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  1. I could’ve call this the Atlanta United thread, but that would’ve been redundant, wouldn’t it? Remarkable that an Arthur Blank owned team website would not have an Arthur Blank owned team thread in it. But I don’t see a “PGA superstore thread“ either.
  2. Wait. Are there lawyers who have NOT been punched in the face by their client? Around here that's called "Wednesday".
  3. I was (hopefully) being sarcastic. I tend to miss emails, but not when they are from my boys.
  4. WTAF? Who wrote THAT? "Behind the wheel of a car that killed. . . " Bull! He killed a pedestrian!!!! He was not "behind the wheel". He was DRIVING! The car did not kill the pedestrian. HE CAUSED THE CAR TO STRIKE THE PEDESTRIAN. This goes back to something I told my kids a long time ago. If they ever tell me that "The car went out of control", they will never drive on my dime again. Have some accountability, folks. Edit: There might not have been negligence on the part of the coach. The victim had been in another wreck and was out of the car. The coach hit the pedestrian trying to avoid the wrecked car. The critical lesson here is that IF you get out of your car (especially if there are marginal conditions and obstructions in the roadway) make SURE you have something very large and solid between you and oncoming traffic. This is also true if you stop to render aid. Make sure you are protected first..
  5. . . . using Trump's nicknames for their targets
  6. Sheesh! If I had a dime for every time I ignored email from my son . . . .
  7. Meanwhile, anyone know how I can get dibs on Zion Williamson’s product liability claim? That dude is going to end up owning the Oregon Ducks. Edit: ...and PG beats me to the post while I’m searching for the best slow mo...
  8. (That’s the closest I could find to Yitzhak Rabin facepalming.)
  9. Mueller: Did you meet with Russians? Manafort: No . . .later Mueller: You met with Russians, exchange valuable proprietary data that was used to influence the election. You lied about that when we had struck a deal. You were going to get a cushy sentence for the crimes a jury convicted you for, but you lied SPECIFICALLY ABOUT THAT anyway. You lied in a way that was COMPLETELY CONTRARY TO YOUR PERSONAL FREEDOM (and presumably your best interest.) The ONLY way that could be beneficial to Manarfot is if he gets a pardon . . . from Trump. MANAFORT TOLD LIES THAT WILL RESULT IN PRISON FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE WHEN THE TRUTH WOULD HAVE GUARANTEED HIS FREEDOM. WHY? TO PROTECT TRUMP. Why would Trump take the political hit of pardoning you unless he was receiving a benefit. The truth must be more damaging to him than the lie. WFW: Indictments have nothing to do with Russia. Because convictions, admissions, and indictments about HIDING meetings (collusion/conspiracy, whatever) with Russia have nothing to do with Russian collusion.
  10. What about chanting "LockED them up!!" Or a Call and response: "George P." Locked him up! Paul Manafort Locked him up! MIchael Cohen: Locked him up! Michael Flynn: . . . etc. etc.
  11. So . . . The off season is already over. The United play tomorrow night at 10:00. in the prestigious(?) COVFEFE tournament. The stadium in Costa Rica seats around 8,700. Very few will be wearing Atlanta United’s red and black. The venue opened in 1951, making it 66 years older than Atlanta United’s home of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The turf will be very hard, which can cause the ball to take odd bounces. The lighting is equivalent to that of a local recreation center. De Boer, who has never played or coached in Central America, and his staff spoke to the players on Tuesday about what to expect. “It’s a new experience,” he said. “I said to the players, the circumstances at Herediano are different, unlike in our stadium. They are more used to it than us. We have to adapt to those circumstances. I think they are ready.” And Herediano will likely come out with intensity similar to Houston in last year’s disastrous opener, or Red Bulls’ in last year’s dispiriting loss in New Jersey. If Atlanta United comes out as flat as it did in those games, or as flat as spiraling Toronto did on Tuesday, the Five Stripes could be out of the tournament before they have a chance to host the return leg next week at Kennesaw State. Parkhurst has experience playing in Central America as a member of the U.S. national team. He described the region as a “beast.” Once the games start, salaries don’t matter. Being MLS Cup champs won’t matter. Being the darlings of the league won’t matter. “People who aren’t used to it think it should easy for the U.S. to qualify, it should be easy for U.S. teams to go to Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and beat teams easily,” he said. “It’s just not the case. “These guys, when the play against U.S. teams, when the play against MLS teams, they play the best games of their lives, they play the best games of their year. They play with passion and pride. If you don’t adapt and you aren’t mentally into it and focused, you can get beaten. It can happen to us. We can go down there and lose.” Because of the gamesmanship and environment, Larentowicz, who has played friendlies and Champions League games in Central America, said that while you are playing soccer, the factors can make it feel like you are playing a different game. For example, he was once hit by a corn cob thrown by an angry supporter in Honduras. But, Parkhurst said that’s where the preparation and mentality of Atlanta United’s players should come through. The team bounced back from that 4-0 loss at Houston in last year’s opener to go unbeaten in its next eight. It bounced back from that loss to Red Bulls to knock them out of the playoffs. It shut out Portland to win the MLS Cup in just its second season. “Teams are looking to beat you, looking to prove themselves,” Larentowicz said. “That’s the mentality you have to be prepared for.”
