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  1. This is really fascinating. Especially since Kelly told the world that he told tromp not to make the calls. Why would Kelly tell Trump not to make the calls? Because when you make that call, it is all about the family. It is not about the president. General Kelly knows Trump well enough to know, with absolute certainty, that Trump can never make anything about anyone other than himself. He proved that once again when the reporter asked him the question in the first place. All he had to do was talk about the service of the four men and express his sympathies. Instead he made it about himself and making calls, and comparing himself with other presidents. What Kelly just told the world is what many have suspected. Trump cannot control himself. He cannot even make a five minute phone call to a berieved family without making it about himself. By definition, the president of United States is a sociopathic narcissist. Just like Hillary.
  2. The Bigger concern is WHY was Kelly listening to the conversation. #AdultDaycare.
  3. Yeah. Hillary probably would've done the same thing.
  4. FIFY
  5. But not Trump. Trump didn't politicize anything here at all. Not from the moment the question was asked 12 days after the deaths. Because what kind of disgusting person would characterize the media and Democratic Party as despicable for politicizing this situation, but ignore any politicizing by Trump. You have been remarkably consistent, oh fine judge of character. Your friend, Terrible Human Being.
  6. I think this could be a great moment in ABF history at the end of a really ****ey Day. I think that most of us can actually AGREE on several things: 1) Trump lies when he doesn't need to. 2) Congresswoman Wilson was looking for an opportunity to make Trump look bad and shamelessly took advantage of a very private and tragic situation 3) Trump was looking for an opportunity to not look like a horse's Ax (12 days without mentioning or responding to the four deaths and shamelessly took advantage of a very private and tragic situation by politicizing past Gold Star family communications. 4) Kelly is disgusted by the whole thing, including his boss, but is sticking around out of a sense of Patriotic Duty. He is also still a conservative and possiby a Vichy Re . . . but now I'm over reaching on the consensus.
  7. Did you see my post yesterday morning? I made it up. But I seriously believed that Trump might have been trying to convey that message. Looks like he was, as Kelly said "in his way." But here's the problem: Trump did not say his words were misunderstood. Trump did not say that his words were taken out of context. He said that Wilson "completely fabricated" those words. Read the Tweet. Even though the mother confirmed them. So we don't know what Trump said or what he didn't say. I am happy to take Kelly's word for it. But why did Trump lie when he did not have to?
  8. So . . . I was right and Trump called a Gold Star Family a liar (again). . . . which was itself a lie. My favorite line " . . . in his own way . . . " "My boss is an inarticulate clod who might mean well but politicizes that which should never be politicized and even did what I did not think could ever be done and politicized a Gold Star Family last summer. Every thing that he seemed to be critical of in that segment he knows was also done by Trump.
  9. Sarah Huckabee Reading a letter from a 7 year old to Trump? When does this happen? Dear Lord. She is just insulting all of us.
  10. "You are what you respond to . . . . Let that sink in for a minute."
  11. If you're not first, you're last. WTF, dude?
  12. Gee . . . if you are correct, that might be shameful. If you think it is shameful for the words the President spoke to a Gold Star Family are shameful. But if that is shameful, is it possible that it is AS shameful as the person who originally spoke those words? Is it possible that it is as shameful as the person who spoke those words calling the Gold Star Family LIARS for repeating his words. Is it possible that you have not already posted here expressing your disgust with those shameful acts? If you have not, is it POSSIBLE that you are a partisan P.O.S. for your selective disgust? Possible?
  13. I read your posts every day. And every day I manage to be amazed at your complete lack of decency. I am amazed at the vitriol in your heart for all things contrary to your world view. How do you do it? "KARMA"? Tell Levi and Odessa Leipheimer that it was "KARMA" the destroyed their house, and his National Champion Jerseys. And Tour de France memorabilia? And then tell that to the thousands of others who have seen their lives go up in flames. Why? Why do you have to make it like this? How did you get to be SO angry?
  14. Cue in Trout and the Logan Act... Another one that thought some dumbshyt piece of legislation was going to take Trump down...pathetic You started this. You insulted me. You have yet to explain any of your seemingly trolling posts. Would you like to change your characterization of the Magnitzky Act as a dumbshyt piece of legislation? You are a piece of work . . . . on a good day. IN this thread you've been a P.O.S.