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  1. 23 catches 317 yards 1 TD has a better rating than 33 catches 463 yards and 7 TD's umm not seeing that one PFF
  2. That boy is so **** quick it's ridiculous it's almost a crime to be that fast and quick while still having the body control and route running he does.
  3. Why do you think it's taking a beast of a man to wear it not many could handle it. When you are traveling Jet Jones all you can do is hold on and fly
  4. He made a **** fine Julio Outfit Accessory i think.
  5. aka I didn't read because i don't know a **** thing about football and wouldn't know how to reply correctly. Fair enough i'll leave the feeble minded alone and apologize for expecting something of substance from someone who wasn't worthy of a discussion.
  6. Fact: I never once said you said anything bad about rico nor said you hated him and didn't love him. Im not butt hurt at all even if you did like Kazee better than Rico i can see why he's a great player. Im literally just making a statement that actually has been proven over the last year or 2 when Rico plays our defensive numbers and stats are better and thats something that can actually be looked at on multiple sites that do stats the easier ones being espn and nfl.com for those who want to look at the bare minimum of numbers and not advanced stats that their are also tons of sites we can go to get them from. You can also do this same exact research as well if you choose to put in some effort doing so thats up to you.
  7. You want stats then go look up the defenses numbers under him when he is putting everyone into the right position for them to make plays. His stats are more so the whole defenses stat numbers because we are very rarely out of position under him and it allows our guys to fly to the ball without having to think alot about where to be lined up at. Why are we even debating Rico vs Kazee we can just have both of them on the field it's pretty easy and we get the best of both worlds.
  8. Either that or Neal could play WLB he already plays like one anyways and is as big as Riley is but a much better player.
  9. I don't like that play call on 3rd down needing 10+ yards and taking Julio off the field.
  10. Ah that sucks but doesn't surprise me he's a pretty good lineman smart move by the giants they could use alot of help on that garbage line lol.
  11. We should have waited till today to sign a OG and picked up Brown the Rams just cut. They have one of the best OL's in the league and he was actually above avg last year but the guy who replaced him during his 2 game suspension played amazing and kept the job. Screw it i say sign both of them Beadles and Brown and upgrade both OG spots from Garland and Wes in 1 week.
  12. You even have that thought in your head one more time and we will show up to yo house and take you out foo >.>
  13. I really don't like the rule of the fumble i guess as he never really loss possession of the ball until after he hit the ground with his knee and back while rolling over. That should have been a catch if anything as to me a clear fumble needs to be completely loose before a body part is on the ground.
  14. Honestly what are we gonna do with Kazee next year he deserves to start but neal and Ricardo are great at their spots as well. Neal to WLb to replace Duke with Rico and Kazee at Safety? Neal is a much better player than Duke and next to Debo the middle of the field would be blanketed. or do we got 2 Lb and 3 safety sets alot?
  15. My backup afc team just got skunked as well against the Chiefs so it's a bad day all the way around lol.