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  1. On the way to school this morning, my son pointed out that, in fact, we have a telescoping pole with a pruner or saw attachment. Which is a reminder that the mind goes as well as the body. I'm going to dig that bad boy out and finish the job tonight. The pain I feel tomorrow will be less than that of the shame I would feel for calling someone to do work that I should be able to handle myself. I need to get back in the gym anyway.
  2. I did not ask you, but I am very glad to have this conversation. I've been pretty deep in the Russian thing since the beginning. I don't expect you to recite chapter and verse every allegation I made about "collusion" but generally what did I get wrong? Is it fair to say that the Mueller report only exonerated the Trump campaign to the extent that he was not confident there was sufficient evidence that the Campaign aided the Russians with the intent of meddling with the campaign? It confirmed an awful lot of bad stuff and did not shut the window on anything. Was there a specific finding that Trump is not at least beholding to, if not leveraged by Russia? The Mueller report did create a factual predicate for being extremely concerned about many aspects of this Administration. Should that be ignored? How are we supposed to handle this? I am a little frustrated with folks saying that Democrats need to be responsible for fostering an atmosphere that is favorable to Trump. Why should Democrats be held to a higher standard for fostering an atmosphere that is favorable to Trump than Republicans are for, you know . . . Trump?
  3. Great. I'm sorry I missed it when you made your case. Will you please provide a link? What specific part of the entire Russian issue, from the attempt to meddle with the election to the completion of the Mueller Report, was a Hoax? And how do you define "hoax"?
  4. No chance? I’ll take some of that action. I guess you’ll give me some pretty **** good odds? I’ll put up a buck. You tell me what it will pay.
  5. OK . . . Will you please be specific about what you are calling a "Hoax"?
  6. I think they want it to fail 5-4 or 6-3 to guarantee Trump DOES get re-elected.
  7. This is intriguing . . . The only time we heard boo from Mueller during the investigation was when there was the claim that Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress (about the Trump Tower deal still pending?) * I don't think there is anything in the Mueller Report that implicates anyone associated with the Campaign or Administration for fostering perjury, so at first blush, this looks like a reach. But are they that stupid? They must have some reason for digging there. But why wouldn't Mueller have indicted someone, or at least mentioned it in the report, if he had evidence that someone had illegally or even improperly influenced Cohen's perjury?
  8. They would have to abandon "viability" as the threshold, which would be a pretty big deal, obviously. But they would say they got it wrong focusing on viability because technology has taught us that the fetus is more "alive" earlier . . . (BTW, this is why any anonymity thing is important.)
  9. I'm light years from an expert on this, but Roe was always about balancing privacy with the life of the child. It was never absolute, hence the issue of "viability". The court could determine that medical technology has advanced such that there needs to be a new determination as to the beginning of life and when the interests of the child exceed the interests of privacy etc. And who knows what the Supreme Court would do . . .
  10. I have been in many homes of lower income Black families and there are pictures of Obama or Obama with his family in the front entrance area, near a picture of Jesus. I don't think it is a negative thing at all, given Obama's message of unifying and Trump's message of fear and divisiveness, but there is a pretty strong identity by some. It's like the Obama picture sends a message to poor young Black children that says "You can grow up to be President." And the Trump identity says "We can never let that happen again."
  11. This could have been the most promising day in the history of Atlanta sports. Instead, it was the most predictable.
  12. So, we’ve got some bushes growing over a little gazebo type thing in our backyard that are now more than 15 feet tall. I have to get on the top rung of a 7 foot ladder and extend as far as I can with electric clippers. I’m 53 now. There’s no way it will cost more to pay someone that knows what they’re doing to get this done than the copay at the ER, right? Anybody think this is something I should do?
  13. Wait. When did this happen?
  14. The best thing about the anonymity is that I can make racist Asian jokes without being held accountable. But I think it could improve the tone and discourse if we actually knew who we were dealing with. Actually, This is probably a horrible and dangerous idea. As helpful as it would be to know who some of you freaks are in real life. It is that terrifying that they would know who I am. Never mind
  15. I don’t think it’s fair to have an age test. But perhaps a mental acuity test. Can we start right now?
  16. She is at least recognizing that there was a legitimate purpose to what was going on. That puts her to the right of a lot of folks here. And she is far more kind to Jews than the ******** the Republicans coddle. Who shows up at "Bash the Jews Night" and the local watering hole? Trump Supporters and Arabs. Who shows up at "Bash the Arabs" Night? Jews and Trump Supporters. Who show up at the "Bash the Trump Supporters" night? Jews and Arabs. You'd think we would all eventually get along.
  17. They are doubling down. My old Classmate Liz Cheney is a disgrace to Colorado College. We are supposed to know when others are speaking rot. We are not supposed to speak rot: Liz tweeted: I am deeply sorry for our nation that the House Democratic leadership continues to enable the anti-Semitism in their ranks. This is not anti-Semtic. It is a little (or a lot) disingenuous to characterize the Palestinians in the way she has (they did fight back, you know. Blood was spread on both sides, it was a . . . war.) But she was not dismissing the Holocaust. This whole thing is disgusting. While they embolden the President who inspires actual terrorism against Jews, they whine about this stuff. And they are systematically doing it to divide the Pro Israel faction of the Democratic Party. The purists around here really should not help them.
  18. Neither is your brain.
  19. Mayor Pete did himself no favors by alienating people like me regarding Mad magazine. They always have been and always will be relevant.
  20. This is a pretty incredible self own. What if Trout is 100% telling the truth? Why don't you reach out to our old friend Snake and ask him if Trout is blowing smoke up your ax or not? It is completely provable and completely accurate. Now, I've vouched for guys on the board before and been wrong (sorry.) but I'll make my own wager on this one. What are the stakes?
  21. Was that the one with the little ferrule wolverine girl? Mrs. HM had it on today and I was sucked right in.
  22. Others, who really don’t like being tagged, remain members to change it from within.
  23. What if..... The man who earned a Ph.D in Political Science and gets PAID teaching it to others is expressing opinions based on the facts at hand and his expertise? And what you are the one blinded by emotion? I’m not saying that is the case, but it’s got to be one way or the other, right?
  24. There was something wrong with Trump telling McCann to make a statement that he was not asked to fire Mueller (at least if that wasn’t true.) I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking McCahn to render an opinion we are playing as to whether Trump obstructed justice.