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  1. Yo, Amy. Yo Liz. Go to the kitchen and make me a Sandigieg.
  2. Looks like my old Law School Classmate managed to beat the rap.
  3. And you are now WFW harking on Obama's "57 states." He blanked out on his spanish (sure sounded like he was on a roll until then though.) He made a little sleep deprivation joke about his brain fart and moved along. This Tweet is ridiculous. Why are you even following someone like that? Much less repost it here. He takes a momentary brain fart and turns it into a condemnation of the Media. FWIW it seems like Buttigieg is pretty conversant in Norwegian, French, Italian, Spanish and English.  That's four more than most of us and five more than Trump.  It also seems like he can understand Arabic, and Dari/Farsi. Bad Faith Actor.
  4. The source* compels us to give it either considerable consideration or none at all . . . Parnas is under indictment illegally campaign contributions that we central to a Russian funded plot to use disinformation to undermine the 2020 election . . . and probably get Rick Perry cushy Ukranian gas deals
  5. This is getting weird: Hope Hicks, John McEntee and now this?
  6. This article is worth reading, but here's my favorite part: Pardos [another wrestler] told NBC News that “is not an accurate description of what happened,” but Thursday he told The Dispatch that he was receiving calls from several wrestlers in July 2018 about the allegations. Adam DiSabato was “upset” because others were encouraging him to speak out. “At that point everybody was calling me. If he thinks he said it, he said it,” Pardos said. Pardos defended Jordan, though, saying coaches in other sports have been let off the hook while Jordan has been villainized. The real culprit is Ohio State, Pardos said. So the story of the guy DEFENDING is claiming that the guy who is a freakin' US congressman is taking more heat than the guys still coaching at Ohio State? Good luck with that, JImmie. I also like the part when DiSabato threats the U.S. Congressman: “Jim Jordan, if I ever see him, he better not come around me, I guarantee you that.”
  7. I don't know when this is from or whether this guy is actually under oath (the tweet did say "testimony") but dddddaaaaaaaaayyyyuuuuuuuummmmmm!!!!! Edit: Best I can come up with is that is actually IS from this week . . . . and it was to a Ohio legislative committee so presumably under oath (Jordon did refer to it as "tesimony" (and "another lie.) Wow.
  8. I wonder why they throw batting practice pitches in much more rapid succession that what batters see during games. It seems like the would want to maintain similar timing and rhythm. Also, Monarch . . . please read my long Bloomberg post above.
  9. This is a long read but please stick with me: “It all started back when there was a lot of pressure on banks to make loans to everyone,” Bloomberg, now a Democratic presidential candidate, said at a forum that was hosted by Georgetown University in September 2008. “Redlining, if you remember, was the term where banks took whole neighborhoods and said, ‘People in these neighborhoods are poor, they’re not going to be able to pay off their mortgages, tell your salesmen don’t go into those areas.’” He continued: “And then Congress got involved — local elected officials, as well — and said, ‘Oh that’s not fair, these people should be able to get credit.’ And once you started pushing in that direction, banks started making more and more loans where the credit of the person buying the house wasn’t as good as you would like.” As I type this, I am looking at thee paintings on my wall which once belonged to my grandfather. When we moved offices last year, I randomly decided to look of the artist. I could not find him . . . . as an artist. But I did find a guy who was a journalist and civil rights activist in the '50's and '60's. His focus was on redlining. I was immediately choked up. My grandfather lost his father at a very young age and sold newspapers as a kid, went to law school at night, and founded a Savings and Loan which became the "State Bank of Wellston" in north St. Louis. He did well enough that all of his grandchildren graduated from college and most of us grad school without any tuition debt. As a Jewish banker in St. Louis, he wasn't going to be able to compete with the silk stocking banks. He went to the red lined areas and provided mortgage loans to families based on careful evaluation of their ability to repay, not the zone they lived in or the color of their skin.* I will never know the real story, but my assumption is that the activist was an amateur artist, had a relationship with my grandfather, and gifted him the artwork as appreciation of the work my grandfather did to combat red lining. So when I heard what Michael Bloomberg said about redlining, I again got a little choked up. Because he is conflating the bigotry of red lining with lazy, greedy sloppy loan practices. He is creating a false dichotomy between discrimination and recklessness. There is never pressure to provide loans to people who have bad credit. There is never pressure to provide loans to people who are unlikely to be able to pay back. But you can't deprive people of loans because they live where poor people or black people or whatever. Guess what, a middle class person living in a "poor" neighborhood with an affordable nut is less likely to default than a middle class person in a rich neighborhood in way over their heads. So my privileged head start in life is testament to the absurdity of his position. I'm still a Pete guy, but I was considering that Bloomberg might be a more viable option for the moderate lane to the nomination and presidency. But he better fix this. He has taken some steps to clean up his stop and frisk mess (he needs to do much more). But he needs to take care of this too. For me, this is like Biden's flub of the busing issue. It's one thing to be wrong about something generations ago. But you can't be tone deaf at best and racist at worse, in your explanation for that bad decision. I love Joe, but that was the end of my line for him as a candidate. It showed he was sort of losing it . . . or perhaps he never got it.. This could be a deal breaker for Bloomberg, too. *There could be another part of the story; that my grandfather took advantage of redlined zones to make high interest loans to desperate minorities. But I have never heard any accusations along those lines. And that it seems an anti-red-lining activist would give him his artwork should be a pretty good indication that my grandfather was making money while doing the right thing.
