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  1. I actually just did this not to long ago here on this site believe it or not. I was wondering how well the players in that draft played out because alot of people liked other pass rushers over beasley in that draft although i was a beasley guy he was in most of my mocks i won't deny it lol. But here is how that draft shacked out for edge rushers Vic Beasley - 114 tackles 29.5 sacks 28 TFL 34 QB hits 1 int 9 FF 10 PD 2TD's - 1 Pro Bowl Arik Armstead - 98 Tackles 9 Sacks 13 TFL 29 QB Hits 0 int 1 FF 1 PD 0 TD's - 0 pro bowls Shane Ray - 94 Tackles 14 Sacks 15 TFL 33 QB Hits 0 int 2 FF 2 PD 1 TD - 0 Pro Bowls Bud Dupree - 132 Tackles 20 Sacks 30 TFL 33 QB Hits 1 int 2 FF 6 PD 0 TD - 0 Pro Bowls Mario Edward - 85 Tackles 8 Sacks 10 TFL 20 QB Hits 0 int 4 FF 2 PD 0 TD - 0 Pro Bowls Randy Gregory - 45 Tackles 7 Sacks 11 TFL 23 QB Hits 0 int 2 FF 0 PD 0 TD - 0 Pro Bowls Preston Smith - 168 Tackles 24.5 Sacks 29 TFL 59 QB hits 4 int 4 FF 13 PD 1 TD - 0 Pro Bowls Nate Orchard - 69 Tackles 5 Sacks 9 TFL 14 QB Hits 1 int 2 FF 5 PD 0 TD - 0 Pro bowls Markus Golden - 119 Tackles 18.5 sacks 26 TFL 42 QB Hits 0 int 6 FF 3 PD 0 TD - 0 Pro Bowls Frank Clark - 136 Tackles 35 Sacks 35 TFL 72 QB Hits 1 int 8 FF 6 PD 0 TD - 0 Pro Bowls Eli Harold - 95 Tackles 9 Sacks 16 TFL 20 QB Hits 0 int 1 FF 1 PD 0 TD - 0 Pro Bowls Danielle Hunter 206 Tackles 40 Sacks 52 TFL 58 QB Hits 0 int 3 FF 3 PD 2 TD - 1 Pro Bowl Rest of them from here on out are all garbage from 4th round down and amounted to nothing sadly lol. So from that class of edge rushers the best guys imo are in order Danielle Hunter Frank Clark Preston Smith Vic Beasley Bud Dupree Markus Golden Frank should have made a pro bowl some how that dude has been a beast in the nfl imo. either way that was a pretty decent edge rushing class and Beasley has been solid for the most part as the 4th best in that class. Now i agree he was picked alot higher than them all so the expectations were higher but he hasn't been a bust by no means and was better than alot of other people drafted at his position and better than quite a few people drafted right after him that people wanted in Dupree, Ray, Armstead, and Gregory. Those are the exact 4 people others that didn't want beasley wanted us to draft in that class in the 1st round at our pick that at the time was considered about his same value. He has outdone them all at this point so imo we chose the right guy based on value and what most experts said were the best guys there. We chose the best of the bunch but 3 other guys were better than him overall that i listed above.
  2. Dude Mike Mcarthy was awesome im not sure why you are putting him up there like he is some garbage guy O.o Even then those have nothing to do with me considering payton an offensive genius of a coach.
  3. Yeah sadly i agree with that i was just using them as names that are similar talent i would want to sign. Im not against other DT's they were just well known people i figured most would know to compare talent with XD If you got a guy you like alot thats quality talent like them you think we would target insert them as well just no scrubs is all im saying. Im tired of cheaping out on all the trench talent on both sides of the line. I want some serious *** beaters on the OL and DL long before i want any more skill positions players we got tons of those already and thats got us no where I say this how about we compromise and get the best of both worlds We trade down to pick up extra assets to get Ford at 24 for OG. Then we package one of those 3rds with our 2nd to move back up to get Dexter Lawrence Ford + Lawrence gives us 2 monsters on both sides of the line. Still gives us a extra pick to work with we can use on a nice solid RB in the 4th round :P
  4. Im not talking elite level DT money thats gonna be Grady for sure. Im talking someone like Bennie Logan, Johnathon Hankins, etc... That next level of tier around 5 to 7 mil for a very solid vet DT who can get the job done to pair with our other DT's and our drafted DT's. If we can't pull that in FA then i want a DT in the 1st 2 rounds that can be a man beast next to Grady and have Senat and whoever else we draft as top tier depth and rotation. To me a top tier DT in the 1st 2 rounds is way more important than a 3rd or 4th RB when we got 2 very capable ones already in freeman and ito.
