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  1. When a guy like that doesn't perform and is that gracious about getting canned, it makes you wonder. He had the talent to get hired. Why hasn't he performed? Sounds like he's not a bad guy. I wonder if he has depression issues or substance abuse issues. Maybe he needed help with something that could have turned things around for him. I guess you can't really broach that in the workplace . . .
  2. Started reading this and thought. "This dude is lying his ax off"/. Finished reading this moments before brain exploded: Put my brain back together, read it again and realized that yes, this guy is lying his ax off. AS if Trump would say "executing their constitutionally protected rights"
  3. I am certain that purging diesel form gasoline automobiles will be a cottage industry by now oclock.
  4. WE have no idea what the context of that video is. Why are there several men wearing jackets in Israel in mid May?
  5. Part of what makes you insufferable is that you can't take a W.
  6. I suspect @WhenFalconsWin did not get the shot. I am pretty certain he supports Bibi and Israel in the current violence considerably more than I do. This one is entirely on Israel. I know you think they all are, but that is a discussion for another day.
  7. I'm not going to read @Serge's reply to my Cheney tweet before responding to him: His take that this is the media's fault is a horrible take. edit: No, I think we should continue to wait to declare that the Republicans the party of Authoritarians. I don't have a reason for holding this opinion; it just feels like, since we've gone this far thinking they'll change, we can't just give up now and say all that time was wasted. OK, Glad to get that wrong. But tell me who around here has asserted that the Party was anything BUT Authoritarian since Trump got the nomination. @Leon Tr
  8. Meanwhile, if it was not official before, it is certainly official now: The Republican Party is about Authoritarianism, not Democracy as Liz Cheney is ousted from her House leadership position in favor of someone less Conservative, but more willing to show fealty to Donald Trump Pretty good speech last night by my Colorado College classmate who's substantive policy positions I detest. (I've been pretty hostile towards her on her Twitter account.) And her statements after getting ousted this morning:
  9. I"m guessing that arm with freakishly long fingers sticking out of his forehead is to scoop some pretty large and unaware edibles into his pretty large mouth?
  10. Why on earth would you think guns are a moral issue? JDave is the most moral dude around and he is all about gun rights and the NRA: https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/south-carolina/2021/05/10/greenville-cycling-community-mourns-man-shot-killed-riding-sunday/5021818001/ The Greenville cycling community is mourning the loss of one of its own, a man who was shot to death Sunday while riding his bicycle through his quiet Greenville neighborhood. Whit Oliver was about two blocks away from his front door when he was shot to death by another man around 11 a.m. Sunday
  11. I was waiting to get into a restaurant/deli on Mother's Day. Folks were socially distanced but wearing masks. I asked the lady in front of me and the guy behind me if they had been vaccinated. They both said they had. So I took off my mask. They kept theirs' on and I felt like an *******. Oh well.
  12. Neosporin would work highly effectively if you could use it to completely seal all of your airways. You should have suggested she try.
  13. A friend of mine who is an Ivy League Econ prof has provided expert testimony in one of the Civil trials arising from that mess. He says that it was a situation in which the organization structure was such that a "Bet the Company" decision was left in the discretion of someone without college education.
  14. Early '40''s: "Still surprisingly invincible" Late '40's: "Maintaining invincibility is just not worth the hassle."
  15. Hey, I'm reasonably successful attorney who has invested well and have been married to a Jewish women for 20 years. My dye has been cast.* *This post has been made strictly for stereotypical humor and in no way reflects actual intimate aspects of my marriage which are none of y'all's business.
  16. "Hey, Occupational Hazards. Every job's got 'em. What are you going to do?" - @ya_boi_j
  17. My kids are vaccinated and I am fine with them doing whatever. I'm just saying that you can't blame greed or laziness on people making a decision to accept government support rather than work someplace where they life at risk.
  18. Come on . . . . . it is NOT like "going to the grocery store." The reality is that we have ALL limited our time spent in doors around the general public. Sure, masks and distancing helps, but the more exposure, the more risk. I would not let my kids work at a restaurant, retail shop etc.
  19. As WHAT team Chaplain? The fact that THIS guy is going to have an NFL contract and Colin Kaepernick does not tells you everything you need to know about White Privilege.
  20. Wait: The fair question is "Are these 'easy, good paying jobs' that expose people to COVID on a daily basis?"
  21. Any predictions on which way this vote goes? It is a secret ballot. So I think Cheney pulls it out again. A slight majority of Congressmen will keep Liz in her post, a HUGE majority will express outrage afterwards.
  22. The last twenty minutes was like watching a different game. Very interesting that United's three subs were all to forwards. Interesting tactic. I guess the thinking is to take advantage of a team that had to open up the field and hope to get a buffer goal rather than just bolster defense. I don't mind the strategy, but it failed pretty miserably. We were sloppy and slow on defense. Seems like one set of fresh legs up front and two sets back would work better. Of course, I'm the expert so . . .
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