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  1. I'm sorry. He's not actually touching her, you know. Or at least he is not intending to, and if he is accidentally touching anything, it is a flak jacket.
  2. Secret? Are you kidding me? You think this is the only time he made a joke about sexual assault? He's made a ton of them. Guess what, so have I. It's not a secret. FFS our first fight.
  3. Yes, the joke was bad it was 11 years ago, he apologized, and he has invited scrutiny with a formal investigation.
  4. Which actually begs another very important question. How many other men have made unwanted physical advances on Tweeden? If there have been others, why isn't she talking about them? I understand that Franken is famous, but it seems like she should be referencing other assaults. And if she has not been assaulted by anyone else, we must believe that this is the only time it ever happened to her, and it is the only time that Al Franken ever did it, despite 30 years writing and acting in sketch comedy skits. Again, this is my position only until other people come forward with accusations about Al Franken.
  5. There are plenty of reasons not to believe her. Optimus and I have discussed them extensively. Victims deserve the benefit of the doubt. That doesn't mean that all evidence or issues going to credibility should be ignored.
  6. And here's what is important about this picture: she is leaning towards him. She seems very comfortable having a picture taken with him. Even though this is a man that stuck his tongue into her mouth then teased her throughout the rest of the trip. Now, this is dangerous territory. Frequently, women have to pretend to get along with the men who are harassing them. However, this is one piece of evidence to consider along with all the other factors which Magness and I have pointed out this week. I might have to go look at her statement, but my recollection is that she was already hostile towards him because of the kiss well before she was even aware of the "groping" and "breast grabbing" depicted [sic] in the other picture. Nothing in her facial expression or body language suggests such hostility.
  7. He's agreeing with you, Einstein
  8. I would not take that bet. But I wonder why you are so certain. 1) there is not sufficient evidence that he did anything wrong 2) he works out a plea deal such that he is punished but does not serve jail time 3) he works out a deal in which his testimony results in other people going to jail 4) The entire investigation somehow get throttled, and Trump gets away with it 5) The entire investigation somehow get throttled and Trump gets impeached
  9. You know what Hillary will be doing in three years that he won't be? Having Thanksgiving dinner at home with her children.* * Trump might be having Thanksgiving dinner at home. And he might be having Thanksgiving dinner in prison. But if he's having Thanksgiving dinner with his family, it's going to be in prison.
  10. Happy 8th Birthday, Magnitsky Act: Cardin Recognizes Eighth Anniversary of Sergei Magnitsky’s Death November 16, 2017 WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the author of the Sergei Magnitsky and Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Acts, released the following statement Thursday, the eighth anniversary of Mr. Magnitsky’s death: “Like any good lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky went to Russian authorities when he uncovered corruption in the course of his work. For his commitment to his profession and for his bravery, he was summarily arrested, jailed, tortured and killed by Russian authorities. The world now knows Sergei’s name—which is not just synonymous with the Russian government’s brutal repression of its own citizens, but also with the notion that impunity for such repression can never be tolerated. “In his name I authored the Magnitsky Act and the Global Magnitsky Act, to enable the United States to place targeted sanctions on government officials who commit human rights violations or significant corruption. The Global Magnitsky Act is being replicated in other places and both laws are at the top of the Kremlin’s wish list to do away with -- clear signs of their importance and effectiveness. To date, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Estonia have passed their own versions of a Global Magnitsky law, and similar legislation is under consideration in Lithuania and the European Parliament. “A revisionist and resurgent Russia means that Mr. Magnitsky’s legacy and namesake laws are more important than ever in the ongoing global effort to pursue accountability and uphold universal human rights.” Background: The first sanctions designations under the Global Magnitsky Act, as well as the next set of designations under the Sergei Magnitsky Act, are both due from the Administration in December. ###
  11. I just want to leave this here for future reference. It is an article about a film discrediting Sergei Magnitsky, the attorney who was jailed, tortured, and murdered at the behest of Putin and his corrupt cronies. Edit: Holy Smokes! Check out the date of the article! The consensus is that Russia hacked the election to create general instability and thereby strengthen Russia. But so far, what we hear OVER AND OVER again (Trump Jr. meeting, Trump/Putin chat at G20) is about "Russian Adoption". Of course, Putin acted detrimentally to his own orphans when he stopped letting American families adopt Russian babies. And he did it because he was retaliating for the passing of the Magnitsky Act, which had international implications relating to the freezing of the assets of corrupt Russian Oligarchs, aka Putin's buddies. So it makes sense that at least PART of the reason Russia hacked the election was to repeal the Magnitsky Act. But they need more than Trump for that. (I think. Although there are some other sanctions Trump could repeal by Executive Order.) So, after seeing a blurb about the Russian Lawyer who was present at the Trump Tower meeting previously lobbying a congresswomen to show an anti Magnitsky film to a congressional committee, things started to click. I could not find that blurb, but I found this article. I'm interested to the extent to which there was/is a lobbying effort to overturn the Magnitsky Act. Sorry for starting a new thread. This stuff was getting burried in the Trump thread and I wanted easier access to it.
