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  1. On the one hand, he’s running. And the other hand, it looks like he’s running in a hospital bed. Playoffs start in like 3-4 weeks?
  2. Or maybe not? Since when to I pile on BD in the brain shaming department?
  3. It went much better than your reading comprehension. Again, more later.
  4. What's the difference between Jews and Goyim (non Jews)? Goyim leave without saying goodbye. Jews say good bye without leaving. What's the difference between The Who and Goyim? Same thing. No, it is not the same as it was in 1967, or even 1982 when I saw them. But it was an extraordinary show that authentically honored the music yet showcased the talents of the players, even as those talents have inevitably declined. more later
  5. When I saw The Who in 1982, they were so old. ( it was their “farewell tour“ I swear to God.). Perhaps that’s not why I am not more excited about tonight‘s concert. We’ll see. I’ve been surprised before.
  6. Watch that play carefully. Neal deserves to be removed from the game . . . . by Quinn. I hope I am NOT seeing it right (and it is blurry so tough to tell) but it looks like Neal is lined up inside of Takk and gets BLOWN YARDS OFF THE BALL by a tight end (or WR). I thought it might be Foye getting blown off but it is actually Neal who forces Foye to a deeper prusuit as Neal is getting bulldozed out of the play. FFS, be tougher at the point of contact and you don't have to worry about late hits.
  7. Well, the league wants to protect the quarterbacks so . . .
  8. I guess DQ figures that if he didn't fumble on Boscher's hit, he's a pretty safe bet to protect the ball.
  9. For someone in this situation, I'd say the most likely landing spot would be with the Raiders . . . oops.
  10. My all time favorite Julio Jones play almost went completely unnoticed. People remember the dominant game Jones had against the Packers in the 2016 Playoffs. The Packers were banged up and the best they had to match up with Julio was some guy who had been 2nd or 3rd string, so it was never going to be pretty. (Edit: It was Ladarius Gunter, who might have actually been off the street.) The first play of the game was (of course) an off tackle hand off to Freeman. Nothing Special. But when I rewatched the game (Hey, it was a GREAT game!) something caught my eye. There was a Packer D-back in the screen and suddenly he was flying OUT of the screen. Julio had just trucked the snot out of they guy in a perfectly legal but devastating block on an otherwise innocuous running play. If you watch the rest of the game, you can tell from the dude's body language that he just wanted to get out of there and have as little to do with Julio Jones as possible. It was glorious. I posted it above, but here it is at 2:45
  11. Antonio Brown reminds everyone he isn’t on Julio Jones level by Jeff Benedict1 hour ago Follow @jben1980 TWEET SHARE x COMMENT As the Atlanta Falcons and star wide receiver Julio Jones enter the final stages of a new contract, we are reminded yet again why Julio is the best receiver in the league. By now you have heard the news, the Raiders are going to suspend Antonio Brown for going after Raiders general manager Mike Mayock. This is just another stain on the reputation for a player that many have long claimed to be better than Julio Jones. Most Atlanta Falcons fans will agree that Julio Jones does not get the respect that he deserves. During his eight-year NFL career, Julio is on pace to shatter most of the receiving records held by the legendary Jerry Rice. In his eight years, Julio has led the league in receptions once, receiving yards twice, and yards per game three times. He is the only receiver in the history of the game to have multiple 300-yard receiving games, he is the NFL all-time leader in yards per game and he has missed an entire season’s worth of games. As great as Julio is on the field, he is an even better person off the field. He doesn’t attack teammates, he doesn’t tweet about being unhappy and doesn’t go after Thomas Dimitroff because his feelings got hurt. Sure, some people claim Antonio Brown has better hands or runs better routes (he doesn’t) and claim that he is the best receiver in the league (he isn’t) but what people cannot claim is that Antonio Brown is a more complete receiver. Receivers are considered the divas of the NFL and Julio Jones has never been that type of player; he has always understood that he can make people great and takes pride in knowing he helped accomplish something bigger than himself. As his contract gets finalized over the next week or month, take time to appreciate the man that wears number 11 and rejoice that we do not have to deal with Antonio Brown. Not all talent is worth the headache. My Favorite Julio Jones Play EVER at @2:45 Seriously.
  12. Oh, Ben. . . Please let this happen here: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d81b8f43b/Browns-pull-off-lateral-on-punt-return
  13. Is there any doubt he would be a preferable hail marry option over Ryan? Not only could he heave the ball farther, but his speed and mobility would increase the chances letting the other receivers get down field and still get a throw off
  14. He's a veteran with great hands who won't let the moment get too big for him . . . And he could set up a SUPER sweet trick play with one of the gunner blockers from the far side dropping back and taking a lateral from Sanu on a return.
  15. First, the NFL is trying to take kick returns out of the game as much as possible* so no stress there. But more importantly, there is little to no correlation between yards per punt/kick return and offensive points per drive. Look it up if you want, but since 2016 only one team in the top three of Points per drive had a punt or kick returner in the top three of yards per return (the 2017 Rams.) That's only one of nine teams. Consider where the Falcons have invested their salary cap space: Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Freeman, O.L. etc . . . For cap distribution, the Falcons are ranked fourth in the league in favoring offense over defense. Sure, field possession helps, but POSSESSIONS are more important than where you get the ball. The most important job of the return teams (how much of the salary camp do they represent?) is TO MAKE SURE THE OFFENSE GETS THE BALL! During preseason, the guys we HOPED would add dynamics to our return game failed in this most important job . . . and they are gone. And that's fine. Personally, I think field possession is overrated and over the course of a game, a proficient offense that can sustain long drives wears down opposing defenses while keeping their own defense fresh, so I'd be fine with putting 11 guys at the line of scrimmage (for punts) to prevent a fake and letting the ball bounce harmlessly until the offense takes the field. OK, that might be extreme, but you get my point. *I'm afraid we will see the law of unintended consequences result in the trend of taking advantage of kicking from the 35 with higher (longer hangtime) kicks landing SHORT of the endzone and forcing returns.
  16. Did I just spend five minutes of my life reading something that puts me in fear of seeing Kroy Bierman in coverage again?
  17. I’m so witchya! I was about to post this when I saw yours. I was like 4.
  18. So Arthur gives them a trophy after every game now?
  19. If you are not on a private computer, do not do an Ebay search for "US Open Cup"
  20. We got away with one tonight. Even with Josef’s goal post. It seemed like Orlando had more chances. But it’s nice to have our very own *****.
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