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  1. Right! Coaches want to play it “safe” even when the safe thing is to “risk” going for it. I agree with your second point too. But I think that reality makes it MORE favorable to risk the field position. If they are good enough to beat you in the red zone, at least you have time left for a FG drive. Sorry if that’s the point you were making. Edit. I just reread your post and realized that was exactly the point you were making. BTW, the Falcons have been more likely to give up TD’s when teams start from “bad” field position than with a “short field”. (I ran the data) Our red zone defense sucked. You can’t “run and hit” if you are too gassed to run, Dan. Also btw, the reason the Falcons has guys WIDE open on the last two series today was that the Bucs defense was on the field for EIGHTY-SEVEN freakin play in 80 degree heat. It’s a miracle they held us to field goals!)
  2. 1) Seahawks had scored TD’s on past two drives (So had ‘Niners). Defenses were gassed. 2) ‘Niner’s has a GREAT chance of converting, which effectively ends the game. 3) Seahawks had two timeouts and 2:30 left. That’s PLENTY of time for a TD. But unlikely to leave clock for a subsequent Niner field goal drive. 4) Failing to convert gives Seahawks the ball at 30. It is very difficult for an offense run out the clock but still score a TD from that short of a field. AND the Niners had two timeouts and the 2 minute warning 5) especially late in games, it gets progressively harder to stop an offense after it gets a few plays run. The defense gets fatigued. So the field position is not as big a factor in preventing a TD. Basically, It seems like the chances of converting were higher than the chances of the Niners stopping a 70 yard TD drive at that moment. AND, the chances of the Niners having a shot at a subsequent late FG would be much greater if the Seahawks started at the niner 30. So even failure on conversion gives a better chance of Victory than punting. Sure, the Niners ultimately stopped what would have been a game winning drive. But only by an INCH!!!! It was was first and goal at the one yard line with 23 seconds left. That’s enough time for FOUR shots at the end zone. (Yes, FOUR! Well prepared teams don’t spike the ball. Well prepared teams know exactly what they want to do in that situation and run a play while the defense is gasping. ) Fortunately, Pete Carrol was trying harder than Shannahan to give the game away. REALLY brutal game management by both coaches on those final two drives.
  3. You see, we used to have posters like this: But everything is dumb now. BTW, the best, and perhaps only improvement is the emergence of Salty @Jpowors Dude rocks.
  4. Post your top three picks for posters most responsible for the precipitous decline of the tone, content and levity of ABF over the past years. I’ll go first: 1) Billy O 2) WFW 3) Psychic Gibson Merry Freakin’ XMas ******. and before anyone else does it:
  5. In fact, there is zero evidence in the past 10 years that it helps at all. Of the past 10 Super Bowls, not a single winner had finished in the bottom five in at least five years prior to their win. None of them had finished in the bottom 10 within three years of their Super Bowl Win. (Check my research on that, I might have missed something.) That struck me as pretty remarkable for the "parity" driven NFL, but there you have it. I just don't think relative talent matters as much in the NFL as it does in other sports. You have to have a good scheme and you have to show up ready to play. Look at the two most improbably wins for the Falcons this season: In New Orleans, they changed up and committed to tight pres coverage, lengthening routes and giving the D-line a chance to get to Brees. Against the steller '49'er pass rush, they focused on VERY quick releases and even (GAS) tight end screens! The frustrating thing about the Falcons is that they they show glimpses of excellence in both execution and coaching. But they glaringly lack consistency. It is tough to give up on folks that have the talent, but if they don't have that consistency, they gotta go. Top draft picks and an "easier" schedule doesn't help a team that doesn't show up ready to play and doesn't make adjustments when their QB is getting knocked on his *** 9 times in a game..
  6. Kyle Shanahan has already filed a protest with the NFL office because the Falcons ran multiple (successful) screenplays in flagrant violation of the team’s NFL charter. Throughout the annals of Falcon history, from Steve Bartkowski to Chris Chandler to Michael Vick and of course Matt Ryan, (and even Joey Harrington) when the offensive line has been thin, or facing an aggressive, tough defensive line, our quarterbacks have been compelled to just take the abuse rather than tactically counter the oppositions pass rush. Unbeknownst to most fans, this is not the result of myopic coaching, but, in fact, was an unfortunate concession required during negotiations for the city’s franchise back in 1966. At the time, the team was in the smallest potential market in the country, and they had to give up something to snag the expansion franchise from other larger markets. Quinn intends to contest the appeal by asserting that the charter prohibited running back screens, and today’s success was with tight end screens. The team’s lawyers are currently in nursing homes consulting with the drafters of the Team’s original charter, and pouring through archives to determine whether this technicality will have merit.
