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  1. I would actually agree with you on this one if not for us already having a person who could put up starting quality minutes if he does get injured. Harmon and Harris can step right in if Hooker goes down and were solid. If we didn't have either of those 2 guys as insurance i wouldn't be ok with picking him up.
  2. Why not both i can't think either of them are gonna break the bank at this point or atleast i hope no team is gonna give that kind of loot to either of them lol
  3. Did i read that correctly that he said we should use all our cap space next year on the best available OT then also draft a OT in the 1st round. So that gives us Jake Matthews and the FA OT starting and also we now have 2 1st round OT's in Kaleb and the new 1st round OT as our backups? Theirs a certain thing as overkill and thats just a crazy amount of resources at one position lol.
  4. Yeah im confused on the Kimbrel thing as well but i've seen atleast 2 or 3 articles with that so far and listing teams who could be interested. Could be older articles from maybe in april though and just being regurgitated and brought back up. I personally don't see why they would move him and i'll pass on Luke getting higher leverage innings. I think he is fine where he is i think he gets much worse when theirs more pressure on him. He has finally found a spot that is working for him after a few years and i wouldn't want to mess that up.
  5. Didn't see the melancon back to westcoast thing so thats forgivable then and good on Mark for doing whats right for his family. Although my 10 to 15 mil offer would have tested his family loyalty bwhahahahaha. i agree with martin being the closer and i also have seen that for some odd reason Kimbrel might be made available. Not sure why the Cubs would do that with such a good record but it's being talked about it seems. How would you feel about Craig being looked at via trade to be closer again with the year he is having? CL - Kimbrel Main Setup - Martin 2 main backups Greene
  6. What i don't get is you have Melencon who went 22 of 24 in save opportunities for you and was one of the main reasons your bullpen was one of the best in the league. But for some reason you think Will Smith needs to be a upgrade at a 3 yr 40 mil contract but you don't think melancon is worth the 1 yr 3 mil contract the padres gave him? GTFOH with that garbage and you somehow think a drew Smily is worth 11 million a year over a 3 mil melancon. AA seriously screwed that up and i don't understand why you would let melancon leave for 3 million dollars with a chance to make up to 11 mil after
  7. I can't stand Will Smith that pile of garbage doesn't deserve to be a closer and snit's sorry *** can take a hike as well since he refuses to change things when their not working. If theirs 1 thing i hate more than anything in every sport is a manager or coach set in their ways that refuses to change things when they don't work. Dan Quinn was the same **** way for the Falcons.
  8. Yeah as much as i like Chase and to me he was WR #1 no doubt about it and a top 5 player. I liked Pitts that much more as a prospect because he is literally chase in a much bigger body. He is as athletic as chase, has great hands like chase, and runs fantastic routes like chase. All while doing it in a much bigger body meaning their are less people athletically or size wise who have a chance to cover him 1 on 1. He also gives you position versatility incase your scheme calls for it at TE or WR which allows you to run more things out of the same look. Any other draft without a Pitts in it
  9. and thats how it should be No matter how much money you make or how successful you become. You should never lose your sense of humor and staying a bit childish helps keep ya young XD
  10. Bro that troll guide was one of my favorite things ever on this entire board. and i should be ashamed of myself for not listing swifty He was one of my favorite trolls of all time i actually got along great with him. It was sorta funny i use to argue with Gazoo more than i did with the trolls for some reason LOL
  11. I for sure remember johnnyBuc never had a problem with the guy actually was good times with him around lol. Bucman is still around we just can't get rid of that wart but i still love him to XD
  12. Not happy about this i hope he didn't go to them as cheap as we signed him for last year under 1 mil for the season. If so we missed out on that one big time imo. I would have loved to have him and Blidi back on the falcons this season they were actually the 2 best CB's we had last year when they got legit playing time and not injured XD
  13. Not gonna lie i miss the days of old with ole Birdwiesser, Atlballer, and Daddywarbucks lurking around every corner XD and i miss Revhal
  14. Would anyone take either of these options if offered to the Falcons from the Titans. 2nd round pick + Kristian Fulton CB. or 3rd round pick + Fulton + Rashaan Evans LB. Was pretty high on Fulton in the draft last year as a late 1st round quality player. I had him and AJ pretty close in Rankings as both late 1st round guys and think he would be a good young corner to pair with him.
  15. Unless i missed him signing somewhere i say run it back with Denard he was good for us last year when healthy and over the last 3 to 5 years has been one of if not the best slot CB in the business.
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