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  1. Meanwhile, in Oklahoma where Governor Stitt has tested positive for Covid (after tweeting a picture of his family in a crowded restaurant last month) . . . The governor was asked Wednesday about the meeting, where Stitt did not wear a mask. A quarantine for those at the meeting has not yet been determined. Stitt said "I'm not thinking about a mask mandate at all," adding on Wednesday that there was still "plenty of runway" regarding hospital bed and equipment capacity. "Do we have coronavirus in Oklahoma? Absolutely," Stitt said, but he said he wanted to avoid "going back in the bunker." Stitt on June 30 held a news conference to urge Oklahomans to wear masks when they can’t social distance. It was the first time since the pandemic began that he wore a mask at a news conference. He said he does not second-guess his personal choices not to wear a mask despite testing positive. "plenty of runway"
  2. What if the turbo charger comes with a 100,000 mile warranty . . . from the day YOU buy it (even used)?
  3. I freakin' LOVE that car. I pine for one every time I see one. My son gives me a hard time "Dad, you drive a a Porsche Boxster S, why do you get so excited about a Fiesta?" "the heart desires what the heart desires, Son." I drove a rental base ST in Az. a few years back. The car just puts a smile on your face. It's just too **** small.
  4. I was getting pounded pretty hard this week and I had no idea how I could stop it. So, I would just like to take a moment to personally and sincerely express my gratitude to WFW for injecting himself into my personal beat down this week and solving the problem for me. I owe you .
  5. Once again, we are confounded by our dear old friend WVW: Idiot or Troll? Is he such a troll that he would pull an outrageous claim out of his *** just to get some attention? Or is he such a moron that he would get a gem like my calling the Mueller investigation a hoax and just ******* delete it? I'd almost take a dump on my board credibility for it to be the latter.
  6. And now we won't even be able to trust the scoreboard. Hospitals told to send coronavirus data to Washington, not CDC This is obscene. This should be the biggest news story of the week. We cannot ignore this. The Trump administration is requiring hospitals to send Covid data to HHS (Miachael CAPUTO!!??) iinstead of the CDC. They are now politicizing the data itself. "See, we can send our kids back to school, the data shows that there is no longer a threat." To folks giving me **** because Trump lives inside my head. This is why.
  7. . . . in which WFW defends the Make America Greatness of President Trump by providing data that we are the 7th worst nation on the planet in Covid deaths per capita. BTW, we used to be better than Ireland, Switzerland and the Netherlands and we are very rapidly catching France. On april 26, France had 350 deaths per million. The United States had 167. Not a single European country has seen an INCREASE in deaths for a one week period since April. After 7 weeks of declining deaths, last week U.S. deaths were up about 35% fromthe previous week. Yesterday, was the first time in 8 days that deaths were not up from the corresponding day of the previous week. Let's home this very latest trend continues.
  8. True. I get at least a half dozen emails from Trump and his family every single day. (This is what happens when you vote for him). And it is beyond cringe worthy to just sad. Most of them talk about how special I am. How individually important I am to the campaign. How I'm part of an exclusive society within the campaign. How disappointed Don is that I didn't contribute at a certain level. See? I'm on the HONOR ROLL! That was from Eric. Lara send me one today that I can't post because it has my name on it, but it is an "Official 2020 Trump EXECUTIVE member" ------Certificate--------" And here is one from Don Sr. himself: HOlyMose, I knew you wouldn’t let me down. My team just showed me the winning Trump Executive Membership Certificate that was voted on by the American People. It comes as no surprise that you picked the same one I did, HolyMoses Official 2020 Trump Executive Members will be a select group made up of only my MOST LOYAL supporters, and I’m inviting YOU to be a part of it. To accept your invitation, all you have to do is contribute $45 and you’ll automatically become an Official 2020 Trump Executive Member and receive your PERSONALIZED Certificate. This one-time offer is only available until 11:59 PM TONIGHT. After that, your invitation to join will permanently EXPIRE. Please contribute $45 or more by 11:59 PM TONIGHT to activate your membership and we’ll send you your PERSONALIZED certificate. >> . After receiving hundreds of thousands of votes, I am proud to present you with the beautiful Trump Executive Membership Certificate that was voted the WINNER by YOU: As an Official 2020 Trump Executive Member: You’ll get PRIORITY-ACCESS to limited-edition Trump Gear My team will come to you FIRST with key campaign strategy decisions And lastly, you’ll go down in history as one of the Patriots who won us the 2020 Election. My team is finalizing the membership roster TOMORROW and I’ll be looking for your name. Please make a contribution of $45 TODAY to become a Trump Executive Member and to get on the roster my team gives me. But as Trout alluded to, they wouldn't do it if it didn't work.
