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  1. Is it? Because it obviously is not coming from him. I think it would be nice if he had not responded to substantive criticisms from Cummings with his usual petty, racially tinged insults. And I think it would be nice if he wrote his own condolence tweet.
  2. Well, duh. I mean, it is obvious. The QPQ call was July 25. The call from Sondland to Trump where Trump denies QPQ was 6 weeks later. It is obviously BS. But that does NOT mean that it won't be the Republican/Fox/Conservative Talk Radio take on this. And it does NOT mean that it won't work. "See? There was no qpq in the July 25 call, Trump confirmed that 6 weeks later. Witch HUNT!!!"
  3. Wrong. He says there is nothing wrong with holding back on meetings etc until they commit to anti corruption. Guiliani was going Rogue on his own (although Trump was directing him. Guiliani and Trump can claim Trump was concerened about General corruption, it was Guiliani on his own that targittene Burisma)
  4. And Trump wiggles away . . . I didn't think there was a quid pro quo. TAYLOR was CONCERNED that this might have been the interpretation in Ukraine. I specifically checked with Trump on what he wanted and he confirmed that he did not want ANYTHING. There WAS NO Quid Pro Quo. And that is the talking point. The Gaslighting continues
  5. Hey now, Meatloaf may be a D list celebrity, but his rent checks don’t bounce.
  6. Ummmm.... that means 10% did NOT vote for Hillary. Guess what: If That 10 percent votes for Hillary, it’s a ******* landslide. Look it up. Please, keep ****ting on Biden, but you should really focus more on ****ting on Buttigieg and Klobabechar or anyone else who isn’t a purist. Meaning anyone who is NOT twice as far to the lefts ad ANYONE who has EVEN won National office. The Kurds will thank you. Your pregnant teenage daughter will thank you. The environment will thank you. Decency. The rule of law. Truth. Healthcare. Make SURE you **** this up for them again. Ruth Ginsberg wants you to.
  7. I guess if you are going to have a "Jump the Shark" moment in a series, it is good to have it several years after your series final, and thirty minutes or so out from the end of the sequel. One of the best things about Braking Bad is that it NEVER reduced itself to that most cliche'd and reliable resolution. (Even "The Hunt for Red October" disgraces itself with that kind of scene.) So that was clearly a shark jumping moment in my book. edit . . . I've been binge watching Breaking Bad before and after watching El Camino . . . . and the more I think about it, the worse El Camino gets. More edit: Jessie was a compelling character, but he lacked the sophistication of pretty much everyone else. The show was fascinating to watch because of the depth of the characters. Mike, Gus, even Uncle Jack. . . . Walt was able to defeat them because he understood what drove them. He was the . . . wait for it . . . catalyst ( ) that lead his rivals to their tragic (in the Greek sense) demise. Tuko's insane greed, Gus's grudge against the Salamanka's, Jack's hatred and greed . . . . But Jessie was just an addict with a heart. He did bad because he didn't know better (although did we ever really learn anything about his parents?) And we don't really know much about the Welding guys . . . So I guess there wasn't a better way to resolve that conflict. The whole thing seemed pretty contrived.
  8. Anyone who has dealt with aging parents or grandparents knows that nothing gets better with age . . . especially deficits. Biden was never the master orator, so this is just going to get uglier. He was obviously trying to say "Why should someone living on investment income pay less in taxes than a teacher or fireman clipping coupons" It never had a chance.
  9. The revisionism on the Kurds is straight out of 1984 and truly disgusting.
  10. If she isn't, she has been trying awfully hard to look like she is. I've been calling her on her BS since at least the 2nd debate. Last night, she actually ripped Buttigieg for attacking Trump for pulling out of Syria. (Curiously, she later made the same criticism.) But for a moment, she and Trump were the only Americans who thought it was a good idea.
  11. #GaslightingOldPricks
  12. I could’ve call this the Atlanta United thread, but that would’ve been redundant, wouldn’t it? Remarkable that an Arthur Blank owned team website would not have an Arthur Blank owned team thread in it. But I don’t see a “PGA superstore thread“ either.
  13. So Rudy takes the fall. Trump claims he did not think he was doing anything wrong or illegal because he was acting on the direct advice of counsel. He get's impeached in the House, censured in the Senate and re-elected.
  14. Remember when Trump said that if he was President, Russian doesn't invade Crimea?
  15. The most intriguing message was also the most contrived (in that it required new scenes as flashbacks.): Jessie ultimately relies on Mike, as opposed to Walt, as a father figure/trusted adviser. This was not shocking.
  16. A certain level of propaganda has always been part of the political process. But Trump, and now apparently the Republican Party, have adopted a policy of extreme, blatant, craven gaslighting. This might be efffective, but what is the cost? And by that I don't mean to the Republicans, if it works, they win. But what it the cost to Democracy?
  17. Was there a Hurricane/flood in Phoenix that I did not hear about? #KatrinaRefsValleyofthesun #WeDon’tDeserveToWinButWeStillGotScrewed #BringBackGiorgioTavecchio
  18. Week six. 8 1/2 minutes left in the second quarter. 12 men in the huddle. Can anyone explain a single compelling reason to watch this team at any point the rest of the season?
  19. W was a good guy and probably pretty decent at heart. He was just intellectually lazy and he surrounded himself with people who were complete ********. So, screw him for the evilness of his administration. Screw him for **** Cheney. And Liz Cheney
  20. Sorry if this has already been posted but...what the actual ****? How is this ******* possible? When did America leave NATO and join KAOS?
  21. If you have Netflix, watch it. Don’t bother going to the theater. It’s as if they had two more episodes after the ending to breaking bad that was not as true to the original as the actual ending of breaking bad was. The highlight was definitely comically fat Todd. The only guy on the planet who has gained more weight in the last five years than I have.