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  1. It's a fake for sure as thats the Riddell Blaze helmet from 2017. Their was even a tweet in 2017 about it from Riddell Sports
  2. For me it would be the Secondary as i think the strength of this class is in rounds 2 3 and 4 at CB and Safety. I feel the guys in those 3 rounds are almost every bit as good as guys that some people think should go round 1 at their positions.
  3. Considering i like the 2 guys we have as boundry corners i preferably want a Nickleback or Slot guy. The guy i like the most as a slot dude in this draft is Amik and i want him to be our target in round 3 if we can get him there.
  4. Like this draft alot sign me up
  5. LOL you giving that man way to much credit at this point.
  6. Then would you not agree that we can trade back and get playmakers if the opportunity presents itself. To me players like Diggs and Johnson are every bit of playmakers as Henderson and Fulton are the 1st 2 listed are possible and listed usually as 2nd round guys where as the last 2 are ranked around 16 in most boards. Is their really that much of a difference in them for one to be considered a playmaker and the other 2 not? Same with Linebacker in the late 1st you probably have Queen, Murray, and Baun who all i consider playmakers and pretty similar to Chassion who is considerd a guy you would take at 16. Is their that big of a difference between Chassion and those 3 to not warrant a trade back if available. I guess i was assuming when yall was saying playmaker yall was talking about a superstar which is why i posted that earlier. But if were just talking about guys like Chassion, Henderson, and Fulton then i see all kinds of play makers at the end of the 1st and 2nd rounds as well.
  7. Where as i can agree with this to a certain extent for me if you want a legit playmaker were gonna have to move up to get one. Unless we luck up into a Simmons, Kinlaw, Okudah, or Brown falling to us at 16 i don't see any high end playmakers there for the taking thats much different talent wise than the round 2 guys. This draft falls off a cliff after say the top 10 or so at our major needs. The next tier isn't a bad group their just all pretty similar talent wise from say 16 to the end of the 2nd round. I wouldn't be against moving up for one of those elite prospect types of player at all though if they fall to say 8 to 12.
  8. I gotta agree with you on this one my friend if their was ever a year to trade down even if it's for a bit lesser value this is probably it. I honestly think the 2nd round's talent isn't much different than the talent at 16 at alot of spots. CB, RB, DT, and OG are very strong in round 2 and 3. The only spot i would say isn't as strong of our needs is linebacker in those rounds. Were either gonna have to sign 2 more very quality vets at 2 of those positions on defense or trade down somehow to fill the majority of our holes with talent you can expect atleast something good from.
  9. Once again neglecting DT Also don't like that he waited so long to target a DB. Although i can understand the reasoning waiting till the 4th for sneed with going Hightower 1st. I think he is a really good player if we can sign a FA Dt thats really good to pair with our guys and 1 more vet CB i think this would be a very strong draft for us.
  10. Im 100% on board with those 3 guys i like all of them quite a bit.
  11. I would agree with you on the CB over Lb thing maybe if we were talking about a #1 CB and not having one over a #1 LB. But we do have CB's that are pretty talented and the guy were drafting would be the #3 or 4 CB. The 3rd or 4th CB to me isn't more important than a position you don't have a single body at all at lol. Although im gonna be honest with you if you offered me Trufant or Debo for the same price side by side a #1 CB or a #1 MLB with both their talents im taking Debo everytime. I think a upper tier coeverage LB that can still play the run well is growing big time on my list of important pieces. For me to take a #1 CB over Debo he would literally need to be a top 5 CB in the league and pretty much shutdown at the position not just a regular #1 Cb.
