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  1. I figured we were going to hear something.....Dude is huge, ripped, and worked as a bouncer. That means he knew how to fight to neutralize multiple opponents by any means available. Regardless, I cannot imagine circumstances which would necessitate four armed officers choking him to death. Plus we saw video of him calmly being seated while handcuffed. What in blazes happened?
  2. Either those heinous attacks are evidence that Obama is not a decent person who makes careful decisions, or Obama’s history as a decent person who makes careful decisions is evidence that those were not heinous acts.
  3. The first thing I did was look for the date on the Tweet. Haven't we been through this before? I did not realize she was back on twitter . . . . or relevant.
  4. Here's my question for Conservatives: If y'all so opposed to affirmative action, WHY do you put people like Candace Owens get attention? Why was she hired in a leadership position "Talking Point USA"? Couldn't they find someone that had . . . you know, FINISHED their undergraduate education? And Diamond and silk? What are their qualifications? What have they done to earn a White House meeting with the President other than be Black . . . and Conservative? And here comes Vernon Jones. Marginalized to political irrelevance in the Democratic Party, he is recently a super hero for the Republicans. Shouldn't white Republicans be outraged that Blacks are getting this kind of preferential treatment?
  5. That's some mighty fine Swamp Draining we're seeing right there.
  6. I"m shocked you would presume a Harvard Law School Grad, three years out with her looks would not be making $183,000, or more, doing something else. This isn't about the money. What an absurd, contrarian for the sake of being a shmuck reply.
  7. Joe is a conservative. He was a conservative Republican. But he has a soul so he isn’t anymore.
  8. And Kayleigh MAC....you know, she’s actually really smart. And a babe. She doesn’t have to do this. And she does it. these ******* people
  9. All of the relevant numbers are trending down; daily new cases, daily deaths, etc.
  10. It’s sort of an endearing quality he has. I embrace it.
  11. Sort of puts things into perspective about the soullessness of Trump that he can make a piece of poop like Sessions seem sympathetic.
  12. Damond and Silk...just dayum! As a white dude, how ok is it for me to be ape **** crazy about totally Un credentialed black folks grifting for Trump. It’s a ******* cottage industry!! And now thank his, Vernon Jones is going to stop Grifting his constituents, and will be raking it in grifting for Trump.
  13. Then you’re not doing it right (The emoji that would be appropriate here is apparently no longer available. )
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