dang sure ain't BPA at 16 and will be lucky if he makes it in the top 25 and thats coming from a Clemson fan who loves Travis as a player. Wilson was really good value though in the later part of the draft at DT.
  7. I almost wanted to cry when i looked at those lists how the **** did Ty fricken Sambrallo and Wes Schweitzer make the top 10 on any list for their position in this case was for Run blocking at OT and OG. But yet neither were good enough to do that here and were deemed worse than what we kept. It pisses me off that our coaches are so bad that what we deem to be backups and below avg players are really above avg players on any decent team with a good Coaching system.
  8. To be fair and this is from someone who would prefer not to go QB 1st but won't complain if we do get Fields or Wilson. This is the exact same thing that was said when Mahommes was coming out lol. When people compared him to a great QB you got alot of thats dumb and ridiculous comments. Now with that said Mahommes wasn't even thought to be what Mahommes is now coming out Theirs a reason he was taken at 10 and had to sit a bit. You can have similar traits and be compared to a great QB without being the actual QB their shouldn't be a problem with that for players coming out. Rather you
  9. Either Fields or Wilson and i'll be ok Wouldn't touch the other 2 without a trade out of the top 15. Even then i would take Mac before Lance.
  10. Umm considering i have been one of the driving forces of drafting a Justin Fields or Wilson im not sure what you are getting at my guy I have no problem bringing in a QB to replace Ryan if thats their choice to do so but thiers no proof thats their choice or what their going to do. If they don't do that then their choice was Ryan and at that point you probably should extend him a year to get some cap relief to build more around him. Also it's not like we would be extending them a ton it would only be 1 year each for some cap relief now to help during the lower cap season we could st
  11. honestly not to hard to make cap space there for a few players if we want them. You can extend Ryan and Matthews for 1 year each and extend Grady and Debo 2 to 3 years each. To get us about 10 to 15 mil in the positive in cap space. Keeps the team in tact without seriously hurting the future at all. Then if you cut the dead weight in Carpenter, Rico, Bailey, and Keith Smith. You end up with about 25 to 30 million in cap space to put new players toward the team. Extending Ryan and Matthews would be the one i imagine most people have the most gripes with but i feel 1 extra year each
  12. My list of keeps based on their contracts from last year and me expecting them to be something close to it or us needing a player like them if possible would be. Harris - Should be cheap and showed a little heart and upside. Neal - Maybe if wen can afford it his health has been an issue but he played well this year and a full season. Would like him back but if he wants big loot then he can walk and i'll use that loot elsewhere. Wreh-Wilson - Easy yes he is cheap and always does great for us would be dumb not to bring him back. McCray - Yes if he is on a lower salary cap hit. Anythi
  13. The fact we have Ozuna, Acuna, and Albies for a combined 20 million in 2021 is straight up stupid If we resign Freeman for around 20 to 25 a year and his 1st year hit is 20 million or so. Then we will have signed and paid Freeman, Ozuna, Acuna, and Albies 40 million for 2021 and be the same exact cost as Trevor Bauer just for this year. I like Bauer alot but im taking those 4 players and contracts for next year over a Bauer 40 mil cost. AA did some elite level work on some of the contracts on this team.
  14. Me and you both my friend that would be an awesome 1st 2 rounds for us with any of those 3 backs added to Sewell. Come back around in the 3rd with a Safety or DE/LB and i think we are rolling.
  15. RB S - Not sure which type yet based on who we keep and release lol. But we might need 2 if Neal leaves and to upgrade Rico 1 of each >.> LG 3-4 Edge Rusher/LB 3-4 NT CB FB
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