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  1. Best i can think of is he showed up not in football shape and they didn't think he would be ready or prepared to help us enough to cut someone else to make room for him.
  2. I actually like Levitre he is a good player for us since he has been here. But the problem there is he might want a 2nd big contract coming up and if thats so then i would look to FA to pay someone even better than him maybe if available. If not then i resign Levitre as he has played more than adequate for us. Plus for dang sure drafting a early round RG.
  3. We are doing ok so far this season but could be doing much better for sure. Their are things holding us back right now that imo is the biggest problems on the team going forward. These are the 5 things i want for sure added or changed come the offseason to help us continue to be the best we can be and get to the Sb as many times as possible under Quinn and Ryan together. 1. New St coach 2. High upside WR thats a legit return man. 3. Power RB with upside to replace Coleman if he leaves or Ward if coleman stays. 4. A much more talented and upside RG either early 1st 2 or 3 rounds or a good Fa RG if available. 5. A new WR coach and move Morris back to DB coach. Way to many drops and failed routes under morris for how talented our WR group is.
  4. Big time hold on Tak just then that they got away with on the big screen pass they just did. He had his jersey pulled you could physically see it.
  5. So what i don't understand is whats wrong with Bosher's leg this year. Alot of his punts and kickoffs are much weaker or shorter than they have been most other years it seems. I don't know if thats by design or not but it just feels that way in general watching him.
  6. From what i could tell the 3 must win games for us are tonight, and both saints games. A loss or 2 from any of the other opponents doesn't hurt us much or get us out of the playoffs that easily. But a loss or 2 with those 2 teams makes it much much harder. If we beat the vikings then we could probably have 1 loss to the saints but would still be tough. Best bet is for us to go on a streak and finish strong losing only 1 at best and we are almost guaranteed in no matter what at that point pretty much.
  7. He's fast enough when he needs to be he's about a avg to a little above Qb speed wise. The problem i seen there more than anything though is they literally just got pressure and almost a sack rushing only 3 against 5 lineman and a TE if im not mistaken. Thats just sad
  8. Actually the eagles were just a horrible fit for him and his style of play. I'm not sure why they ever wanted him to begin with actually. In 2016 when he signed with the Dolphins he regained his form like he had in Seattle and He was the 10th rated CB in 2016 per PFF. He has only played in 2 games this year so you can't really judge him to much on that really. He can be a bit of a slower starter but is ususaly a strong finisher toward the end of the season. I'll say this though he wasn't worth the big money he got but he's also not some scrub and as a #3/4 on a team he would be much better than most other teams guys and when he is on he can be better than most peoples #1's just not over long periods of time.
  9. Everytime except for the time they don't make that catch just like Julio. Difference is Julio makes that catch and much much harder catches alot more than 99% of the NFL WR on a weekly basis. To think every single WR in the NFL past or present including jerry rice or randy moss has never missed a easy thrown ball or a easy TD is absurd. It has guaranteed happen during their careers multiple times and just like Julio they got right back up the next week or sometimes even the same game and made amazing catches that shows why they are the greats and yes Julio is a great WR.
  10. To show how crappy of a defense Ohio State has by giving up almost 40 points against a somewhat descent offense. The one time Schiano got a good chance to be a DC in the nfl he took a somewhat talented TB Bucs D who is usually solid in general or better and made them a 23rd to 25th ranked defense in ypg and ppg.
  11. I don't get it we are a top 15 defense in almost every category their is under the 1st year of the coordinator so far compared to almost dead last year under the old coordinator and people want to change him. Whats even crazier is the offense is not helping our defense out at all this year and giving them very little to work with compared to last year and we are still that much better than last year. If the offense was rolling like it was last year and not turning the ball over so much our defense with the way it has played so far would be a top 10 D as it sits in points and yards probably.
  12. Trufant EASILY earned that contract over the years he has been here. He was considered by most to be a top 5 to 7 CB for the last few years besides his injury year last year. Now he is back to playing like a 8 to 10 range CB and if the D-line can start getting a bit more pressure and stopping the run he will probably go back to being top 5. Their was actually stats to back this up that people were treating him like Revis the last 2 or 3 years before injury as he had the lowest target % of any CB in the nfl over those years as people just refused to look his way because his guy was always covered. You can't build up massive stats if no one ever throws your way it's as simple as that.
  13. Throw me in that bad boy smith. I just gave the one i had to my gf's little man. They moved down from Wisconsin last year and he said if the Falcons win he will become a Falcon fan from now on and i told him i'll give him his 1st piece of Falcons gear if he does. Needless to say im out a Falcons hat but we gained a converted GB to a Falcon fan at the age of 10 it was worth it
  14. Those last 3 lines i like quite a bit i think that would be a good tat. In Brotherhood we Trust, In Brotherhood we Fight, In Brotherhood we Rise. That could be used for many things not just Falcons and have alot of meaning. If we win the SB i'll prob. get a Falcons logo with those 3 quotes circling around the outside of it surrounding the logo.