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  1. Guess what Republican had the integrity and decency to condemn the swift boat attacks? McCain deplores anti-Kerry ad The Associated Press WASHINGTON — Republican Sen. John McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, called an ad criticizing John Kerry’s military service “dishonest and dishonorable” and urged the White House on Thursday to condemn it as well.
  2. Let's remember that this started with "He's a hero because he got captured. I like people who don't get captured." This is not about who you feel sorry for or not. It is about who is a hero. Who merits respect. And John McCain, or anyone else who volunteers to defend America is a hero exactly because they KNOW the risks and volunteer anyway. We make bad decisions about what we ask these men do to as a country. But it is a disgrace to belittle them for signing up. I am becoming more inclined to not directly respond to B.O.'s crap with each post I read.
  3. BO thinks that it’s OK to mock McCain for being captured because he knew what he was getting into (by volunteering.)? But it’s not ok to mock POWs who were drafted. It isn’t so much twisted inside out logic as it is further evidence that BO is just an *******.
  4. Curious analysis. I wonder where a husband who leaves his wife with his new born son to play a golf tournament and bang porn stars would be from?
  5. Why, in the name of Lilly Pullitzer, does the first gay presidential candidate have to be named Buttigieg? FFS, could he have at least used only one “t”? If he ran with W’s VP, the ticket would appear on this board as “Pete ****igueg, ****Cheney” It sounds like a German fetish club. OK, I looked it up: The German translation is, in fact, “butt guy”. (No. I didn’t. Because I’m afraid. But it might.) @Jpowers
  6. Yeah . . . I blame half of the 20 pounds I have gained since I quite bike racing on the weekly commute to Nashville and not being disciplined enough to train while commuting. The other half is developing a taste for their hot chicken. I get a craving way too often . . . and there is a Chik-fil-a downstairs in my building.
  7. Thank you. Someone might also point out to Mr. Greenwald that I watch a ton of MSNBC and NO ONE said the government was involved. It was discussed as a possibility (which it was) It was never presented as news in any capacity. But sure, crap on MSNBC for considering possibilities in discussions.
  8. FFS! I am not even SUGGESTING who anyone should vote for! I am encouraging folks to support their candidates and policies and extol the virtues of them! But do that withOUT dumping on the other Democrats. "Biden showed up at an event honoring **** Cheney and did not assault his political record and instead said decent things about him as a person! FLUSH!!!" At some point, there will be a nominee. And people need to do WHATEVER they can to get that nominee elected. Damaging the goods makes it that much more difficult later.
  9. Because ICE is the only time there will be Supreme Court decisions that are, or should be abhorrent to Progressives/Liberals/Leftists/Purists . . . . Are you posting that to disagree with me? IF purists policies are sufficiently popular, then sure, we don't need the Supreme Court. So advocate FOR those positions and candidates. But don't destroy your safety net.
  10. Reminder to everyone who "flushes" any Democrat who isn't pure. Look at how the Justices voted.. You might want to consider pointing out the good stuff about your people and STFU about ****ting on anyone you perceive is not pure.
  11. Or maybe he's lying. Or he knows that it will never see the light of day. Or, of course, he knows that he will be completely exonerated and has nothing to worry about whatsoever which is why he has gone more twitter crazy this week, fired the AG, fired the head of the FBI, forced out others, and ridicules Mueller.
  12. White House spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway: ”Read his manifesto.”
  13. How many grifts has Trump been running as President? The answer to that is "more than we can keep track of." The more important question is "WHY is Trump running so many grifts?" Greed? Character? What is the Ocman's Razor answer? TRUMP IS BROKE and he HAS to grift to avoid defaulting on loans and/or cover expenses. As absurd as it seems ("He filed his financials!") There is a lot of evidence to support this conclusion. The Deutche Bank thing is just one piece. His tax returns is the other. And his "red line" at Mueller going into his financials is still another. And, of course, the man lies about everything and cooks numbers to suit his agenda (Taxes v. loan apps). So he makes a big show of foregoing his salary while grifting the folks for everything from the inauguration, to golf, to Saudis booking his hotel, Trump University . . . . The income to his closely held golf business alone is 227 times his Presidential salary. Why doesn’t he give the government a break (instead of apparently high grossing us) and make a show of THAT? Sure, it sounds crazy, but there has been a ton of crazy with this guy.
  14. According to Donald Trump, Jr. and others, we were supposed to ignore the attacker? I guess someone didn't get the memo?
  15. A while back a lot of folks though it would be a good idea if we did not mock psychotropic medication.
  16. That bicycle kick.....>>> That save >>>>>>>>>>>
  17. NO BARKO!!! Would it make sense to put Barko at midfield?
  18. What’s so diffirent? Shea and Escobar out and Nagbe outside with Larentowics inside?
  19. Still early days, but Cincinnati is ahead of Portland. Curious. Edit: now 3-0 WTAF?!?!
  20. The white dude’s reaction when the N Bomb got dropped is without a doubt the best thing I’ve seen on the Internet today.
  21. Mods, please change T-Falcon’s avatar to Edit for T-Falcon, who apparently is an expert on all things religion but doesn’t realize this is a goose with a Wreath. A Chriistmas wreath. That makes it a Christmas Goose. And we know what Christmas geese are full of.
  22. Hey now, don’t rain on the “**** on “centrism” at any opportunity even if it involves someone who has never been elected” parade.
  23. Let me get this straight: 1) you’re saying that it is fair to compare the violence of the Quran with the Old Testament. 2) But it isn’t fair to compare Christians with violent Muslims because they follow the New Testament whereas the Jews follow the Old Testament. 3) only violent Muslims are true Muslims. 4) it’s OK to compare violent Muslims with Jews. To Summarize: Muslims who are not violent are not Muslims. The old testament supports violence the same way that the Quoron does. And YOU ARE NOT A BIGOT. ok