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  1. Any chance Bama Girld or anyone else is going to give pause, even for a moment, about why a political ideology would be running a smear campaign on a guy like Dr. Fauci? How many Presidents has he served under? And NOW this? It seems like just this one thing should completely disqualify any reasonable person from supporting that ideology.
  2. And I guess that's my beef. JDave talks about a "pretext" FFS, it is a PRETEXT to take a stretch of a technicality and use it as a get out of jail free card for a Trump crony while hundreds/thousands of "victims" of the same FBI policy are incarcerated. LET THEM ALL OUT and I'll shut up.
  3. This is a long but excellent read from LEAST BIASED, HIGHLY FACTUAL source. Early you told us to read snippits froma freakin opinion piece by Andrew C "Obama is a Socialist . . . with a Sharia Agenda" McCarthy) Quite apart from this history, there is nothing wrong with the bureau contemplating the closure of a case without interviewing the subject, then deciding not to close it and that an interview is appropriate, proceeding with the interview, and prosecuting the individual for lying in that interview. The emails do not make out even a colorable case of misconduct by anyone. Flynn’s new lawyers cite these notes, which were presumably written by then-FBI counterintelligence chief Bill Priestap, as supposed smoking-gun evidence that the FBI was seeking to entrap Flynn in a lie. The trouble with that argument is that absolutely nothing forced Flynn not to tell the truth in that interview. And while FBI officials appear to have discussed the strategic purpose of the interview, there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with that. To be sure, a possible criminal prosecution based on the Logan Act case was weak leverage, given that the statute has virtually no history of enforcement, but agents hold relatively weak leverage over witnesses all the time. And yes, it’s wrong for the bureau to set up an interview in the absence of a viable case in order to induce a witness to lie for purposes of prosecution, but there’s no evidence that is what happened—merely evidence that the possibility was on a list of possible strategic goals for the interview.
  4. The difference between a lie and intellectual dishonesty (#######) is that the latter relies on ignorance of the audience to work. Someone is insulting you.   “I’ve said that many times even on this program,” Fauci stated in that interview. “You’ve got to watch out because although the risk is low now, you don’t need to change anything you’re doing. When you start to see community spread, this could change and force you to become much more attentive to doing things that would protect you from spread.” So if the NWS advises that a hurricane might hit in 4 days so don't change what they are doing but continue to monitor the NWS, is that the same as saying "There is nothing to worry about?"
  5. Is a certain poster who we aren't supposed to talk about back?
  6. I probably have a better understanding of 'pretextual" than anyone else on this board (see "ethics" thread.) This ain't it. At least not on the FBI's side. It Is completely it on the Just dept's side. Proof? Has Barr released everyone charged who has similar language in their files? Because apparently it is incredibly common.
  7. I"m not an expert on any of this, but when was the last time the pending national security advisor was engaged in this kind of ****? Remember, the reason any of this came out is that he was promising to let the guys who ****** with our election off the hook. We were not "spying" on Flynn. We were spying on the bad guys. I don't know if they were relying on the Logan Act or something else, but this was really bad stuff. It's not like we were spying on Robert Kraft and caught him going into a whorehouse. We were spying on the whorehouse and Robert Kraft walked in.
  8. Pretty glaring omission there, counselor: Yes, it was one of the options, but an appropriate one in light of the OTHER options: "What's our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?" Priestap wrote. "If we get him to admit to breaking the Logan Act, give facts to DOJ & have them decide. Or, if he initially lies, then we present him [redacted] & he admits it, document for DOJ, & let them decide how to address it." The goal is truth. They were dealing with a liar.
  9. Wait . . . What am I missing? Are we supposed to take Barr/Jensen's opinion on this? It sure sounds like that is what you are going on. That can't really be what you are going on, is it?
  10. I'm missing this part. . . do you have a link?
  11. OF course. And if the Fed's indict a ham sandwich, there is a 93% chance that the ham sandwich will be convicted. That's why the Feds don't indict ham sandwiches. The ham sandwich line come from a State Court Judge in New York and applies to state Grand Jury procedures, which are highly favorable to the Prosecution. But you are not an idiot and already knew that and are just trolling us. Or maybe you are just an idiot. I still can't figure it out.
