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  1. When Folty is on he is straight up nasty and probably our 2nd best pitcher and on some teams he has #1 stuff. If all of our guys pitch to their best i would say Soroka is the true ace and then Dallas, Fried, and Folty are all legit #2 options with Julio being a very quality #3. We really don't have any guy in our starting 5 who is worse than a #3.
  2. He would need to be active for that to happen
  3. I think Greene should get a pass for tonight he has thrown like 12 or 13 straight shutdown innings. Plus he literally threw another one tonight as he had that 3rd strike for the 3rd out hit macs glove and mac just couldn't hang on to it. Either way the team is just finding ways to win no matter what and thats exactly how it's going to be in the playoffs. That bodes well for us and our starting pitching is hitting it's stride at the right time where it's needed most.
  4. Man this one is ugly so we lose to the 49ers twice who is my 2nd most hated team in terrible fashion and then the saints win the whole **** thing to give them 2 superbowls. This would be a god awful outcome and let us pray this doesn't happen lol.
  5. Fully agree with you on this one as he had the highest rating of any Qb in the history of the SB he literally only missed 5 throws the entire game for when they had him throw the ball. I have a huge list of people to blame before i'll ever make it to Ryan with Shanny sitting right at the top of that list everytime.
  6. Hill has to learn to cut that back there when you got Mack putting on a clinic and opening up a hole for him.
  7. To me outside of the muffed punts which is 100% on the player doing it. The ST's has been alot better to me coverage wise i see out guys getting down there alot and stopping people before the 25 quite often.
  8. I swear during half time Georgie boy was kicking Fg's by himself he tried 3 of them 1 from 21 1 from 31 and 1 from 41. The 1st 2 he made and i promise it looked like he missed the 41 all by himself no one else out there or any pressure at all. He then picked up his little kicking tee and ran back to the sideline. Maybe it was the angle i was at in sec 115 but he was kicking close to us and it looked liked he missed it.
  9. Probably not gonna get alot of love or people agreeing with you on this form Snit around here More than a few people like him as a dude but hate his in game decisions and even more so some thing he is one of the worst managers in the league because of his terrible in game management.
  10. The funny part of all this about you 2 are yall are pretty much a different side of the same coin lol. Both have completely different opinions but both act exactly the same way to each other to go about those differing opinions. Thats why yall don't get along well at all usually is because yall are almost identical in the way yall go about things and to alot of us it can be a little bit annoying but also pretty funny at the same time lol. But either way we still love both of ya and the site wouldn't be the same without either.
  11. It's what we get for letting Kimbrel go to begin with. They gave us the best closer in baseball and we sent him packing like we didn't need him. It was a slap in the face to the position and our closers have sucked ever since then it feels like.
  12. We might as well kept our **** prospects we already had scrubs that could do this **** to us every **** day.
  13. That should be every teams gameplan half our team sucks against offspeed stuff it feels like.
  14. Im not sure why but for me i would have much rather given them Jackson in the trade if they were to let me keep Wentz.
  15. Who the **** wants a B+ line? I want an A+ line and will settle for B+ other places like TE, WR, RB, and LB.