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  1. You are completely cool with the target of an investigation hand picking the person overseeing that investigation . . . . after that person has made extensive comments in favor of the target of the investigation. Awesomesauce.
  2. Why is it "outstanding news" that an attorney appointed by Trump drafted an opinion in support of Trump? I am not an expert on this procedure, but the Hearing is in December. This looks like some kind of response brief in anticipation of the Hearing. It is an opinion on behalf of a client (I think, it is unclear whether they are acting as an independent actor or an advocate) that will be considered by the Judge in December. There is nothing binding about this.
  3. That is spectacular. Where did it come from? Is it real? I would love to see who is posting/reposting it. People who subscribe to any legitimacy to that should be kept away from pets . . . and ballot boxes.
  4. Devonte Freeman is on IR but that's not why the Falcons are 4-5. IOW, the data is not mutually exclusive.
  5. Thank you for defending the reputation of the alt right. It is critical that those who elect to assert their superiority over other nations, races, and ethnicities are afforded the same respect as minorities who are protected under the Fourteenth Amendment.
  6. Video from Trump’s morning briefings since last Wednesday.
  7. I know. You’re actually just a staunch @kicker And we love you for it. Most of the time.
  8. That’s actually pretty **** progressive, Kicker. Cool.
  9. You’re the puppet
  10. I know you are but what am I?
  11. The rumors are true. And speaking of queers and football: At the height of the Vick era, there was a big early season game against the Redskins. My kid had a 1:00 pm Sunday birthday party at one of those little gym places. No TV. No game. How could this happen? How could an American husband let his wife schedule a party during s Falcons game without a TV anywhere? Two dads, that’s how. If the folks in Obergefell had raised this argument, there might still be s gay marriage ban.
  12. There might be something else that will hurt him: Trump is a bully. He tells others what to do. He doesn’t do what others tell him to do. So he will take a two pronged approach: 1) Accuse the Democrats of desperately trying to unsurp the Democratic process by distracting and disabling the duly elected President and 2) delay, defy and deny every single demand in every single inquiry. Even if he has nothing to hide, he cannot allow the veneer to be worn off so it looks like he can be pushed around.
  13. Trump in bed with a half gallon of oreo cookie ice cream and multiple Super Sized #1 Value meal wrappers around him, channel surfing between FoxNews and Brady Bunch reruns and tweeting "FAKE NEWS"