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  1. Oftentimes you see kids in HS who are several levels better than their competition and then they get to college and while they are still as talented as just about everyone else they are forced to work hard and grind their way to improvement. It is then that you find out about the character. No UGA expert here (obviously) and I'm not saying these two kids are the same people but you saw something similar with Isiah Crowell. That extra 5% effort that is required to be great at the next level is the thing that is missing.
  2. Huh, I always thought he changed his name and was still posting here.
  3. Now that right there is funny; I don't care who you are.
  4. I was wondering if many of the UGA fans had felt that way about Corwell's nack of getting injured so often. I am suprised at how often he seems to get dinged up. Maybe he just needs to learn the difference between being hurt in HS football and hurt at the college level?
  5. Strange how Spurrier gets brought up in a thread about UGA.
  6. The timing does seem a bit odd doesn't it?
  7. Awaiting that Gamecock National Championship in football... and waiting... and wiating... and waiting

  8. See now your electrical socket is wise to your plan and will turn you down as well. Slow learner, huh?:P
  9. This didn't happen to me, but it happened to a family member of one fo my friends. This fellow got so high prior to entering a K-Mart that by the time he wanted to leave he became confused and scared because he couldn't find the front doors. So he picked up one of the phones at a cash register somewhere in the store and managed to dial out to 911/the police and begged someone to help him. They came and arrested him.
  10. I'm pretty damned creative at coming up with excuses. That being said........... I got nothing.