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  1. Understanding your position on abortion as well as your distain for Biden, I 100 percent appreciate your patriotism. On the one hand, I appreciate how difficult it is for you to vote this way. On the other hand, it boggles my mind that anybody could vote differently.
  2. Like I said, I hope this is a positive step. I know you don’t want to substantively engage, but I have a couple of questions: How did that North Korean agreement work out? Which of the three leaders involved here can we trust to look out for the plight of the Palestinians? You are old enough to remember the Munich Agreement, shouldn’t we be a little cautious when parties to an agreement are not PART of the agreement? I honestly have not researched this enough, but what are the ramifications for the Palestinians in this agreement?
  3. I hope this is truly a positive step and not just an open cabal among three corrupt authoritarians.
  4. I think that IF Trump is defeated, we will be in a whole new political world. He is a Cult leader and his supporters are cultists. They are not Republicans. Mainstream Republicans have been playing along but Post President Trump will be some kind One America Network honcho who will guide his zombies to serve his purposes. I have no idea how that will play with the Republican Party, but Trump will NOT give a **** about the Republican party if he loses.
  5. Bless you child. Are there any limits on your forgiveness to those who vote third party? I don't want this to devolve to you know what, but are there circumstances where you could subscribe to a MLK "save of from the good people" rationale, in which NOT doing something to actually prevent an atrocity subject to condemnation? I think we are there now, but my question is purely theoretical. Even assuming we are not at that point now, does that point exist for you?
  6. Is someone plagiarizing my "Jews Behaving Badly Power RankingsTM posts?
  7. Unless the whole narrative was complete B.S., of course . . . Public defender: I worked with Kamala Harris. She was the most progressive DA in California. I grappled with this idea of defending a former prosecutor for a long time, but I have to say what I feel is right to set the record straight on Harris.
  8. That'is pretty much what Corn Pop is trying to do: Intentional or not, it is part of a broad, sophisticated and insidious voter suppression effort: Create institutional barriers (voter I.D.., close precincts, challenge and impede mail in voting etc.) and diminish enthusiasm (everyone is corrupt, your side can't do anything, your side isn't actually on your side, and, my favorite, the historical threat presented by the evil that is Trump really isn't so bad and your side just overeacts.)
  9. Thank you, Mr. Privileged Rich White Guy, for education the voting block that single-handedly resurrected Biden's campaign and led him to the nomination, that their candidate is actually detrimental to their interests. You have WFW completely lathered up.
  10. For sure. But no one can touch him when it comes to propaganda. Did you see his post asserting that Clinton would not make much of a difference in dealing with the Covid virus? It was freaking brilliant.
  11. Paulding County, were wearing a mask at school during a pandemic is a “personal choice“ but wearing a skirt that is more than 3 inches above the knees or a shirt with a beer emblem or a sleeveless shirt is verboten. Yes, Paulding county high school has a dress code. Look it up. (masks are not a part of it)
  12. Pro tip: absolutely everything that comes from corn pop is BS. Every. Thing. He is the most intellectually dishonest person who has ever participated in this message board.
  13. 1) True story: I don’t remember exactly how we figured it out, but it is certain that the attorney for the state absolutely knew that I was HolyMoses on the Atlanta Falcons message board. 2) The problem with all of y’all is trying to figure out how to explain to real life folks relevant things in conversation that originate from the board; “There’s this guy from....” 3) Speaking of the whole Deal thing, I hope most of you understand that one of the many reasons I go completely ape**** about Folks on this board who should know better but refuse to get on board the Biden train, is trumps complete assault on whistleblowers. I mean, I genuinely appreciate that @JDaveG , (and maybe others) voted against his policy interests when he voted for Jason Carter over Nathan Deal. But what about lieutenant colonel Vindman? What about the dozens of other inspector generals, whistle blowers, and witnesses who have put their hand on a Bible and told the truth about his misdeeds? ****, even people like ******* sessions who we all know is a piece of ****. But no one deserves to be so viciously eviscerated for actually standing up and doing the right thing for once in your lives. Every one of them has gone through what my wife and my family have gone through and much much worse. When you sit this one out, you are appeasing not only the perpetual assault on the safeguards of our democracy. But you are signing the career death sentence for folks like Mrs. HolyMoses, the individuals who are trying to safeguard our democracy. so, I’m very sorry for turning into an *******, especially to you @JDaveG, But I hope folks understand where I’m coming from.
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