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  1. "We will oppose anything that results in more taxes" = "We will not pay for nice things. We won't even pay for things we desperately needed thirty years ago and need more now."
  2. Look, NostraDumbass, Negative Nancy is duckettpleaze. It says so right there on his/her profile. And you MIGHT know who duckettpleaze is. So Negative Nancy ain't protecting anything. If you could loosen your sphincter enough to get your head out of your ***, you would realize that creating an Alt specifically to neg people named "Negative Nancy" . . . with a disapproving picture of Nancy Pelosi as an avatar, is freakin' hilarious. I suggest you do the same with something like "Downvote Don"
  3. Would you like them to be? I have NO idea why that came to me as a response. Please don't take it as some kind of accusation. For some reason, I thought it would be funny.
  4. You know . . . the idiocy might NOT be with using that as an excuse. It might NOT even be with the cop if he actually made the mistake. The idiocy MIGHT be in designing a Taser that looks like it would feel an awful lot like a gun in a panic situation.* WTH? *No idea if this was the model, or type of model taser.
  5. Who said it? "The election wasn't stolen. There was a judicial process in place. If you attack the judicial process and you attack the rule of law, you aren't defending the Constitution. You're at war with the Constitution.
  6. So why is the focus on the dunkee rather than the dunker? Why do he have to dunk on the guy who's getting dunked on? oh.
  7. There is something fundamentally wrong with us that, in Social media, Clint Capela was "posterized" "had his life ended" "PRP Clint Capela" etc etc . . . Because Lamar Peterson (?!?!) played piss poor perimeter defense and Capela had to step up late. Peterson first gave up too much space, then came too far out too quickly. Bridges had 20 feet of free space to accelerate and elevate. FORGET that Capela had a 15 rebounds and 20 points. Forget that the Hawks won a critical game without Young, Collins, Hunter and others. FORGET Capela's contribution all season. Let's all cla
  8. Or that he has become so performatively libertarian that he has circled around to weird contrarian. Same difference, of course.
  9. It never occurred to me before the extent to which Jagger's mannerisms and expressions are reminiscent of Little Richard. Wow.
  10. JFC . . . THIS guy was the National Security Advisor. THE NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR. We are so damaged.
  11. I hate the idea of the Falcons drafting the fourth best quarterback rather than the very best non quarterback. But I like the idea of trading down if we could get a second round this year and a first next year (along with the Bronco's first this year, of coursse) Is that feasible? A mid round first plus a second round pic would improve the team for the next two seasons, and an extra first next year gives us a chance to draft a QB without screwing up the last two years of Ryan (and Julio's?) deal. (Assuming Ryan has two years of productivity left.)
  12. Saturday was two weeks since I got the J&J. So there is a whole new etiquette I need to figure out. There were two folks getting on an elevator in my building and I just followed them on in (still wearing a mask). I have not been on an elevator with three people in over a year! But I asked the other folks if they had been vaccinated . . . And they had not. So I felt shame for getting on. I can still kill people.
  13. I can finally have sex with Haitians!!!! When only Big Dog and WFW will get a joke that is so tasteless they would never admit to laughing anyway.
  14. One of a long list of poor to mediocre quarterbacks that the Falcons have made to look like All Pro's. (Abeit my recollection is that we made Donald look like an All Pro in a preseason game.)
  15. That isn't the Onion? I can't believe that 1) Hunter Biden did that 2) Hunter Biden would admit that. 3) FoxNews would Tweet it. The Apocalypse is upon us.
  16. The obvious answer would be that it is "60 Minutes" not "As Many Minutes as it Takes to Play Unedited Video" Edit: @RandomFanalready got it. (But mine was snarky.)
  17. Nothing says Libertarian/Small Government Conservative like regulating Businesses involved in . . . .speech.
  18. I really hate this. I saw it on FaceBook and thought it was fake. Someone needs to apologize and someone else needs to get fired https://www.mlbshop.com/atlanta-braves/mens-atlanta-braves-new-era-black/navy-flag-9fifty-trucker-snapback-hat/t-36113083+p-2612476270236+z-9-417275742?_ref=p-DLP%3Am-GRID%3Ai-r2c0%3Apo-6&fbclid=IwAR19PJ9MisEtsSpRtDEql4q1YAuIcXL__N8ULfF7rpiEfQAd1gkowZKDWog F the Braves. (My understanding is that is a "Blue Lives Matter" flag?) And it isn't just the Braves: F MLB. Jesus.
  19. He gets top billing as the straight man. The straight man always got top billing in comedy duos. But if he can deliver set up lines like this. He deserves it. Well played all the way around!
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