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  1. Yeah, well now the problem is that Netanyahu is as big of a propagandist as Trump and Putin. If you are going to claim that your enemy is using human shields, you better have the highroad of credibility. I don’t trust Israel anymore.
  2. Speaking of ethnic cleansing. Let’s go back to why Israel exists in the first place. It seems like The ugly side of history is that things don’t turn out well for the losers. What Israel less entitled to their victory than anyone else in history? You know, the Jewish population still has not caught up to where it was before the holocaust. Something to think about for those of you who don’t think that Jews are entitled to a homeland.
  3. You really help her credibility by characterizing them as @bottle Rockets”.For **** sake dude When was anyone killed by a ******* bottle rocket, *******?
  4. It is as if people don’t understand the meaning of the word “target“
  5. Dotard thinks 1st Amendment applies to private entities.
  6. Don’t you DARE vote for Biden.
  7. Am I the only one who sees guys in wheelchairs and immediately thinks “I wonder if that’s the dude who cuck’ed the guy on the message board?”
  8. Don’t blame that ish on “Boomers”
  9. That strikes me as horribly misguided. There is zero evidence the Biden has engaged in the assault on the Constitution, the rule of law, and truth that Trump has. Plus the Supreme Court. I can totally understand that Biden is your last Democratic choice, but to sit it out and let Trump have four more years would mean that much more damage to those ideals, plus the environment etc. . . . I can't believe I am even having this discussion with again, much less with a leftist.
  10. But don't vote for Biden
  11. This should be investigated. If Biden let the promise of a cushy deal for his son influence American foreign policy, he needs to either be held accountable or run on Trump's ticket.
  12. Sure. He’s the adult in the room frustrated with everybody around him. That’s why he insults his friend. Really, explain this to me. Rationally explain this to me. You’re smart. I’m dumb. Help me understand.
  13. I met William Reid at the airport last fall. Euphoric He’s the dude on the right laying down the bagpipe sound with his Gibson.
  14. “The letter is a bit snitty and I think it was probably written by one of his staff people.” Wow. So much complete schmuckiness in one remark. Here’s the thing: William Barr is supposedly friends with Robert Mueller. Why on earth would he such an complete ***** canoe to someone that he is friends with.? Why would he be insulting, passive aggressive, demeaning, on and on and on? What is his agenda? This is about more than protecting Trump. Either William Barr is the most colossal ******* on this planet, or he is afraid of something.
  15. Let he who has not written a book report without actually reading the entire book cast the first stone.
  16. Graham's first 10 minutes of the Barr hearing rehashed some of the more prominent 2016 scandals and conspiracy theories, such as... Texts between former FBI official Peter Strzok and his mistress where they disparaged candidate Trump. Texts where Strzok and his mistress, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, discuss how to handle the Russia investigation. The Hillary Clinton server investigation that was a major focus of the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton using “BleachBit” software to delete material from her private server. Hillary Clinton’s team supposedly using hammers to smash old phones. Usually, when Jews sit Shiva (go to the house of a family who is mourning a recently deceased) the young children are kept in a different room, usually with a TV. showing cartoons. Young kids are not equipped to handle the solemness of the situation. But I'm obviously making a complete non sequitur here . . . .
  17. Did he say "collusion" or "obstruction"?
  18. Right. . . I forgot to mention that: The only thing craven corruption to protect Deal has cost Olens is that he had an uncomfortable dinner with his wife when my family was seated directly across from him at the OK Cafe. The did NOT stay for coffee and dessert.
  19. What are they sacrificing? Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens was sanctioned by a State Court Judge for hiding documents that linked Gov. Deal to Obstructing Justice. The Attorney General. Sanctioned. Violating the Georgia Civil Practice Act. Reputation tarnished? Nope: Cushy gig as Dean of Kennessaw State University: $450,000 or so per year. Shoot the moon has been working for the Republicans so far. I don't see things turning around.
  20. "Like" for organic use of Appalachian future pluperfect tense.
  21. It is pretty clear that he took the liberty of B.S.'ing Congress. He probably can wiggle out of perjury. The frustrating thing is that it it was enough on the Right to demonize Hillary. But Barr will be "exonerated" like Trump.
  22. Has it occurred to anyone that if Bill Clinton had the same threshold as Trump “sexual relations” would have been criminal intent to inseminate and impregnate and birth out of wedlock. Also, if Trump had testified Under-oath, he would’ve perjured himself on issues far more ominous than sex.
  23. I am . . . very. And we need 7 points, because we sure as shine aren't going to get 3 with the off the street retread dago (can I say that?) kicker we've got now since we released Bryant.
  24. Please tell me we are not going to have a debate about making "cuts" to get to the 90 man camp roster. Wait . . . I forgot why we are here. Carry on.
  25. Thanks for the mention but if folks ready the post, I hope they understand that it is not as simple as "a good offense is often your best defense." An explosive offense can actually be a detriment to your defense. When you score fast, often and early, opposing offenses tend to go hurry up earlier and start throwing down field a lot. Sure, it helps when a team gets one dimensional, but any success becomes a downward spiral if you can't get the defense off the field. The pass rushers get gassed and can't get to the QB, the QB has more time to find open receivers, defensive backs have to cover long and get gassed and more guys get open . . . And now you have to do it again and again. Gregg Easterbrook used to say that comebacks start with defense and are stopped by offense, Meaning that a turnover by a defense can't turn around momentum and get a team back in the game. But an offense that is in the lead that can sustain a drive, score points, and run clock will shut that **** down. The Riddley pick made the offense better, but it did not help the defense the way the OL improvements will.