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  1. Yeah . . . that's gonna happen with early/mid '50's skinnyish Jewish guys with short curly hair. Hopefully, I look a little less like Screech than he does.
  2. Because if there is one thing Ralph Nader knows how to do, it's to make sure a Republican Presidential candidate is defeated.
  3. Can't decide if that place needs stripper polls or bowling balls.
  4. 1) You'd think after everything he's been through he wouldn't be walking around city streets carrying his big stick for everyone to see. 2) Looks like he was don some prison cell pushups. Decent guns for a skinny 54 y/o.
  5. Honey, remember how we voted for that bigot because we were “economically distressed“? Well, I just spent our tax cut savings on… a straw.
  6. Parscale scares the bejesus out of me. He is a more intelligent, more sophisticated, more technically savvy version of Carl Rove. Except with less of a soul.
  7. OK, that was a pretty good Boomer self own (actually a few years from true Boomer generation.) I just assumed it was a vid. oops
  8. Before I actually watch that, I assume that there are things in the video that are demonstrably wrong?
  9. Gee, . . . MSNBC, that has dozens of "panelists" on their shows every day, had one who said something dumb. NSNBC IS FOX. Perfect.
  10. This is among the most depressing thing about current politics. There ARE folks out there calling the shots straight. There ARE folks letting us know what is fraud, what is propaganda, and what are lies. But to the brainwashed, they are part of the lies of the "left". I got in trouble for this a long time ago, and I guess I will get in trouble for this again: But if people can be convinced that lies are truth and truth is a lie, atrocities come easy. Let's be clear, SB: Snopes is a leftist lie. Politifact.com is a leftist lie.But Donald Trump is the truth. What can be done about this?
  11. You actually don't see it. IF there is "political bias at all" why the ancillary hostile language about the Democratic "factions" or whatever in the first video? What about the Putin video where she talks (again, editorializing) about how great it is that Trump and Putin get along so well. Have you ever watched the videos with a critical eye and ear for a bias? Maybe you should. What about her "about me" page on her website?" About me.. I get asked a lot about credentials. There is no ‘Body Language Degree’. As the world is so polarized, I prefer to keep my personal details to a minimum. I am not looking to become famous. With all the threats these days against certain peoples, it is better this way as I have my family to consider and they are my first priority. Those who have followed me for a while, however, will know the proof is in the pudding. Huh? "The world is so polarized."? "Threats"? This is B.S. Post your credentials, you can still maintain anonymity. Finally, look at this: Open in Youtube and read the comments. She's a fraud who read a book about body language and she has an agenda that is obvious to anyone who is not already a lemming.
  12. You have no idea what you are doing to your brain. Do you really not recognize blatant propaganda? Get a filter. Get a clue. But FIRST,, GET OUTSIDE!
  13. Well, there were also those federal convictions for . . . HOUSING DISCRIMINATION back in the '70's.
  14. Liar https://www.politifact.com/facebook-fact-checks/statements/2019/jul/19/facebook-posts/trumps-ellis-island-award-was-not-work-within-blac/
  15. I could’ve call this the Atlanta United thread, but that would’ve been redundant, wouldn’t it? Remarkable that an Arthur Blank owned team website would not have an Arthur Blank owned team thread in it. But I don’t see a “PGA superstore thread“ either.
  16. And, if you’re doing MMA training, or I guess a kind of training, stay away from the head shots. I know a few really unfortunate scenarios with MMA training and head injury issues.
  17. I’m trying to figure out where he found a “nice young lady” at a Virginia Target who didn’t speak English. I mean, was this someone at the loading dock? Or someone that did maintenance or cleaning? I can’t imagine Target having people on the floor working with customers I don’t think English. That’s sounds like a load of B. S. But this is what happens. They find some ridiculous thing to get outraged about it, and then it turns out they’re making up the ridiculous thing in the first place.
  18. When people say that you are a moron, IT IS BECAUSE OF THIS POST
  19. When people say that you are a bigot. IT IS BECAUSE OF THIS POST.
  20. Are you going to admit you are getting conned? I heard what Trump said. He used some incredibly ugly language to describe their anti-Semitic attacks. But that was some pretty weak sauce right there. But not as weak as your lack of response.
  21. Great. Now every time some racist pig tells someone to "Go back to .______, there is going to be a video and people will blame Trump for starting it. Which is absurd, because racists pigs have been saying "Go back to ________" forever. But here's the deal: You can NOT say it isn't Trump's fault people are saying "Go back to _____" without AT LEAST recognizing that Trump was being a racist pig when HE said it too.
  22. Snopes is run by two liberals. They lie all the time.
  23. No doubt, he was not happy about Pelosi marginalizing the quad squad. So he puts Dems in a position of DEFENDING the quad squad, removing any distance between the Dem party and the fringe. This is a set up for him to portray the entire Dem Party with the fringe, thereby preventing some never Trump moderates from voting Dem AND creating infighting which suppresses the votes on both sides. The problem is, the actual angle of attack/defense here is to say something along the lines of : "While it is possible that Trump is so racist as to authentically attack minority with the oldest of bigot tropes, what is more likely, and more obscene, is that he is willing to achieve a more sophisticated goal (portraying the Democratic Party as aligned with the fringe while generating infighting/voter suppression) by USING BLATANT BIGOTRY that he knows will APPEAL TO HIS BASE. He ACTS like a BIGOT because he BELIEVES his base is that bigoted. So when uses racists tropes like this, it isn't the minorities who should be offended, it is the Trump supporters themselves who Trump believes WANT TO HEAR IT. THEY are the ones who need to recognize it for the insult that it is and reject it." Or something like that . . .Meh . . actually that's kind of dumb, too. Any better ideas?