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  1. “What is Gordon Soundland telling Ukraine that they are not getting an Oval Office meeting with Trump until they announce investigations into Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden?” Yid Pro No! ”What is Lieutenant Colonel Vindman going to appropriate channels to prevent the above from occurring?” Yid Pro Ho ”what is Side piece to the nice Jewish girls that Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, etc etc married”
  2. Ok, I’ll dumb it down: ”Jew Jail”?
  3. I think I commented om the Shonda Shawshank a while back. no? The Kosher Klink?
  4. That's only because he's a homophobe. He probably thinks Buttigieg is german for "butt sex" Evolve @JDaveG EVOLVE!!
  5. I have maintained that Bolton was a landmine that the Democrats don't want to touch.
  6. White House releases video of trump/Nunes conference during last recess.
  7. OR just have Pelosi appoint Clinton as VP, then resign. Nice pipe dream but ain't gonna happen.
  8. JFC, back to debunked Ukraine colusion
  9. BTW, Soundland also reinforces a recurring theme with Trump. He wants to con voters and not actually accomplish anything. Soundland testified that Trump wanted the ANNOUNCEMENT of the investigation, not the investigation itself. Remember when he told the president of Mexico that he did not have to actually pay for the wall,but not to say that he would not pay for the wall.
  10. Trump approval is trending UP since Hearings started. Gaslighting works.
  11. VERY key point: Biden bragged about firing the [universally regarded as corrupt] prosecutor. He NEVER bragged about stopping the investigation. Trump got that way wrong in call.
  12. "Sound like something I'd say!!!" dead
  13. FoxNews has suddenly gone to 24 hour cat videos.
  14. WOW! Didn't think he was going THAT way with the "fairness" argument. This gonna be good.
  15. Republicans have zero shame
  16. Impugning the integrity and honesty of strangers on a message board? Not a very Christian sentiment there, brother
  17. I hope the history books are unkind to everyone on my signature list. (Which is seeming more prescient all the time.)
  18. I've got my Bacon egg and cheeze biscuit right now. I will get a spicy chicken meal for lunch. BTW Nunes is a gaslighting piece of poop
  19. I normally do not condone this sort of attack… Unless it’s funny as ****.
  20. It is not stupidity. It is a byproduct of the polarization and homogination of America. If you live in certain neighborhoods, listen to certain radio, watch certain TV, you have absolutely no reason to believe that you should not admire this guy. it isn’t stupidity, it’s Ted Turner. edit: Well, it’s also stupidity.
  21. Lesson for Dads: Don’t coddle. Don’t enable. Let you children own accountability for their bad behavior. or else
  22. Freakin Michael Caputo: these guys really are like a mob crew. A while back the same players were part of a Astroturf attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills. hooking up with Putin and stealing the presidency is just their latest grift. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gq.com/story/donald-trump-shady-scheme-to-buy-nfl-buffalo-bills/amp
  23. Nice job Swawell. Essentially :"Sure, we said the whistleblower was going to appear until the president of United States asserted that she should be murdered."