  12. Was that from Tchaikovsky's gender blender years?
  13. There something particularly alarming in the article. We knew that Vesselnetskaya left a Memo implicating Browder with the Trump boys at the meeting. My understanding is that was Russian propaganda. But, according to the article, it was actually research from fusion GPS/Simpson. That's screwed up enough on its own. But it is also a **** of a card for the Trump folks to play: Simpson is also ultimately the source of the dossier. Therefore, they can make the argument that if you believe the dossier, you also have to believe that Browder is the villain and the Magnitsky act should be repealed. But now I have to put my brain back together.
  14. So this is the Hill I'm dying on: In fact, the only thing that Franken has admitted to is exactly what we know that Trump did. Franken apologized. Trump did not. The only thing Franken admitted to was making a joke about sexual assault. It makes me crazy that people keep claiming that he admitted to actual sexual assault. Franken may or may not have stuck his tongue down tweeden's mouth. he and Tweeden are the only ones on the planet who know. Lord knows what Trump has done, but he has been accused by many more than Franken at this point. We KNOW that Trump made jokes about sexual assault. Saunders is a lying partisan puke. Edit. Sort of. She said "wrongdoing". Fair enough.
  15. One way or another, there is more coming on this one . . . .
  16. Roy Moore to host "Women for Moore" Rally I would much rather see a "Gun Owning Dads with Daughters" rally for Doug Jones
  17. Oh FFS, I had to enlarge the screen so my old blind ax eyes could read. I assumed the "strongly agree" was at the top and the "strongly disagree" was at the bottom. Lets try this again: I'm me again.
  18. Ok. i guess sh&t on a cold biscuit is something they say out West?
  19. I guess the investigation won't be wrapping up very soon.
  20. What does that even mean?!?!?
  21. This is new? News?
  22. FWI, my recollection is that the poor old lady's family did quite well in recovering from the municipality responsible for the botched warrant I mean, it doesn't justify getting shot of course, but if you're going to get shot anyway, bestvfor your family to play it straight.
  23. Didn't see THAT coming. What now?
  24. I sure hope so . . .
  25. "I couldn’t believe it. He groped me, without my consent, while I was asleep. I felt violated all over again. Embarrassed. Belittled. Humiliated. How dare anyone grab my breasts like this and think it’s funny?" she said. Again, NO photographic evidence that he was actually toughing any part of the flack jacket (I blew up the picture) Under the flack jacket she has a windbreaker. Under the windbreaker she has a hoody.She MIGHT have been naked under the hoody. But still . . . How is that credible? Are we all looking at the same picture? Are we all reading the same apology? He recognizes that even pretending to grope someone is NOT funny. OK. We get that. I'll never watch Blazing Saddles again. But for her to express so much outrage on what happened when she was asleep, which is ONLY what is is aware about from the photo strikes me as "thou doth protest too much." I've read his books. I've watched SNL for 40 years. That includes the last 30 minutes of shows. In the 80's. That means I know how funny and unfunny he can be. Al Franken is obnoxious. Arrogant. . Sensiitve. . Opinionated. I'm not buying what she's saying . . . not yet. She didn't tell people but people told her that if she came forward she would ruin her career. OK