  5. Umm why does 1 thing he did stupid make a difference compared to the tons of other things he has done right in his career to make almost everyone consider him a offensive genius. Just like Shannahan did something completely idiotic to the Falcons in the superbowl when it comes to playcalling. It still doesn't take away that he is a brilliant offensive mind overall. That would be the equivalent of me judging you as a terrible poster and not very bright based off of this 1 thread. Which i know you are not and think you are a great poster overall because i have seen what you have done on here for a very long time. But this one isn't your best moment like that wasn't terd burglers best moment in that game during those calls.
  6. I think you misunderstand i am all for the trade down My replacements would have been #24 - Dexter Lawrence or Christian Wilkins - DT 2nd - Lindstrom/Risner/Dieter - OG - Those 1st 2 i actually like as much as Ford at OG at the next level. But i like Ford more than Dieter for sure he would just be a minor downgrade to get a top tier DT for me. 3rd - O'shane Ximines 3rd - Lamon't Gailliard - C Then start going with depth like RB, DT, LB, CB, ETC. But said said if you can swing a top tier level DT in FA as well as James then i can somewhat be ok taking a RB early which i usually hate doing even more so when it's not a #1 RB need.
  7. I wouldn't call him overrated but he is for sure a major terd of a coach/person. But he is an amazing offensive mind as far as play calling goes and making a great scheme work.
  8. HAHAHAHAHA hats off to the ringer that was fantastic good job by them.
  9. If you could throw me in 1 more really good FA DT/NT to go along with James i would be pretty ok with this draft overall. As it sits with no other FA coming in thats really good on the D-line then i for sure wouldn't have any interest in a RB in round 2. I would replace that with a very good DT/NT there and worry about RB much later as the RB we get will be 3rd on depth chart anyways for the next few years and 2nd round is to high for that for me atleast without beefing up the trenches more than a few late round guys.
  10. I need someone who has some good photoshop skills to take the marcus smart terrible tackling from last year and photoshop it into the non called PI play. Something like this if possible if not let me know and i'll move on and not waste my time
  11. I'll take any of Q. Williams, J. Williams, C. Ferrell, E. Oliver, C. Wilkins, D. Lawrence, J. Simmons at pick 14 and think we done extremely well. Im not as enamored with Gary from michigan so far as alot of people are it seems when i watch him play compared to all of those guys i listed. I also wouldn't be mad if we ended up with G. Williams, D. White, or D. Baker although their not as big of needs i think they are elite level talent at their positions and im never against taking a elite level player at a position we can for sure upgrade. C. Ford im iffy on as well and thats not because i don't like him i actually do just not as much as those guys i listed for value. If we trade down and pick up a extra pick then Gary and Ford come into play for me there and i'll take those and a pick and be happy as well.
  12. As a Falcons and Jaguars fan Smitty has been one of my guys for a minute i rooted for to do well. He was phenomenal as a DC for the Jags while there that defense was super nasty with him leading it. He turned a joke of a team after Petrino into a team ppl feared to played at times and a team we were proud to watch most of the time he was here. I'll say he wasn't the same guy after his heart attack as a coach and did the best he could from then on but you seen the change in him. Im glad he is finally calling it quits and can really take great care of his health going forward and i'll always appreciate everything he has done for both the teams i cheer for i loved the dude for what he done for them. Thanks Smitty your the man imo.
  13. Because he probably doesn't feel the need to brag or say anything about it. Who the **** cares if someone is a PSL holder or not it doesn't mean a **** thing about anyones fandom or how much you care for a team. All it shows is some people are a bit better off than others and can afford them while others can't.
  14. Dude as long as their not doing anything yet the day she turns 18 it's all legal pretty much from 18 till you die you can be with whoever you want if you care for someone who else cares it's none of their business. With that said from what Falcanuck said it's his GF's little sister so it's a moot point anyways.
  15. We were pretty solid with it as well with Patrick Dimarco who use to absolutely destroy people when he hit them. That was a horrible mistake we made letting him go over like 2 or 3 mil in cap space. He was a pro bowl FB for us while he was here and made our run game and pass game much better