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  1. That's solid. My wife has her Peloton up on our third floor "basement". I have been thinking of digging my trainer out of storage and setting a bike on it up there. We just got a 65" Flat screen and there is a freakin' garage door that opens to let cool air in. It is by far the most perfect indoor training room I have ever had. Maybe I should start using it?
  2. That's a helluva take on not making squat on your full time time and needing to drive uber etc. rather than spend time with your family because you need to pay for health insurance or other necessities. That's really an add for $15 minimum wage and National Health Care.
  3. Mountain biking just hurts these days, especially when doing any kind of extended technical descent. Of course, I am still riding a freaking museum piece: Bridgestone MB-1 from 1990. I was planning getting something with dual suspension this year, but freakin' Covid has created a perfect storm of massively inflated used bikes. Limited production from Asia due to shut down+Stimulus Checks to folks with disposable income+Covid limited activities generating more interesting in outdoor recreation activities= $4,000 used decent mountain bikes.
  4. That' is not a bad number. But I assume that is your gross watts. It's all about the watts per kilogram. If you are not at 6.0 w/kg, you can forget about winning the Tour de France. That's like 450 watts for an hour if you weigh about 145 pounds. It is a monster test. I HATED doing 20 min., much less 60 min. threshold tests on the trainer. Much better to find a long climb like Wolfpen gap and just drill it.
  5. I've gotta say that when my cousin was more successful than me (that changed) and got married to a nice Jewish girl 10 years before I did, my grandmother never said a word. However, when my cousin's wife was making everyone crazy even before their divorce, she did say that I "would have to do better". But in a totally supportive way. My grandmother was pretty cool.
  6. Meanwhile, we really need to send these ante-Sematic Congresswomen back to the ****hole countries they come from: I can't even figure out what she is saying here, but amidst the gobbligook insanity is some kind of conspiracy in which "Rothchild Inc." is responsible for California's Camp Fire . . .
  7. I'm not wasting my time if Mark Spits, the Jewish MIchael Phelps, isn't in there.
  8. When the hem of your shorts is **** near as high as the roofline of your car . . . >>>>>>>
  9. I eat Arby's. Dig the curly fries and Horsey sauce. (I've got my cardiologist on speed dial)
  10. They should have taken him around the bases after that. The entire motorcade. THAT would have been entertaining!
  11. All I see are James Hardings. (Edit: Hardens. My boys are brutal with me about stuff like this. Getting NBA players ' names wrong is my specialty. Be as brutal as you like, you can't hurt me worse than my own children.) Where are the Steve Nashs? And going to the hoop EVERY TIME might work for these young chicks, but after they have been in the league a few years, they will need to hit from the perimeter..
  12. Is that supposed to persuade me? "Hey, that super credible guy Corn Pop posted a tweet from someone who has 55k tweets, most of them anti Israel/pro Palestinian! Where do I sign up to support BDS??? So this is how this is going to work. I will respond to you in exactly the same way I responded to WFW: There will be no substantive engagement, but I will mock when the mood strikes.
  13. Is it appropriate to pack the court? Is it appropriate to use the political power available to undermine Judicial norms even at the total loss of credibility? According to Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnel and every Republican Senator, the answer is Heck yes!
  14. If you want to say normal people in Palestinian territories haven't been getting a very good deal these last 30 years (at least under Bebe) I'll definatley agree with you. So am I good, too?
  15. Even if that is a direct quote (which I don't think it is) the context mattered. A lot. Look . . . This is just a nice little verification of the extent to which you are full of ****. Asserting that there is a corporate or Washington interest to squelch Pro Palestinian Rights messaging that is beyond their desire to squelch domestic terror is obscene.
  16. IT's been a while, but isn't it sort of unconstitutional for the Senate to say what is unconstitutional?
  17. He's being sarcastic **** face. Edit: Upon further review, I thought this was about you ABF "Glenn Greenwald really hates Trump and supports people who hate Trump' Day. Which would have made sense, if you did not catch the sarcasm. But what actually makes LESS sense is that you would tag me in a post with GG tweets condemning Project Lincoln.
  18. I love that. "Vote for Republicans if you want Federal restrictions on abortion, no protections for worker safety or the environment, the most inefficient and costly boarder protection imaginable, and an attack on worker's rights. POPULISM!!!!! PLEASE save that quote and shove it up every Republicans' *** running in 2022.
  19. I just hope Manchin and Sinema are exactly as dedicated to their position on this as Graham, McConnel and the rest were on appointing Supreme Court Justices in the final year (or so) of a Presidential administration.
  20. As much as I want to agree with Trout, I'm afraid Zeke has something here. Between Al Gore and Donald Trump, I think we have to accept that actual policy doesn't mean squat. People buy the sizzle, not the steak. No matter what the Dems don't do, Republicans will package it as Stalinist Russia. You have to get the base out. Two things determined the 2020 election: 1) Democratic turnout, 2) Winning over votes in the Suburbs. Arguably, based on the record turnout for BOTH parties, it was more about winning over the moderates. The problem is, it wasn't the moderate policies that won
  21. The reason we have seen the amnesia and reversals from Republicans (Graham, McCarthy etc) recently is that Trump uttered the words "Patriot Party". He might as well have said "Scouts". Republicans can't win playing Old Time Hockey.
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