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  1. "How Bad Are Trump's Lawyers . . . .?" Posting after reading the first analogy . . "Imagine you moved to a new town and are going to see a new doctor for the first time. And when he walks in, he has his stethoscope dangling out of his ***. . .
  2. I love the Dems trolling the Trump Cult. I mean, it is too stupid to actually work. . . . HOWEVER, if there were ever a population prescreened to get con'ed, it would be Trump supporters. Plus . . . you don't have to fool all of them. You don't have to fool half of them. All you need is to get the dumbest 10% of Trump supporters not to show up . . . . and Dems get the Senate.
  3. Of course we do. I guess we all have different levels of sensitivity about getting called on it. You quoted me before my edit: We will have to repent in this generation, not only for the evil words and deeds of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.
  4. I know. That's exactly why I asked JDave if he was going to vote for the Republican senate candidates after they called for Brad Raffensperger to resign. Calling him on his political hypocrisy literally cost me a friendship. (It might have been the icing on the cake for all the other times I called him on his political hypocrisy, but it is all kind of the same thing.) I really don't know what the solution is when otherwise decent people default to political expediency in the face of authoritarianism. George Will called them "Vichy Republicans" back in 2016 and it has only gotten
  5. The best evidence in Georgia is that there is massive enthusiasm to vote against Trump, even more than the enthusiasm to vote for Trump, which was considerable. And the enthusiastic Trump people will vote Republicans down ballot. And the very few who are Republican but simply can't stomach Trump can stomach the pricks empowering and enabling Trump just fine. We will have to Canonize Stacey Abram (ok, she deserves it already, but you understand) if she can get close to the same turnout as we had for the general election. If The anti trump people show up and the pro trump people don't.
  6. The "remedy" is that they whip the Trump Cult into a frenzy and sweep the Georgia Senate races. Because the official Republican platform is now "Anything for power and, you know, like **** Democracy."
  7. Wait . . . is that an actual GOP account? There is no way that this is the official GOP position? Remembering when I was calling the GOP "Gaslighting Old Propagandists? That's what they are calling THEMSELVES NOW.
  8. Your honor, Defense would like to call Plaintiff's witness "Random Poll worker watching from more than six feet away." Mrs. Rando poll worker, you remember the scene to which America's mayor is referring? Yes In which the witness was impeached because her prescription was overdue for renewal, there were trees in the way, the window was steamy, and she was, I believe, 60 feet away? Yes, That's how I remember that scene. When you were observing, you were allowed to get within 10 feet of the poll workers, weren't you? yes I see you are wearing glasses. You've
  9. If they were mail in ballots from Fulton County (or DeKalb) I'm pretty sure 97/100 would be within the standard deviation. Unless she is a prbability and statistics expert, I'm not sure she can testify as to the degree that it is "unusual".
  10. Plenty of famous folks from St. Louis, but the latest and most infamous is Trump's pawn in the GSA who is currently undermining national security and health.
  11. It only took them two weeks, but I think they figured out that there is no need to try to prove a B.S. case in a court of law if you can just get your bureaucrats pawns to block election certification.
  12. So if bat **** crazy OAN/Newmax is actually a threat to democracy, how is it possible that rational leftists policies, or ANY policy can save us? IOW, I don't see how any policy is a defense to an alternative reality.
  13. It is so terrifying. The problem is not that 1/3 of the country is going to be brainwashed into believing things that make FoxNews look like CNN. The problem is that rather than margiinalyzing this cult, Republicans who know better will prostrate themselves to the cult to maintain power. I thought we were in a dark place. It could actually get darker.
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