  10. This is exactly the kind of dunk that is far too pervasive on this board and the primary reason I have reduced my participation. The guy wrote an opinion piece on Bloomberg. He has a connection with Bloomberg that could create a favorable bias. He informed the reader of this connection. The reader can than consider that connection and potential bias when distilling the opinion piece. Some guy calls him a name for doing exactly what is ethical for journalism. You take it upon yourself to share. If the journalist had NOT disclosed the connection, the attack would be fair. But that isn't what happened here. C'mon Man.
  11. Someone on Facebook pointed out an obvious irony that I had completely missed: Limbaugh essentially spends three hours a day bullying (and lying.) Who physically presented him with the Medal of Freedom? And what is her only expressed campaign as First Lady? The entire **** family is trolling us.
  12. Helluva list you posted there . . . Is there something I missed from that ad? Or are you referencing something else she has said?
  13. Obviously the whistle blower report should have been covered up so Zelensky would have announced an investigation of the Bidens and Ukraine STILL would get screwed out of Javelines. But since it wasn't, how do you NOT have an investigation? How do you then NOT have Hearings? How do you then NOT have Impeachment? And then how do you NOT have a trial? Because once the cat is out of the bag, if nothing is done, Trump claims he did nothing wrong.. At least now people know he is lying.
  14. Why don't you provide a list of leftist candidates who have won general elections in red, or even purple districts, states . . . or Nationally.
  15. Because purity is what matters when you are running against (oops) Mitch McConnel in Kentucky. If that's your point . . . and based on history I can only assume it is. FFS.
  16. Wait . . . there WAS proof. he did convince a majority of the Senate, including at least 5 Republicans, that there was more than sufficient proof that he did exactly what he was accused of doing. Alexander was quite clear in expressing that there was so much evidence, there was no need for additional witness testimony or documents. 100% agree with the stuff about suppressing opposition as opposed to expanding support.
  17. It will be hard for history to determine whether Biden's fall was from folks catching on to his own shortcomings, or Trump.. He was doing pretty well for a long time. But folks here should remember my man love for Biden for years. Folks should also know that he has never been my choice for the nomination because it was apparent early on that he was slipping cognitively. OF course, that would not be evident to Trump due to his own cognitive limitations. The reality is that the Biden people had known WAS a major threat to Trump, probably the biggest threat. The Biden he became might still have pulled it off, but would not be what is best for America.
  18. I did not start watching returns until about 9:00 pm, but MSNBC was talking about exceeding the turnout from '16, and even '08. The numbers certainly suggest that the moderate wing is dominant and enthusiastic. Buttigieg, Biden and Clobachar had 56% of the vote while Warren and Sanders totaled 35%. Gabbard and Yang had 6%, and I'm not sure where they fit. A note about Gabbard: She picked up almost 10,000 votes in a state Trump lost by less than 30k. Trump never did and never will expand his appeal. But he has and will siphon off enough votes here and there . . .Jill Stein/Tulsi Gabbard, minority and leftist suppression through propaganda etc . . . to tilts tates like this and Pa, Wi, Mi in his favor. Also on Gabbard, she continues to normalize and legitimize Trump's assault on Democratic principals. Here she ignores the reality that Vindman's dismissal was retaliation and chalks it up to a policy decision inherent to chosing his cabinet. The power to do something is not the power to do something corruptly.
  19. This is a field that should be regulated like lawyers if they are not actually lawyers. Tremendous conflict of interests there obviously.
  20. How about stuff like Vindman? A few months ago, Republicans were defending him and squelching the extremists who were questioning his patriotism. Then Trump frogmarches BOTH of the brothers out of the White House. To deafening silence from those same Republicans and ENDORSEMENT of Guiliani's Kremlin linked disinformation campaign by leadership like Lindsey Graham. WTAF?
  21. justsecuirty.com just tweeted Manchin is a yes on Impeachment. This is good.