  9. I don't think anyone has suffered a day with this kind of brutality on the Board since Snake and the Everest thread. And it has been entertaining as ****. I just keep telling myself that they wouldn't tease if they didn't love. That's what my mother used to say when I would come home crying after school, anyway. BTW, is that real? Even I think that is as ridiculous as it is pretentious. It is a coalition of the decent, not an army.
  10. What are you alluding to sir? She is a ward of the U.S. Federal Prison System. She will remain in prison until her trial and set free upon her aquittal or serve the balance of her sentence if found guilty.
  11. Didn't her attorney advise the judge about the very real threat that she will be suicided in prison?
  12. Does anyone have any idea what is actually going on here? Edit: It is obviously not from today, and apparently is from the Kavanaugh hearings. I have no idea why Winslow is tweeting about it now but it obviously is nothing. Just strange.
  13. But, even as depicted in this portrait, her hands are larger than Trump’s.
  14. There are several possibilities here: 1) WFW making an attempt at humor. He has certainly tried before and, on rare occasions, succeeded. I don't thinks this would be one of those occasions. 2) WFW is Lying. 3) I am lying. 4) WFW is having fantasies about receiving I.M.'s from me 5) I am sending truly bizarre I.M..'s to WFW during blackouts. 6) Same thing, but butt messages. 7) B.O. has hacked my account. I have deleted some I.M's, and it seems like many years ago I actually sent WFW an I.M. telling him I was in on the joke, I think, and just come clean and admit that he is not as dumb as he pretends to be on the board and is just trolling us. Maybe that's what he's thinking about? So please, post 'em if you got them, WFW. And I will schedule an appointment with a neurologist..
  15. Psss. Serge. Let's talk, ok? That post last night? It was kind of ironic, ok? On the one hand, I do get frustrated with the board, and I have been spending less time over here, but I'm not leaving. But I thought the Westbrook not passing the Covid virus to anyone was pretty brilliant. So the whole "I was going to leave the board but that joke is going to make me stay" was about the quality of the joke. I wasn't actually going to leave. I am serious about your posts though. They are predictable, counterproductive, and boring: 1) Trump/Republicans assault Democracy. 2) Reasonable Republicans, moderates, Liberals, Progressive, Democrats, Media, small children, my cat says "Hey look, Trump/Republicans are assaulting Democracy again. 3) Serge: "Democrats are assaulting democracy by pointing out that Trump/Republicans are assaulting Democracy." Every.Single.Post.
  16. I think you’re misinterpreting HIS post: He’s fine with me spilling the beans about his sexual deviancy, He is just unhappy with the assertion that he is as much of a drama queen as I am.
  17. This. But to be fair, I've hit the drama button often enough that it can be tough to tell sometimes. That's one thing Serge and I have in common. That, and a fetish for butt sex with grass skirt wearing koala bears. (He pm'd me about that but will never acknowledge that publicly. Oh well, that cats out of the bag .)
  18. Which reminds me: Has anyone said **** about DeSean Jackson around here this week? **** you guys!
  19. Works for me. I stay separated from PG AND get away from the ever increasingly insufferable yet boring and predictable Serge.
  20. Sigh.... I have grown so frustrated with this place. Times I wonder why I ever log on at all. And then, bam! All the motivation rationale I would ever need. See y’all tomorrow!
  21. Why did you cut it off before he got to the part where he addresses every other reason for the increase in cases ( and deaths now) and provides specific step by step processes for addressing each one? (For Monarch, that was sarcastic)
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