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  1. lord i remember how everyone was up in arms about Derek Rivers falling so much and we HAD to have him but i think fans of most teams were thinking that at the time.
  2. I love it man owning up to all those bad picks we wanted XD No shame in that at all as we have also asked for tons of really good ones that went on to other teams that did well. I was pretty big on baker as well and thought he would be good in the nfl although i'll admit i didn't think he would be as good as he is nor get there as fast as he has. I absolutely 100% HATEDDDDDDDD the Matt Ryan pick i thought he looked like a bum coming out of college. Brian Brohm was my dude that year and we all see ho that turned out for me on both picks 😛
  3. Exactly bro im a realist and i'll be the 1st to own up to a player i liked rather they fail or succeed. People act like GM's are perfect on other teams when i can almost guaranteed TD's hit miss rate was probably about on par with the avg of the league in the draft. Im not gonna say he was great and he also did struggle with some lineman picks. But he excelled in other areas to try and make up for it i think. Honestly he might have done a **** of a leaving job on our O-line as a last your welcome to us lol. Matthews, Lindstrom, and McGary are looking pretty **** good so far this year Mac
  4. Nope wish i did though because i've called some good picks in my mocks that we actually drafted The year we took Debo and Neal i had both of them in my personal mock to us although i had them rounds 2 and 3 and we took them a round earlier. I also was dead set against drafting Jamaal Anderson i couldn't stand him as a prospect and said i wouldn't take him in the 1st 4 to 5 rounds yet we took him at pick 8 which i was furious about. No one can sit there and say they would have done perfect either as im 1000% sure you me and everyone else here has loved players coming out in round 1 or 2 t
  5. You know im honestly not mad at the pick of Takk nor Beasley. They were both the guys i wanted at DE in each of their drafts over other players. So i got exactly what i wanted and im not gonna be a liar and say otherwise. I watched alot of tape on both of them in college as the draft is my favorite time of the year and my favorite thing about football. Sometimes it doesn't work out but i personally still think TD wasn't wrong for picking them at the time he did it and who's to say if we took Watt or any other DE they get here and suck under Quinn and his Scheme as well and were trashing o
  6. That would make complete sense because we all know his sorry *** never was healthy lol.
  7. I have to believe he wasn't healthy enough to be traded something has to be up there.
  8. Honestly not really unless you expected another team to sign him in FA for a big descent sized contract. If he were to get something like 5+ million a year from his next team then yes we could have gotten something back from him like a 6th to 7th. Although that only makes a difference if we don't sign anyone in FA. I feel with a new GM and new HC their is going to be alot of turnover and new players added in. Maybe not high priced FA's although were good for 1 a year like that so probably still 1 atleast. But if we sign more than say 3 to 4 FA for the new GM and HC then we wouldn't get an
  9. I think the problem here is both of them are better in the slot and excel there. When they are both getting destroyed most the time has been on the outside. Last year Sheffield was mostly slot i think and did very well. Oliver was mostly outside all of last year and the beginning of this year and sucked there as well.
  10. We say that but he's also the one who just intercepted and did a nice return to set up our last easy TD to pretty much put the game away almost. He's serviceable he just doesn't need to be our coverage safety. He does alot of other things well though like run defense and getting people setup up in the correct position.
  11. You know i still like and respect Rico and think he does bring something to this team. I don't feel he should be the deep cover safety as he doesn't have the athletic ability. But if we are going to keep running 2 LB formations with Neal sneaking up as well as a 3rd LB at times. I would love to just draft a elite cover FS and still run 3 Safety formations. Removing Kazee from the situation as i just don't think he is smart enough to play back there he is always in bad spots and angles. Have the rookie coverage FS in the 1st few rounds then Rico as the cover/run SS and have Neal as a pu
  12. I knew it was coming too i swear Koetter does that all the time thinking it's cute acting like he will confuse someone. But after you do it like 50 times it's sorta expected and they know it's coming. Ryan and Koetter cost us points that drive. They both know better than to do that stupid stuff they just did.
  13. Yeah that was a great route and the turf got terrells feet a little and he slipped coming back. Can't be to mad at Terrell on that one i've seen many top tier CB's get got the same way. You'll never win them all 1 on 1 and he's been pretty good the rest of the day.
  14. Actually he's been pretty active he is blowing the line up alot of times causing the plays to be either pushed outside the pocket or causing the runner to go right into someone. This is one of those games he is quietly dominating at and everyone else is reaping the benefits of him doing so.
  15. That depends on how much the new team signs him for compared to other free agents. For us to get a 3rd or 4th round comp pick some team will have to sign him for like 10 to 15+ mil a year and him be in the upper contracts being handed out in FA. Not a chance in heck that is going to happen he will be lucky to get like 3 to 4 million and might get us a 6th or 7th if were lucky.
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