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  1. I agree with removing TD. As solid as he's been he has done an awful job drafting players. Jerry and Peters are complete busts. He has overpaid big free-agents time and time again. A few years ago he overpaid to get the big DL, now he overpaid to get SJax, and vastly overpaid Baker. The Falcons have no line and no identity.
  2. Patriots excelled with two TEs. No reason the Falcons can't. I've been impressed with Tol. from the reps hes been in.
  3. AKA his initial prediction of 2-4 weeks is looking more like 4 weeks. No update there. Not concerned about the running game. Falcons lost to NO and MIA because lack of red zone offense. Horrible playcalling in MIA and a dropped pass in NO.
  4. Another fumbles = another gamechanger. Everything was going the Falcons way against the Saints until Julio fumbled. Everything was going to Falcons way until HD fumbled. The players cannot commit stupid turnovers like that.
  5. Don't let Koetter call plays in the red zone anymore. He cannot get it done. Should be 3-0 and now the Falcons are limping at 1-2.
  6. Was never a fan of the Koetter signing. He proved last year that the team could not convert in the red zone. When you have Roddy White, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, and Harry Douglas as receivers you need to convert 50% of the time in the red zone. Too many times has his play calls proven he cannot manage in the red zone. Ryan is over throwing receivers and running backs are running straight into piles. Falcons got away with the win last week and could not sneak one out today. Unless this team makes adjustments they will not go far.
  7. Tough loss. Have to let someone go. Cannot believe the way the Falcons mismanaged timeouts in the fourth. Should never allowed Miami to score with less than 1:30 in the game. You have 3 timeouts and when a offense is moving use them.
  8. Osi lives in Atlanta. His house is huge. Love that he's excited to be here. Going to miss Abe but always been a fan of Osi.
  9. Sat next to here at a game. I may have gotten a picture with her. I may have thought about taking a picture with her.
  10. That will not happen. Why would he want to sign with us?
  11. For the first time in 3 years as a Falcons he finally posted more than 60 tackles. Could have been the defensive coach that pushed him. Not surprised by the cut though. He was burned too many times
  12. Two remarkable stats from John Abrahams campaign last year: 10 sacks (for a loss of 75 yard) 6 Forced Fumbles Mike Smith and Co. said they will need to add a pass rusher earlier in the week. Yet, TD decides to cut on the NFLs best pass rushers since 2007 in John "The Predator" Abraham. Abraham was only slated to make a $4.25 million. Mario Williams will make $6.5 million, Will Smith $9 million, Julius Peppers $12.9 million... Here is the list of the top 10 highest paid DL in the NFL. Statistics don't lie. Abe has been one of the most consistent DL in the NFL since 2007. He only showed signs o
  13. Been a member of this board for 10+ years. Don't post here often. Learning about Abe being cut is a big disappointment He was a leader on a young defense. Although he was injured in the playoffs, you can direct that to the HC who played Abe in the final game of the regular season against Tampa...We need Abe to anchor this defense. It was clear during the playoffs that he wasn't 100% and our DLine had zero pressure on either QB. Why TD would cut one of the most productive DL in the NFL for the past few years doesn't make any sense. He wasn't making much money and deserves to retire with this t
  14. Def. don't want to loose Turner. He was a beast the first few years in a uniform. He was a major contributor to this team and cutting him would be the wrong move. He deserves an opportunity to finish his career with the Birds and restructure his deal. This move is starting to remind of the situation the Falcons were in with Olvie.
  15. Who cares. He did absolutely nothing for this offensive line. Ryan was sacked more this year than last.
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