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  1. First off, I don’t know if he is going to raise or lower my taxes anymore than anyone else running for president. But I appreciate that you have to delegitimize my support for him and make it out to look like I have an economic interest in him. So **** you for that, bad faith propagandist. Anyway. He’s smart. Really smart. He understands and can articulate the greatness of America.
  2. he’s being ironic, numbnutz
  3. Hillary is old man strong.
  4. So ******* petty and ridiculous. It’s cheap. It’s lazy. It’s not funny. And it’s just stupid. Hold on: https://mobile.reuters.com/news/picture/bernie-sanders-draws-thousands-in-comeba-idUSRTS2S17Q get a Bernie BACK rally? He’s going to be flat on his back with another heart attack but doesn’t pack it in. Derp
  5. Traveling from NY city to New Jersey to Poughkeepsie… The same.
  6. is there any doubt that this year, the “bye” week will be the “goodbye”week“
  7. At least she has Glenn Greenwald’s support.
  8. Using improper, cryptic grammar is not profound. This is 2019. You are not Yoda.
  9. No. We don't and we shouldn't. I really enjoy Facebook but I have to consider leaving. It is immoral to support a platform that consciously spreads disinformation.
  10. Remember that year, month, week, DAY when POTUS Completely on his own accord and without consulting his top advisers 1) gave an authoritarian thug (because he asked) the green light to displace and slaughter our allies who sacrificed thousands of lives to almost eradicate ISIS, 2) Re-established ISIS as a threat 3) gave Russia a foothold in the mideast, then bragged because he maybe got the thug to stop murdering our allies for a few days to get the **** out of their homes 4) Admitted to doing a complete end run around the Constitution to withhold defense missiles from our ally in order to gain a political advantage and aid an adversary 5) Held a press conference to announce he was wiping his *** with the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution (and more) And you STILL thought he was remotely qualified for the job and mocked the rest of us? Yeah . . . that was the day your idiocy wasn't even worth the entertainment value and I put you on ignore forever.
  11. This is ********. Don’t spread ********. Before you post something do just a moment of research to make sure that you aren’t regurgitating ********. ****. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-italy-mozzarella-president/
  12. OK. But that is not attacking a political rival, that is requiring Ukraine to clean up their act for their own corruption in meddling in the 2016 election. Again, it was entirely debunked and intended to clear Russia, but Mulvaney was not doing what everybody is accusing him of doing.
  13. This might be the most epic infinite ironic fail ever.
  14. Yeah. . . please provide a link of Mulvaney saying the quid pro quo was for what Schiff said it was. Mulvaney: Ukranian corruption: Schiff: DNC hacking Again, the best evidence of a quid pro quo is in the transcript of the phone call itself. What am I missing here?
  15. Jesus Tapdancing Christ: I"m pretty sure The Turkish forein minister is talking about the Kurds here: After Pence said they agreed to a ceasefire, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says, “This is not a ceasefire. We will pause the operation for 120 hours in order for the terrorists to leave. We will only stop the operation if our conditions are met.” This is how the world respects us now? Another take on the kurd "terrorists":
  16. Yes . . . but not an improper quid pro quo. In fact, it reinforces what I said earlier about Soundland. He said there is nothing wrong with diplomacy that requires cleaning up corruption with aid or benefits from the US. That's all Mulvaney was admitting to: Cleaning up their corruption. He did not admit to linking dirt on Biden with the quid pro quo. OF course, the transcript of the phone call does a pretty **** good job of that.
  17. Eat ****, Puristshttps://emersonpolling.reportablenews.com/pr/iowa-2020-dead-heat-with-biden-and-warren-mayor-pete-continues-to-build-and-sanders-slides
  18. "If we did something wrong, we would have been prosecuted" The president can't be prosecuted, it's up to congress to impeach. Impeachment is a Witchhunt! We won't cooperate. We won't provide documents or witnesses!" Republican Senators: "There's no evidence to support conviction!" Trump: FULL EXONERATION!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!
  19. And here we are: Mulvaney concedes that Trump’s desire to investigate “DNC server” was part of the reason Ukraine aide was held up reporter: so it was a quid pro quo Mulvaney: we do that all the time. get over it. politics is going to be involved in foreign policy elections do have consequences Essentially: We'll do whatever the **** we want. We can't be prosecuted. We won't be impeached. We are above the law. If people don't like it, they can vote us out. (But they won't because we coerce other countries to assure victory for us..)
  20. Is it? Because it obviously is not coming from him. I think it would be nice if he had not responded to substantive criticisms from Cummings with his usual petty, racially tinged insults. And I think it would be nice if he wrote his own condolence tweet.
  21. Well, duh. I mean, it is obvious. The QPQ call was July 25. The call from Sondland to Trump where Trump denies QPQ was 6 weeks later. It is obviously BS. But that does NOT mean that it won't be the Republican/Fox/Conservative Talk Radio take on this. And it does NOT mean that it won't work. "See? There was no qpq in the July 25 call, Trump confirmed that 6 weeks later. Witch HUNT!!!"
  22. Wrong. He says there is nothing wrong with holding back on meetings etc until they commit to anti corruption. Guiliani was going Rogue on his own (although Trump was directing him. Guiliani and Trump can claim Trump was concerened about General corruption, it was Guiliani on his own that targittene Burisma)