  12. This is why I don't engage with this guy. And why I will probably put him back on ignore. I have no idea what he is talking about, and he dodges good faith questions. The truth is: No one know what is in the Mueller report. All we KNOW is that he has guilty pleas, convictions, and indictments on the people at the highest level of his campaign for LYING ABOUT RUSSIA.
  13. Which part is the farce? Please be specific. How do you know? Have you seen Mueller's report? Let me ask you something: Did you believe Clinton or Loretta Lynch when they said their tarmac conversation was about "golf and grandchildren"? Why would I believe Barr's summary of Mueller's report. Finally, did ANYONE here, including Democrats, think that we should take Clinton and Lynch's word on their discussion?
  14. Attorney General William Barr is preparing to announce as early as next week the completion of Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, with plans for Barr to submit to Congress soon after a summary of Mueller's confidential report. WTAF is this? Barr will provide a SUMMARY of the report to Congress? Why do I not have much confidence in Trump's hand picked, memo-drafting audition- Attorney General providing an accurate summary? My only hopes is: Mueller: "Here's the report!" Barr: Is that EVERYTHING? Mueller: It SHOULD be. Barr: What's that document you just put in your pocket? Mueller: Oh . . . that's my last indictment. I doubt I will need it. Barr: Who does it indict? Mueller: YOU. Good luck with that summary.
  15. I guess the raid on Roger Stone's place was either a big waste of time or they went through everything awfully quick.
  16. This place is getting more strange every day.
  17. Of course. Thank you.
  18. That was a fascinating movie. I can't remember if it was in the movie itself, or from a discussion about it later, but that operation actually substantively changed the way decisions are made in the Israeli CIA or whatever: It tuns out that the whole thing wasn't such a good idea, even though it was unanimously approved. So they decided that if something has approval from the first five people involved, someone is required to make the case for the opposite view. It is to prevent "group think" from blinding alternative perspectives. Sounds like a pretty good policy.
  19. I saw two movies last week that were part of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. My wife saw a third. At this point, my level of support for Israel is approaching @Billy Ocean My wife saw one about Netanyahu, and how he is essentially a smarter version of Trump in that he is a master of Propaganda. I did see something in a trailer that stood out. He was responding to some substantive criticism by saying "They are just angry that I won." Sound familiar? The 2nd movie was "Jewish Underground." It provided the account of a Jewish terrorist organization that maimed and murdered several Palestinian mayors in the '90's. The first part was about how Israeli police and investigative agencies sought them out and brought them to justice. The 2nd half was about Bebe essentially commuting their sentences and how those terrorists are now party of main stream Israeli politics. The last one was about the Oslo Negotiations which could have worked but were essentially blown up by Israelis. Once Rabin was assassinated and Perez lost to Bebe, it was all over for Peace. The wall was pretty inevitable, regardless of ongoing bombings, maybe. At this point, the only difference between PG, B.O. and me is that I think Israel has lost it's soul. Those guys don't think it ever had one.
  20. We will continue to have a Thai/Mexican fusion restaurant on the offensive line for the foreseeable future. Yay.
  21. In March 2007, ( only a couple of weeks from now in terms of timing during the campaign) I took my family to see Barack Obama speak at Georgia Tech. ( my boys were seven and three.). I’ll have to look it up, but I think there were 19,000 people there. Maybe nine. His theme was “turn the page” which was good, but not as good as the stuff he did later. Which is why it didn’t stick. Edit: It was actually April 14. And there were 20,000 people there!
  22. Got it. I was looking at Twitter. Thanks. I wonder if that violates the gag order? And if it does, what are the consequences?
  23. Looks like his account has been suspended for a couple of years?
  24. A man perhaps before his time .  . . Lyndon LaRouche
  25. Are folks dunking on them for "ballooning deficit" or for obscene hypocrisy? I think it is primarily the latter (partially in due to the EXTENT of the former.)