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  1. I've probably had bacon with him . . .
  2. Yeah, I wouldn't do that either. Of course, Pete has a taste for other things that don't appear to me also, (despite certain assumption made around here.)
  3. Do YOU personally think that Buttigieg is expressing his hostility towards the Civil Rights movement? The most reasonable interpretation is that he was talking about the economic revolutionary policies which ended with the sixties. And he took it down because most people don't know any better and people like you take advantage of that. Come one . . . Are you so deep into that you don't even realize that bad faith anymore? Because to be anything approaching fair, you would have to believe in your heart that Buttigieg wants to go back to pre 1960's Civil Rights.
  4. It seems like more folks should vote for Pete just for the Gay joke opportunities . . . Of course, the one thing we DO know is that the Democratic nominee will either be a woman, a homosexual, or a Jew. . . . Or Tom Steyer. Two Jews, tow broads, and a queer walked into a bar. . . .
  5. You are at least consistent in proving yourself to be a bad faith actor who posts misleading twitter headlines at the behest of the bad faith Bernie Bro's . . . There were the civil rights movement was not "revolutionary politics of the 1960's. He is obviously referring to rise of Marxism in the '60's, particularly within SDS. But you KNOW that because you are a smart guy. You know your history. Why do you have to use ******** to support your guy?
  6. Does he discuss anything beyond cabinet members? Because if you are so brain dead as to conflate cabinet members with a systematic purging of any rank and file more loyal to the American Rule of Law than to the President in Intelligence, Justice, Health etc. etc . . . Wait. Never mind. I already know that you are. Sorry for engaging, @Leon Troutsky
  7. (@2:30) Oh please oh please oh please oh please
  8. They've had MORE than enough evidence time and time again. He could build more extreme concentration camps (He's already using concentration camps) and Republicans would not flip on them. You say this is about Dems overplaying their hand . . . but it is about the Republicans. They are the arsonists in America's Reichstag fire
  9. Too bad it wasn't on Speedway, which is a block over.
  10. I'll never understand why people accuse Bernie Bro's of being bad faith actors. . . . .
  11. Was Werner his first kill? It's hard to keep track. If it was, it would certainly explain the snap, even from Mike. But have we ever seen Mike unintentionally lose it before?
  12. Well . . . there IS no bad acting in BCS, so we are supposed to know that Mike was putting on an act. We just don't know why yet. Maybe he was setting things up so he would no longer be the emergency baby sitter? Except wouldn't he have come up with a better out? Something that would NOT involve hurting Kayla?
  13. I think she ends up with Howard. That's what the lunch is about. He's the reason there relationship has been on the bricks like a Josh Smith 3 point attempt since last season. Or not.
  14. So, if it wasn’t clear enough that Sal was a clown, they actually have him practicing out of a circus tent. Very subtle.
  15. This was actually funny.
  16. Oh . . . I know this doesn't mean squat now. I think I posted yesterday (it might have just been on Twitter) that I thought Assange was lying. So I am surprised that Rorabacher confirmed the story. But I think it is telling that Rorbacher talked to Trump before meeting with Assange. (Doing Alex Baldwin doing Donald Trump): Vlad has been telling me that it wasn't them! He says it was that Seth Rich Kid. We gotta prove it!!! Dana: I'm going down to talk to Assange, I bet HE knows what happened. "Trump": I bet he does! Hey. . . He's going to be in jail for a long time . . . I'd REALLY like him to cooperate. Dana (Doing Eric Idle) Say no more! Say nore more Wink wink nudge nudge" later Trump to Kelly: Hey guess what!!! Dana's going down to talk to Assange! He's going to work a deal to prove that it wasn't the Russians!! Kelly: "No. This did not happen."
