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  1. A man perhaps before his time .  . . Lyndon LaRouche
  2. Are folks dunking on them for "ballooning deficit" or for obscene hypocrisy? I think it is primarily the latter (partially in due to the EXTENT of the former.)
  3. Wait....Are you older than WFW?!?!
  4. It could be due to the content of the spot. Let’s wait to see how other networks react.
  5. Uh . . . That is NOT how Social Security works. You can't "raid" your Social Security. What you pay into Social Security now is paying for current retiree's' benefits. So this would be raiding current Social Security. Which means that it could not come form Social Security, it would come from general tax funds. Which means we would be adding to the debt. So we'd really be raiding our kids' money.. This is a popular Republican policy.
  6. It's a prison rape joke because the creepy Nixon tattoo is on the back. Prison Rape is an integral part of the joke. It's as integral as contemplating if that defoliating facial soap he uses has better grip than typical prison slow, which is known to be dropped easily. Again, I'm fine with it, but I'm out of touch. But let's not delude ourselves.
  7. It's a prison rape joke. Sorry. But I think folks over 40 should be grandfathered in to permission to keep making prison rape jokes. When did this become a thing?
  8. I really hate to say this, but, once again, Rasmussen was the canary in the coal mine on Trump approval since the State of the Union address. The showed a ridiculous 14 point swing. Turns out it might be about right: Political/Morning Consult has moved 9 points, Gallup moved 14 The Hill/HarrisX moved 6 Those are the four polls out since the speech. I'll edit this post after the Economist and Reuters polls are released today, but his numbers should be back to where they were before the shut down.
  9. Uh....have you ever had a loved one in hospice? ***posting can be the most productive use of your time.
  10. My son is growing up white (upper) middle class. He does not complain because he’s got nothing to complain about. Life is good. He’s had opportunities and so far he is taking advantage of them The subtitle SHOULD be “Whay it’s like to grow up white, middle class, male, and mediocre now that you have to compete against women and minorities for jobs.”
  11. He might be on to something here. . . Maybe people could gather and large common areas in cities and towns all over America! And we could have BANDS! And they could play PATRIOTIC MUSIC! And there could be PICNICS and COOKOUTS where people at traditional AMERICAN FOOD!! And, after all the festivities honoring America, we could have FIREWORKS DISPLAYS!!! What a great, brilliant American our current president is. Thank God for granting him to us. I am more proud than ever that I voted for him. I think I'll just sit at my desk for a few minutes and contemplate the wonderfulness of this man. But I need some music to accompany my thoughts. Hey! How's this: Well, now we know what he spends all of his "Executive Time" doing. He comes up with ideas like THIS! Time well spent. Keep it up Mr. President.
  12. It bothers me when folks conflate pay and benefits for legislatures with corruption and lobbying. I want these guys to be paid MORE! I want the best and brightest to WANT to serve withOUT incentives for gigs after they serve or dependence on favors for campaign donors. What we SHOULD do is pay first term legislatures the most then less as they stick around for multiple terms.
  13. OK . . . When did those policies begin? Let's frame the discussion.
  14. FWIW, this proud to be called a Zionist would be happy to suspend all funding to Israel until Bebe is gone. You CAN be pro Israel and anti Bebe AND opposed to the perpetuation of the Wall. I've known this since my last visit in 2017 but was reminded in a movie I saw Sunday: Israel is not interested in Peace with the Palestinians. This attitude is completely contrary to the values of Judaism and Israel, which promotes freedom and equality for everyone. It is one thing to take drastic actions to protect your citizens, it is something else to just quit, leaving a population subjugated and not try to find a solution that protects your people while promoting freedom and equality.
  15. It's not going to do the trick, but I'm A.D.D.'ing and when you have ADD like I have ADD . . . .