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  1. Actually....”Little Red Riding Hood in the Hood.”
  2. I just respect your consistency.
  3. I do respect your consistency.
  4. Come on dude. I love you. And I’m really disappointed that you would take a page out of the BO playbook and conflate my post, which is clearly was about your selective indignation and hypocrisy, and pretend it is about me telling you who to vote for. First, I know that you didn’t vote for Trump and you have no intent to. And that’s fine. But I also know that you have posted about the vitriol coming from the left and how even though you won’t vote for Trump, it makes you want to out of spite. Tell me Exactly what I’m getting wrong please.
  5. Don’t worry, despite the differences in opinion he has with the Democratic Party on gun control @JDaveG will be posting that, due to the unacceptable vitriol coming from the Republican Party, he is none the less compelled hold his nose and vote for the Democratic candidate as a necessary step for decency over vitriolic politics in 3.....2.....1...... 3......2......1....... 10....9.....8.......7.......6.......5....... i’m getting a snickers, but it will happen…
  6. None of this is weird at all.
  7. He will . . . The easy choice is Elizabeth Warren, which is why the Bernie Bro's are aggressively coming after her as too Conservative these days. It is very tough to find a path from the moderate lane. Biden has it monopolized now and as he fades, I don't see Buttigieg, or Harris, much less Beto or Booker, really gainimng much steam. That being said, it will be interesting to see where Biden's support goes as he fades. Again, I'm guess Warren, but if we see the moderates picking up instead that would be good for Sanders.
  8. Because if you’re not pure, you’re ****.
  9. Biden turning into @WFW as it gets further past his bedtime.
  10. Buttigieg drilled the tariff question. Smart cookie
  11. Kamala seems a little loopy tonight. A little wine buzz kind of thing.
  12. Castro screaming at him like a maniac is not getting dragged all over the stage. And Buttigieg is doing fine. I like the tone of this debate more than any of the others. (Except for Casto being a ****head) I think everybody’s having a pretty good night. Bernie looks a little rough. His mind is sharp but he looks and sounds worn out. Biden and Bernie make 70 y/o Warren look vibrant.
  13. Exactly. Why? why didn’t you just stop at “cancer?” Why did you have to remind everyone right off the bat that you are slipping?
  14. Netenyahu would never lie. #DisloyalJew
  15. I respect your consistency.