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  1. Can't even HIVE SOP DAP from constant negative press covfefe. SAD. @RealDonaldTrump (I posted that earlier on TATF, but it sort of fits here . . . )
  2. Like sending sand to the Saudi's, bro . . .
  3. Please . . (I think)
  4. I need to HIVE SOP DAP with my covfefe. SAD. @RealDonaldTrump
  5. From where? I don't think it's available on the website yet . . .
  6. So . . . I've recorded the series (Usually watching live, or as soon as I see a JDaveG post on Mondays night about the current episode and realize I've forgotten it was on again). But I got back from Israel and only "Fall" was recorded . . . NO "LANTERN"!!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!! Any suggestions?
  7. Not as awful as ending up in the Emergency Room in Athens Greece at 3 am (during a six hour layover) with your 76 y/o mom because she felt "nauseous and dizzy." It was freakin' 3rd World.
  8. FWIW, I had a pretty extensive conversation with our guide in Israel on Friday. FWIW, he claims the Saudi's are no long funding ISIS. And ISIS is essentially self funding via kidnapping and other KAOS/SPECTRE type of schemes.
  9. Wow. I leave for two weeks and Snake turns full lefty.
  10. You know that's all part of the drill. But you also know: Don't freakin' blink!
  11. Kettle meet Posh Spice.
  12. MDrake (attorney) debunked an awful lot of what you've said. HolyMoses (attorney) thinks you're a fundamentally decent person who has been so heavily indoctrinated in Red State Red Meat that you no longer can smell the bull crype you perpetually regurgitate.
  13. That's one guess.*. But a better one would be that I care a lot, but all of the "evidence" you have provided has been holy (keeping the misspell because I'm in Israel.) discredited, and this issue is deeply offensive to the deceased's family. * no one forced to read my post. I guess you're another one of those people who are just obsessed with my posts Gee! The guessing thing is fun!
  14. As Marla says, she knows BS when she sees it. What she DOESN'T say, is that as soon as she sees it, she posts it on this message board!
  15. Yeah....You too. What am I missing here?