  17. Well, this would have made 2017 a little more interesting around here: @mdrake34 who would have thought that our favorite congressman was also responsible for poisoning the mind of our favorite departed board participant? Former Congressman Says He Offered a Trump Pardon to Julian Assange for Evidence of DNC Conspiracy Theory Dana Rohrabacher, a former California congressman and vocal defender of President Donald Trump, confirmed Julian Assange’s allegation that Rohrabacher had promised him a pardon from Trump if the WikiLeaks founder could provide evidence that Russia was not behind the hacking of Democratic National Committee emails published by WikiLeaks The admission does not mean that Trump offered a pardon to the WikiLeaks founder in exchange for information that would contradict his own intelligence community’s findings and support a conspiracy theory damaging to Democrats. Instead, it only confirms that Rohrabacher offered the deal to Assange and believed he could secure a pardon should Assange deliver the exculpatory evidence. Assange’s lawyer said in court on Wednesday that Rohrabacher had met with his client in August 2017 to offer the deal on Trump’s behalf, with the goal of finding evidence to deny Russian involvement with the DNC hack. Assange is being held in London as he faces an extradition request from the U.S. on charges related to the publication of national security information, stemming from the 2010 publication of classified military and diplomatic documents leaked to the group by Chelsea Manning. In an interview with Yahoo News, Rohrabacher said that he had never broached the topic with Trump, but that in the meeting with Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, he had solicited evidence that instead of Russia, it was the murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich who had been behind the hacking. Rich, who was murdered in 2016 in what was believed to be a botched robbery, has been the subject of a persistent conspiracy theory positing that he was killed by someone associated with or hired by Hillary Clinton. According to a Yahoo News investigation, Russian intelligence encouraged the theory, but it was Assange, aided by Infowars’ Alex Jones and Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who can be credited with giving the conspiracy theory life. According to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, Assange hoped to “obscure the source of the materials that WikiLeaks was releasing” by focusing on Rich. After Rich’s death, WikiLeaks offered a $20,000 reward for information about the killing. “I spoke to Julian Assange and told him if he would provide evidence about who gave WikiLeaks the emails, I would petition the president to give him a pardon,” Rohrabacher told Yahoo News. “He knew I could get to the president.” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said that any claim that Trump had discussed a pardon was a “complete fabrication.” She added that Trump “barely knows Dana Rohrabacher” and has “never spoken to him on this subject or almost any subject.” Rohrabacher met with Trump in April 2017, before his meeting with Assange. Rohrabacher spoke multiple times to conservative media about the idea of brokering such a deal. But Rohrabacher did say that he never spoke to Trump about a pardon—instead, he said, he called the then-White House chief of staff John Kelly after his meeting with Assange to discuss the idea. Rohrabacher said he never heard from Kelly about the matter again. In September 2017, after his visit with Assange, Rohrabacher complained that White House aides had stopped him from trying to make the deal. Rohrabacher lost his House seat in the 2018 election. He told Yahoo News that he still believes that Rich was the source of the DNC emails.
  18. Have we done this before? Seems like we should. This can be a heads up for upcoming shows ( and opportunities to meet up) and reviews afterwards. Tonight it’s going to be father-son night at Joan Jett and the Black Hearts. I am very late to the Joan Jett game. But I have been developing an appreciation over the last 10 years or so and now respect her for the authentic punk legend that she is. And we must teach our children well. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ObIDG21qMp8
  19. Oh FFS . . . Meanwhile, Trump 2020.  Trump Jr. 2024. We could just ignore the fact that Trump is an authoritarian **** who perpetually assaults American values of Equality under the Law, an independent Press, Judiciary, and Justice department, etc, and puts his own interests ahead of American security. . . . Or we could call him on it and, seemingly make him stronger every day. Mrs. HolyMoses really needs to get working on her German citizenship.
  20. Have you seen any highlights? Link? We need more "really good criminal defense lawyers" and fewer "really bad criminals". Sounds like Meza might be an upgrade over LGP.
  21. I REALLY hope Buttigieg wins thing just so Booker spends the rest of eternity kicking himself in the ***.
  22. I saw that post and I SWEAR I read it as " . . . has NO shot at beating Trump . . ." I should read more carefully. He is the most positive candidate in the race.
  23. At this point, I'm pretty sure that he is destined to prevent Buttigieg or Clobachar from getting any momentum as folks realize Biden just ain't got it anymore. I know you don't see it this way, but I still think Buttigieg could get some traction. He has won people over where he has campaigned. This trend is continuing in Nevada and even South Carolina. Nationally, Bloomberg is sucking up ALL of Biden's refugees. Of course, Bloomberg DOES have nice commercials.