  7. I just saw that and was going to post. I always thought "Joy Ride" was a pretty great pop song. F cancer indeed.
  8. Does anyone else think they need to? FFS, I refuse o dumb it down with purple and I get this?!?! ok, I’ll fix it for the sarcastically impaired
  9. What the Falcons need is an owner like Atlanta United has. Those guys come to the league, make the playoffs the first year. Win everything the second year, and go to the store doorstep again the third year. They are The model franchise for major league soccer. Maybe that guy will buy the Falcons. (edit for @ya_boi_jand the rest of the galactically sarcastically impaired among us
  10. Maybe the first time, you yell at them. Once they do it the 2nd time, you know you have pyro so you better get that kid counseling. In the mean time, you hire a babysitter. You make sure there are no matches or lighters in the house. You install a comprehensive sprinkler system. Point is, it's your JOB to figure out how to protect your house. Once you know what you've got, it is YOUR FAULT, not the kid's, for getting your house burned down. So you don't say "do better" after a sack. If they aren't doing their best, they have no business in the NFL. You have to say, "This is how they are beating you, this is what you should do to counter that." or "He's beating you to the outside, so we are going to have our TE chip him so he has to go outside but you can commit to stopping that move and not worry about the inside move." Or "We are going to widen our splits so the outside move will take him so wide Matt can step up or move up and under . . . "
  11. You are one for one with posts. It boggles my mind . . . The ironic thing is that he was right to go for the first on side kick, but the smart play statistically was to kick deep on the second one. Under the new rules, 8 percent of kicks are successful. MUCH less than that when you don't count the surprise ones earlier in the game. With three time outs, if you are playing the odds, you are better off kicking deep and hoping for a three and out than hoping for success on an onside kick. Especially two in a row. That was obscenely lucky.
  12. Burroughs* plus Yale = NOT SCREWING UP HIS ASSIGNMENTS. Did you see the wild cat touchdown. The linebacker and safety BOTH follow the H back in motion right. Foye took a few steps over and is screaming and motioning the LB to get back in position. He was the only linebacker in sight He's not the one blowing assignments. *25th ranked Private H.S. Nationally, Best in Missouri.
  13. A few years back, Adrian Clayborne, a solid but unspectacular DE, had six sacks against the Cowboys and a backup left tackle. My take on that was this: The first sack or so you give credit to Clayborne. The next sack you have to blame the Tackle. But by the time you get to four freakin' sacks, it is `ALL ABOUT THE COACHING. Because you KNOW you have a problem. You KNOW your guys can't stop their guy. It is YOUR JOB TO FIX THAT PROBLEM FIRST. You can't compete if you don't. An NFL Team should never ever ever give up 9 (10?) sacks. Even if it was "Only" 9, Ryan was running for his life over and over again. It was pretty obvious pretty early that there was a PROBLEM. There is NO WAY a fatigued defense that has faced 70 plus plays should be getting that kind of pressure on the quarterback, yet Matt was STILL getting mauled on the final drive. Put a sixth Offensive Lineman out there. Move a Tight End to the backfield. Create multiple safety valves. RUN A FREAKIN SCREEN PLAY to keep them honest!!!!! Block with 8 and put only two guys on routes. At least there will be a chance. But do NOT watch your line get beat over and over and over again and do NOTHING to alter the situation. It is the very definition of insanity. ONE more thing: What the FREAK were they doing on fourth and goal from the one yard line and 30 seconds left in the 1st quarter. It's the end of a long drive. The defense is gassed. You don't need to THINK about going for it or not. You don't need to THINK about what play you call. You make those decisions on TUESDAY (Monday this week.) Once you wait, you HAVE to kick!!! The defense has rested for three or four minutes. They are fresh and ready. The fifth best play you run against a tired defense is better than your best play against a fresh one. So ANTICIPATE the situation. Get to the line of scrimmage before the defense can recover and get set. And RUN THE PLAY!! That's what the Saints do. That's what the Patriots. That's what WELL coached teams DO. The falcons left three points on the board with that idiocy. One point on the missed PAT. Three points on the missed field goal. One point on the missed two point conversion. How many points did they lose by again? Happy Thanksgiving to everyone except Quinn and Koetter. OK, another one more thing. Foye is legend.
  14. BTW, is there ANY doubt that the ******* USMNT cost us this game?
  15. Somehow, with Atlanta United, even the soul crushing defeat don’t seem so soul crushing. #OneGoldStar re-sign Gressel
  16. No need. Is there any doubt that Julian Gressel is the team‘s MVP?
  17. I guess if you are going to have a "Jump the Shark" moment in a series, it is good to have it several years after your series final, and thirty minutes or so out from the end of the sequel. One of the best things about Braking Bad is that it NEVER reduced itself to that most cliche'd and reliable resolution. (Even "The Hunt for Red October" disgraces itself with that kind of scene.) So that was clearly a shark jumping moment in my book. edit . . . I've been binge watching Breaking Bad before and after watching El Camino . . . . and the more I think about it, the worse El Camino gets. More edit: Jessie was a compelling character, but he lacked the sophistication of pretty much everyone else. The show was fascinating to watch because of the depth of the characters. Mike, Gus, even Uncle Jack. . . . Walt was able to defeat them because he understood what drove them. He was the . . . wait for it . . . catalyst ( ) that lead his rivals to their tragic (in the Greek sense) demise. Tuko's insane greed, Gus's grudge against the Salamanka's, Jack's hatred and greed . . . . But Jessie was just an addict with a heart. He did bad because he didn't know better (although did we ever really learn anything about his parents?) And we don't really know much about the Welding guys . . . So I guess there wasn't a better way to resolve that conflict. The whole thing seemed pretty contrived.
  18. The most intriguing message was also the most contrived (in that it required new scenes as flashbacks.): Jessie ultimately relies on Mike, as opposed to Walt, as a father figure/trusted adviser. This was not shocking.
  19. If you have Netflix, watch it. Don’t bother going to the theater. It’s as if they had two more episodes after the ending to breaking bad that was not as true to the original as the actual ending of breaking bad was. The highlight was definitely comically fat Todd. The only guy on the planet who has gained more weight in the last five years than I have.
  20. We can run Univision in English, so that's not biggie. Julian Gressel is ridiculous. He is a ton more important than Pity, at this point. Any idea why Pity was out yesterday?
  21. Not a single St. Louisan will mourn his death. (Sorry)
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