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  1. Hmm Sabotka has been looking pretty solid lately i personally wouldn't send him down unless he started faltering or stinking it up. Pretty sure theirs worse bullpen arms we have than him we can send down Luke Jackson being one of them although Snitker loves the guy so doubt that ever happens lol.
  2. Still got my Sjax jersey even though he wasn't here long he will always be a member of the falcon family tons of respect for that guy.
  3. You are only looking at around 6.5 million or so in cap for the rookie class. So we should still have around 4 to 6 million to get a another solid player or 2 added to that class from FA. Seems like we can get another 1 mil or so from a james carpenter post june 1st cut as well and if we decide not to keep Hill at RB thats another 2 mil after june 1st. The biggest gain we could make is if we feel Hennessey could handle center and wanted to go after a big FA Mack would net us 8 mil. But overall to me the absolute max we could get with all these moves to still work on the team is 6 mil left fter FA from trufant 8 mil from mack 2 mil from Hill 1 mil from Carpenter we have about 1 to 2 mil as we speak left So we can realistically get 20 mil in cap space for more moves with Mack gone or about 12 million if we keep Mack. 12 million in the 1st year could very well get a Clowney if we chose to do so if people felt 1 Clowney is worth more than a Hill or Carpenter lol.
  4. Im pretty sure i took what he said alot differently than quite a few of yall it seems. The way he said it is the way alot of people say it when they are talking about beating people or embarrassing them. Im pretty sure just by the context he said it he was talking about people he was going against when he's whipping their ***** he's gonna be hurting alot of feelings.
  5. If for nothing else i like that any of the games that could have been real cold or snowing are early on the schedule so most of the games should be pretty solid weather when we play everyone.
  6. Yeah i just seen the saints leaked schedule and it sure nuff had bucs/saints week 1 as well. Not sure who leaked the bucs schedule and if it was right or wrong because they had like all 16 games on the one i seen. Although the Saints one looks a bit more official in the way it's formatted with preseason games and stuff. So i would lean on believing the Saints one with them going against the Bucs week 1 at this point.
  7. Supposedly the Bucs full schedule got leaked and it had us visiting Tampa week 1 and then them coming here after their bye on week 8 or 9.
  8. With us knowing TD like we do it's not that hard to believe honestly. When he has a guy he really likes not only will he not take extra picks he will give up picks to go get him. He seemed to have been pretty smitten with Terrell as a player so i can see him not accepting less than a 2nd round pick value for a guy he deemed as his guy. For him to come off of him he would have wanted an overpay im sure. But yes theirs been quite a few reports that say the eagles offered us a 3rd and 4th to go get Lamb but TD wanted a 2nd.
  9. You all good with me as long as i get that Tree Fiddy >.>
  10. Knowing what i know now and that the Eagles called and offered 21 a 3rd and a 4th to jump ahead of Dallas for Lamb. I would have taken that offer even if i couldn't get the 2nd that i wanted that i can't blame TD for trying for. Then at 21 i would have taken Winfield, Murray, Queen, or Johnson probably. I thought very highly of the middle of this drafts talent level in the 1st 4 rounds so those 2 extra picks would have been to enticing for me not to take. Even more so when i know how deep the CB group is and think i could still get a very comparable one later.
  11. Maybe not Tru at his peak though as at one point that man was turning in top 5 to 8 seasons. Although im wondering if that was more of a lets pick on alford non stop thing or if they was really afraid to target Tru that much back then. Either way Tru had really low targets and really good %'s for a few years there.
  12. Not sure if this has been posted before and if so feel free to delete the entire thread lol. But it was by a Raiders fan who i think does really solid videos after watching this one. He and alot of Raiders fans had Terrell linked to them and Mayock at 19 before the draft and he did a very nice breakdown on Terrell and the similarities between him and another Raider CB in Mullen. I enjoyed watching this and thought some of yall might as well when hearing fans of other teams break down our guy.
  13. Oh trust me im not doubting Freeman was straight Garbage i was glad to see him go and was on that line of thought as alot of people were. Im just saying Gurley gonna have to do better than what Freeman was giving us to be worth the 6 mil we gave him. We paid him like a top 10 RB for the year so i want to see top 10 production. If not then we could have ran with the young cats and used that 6 mil on a different position.
  14. This is the one thing i'll disagree on as Hurst has elite level hands as well that was his biggest strength coming out of college he almost never drops a ball. Hooper you can say has elite level hands now although he had to work on them a bit to get them there i remember him struggling a little bit when he 1st got here. But i would say he is elite now for sure.
  15. If thats honestly all we get out of him then thats even less than Freeman was giving us per game as Freeman was giving us 17 touches a game at 76 ypg between receiving and running. Over 16 games Freeman would have a total of 1218 yards to gurleys 1195. Gurley would have about 3 more TD's though. To make that total worth it i would need to see those numbers on about 13 total touches a game. That would be around 11 runs at 4.5 ypc and 2 catches around 10 to 11 ypc. Those would be legit improvements per touch over Freeman if it's taking him 17 to 20 touches to get those numbers then were gonna be stuck with about the same thing we were last year from our lead back. If he is indeed putting up 4.5 and 10 on 19 touches although i think most of those would be running as even in his best year he has never had more than 4 catches per game i say he does 3 here and 16 running. that 70 ypg running and 30 ypg receiving totaling 1600 yards all purpose yards on the season. Which would put him around 8th to 10th in last years all purpose yards category which isn't to bad or to much to ask for i don't think. All the top 10 RB's had around a 4.5 to a 5.0 ypc as well so i put him at the lower end of that. Which actually lines up quite well with his money as well as he is the 9th highest paid RB in 2020 at 6 mil from us so giving us 9th best RB play at 1600 all purpose yards would be right on point as far as value.
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