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  1. 7 minutes ago, mdrake34 said:

    Yeah I watched it last night and was underwhelmed. It feel like they properly set up Kandy as the antagonist.  Everyone's favorite phrase to scream about sequels is "fan service," and the flashbacks did that to an extent, but they also worked to show everything Jesse lost.

    The most intriguing message was also the most contrived (in that it required new scenes as flashbacks.):  

    Jessie ultimately relies on Mike, as opposed to Walt, as a father figure/trusted adviser.  This was not shocking.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Leon Troutsky said:


    I’ve heard several Trump people say that, including the Number 3 Republican in the House...


    Another GOP House member said that Democrats didn’t pass legislation (he didn’t say which legislation) on Syria so Trump had no choice but to remove the troops.  

    A certain level of propaganda has always been part of the political process.  But Trump, and now apparently the Republican Party, have adopted a policy of extreme, blatant, craven gaslighting.  

    This might be efffective, but what is the cost?  And by that I don't mean to the Republicans, if it works, they win.  But what it the cost to Democracy?  

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  3. 30 minutes ago, Gritzblitz 2.0 said:

    Despite the million+ deaths on his hands, I have no doubt that Dubya is far more personally likable. Even Trump's political allies don't particularly like the guy.


     W was a good guy and probably pretty decent at heart. He was just intellectually lazy and he surrounded himself with people who were complete ********. So, screw him for the evilness of his administration.   Screw him for **** Cheney.  And Liz Cheney 

  4. 16 hours ago, Doug Carlton said:

    El Camino is out TODAY!

     If you have Netflix, watch it.   Don’t bother going to the theater.  It’s as if they had two more episodes after the ending to breaking bad that was not as true to the original as the actual ending  of breaking bad was. 

     The highlight was definitely comically fat Todd.   The only guy on the planet who has gained more weight in the last five years than I have. 

  5.  Reason number 18,538 that I’m going to ****:

     I was at a funeral this afternoon. It is one of those beyond tragic situations. 18 oh girl died of brain cancer. Diagnosed three years ago, She beat it for a while, and then she didn’t.  It was strange to be at a funeral with so many people, so few of whom were old. 

     One of my sons teammates was next to me with his parents after the graveside service when people began the Jewish tradition  of shoveling dirt onto the coffin

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/NoStupidQuestions/comments/5tb4nz/when_at_a_funeral_why_do_jews_put_the_first/ The kids mother explained to him the tradition of turning the shower upside down 

     When she was finished, I whispered to him “I think it’s because Jews don’t know squat about farming.“


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  6. 4 minutes ago, mdrake34 said:

    The floodgates of these types of stories have opened.  The news is going to be inundated with them.

    I think that is actually going to benefit Trump.  It all just becomes noise.  Tough to distinguish from "No Collusion/No Obstruction Witch Hunt"  Mueller Report.  

    Seriously, I think that if you are still ok with Trump, nothing coming out now is going to change you.

    The only difference is that Republican leaders might finally turn on him.   THAT is when things will get very interesting.  Trump people with stay Trump people, and the Republicans have known that and are scared to do the right thing.

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  7. 11 minutes ago, Psychic Gibbon said:

    I assume it has more to do with Blank throwing money around in a league that isn't used to that.

    I don't know if Blank actually through more money around or not, but he certainly thew the money differently.  When the rest of the league was throwing money at big name declining European talent, Blank invested in young developing talent from South America.  He relied on the sophistication of the Atlanta market to support quality soccer.  As importantly, when you sign declining talent, a year or two or three later, your money is gone and you have had diminishing returns.  When you sign young developing talent, you have better instant return on the investment, a year or two or three later, you can actually SELL the talent and recover your cash, then REINVEST in new young talent to perpetuate success.  (See Miguel Almiron/Pity Martinez.)  

    There are two major aspects to Blank's Home Depot success:  1) recognize a market that no one else sees and go big and go right.  2) Make love to your customer.

    With the Falcons, Blank can't get an edge on talent, but he has focused on making the experience and excellent as possible.

    But with the United, he recognized a market that NO ONE saw.  The rest of MLS saw Ace Hardware.  He saw Home Depot.  He went HUGE with the stadium and went right with the talent.  

  8. 7 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

    Watching leftists become neocons is almost as amusing as watching leftists misuse the word "neocon" for 8 years of the Bush administration.  Back then it was basically a pejorative, used because stupid people thought it sounded mean.

    One of the great ironies of the 2016 election is all the people *****ing about GWB for 8 years got really mad when his foreign policy clone didn't get elected, in part because some jackass with a bad combover sold an old Democratic staple -- we aren't the world's policemen and we need to take care of our problems here at home -- to people in blue collar states.  Certainly, few Republicans have learned any lessons from that.  But it's really uncanny to watch Democrats fail to learn from it too.


    If you think recognizing the horridness of green lighting Turkey's assault on the Kurds is adopting "NeoCon" anything. . . . just step over to the WFW table.

    Please tell me you don't really think that.

    And FWIW, I know how to talk to girls just find.  I have NO idea how to talk to someone who knows better but engages in WFW levels of whataboutism and false equivalencies.  I'm sorry.

  9. 43 minutes ago, AF89 said:


    Cause in one example both Side A and Side B are prerty equally vocally loud in thier criticisms, therefore the general noise of the entire room goes up however in example 2 Side A is vocally outraged while WFW thanks is pretty ****ing sweet

     “America first”.* Decency last. 

     Actually it’s something like Putin first. Trump second. Stupid **** third. America forgotten. 

  10.  Trump wouldn’t lie about something like this, would he? 

     You bet your *** he would. 

     I don’t have any evidence whatsoever that he is, but I think he is. 


     I did watch a video of him at Dover  and there were no parents when the coffin came off the cargo plane. 

  11. 29 minutes ago, WOR said:

    Dan Quinn is that video of a guy throwing something in a pot and everything catching on fire. 

    Does anyone remember  in his first year here when Kyle Shanahan showed us  what a vindictive **** he was?  I think the Falcons were still sort of rolling but Rodney White hasd complained about not getting targets.  So Kyle Shanahan totally gives away a series by having Ryan force it to White three times in a row the first three plays of the game for three incompletions. 

     Remember how much heat he took from fans that first year? 

     He remembered. 28 to 3 was when  the vindictive  son of a ***** got us back. 

     Dear God I miss him. 

  12. 30 minutes ago, Leon Troutsky said:

    Yeah, I’m watching.  I wish them the best, but not getting emotionally attached.  I heard a person in the late 90s describe the Braves as the quintessential southern team — win lots of battles but always lose the war.  

    I don’t mind rooting for a team that isn’t expected to win.  But a team that has all of that talent and still loses time and again?  Nope.  

    I'm sort of pulling for the Braves. . . But St. Louis will always be my home town, it is tough to root against them.  I greeted every Cardinal fan at the game Thursday with a hearty "Let's Go BLUES!!!" which was confusing for them.

    It's nice that I won't be crushed regardless of what happens this series.  I can look forward to getting crushed in the NEXT round.