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  1. I'm pretty sure the guy at the beginning is shouting "Free Dumb!!! Free Dumb!!!" Because the crowd boos them when they are told they are on private property and the owner requires masks. https://www.mediaite.com/politics/freedom-cpac-organizers-booed-and-heckled-for-pleading-with-attendees-to-put-on-masks/?jwsource=cl
  2. You sure do @ me a lot of someone who claims that I have an obsession about YOU.
  3. Yet this has always been a guilty pleasure for me. Though not sure how guilty I should feel. (skip the first minute or so absurd intro) Edit: I just posted a video of a dude in a loin cloth. Maybe I should have watched it first . . . Quick: Where's Tanya?
  4. Pat Toomey isn't running again so he's more of a free agent. He needs convincing more than pressuring. And Collins just won her seat back so pretty much the same applies for her.
  5. The thing I appreciate about C.P.'s insults is that it is the only time we get original content from him.
  6. This is what we do . . . . Let's make sure to stigmatize mental illness as much as possible. And . . . if you actually perceived @Leon Troutsky as suffering from mental illness, what would it say about your character for coming at him like this?
  7. White Nationalism is also a huge concern in certain police forces. It's terrifying when the guys with the guns and the badges are the criminals.
  8. In my 20 years of marriage, I have won exactly three arguments with Mrs. HolyMoses. The first was when I claimed her lunatic boss was subject to outbursts because of head injuries from his time with the Patriots (two weeks later the NYT article about CTE came out.) The second time was when I insisted that brown shoes with dark blue suits was now a thing and ok. The third, and last time was when I said that Obama was a more viable candidate than Clinton in 2008. Hillary was just divisive and, despite what Obama said, she was NOT "likeable enough." The final straw was when the
  9. We've got Snake and Marla coming at us from the left these days.
  10. But Joe Manchin got elected by promising a $15 min. wage and $50k loan forgiveness and $2,600 stimulus and free weed for everyone and converting aid to Israel to aid to Palestine, so if we don't have every one of those things in Biden's first month in office then I'm sitting out every election for the rest of life.
  11. I think Liz Cheney is following the Forrest Gump/Bubba Gump formula for success. She knows the storm that is brewing on Trump and she is going to let the rest of the 2024 candidates get wiped out by it.* Which sucks, because she could actually win and would be horrible. But good on her for now. *I know that Forrest and Bump had no knowledge of the storm and just lucked out. It is not a perfect metaphor.
  12. Grayzone News They are exactly as biased and accurate as . . . Project Veritas. Thank you for you contribution. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/alternet/ https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/alternet/
  13. We have had favorable COVID trends since January. However, with more folks getting the vaccine and warmer weather in parts of the country, we should continue to see a decreasing trend in new cases. But that trend in new cases stalled this week, and I don't like the new death curve. We have a chance to really stamp COVID out over the next few months. I hope people are not getting complacent. The disaster scenario is that the "new strains" are resistant to vaccines and more contagious and deadly. If people relax, we could see last summer to fall to winter nightmare repeat its
  14. Not gonna lie: When I glanced at "Andy" in the headline and then at the pic, my first thought was Andy Reid. . . maybe in middle school.
  15. Please tell me the poster child for Hollywood Liberal Elite Propaganda is NOT producing a docuseries on a previously perceived as credible coverup by a a Republican Congressmen. This is how you make the devil look sympathetic.
  16. Ever use the line "My allergy to those F'ing fans, you know, has returned." Probably not. I hope there are not people on this planet who know the movie better than I do, and I still have on idea what that means. 2:18
  17. Getting this in before the thread title changes: The actor who played Johnny "Dave's a mess!" Upton is Allan F. Nicholls who has a son named . . . Dave. If there is anything sacred in this world, this is not a mere coincidence.
  18. Eddie Shore/Toe Blake v. The Hanson Brothers The opening skirmishes in the battle for the Republican Party . . .
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