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  1. It doesn't matter if the defense is playing well against our running game. You continue to attempt to run the ball on a regular basis and eventually you will begin to have some degree of success. You don't just abandon the running game, particularly when you have a game breaker type of back who can bust loose at any moment. ****, at least run it enough to keep the defense honest.
  2. It's a shame to see it too, if I/we are correct about the fire being gone for CMR. I've always liked him even though he coached a team we play every season. And it's not because of his personal faith, I've just always liked the guy. Whenever SC was out of the race I usually found myself hoping the Dawgs could win the east. God knows I didn't want to see Mizzou win the east, much less twice. From what I gather, the Gamecocks are favoring Herman slightly over Smart with Fuente not really chomping at the bit too be a candidate. Supposedly our plane filed a flight plan and went to Houston early la
  3. YEP, A REALLY INTERESTING SITUATION. I'm certain that UGA can out pull SC for a HC should they both want the same guy. With Miami it could just come down to an individuals preference and whether coaching in the SEC means anything to that candidate. And you've still got Southern Cal being in the market as well. I've never thought firing Richt would be agood idea but after today I'm not so certain. It looked for all the world like Richt was content just playing out the string. Of course I'm certainly not a UGA expert.
  4. I REALLY NEED YOU GUYS NOT TO LOSE COACH RICHT THIS SEASON,it pushes us down a notch on the totem pole for potential replacement candidates.
  5. Hey Sac, yeah is been a while since I hung out here for any real time. I hope you are doing well, along with all other posters who are among the old timers I enjoyed chatting with a while back. Regarding our usual talk prior to the SC/UGA game let's just say even if I had been posting at the time I knew better than to blab about that game. We've slipped so precipitously and to such depths, we've actually cratered. It looks like a nuclear device was set off within my program and the Grand Canyon was left behind as proof. This next hire by our AD is vital, hopefully he will make the correct deci
  6. This Spurrier situation is as multi-faceted as any complex diamond cut could ever be. Is his resignation as simple as a great head coach looking at his team, realizing that they are horribly undermanned and not wanting to have his name associated with a losing group such as this? Is it a situation where they are performing really poorly and the aging coach knows that he has started to lose the team and furthermore knows that he does not have the energy to do what is necessary to right the ship? Is it a situation where he really wants to give his top assistants an opportunity to have a live aud
  7. I really hope we hire Rex Ryan, but the poster who mentioned Mark Dantonio gave me cause for pause. Dantonio would make an excellent NFL had coach i believe. He's done great things with Michigan State ands seems like the type who would have no problems transitioning to the pro level. Still think i prefer Rex but either of those two would be great. I think Bowles will be a good one as well but i don't want the OC from Denver.
  8. yeah but you did the same to Ellis Johnsons defense as well, and many here thought he hung the moon at one point in time. I think you even had a pretty high opinion of EJ when he was with us a few seasons ago. The defenses at UF have been pretty stout with Muschamp at the helm though. But a possibly overlooked part of that might be because Brad Lawing became the line coach down there when he left Carolina due to a "complicated family situation".
  9. That would be my dream, if we could add Muschamp as DC. Too bad, I guess.
  10. wish we could get Bruce Ellington. He was a consistent player for the Gamecocks for a couple of seasons but then last year his talent and work ethic allowed him to finally explode onto the scene. I like Harry Douglas but I believe Bruce could be a great addition to our offense. He's also been a really solid guy off the field. But I don't know if we will even pick a receiver this year. If not, then add another nasty O lineman or edge pass rusher... possibly a TE? And if we get to the last of our picks and want to really take a shot at someone who could suprise us I would suggest anotherGameco
  11. Gimme a safety with those measurables who seems very willing to step onto the field when he's hurt; a player who can cover deep, cover the slot and is a sure tackler and I am ecstatic. I don't care if he has the best hands, I just want him to wrap up when he tries to tackle, can run down the field with fast receivers, and will also try to make those receivers pay the price when they do catch it and I will tell you that our FO may have made their best pick in this Draft RIGHT HERE.
  12. well we MIGHT ACTUALLY BE able to run the ball now with a better a O line which will help protect our defense. I love Clowney, wanted him really bad, but I'm a Gamecock fan and that might have been my homerism kicking in. Truth be told, I love the Matthews pick. It's perfect for us, not really flashy but truly solid and an indication that our FO really understands that you need to actually have the steak, and not just the sizzle.
  13. I watched every game the kid played in and to say that he MIGHT STRUGGLE sounds like something Captain Obvious might say. Any rookie may struggle. Saying that is just a throwaway statement that had no meaning, insight, or value. When you are athletically superior to your peers it's possible that you really have no true idea of what the term "hard work" means. He likely thinks he is working hard. The question is, does he have the desire and drive to raise his game and effort when faced with equal talent. A person like Mike Tyson was an obvious "no", but I feel pretty confident actually that clo
  14. It's never too early in the draft to take a franchise type left tackle or a pass rusher who plays like his hair is on fire. Both are positions that have to be nailed down solid for a team to compete.
  15. Create a better pass rush and all of the db's become instantly better. Don't throw out the baby with the bath water, keep him for one more year and draft a safety somewhere around the 4th round as insurance. Our sign an aging cb with some good size and ball instincts and let him try to take the safety sport over ala Rod Woods on way back when. I'm looking directly at you Champ Bailey.
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