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  1. I don’t know, but I think there’s some truth to this:
  2. Yeah . . . NO. I still don't trust the SOB. I think he's still trying to leverage a pardon. I'm not saying he won't do the right thing. I'm saying he will only do the right thing if it suits his personal interests. Once he testifies publicly, Trumps has zero use for him and he will go to jail. But the damage will be done, so if Trump is going to pardon him, now is the time. And even though I don't trust him to do the right thing for morality's sake, I do have complete confidence in the veracity of his testimony. Once again, Cohen has a million and two items that assure Cohen tells the truth: One million pieces of evidence. And Cohen's balls in a vice.
  3. Does he know that “Appalachia” is white people?
  4. King Don.....but Hillary participated in a voluntary prison work program in the ‘80’s. I’m sure Garland and a Clinton appointee would have rules the same as Gorsitch and Cavenaugh....
  5. You guys love throwing that at me. The fact is that my mistake was not recognizing the extent to which we are complete dumb -**** ********. That includes Republicans and purists. I have learned my lesson. You pricks have not.
  6. You’ll remember being proud of yourself for spreading that completely concocted ******** story when we have a Donald Trump stacked judiciary for the next half century, *******.
  7. Notice the St. Louis outlier? Those poor folks. At least the got their Lombardi.
  8. Kharma’s a *****, Sean. This is not the best, but there will be video stills that are certain to replace the “crying Jordan” meme.
  9. Text Exchange between my son and I. ( when you know you have raised them right. )! Son: 95 plays, Chiefs didn’t call a single timeout in OT Me: Nope. Andy Reid is going to use those to get two for one sprite six pack at the Publix tomorrow morning. For each one!!! That’s why he saves them.
  10. A few thoughts: - Somehow, as a Falcons fan, this year was even sweeter then the divisional round last season. The consequences of a saint victory would’ve been so much more dire. - I sent my son to New Orleans this weekend on a Sunday school trip with a Vikings Stefon Diggs jersey. Now I’ve got to find a jersey for that referee. - As falcons fans, we can no longer ever speak of Roddy White getting mugged in the end zone in the 2012 NFC championship game. And that’s fine by me!!! - Someplace in heaven, Don Denkinger approved of that call.
  11. Don Denkinger is the umpire who called the Royal player safe when he was clearly out. It cost the Cardinals the world series I certainly as that call cost the Saints.
  12. You got to be some kind of dumb son of a ***** to think that Don Denkinger loves St. Louis. Know your history, buddy
  13. Someplace in heaven, Don Denkinget is nodding in approval.
  14. Over and over we hear allegations that we don’t believe could possibly be true… Until we hear Trump and his people react to it.
  15. Don’t do that. Tebow has been sincere,positive, and consistent in his commitment to his faith. He is light years removed from the fringe hate of WBC. This post reflects poorly on you. Sorry.