  12. Why are you quoting Trump's Impeachment lawyer?
  13. "They don't even show up for teacher conferences in 3-2-1 . . . "* *Two parents working no/low benefit low wage jobs. They burn their "sick time" if they have it on . . . being sick. Kids being sick. Various other crisis. Some might have understanding bosses who will give them a couple of hours to leave early or cut out in the middle of the day to make a conference, but maybe their boss has a boss who is going to notice the lost productivity? Which "system" is at work here again?
  14. Do you have any concept of the obscenity of the ******** you post? In one tweet moderation and intelligence is demonized and the great con is exulted.
  15. The ironic thing is not only do I not say ANY of those things, but both of my boys run cross country and track. My favorite thing to yell at some strategic point towards the end of a race is ""TIME TO GO!" Simple.
  16. Bumping because even though @WhenFalconsWin has been around here longer than dirt and has 120,500 some odd posts, he claims to have "no idea" what I'm talking about regarding Nathan Deal and Ethics.
  17. I'm thinking somehow that was stage.d. I don't exactly get the angle but a few things make me suspicious. 1) The "WOOOHHSSS" sound a little contrived/fake/staged. 2) The first thing we see is a COP SUV with a perfect view of the first intersection. He sees TWO extremely close looking calls yet he does nothing. 3) It pops up on a White Supremacist Twitter feed. 4) WFW makes a Darwin comment . . . too convenient. 5) Only the last car does what any rational driver would do: Stop. None of the other drivers even cut to the right, which is what most of us would do if a cyclist was riding a wheelie near the center line. Of course, people do dumb things that get posted on Twitter a lot. And these guys are taking huge risks. They know what they are doing and are highly skilled. The biggest risk is that the traffic will panic and turn left instead of going straight or to the right . . . And it seems like a pretty elaborate set up for . . . what exactly? The cop part is the most puzzling.
  18. ( @Leon Troutsky please forgive me.) "Corruption"? We know that you are extremely concerned about corruption. That's why you were on the board so vociferously supporting Jason Carter when he ran against Deal a few years back, right?
  19. Can I just say without getting banned: **** CANDACE OWENS. “Burglary”. FFS.
  20. Good thing they were not using "Bugaloo's", that would have ruined my first celebrity crush. (I was like 3.)
  21. Wasn’t this in his own neighborhood? He was on a run, so it probably was at least close. They are building a house next store to us. I have “burglarized” it half a dozen times. My dogs an I have “burglarized” dozens of houses under construction over the years. But ****!!! Now that Candace tells me that checking out construction projects is justification for getting shot, I suppose I’ll stop that. [Checks skin color]. Never mind. I’m good. BTW, Candace Owens (qualifications: college drop out, Black, Trump supporter) is exactly why Vernon Jones isn’t running for office again. Candace has taught him that grifting Republicans pays much better than anything else mediocre Black folk can do. (Thanks Candace, sincerely!)
  22. Avoiding death has bizarrely become a political thing, which creates an tough dilemma for Republican White Women: How do they cross the street to avoid walking past black men without it looking like they are social distancing?
  23. Wait, does that dude have a ***** extender or is the whole **** thing fake?
  24. How many children were aged and for how long? HOW MANY WERE SEPARATED FROM THEIR PARENTS AND PUT IN CAGES? ******* ZERO! Look, I’m sorry the Obama admin made a decision to try to dissuade parents from risking their children’s lives by sending unaccompanied minors make border crossings by detaining them in cages. I’m very happy to discuss the morality of that. Are YOU willing to discuss the morality of conflating thar very limited policy with the abomination of Trump’s policies? At this point the most rational exclamation for your continued **** posting is that you would rather have kids separated from their parents and put in MORE crowded cages for much longer periods and much worse conditions than Obama did Right now, you’ve got two choices.
  25. Does anyone really care what that Yid, Kike, Hebe, Honky, Sheyster, Hymie, JewBoy (no problem with any of them) has to say?* *Things only HolyMoses can post.
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