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  1. I agree safety isn't a bad thing but this is the hawks it seems we always go safety and we are in a place to legitly take a chance at a upper tier star and we need to take that chance this time early in our rebuild to see if we can hit on something. You know as well as i do safe players with just so so ceilings aren't going to change a thing from what we already have. to get a championship in this league you need to hit on a guy with superstar potential so you can attrac another superstar player to team with him I hate the way the league is now that everyone is teaming up it's ruined the league. If we were a great destination for superstar players already i wouldn't be against a safer pick as much but this is Atlanta and the hawks don't ever get almost anyone to come here. So our best chance is to draft our own and hope we hit on a guy that can be the next elite player. To me Ayton, Doncic, Bagley, Bamba, and Porter are those guys who i could see making that transition to a star but which 2 or 3 does it is hard to guess. But i would rather take a chance and fail on it and get a avg to above avg player than to settle for an avg to above avg player right off the get go playing it safe.
  2. Im one of those people that think defense can be worked on and schemed around by a good coach much more than a players offense can. Although i do think their peaks and ceilings of those 2 in doncic and bagley are a bit higher than you think they are. Also im honestly not sure about where ayton is going i thought for sure he was #1 but for some crazy reasons lately theirs rumors Bagley and even the crazier rumor is Bamba might sneak into there. Now i will say Bamba might have the highest cieling of any player in this draft but also might be the lowest floor. Im intrigued by that but only if those 3 i listed are gone already 1st. I don't hate JJJ i just don't see him as a option at 3 with what i think his peak is. Now if we can trade down to say 6 or 7 grab a few assets that are nice and still get him im not totally against picking him up that way i just don't want him at 3. With players which to me much more potential there who most people consider the legit tier 1 guys.
  3. Im not comparing them as players im comparing them in the sense of taking a lesser potential player over superstar potential players in Ayton, Doncic, and Bagley. Deron and CP3 were better potential superstars than marvin was and marvin was considered the safer pick. Same situation over again if it happens. I see JJJ as a 10 to 15 ppg 5 to 8 RBG 1 to 2 assist guy with solid defense at the next level and thats a fine and solid player but at #3 i would much much rather take a chance on a superstar potential player than can give 20 to 25 ppg and 5 to 10 RBG or 5 to 10 assists a game. Those 3 i listed have the potential to do that much better than JJJ does at this point and defense can be worked on.
  4. No he for sure had it right the 1st time if we are picking in the top 3 unless the Hawks fail again Taking JJJ at 3 sounds like something they would do Marvin Williams all over again XD
  5. As long as we don't take JJJ in the top 6 im gonna be pretty happy overall but if i had my choices by tiers and where i would take them it would be Tier 1 - Bagley, Ayton, Doncic - 1st 3 picks if we stay at 3 we need to come away with 1 of these guys. Tier 2 - Porter and Bamba - If we trade down to 4 or 5 or if Doncic refuses to sign with us and Bagley + Ayton are gone then i take one of these 2 probably Bamba as im still a bit worried about Porters back. Tier 3 - Young, JJJ, Carter - We move down to pick 6 to 9 i take these 3 guys in that exact order as to who is left at our pick where we trade down too.
  6. Tier 1. AINTS ALWAYS AND FOREVER SF 49’ers Carolina Panthers TB Bucs Tier 2 NE Patriots Philly Eagles Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos GB Packers Thats how my 2 tiers would have went with the teams you listed and honestly wouldn't be to far off my actual list with probably the Pats and Broncos removed form the tier 2.
  7. You know i seen a few times in that video where Beasley even though he wasn't rushing from the line he actually mirrored the QB while also defending a player coming across the middle that made the QB freeze long enough or pull the ball back down because of they would have ran he would have came up and got them. Those ended up in sacks for another player and i honestly don't remember and didn't know beasley was affecting other peoples sacks that much on certain plays. Kudos to him even though he was out of his normal position for showing me he was doing a bit more than i expected.
  8. I mean i thought it was pretty common i wouldn't do it any other way myself.
  9. What a **** comeback way to go Braves i love it
  10. You are correct sir as of this year or last year you can now they just changed it which is a good thing imo. Also im not against using them to trade up when you have a team as built as ours it's better to get more talented players for certain holes than a ton of extra talent you won't end up keeping.
  11. I had a few Grizzly fans offer a deal on another site. They wanted something like this #4 + Parson for Collins 19 and 33
  12. I got a offer for people tell me if you would do it or not as of right now. You know i love John Collins as a player and he is a great fit at center in the new small ball NBA. He actually played most of his bets minutes at center last year over PF from what i could tell. But if you could get this deal would you take it John Collins 100% out played his 18th pick spot i would say he probably played like a top 7 to 8 guy. So barring in his value would you trade Collins + pick 19 for a 5 or 6 pick if Bamba fell to the spot and we could then pair Bagley with a player over Bamba's caliber at the 4 or 5. Or would you rather keep 19 and Collins and try to make Collins and Bagley work which i think they could do easily their not identical on the court and even if they was you still take Bagley at 3 i don't care what you do you don't pass on super star potential when it's offered to you for a need.
  13. I'll take the 1st 2 you listed Luka at 3 is fine Porter if we do a small trade down is fine. Jackson i'll pass on im not interested in Marvin Williams 2.0 all over again. Bamba is not offensive enough for me to take in the top 5 but if we traded down big for alot of good pieces coming back to like 7 i would consider him there with Carter or young.
  14. To be fair most of those mock drafts had us at 4 because we lost to the mavs so the 1st 3 were already gone. With us now having a top 3 pick i imagine the newest mock drafts will have us with one of the big 3 i would hope.
  15. If Pierce wants Bamba then they **** sure better trade down because taking him at 3 is not a smart move at all and he's not worthy of that pick. Plus as said that would go against what Schlenk has already said he didn't want to repeat like they did in GS.