  12. You just made my exact point on why to go LB 1st my friend. Chassion, Murray, Queen, and Baun are the top of the pile and then theirs a steep drop off. So why settle for such a drop off later at LB instead of taking 1 of the really talented ones at 16. Where as CB doesn't have that steep dropoff because CB is absolutely LOADED in this draft and you can get a guy very similar talent wise if not better than Henderson in round 2 or 3. All those CB's i listed are atleast comparable to Henderson and to some people actually better. Diggs and Johnson i know i have seen listed above Henderson for sure by people on this forum. Although im pretty even on about all of them as theirs really not a upper tier elite DB in this draft outside of Okudah. With that said i also have all 4 of those LB's rated higher and better players in this draft than Henderson or Fulton so i probably see it differently than you on BPA as well. But my point still stands that you draft from strength and LB drops off alot where as CB doesn't so you get better players at LB and CB by going LB 1st and still getting a very good CB in rounds 2 or 3 comparable to Henderson and Fulton and you have tons to choose from.
  13. I actually don't agree that CB is our greatest need nor is Henderson the best value there at 16. OLB is hands down our greatest need and it's not even close as we don't have 1 on the entire roster. We atleast have 4 to 5 capable and solid CB's on the team in Sheffield, Oliver, Blidi, and Rico. Those are 4 guys i have watched play and have seen very good things from in our secondary at times. Then you got atleast 2 more guys that are young and talented with upside in Taylor and Miller. Even if we went into the season with just those guy i wouldn't be terrible worried. I would like 1 more good young guy or 1 more proven vet for sure to make me comfortable though. But that position doesn't scare me or make me feel it's a weakness and our biggest need with all that there. Linebacker actually terrifies me right now as Debo and Foye are it and Foye is still young and learning some like him some don't. I think Foye was better than Cambpell so i like him quite a bit. But that still leaves 3 linebackers needed at minnimum to even field a team. a Starter at SLB, and then 2 backups and possibly 3 backups for each linebacker spot. I'll even goes as far as saying DT is a bigger need than CB right now as well just based on theirs only 3 guys there at the position and they seem to hate Senat. Leaving just Grady and Davison as the 2 guaranteed DT's that the coaching staff will play. Gady si a Stud and can play every down Davison where as he is a very good run defender leaves alot to be desired on some passing downs. We need another top tier DT to pair with Grady leaving Davison as great rotation depth for rushing downs and breathers. Could probably use another one for depth as well to give us 4 or 5 DT's if they don't plan on using Seant like last year. Safety im actually a little more worried about than CB as well as i can see Kazee and Rico probably have FS locked down although Rico should probably be our starting NB with Kazee's emergence at FS. Rico is a good depth piece and injury replacement for sure. Neal on the other hand worries me with his injuries and not coming back to form possibly. I don't trust any of our backup SS players as much as i do our backup CB's. Rico can do SS but is not suite well for it based on how we run our scheme. So for me i would say in order SLB > DT > S > CB in the needs department and what im feel comfortable with on starters and depth. I'll also put Chassion and Murray ahead of henderson as better players at 16 for SLB so he wouldn't even be my BPA there. I don't see Henderson or Fulton much better if any better than guys considered 2nd rounders like. Diggs, Johnson, Arnette, Terrell, Igbinoghene, or Robinson. The CB position is loaded in the 1st 3 rounds and i would rather take my chance one of them is there in rounds 2 or 3 and take a better player and more important need at SLB or DT in rounds 1 and possibly 2.
  14. Pretty sure for our draft allotment it's like 6 million to 7 million and that was before we gave the 2nd away for Hurst which was 1.5 mil. So i would say for 6 picks if nothing changes about 4.5 to 5 mil to play with of that 14 million goes to cap. Then we get 10 million back from Trufant on june 1st. So we probably have around 17 to 20 mil in cap space to work with after june 1st. Enough for 1 more big FA and 1 or 2 small ones or enough for 3 avg to above avg players similiar to a Dontari Poe type of guy.
  15. For me it's Linebacker and it's not even remotely close at this point. I atleast feel confident that we have talent at CB and DT and able bodies there if we went on the field today with them. We could use good depth at both positions for sure. Where as LB we literally have nobody even on the team to put on the field after DEbo and Foye. The fact we only have 2 linebackers on the team right now is nuts to me and we somehow need to add 3 quality players more 2 for depth and 1 a legit starter at SLB.