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  1. Fusco and Levitre are both much better guards than Person is and Wes probably is as well honestly. Now i will give credit where it's do to Person after he left the Falcons he became a better player than he was here. But for us he was garbage all the way. I also won't disagree with you in the fact Shanny can make most people look good with his schemes and play calls he is a genius on offense after all.
  2. The funny part to me about this play is ryan literally led hooper who wasn't looking for blockers into someone to block without him seeing the guy which actually led to the TD it gave ryan just enough space to run it in.
  3. I would have been more open to you saying i miss Joe Hawley but you chose that pile of steaming crap mike person as the person you miss? He was quite possibly one of the worst o-lineman we have had in a good while.
  4. We NEVER should have let Pat Dimarco go to the bills over 2 or 3 million dollars. He meant alot to our run game and actually passing game as well as he was a very solid pass blocker for ryan and a good outlet when need be. That block on the goal line run Ortiz whiffed on and let a guy he hit directly come back and be the one to hit Freeman. Dimarco would have leveled that LB and freeman would have walked in. If nothing else ortiz should have went a little low on him into his thighs or legs to push him backwards and make the guy go over ortiz to get to freeman which he wouldn't have been able to do.
  5. thats on the refs right there because the eagles was right there with us with 11. That was just a trash game by the refs overall or by both teams im not sure yet lol
  6. The big difference there is our defense was much better tonight and gave our offense like 20 more plays than our defense did in the shanny game. With 20 more offensive plays thats another 2 full drives and around another 150 yards and a score or 2 based on the avg's of that shanny game.
  7. To be fair to Gono played a different position tonight then he played most of the preseason. He played opposite side i think it was the left this game compared to the right last game so he might just be more comfortable over there playing from that side and was just trying to see how versatile he was this game playing out of his comfort level.
  8. Considering Beasley has had more sacks than Clayborn has as a Falcon and is younger and less experienced that him i don't see what would lead you to believe he will be better. If anything it's even worse for clay while you are calling Beasley a 1 hit wonder you might as well call clay a 1 game wonder. Outside of that 1 cowboys game he barely got more than 3 sacks a season for the falcons.
  9. Not a bad score from him at all and he liked our picks alot. We avg'd out above a triple + which is very strong for a draft imo. The only beef i had at all with him is his lack of respect for Grady Jarrett. The dude talks about him like it would be terrible if Senat ended up like him. Grady is a top 5 to 10 DT in the league and if Senat even comes close to that then that pick is a homerun for us and one of the best picks in the draft.
  10. That would be off of just the last year or so after his inury then. Before tru's injury he was a top 5 CB in the league and lef alot of statistical categories. He was truly a SHUTDOWN CORNER because no one would target him almost ever. I'll give it to you the last 2 years though Alford has outplayed him but if Tru can come back fully from his injury this season to what he was and Rocky can keep up his play he has the last 2 years then our CB duo is the best in the league hands down.
  11. I see a future hall of famer and 7x superbowl winning mvp right there while wearing the red and black He will be our savior so raise him right
  12. I agree safety isn't a bad thing but this is the hawks it seems we always go safety and we are in a place to legitly take a chance at a upper tier star and we need to take that chance this time early in our rebuild to see if we can hit on something. You know as well as i do safe players with just so so ceilings aren't going to change a thing from what we already have. to get a championship in this league you need to hit on a guy with superstar potential so you can attrac another superstar player to team with him I hate the way the league is now that everyone is teaming up it's ruined the league. If we were a great destination for superstar players already i wouldn't be against a safer pick as much but this is Atlanta and the hawks don't ever get almost anyone to come here. So our best chance is to draft our own and hope we hit on a guy that can be the next elite player. To me Ayton, Doncic, Bagley, Bamba, and Porter are those guys who i could see making that transition to a star but which 2 or 3 does it is hard to guess. But i would rather take a chance and fail on it and get a avg to above avg player than to settle for an avg to above avg player right off the get go playing it safe.
  13. Im one of those people that think defense can be worked on and schemed around by a good coach much more than a players offense can. Although i do think their peaks and ceilings of those 2 in doncic and bagley are a bit higher than you think they are. Also im honestly not sure about where ayton is going i thought for sure he was #1 but for some crazy reasons lately theirs rumors Bagley and even the crazier rumor is Bamba might sneak into there. Now i will say Bamba might have the highest cieling of any player in this draft but also might be the lowest floor. Im intrigued by that but only if those 3 i listed are gone already 1st. I don't hate JJJ i just don't see him as a option at 3 with what i think his peak is. Now if we can trade down to say 6 or 7 grab a few assets that are nice and still get him im not totally against picking him up that way i just don't want him at 3. With players which to me much more potential there who most people consider the legit tier 1 guys.
  14. Im not comparing them as players im comparing them in the sense of taking a lesser potential player over superstar potential players in Ayton, Doncic, and Bagley. Deron and CP3 were better potential superstars than marvin was and marvin was considered the safer pick. Same situation over again if it happens. I see JJJ as a 10 to 15 ppg 5 to 8 RBG 1 to 2 assist guy with solid defense at the next level and thats a fine and solid player but at #3 i would much much rather take a chance on a superstar potential player than can give 20 to 25 ppg and 5 to 10 RBG or 5 to 10 assists a game. Those 3 i listed have the potential to do that much better than JJJ does at this point and defense can be worked on.
  15. No he for sure had it right the 1st time if we are picking in the top 3 unless the Hawks fail again Taking JJJ at 3 sounds like something they would do Marvin Williams all over again XD