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  1. Why does the President of the Untited States unnecessarily take as divisive a position as possible as often as possible?
  2. Don’t Forget to disenfranchise to Jewish voters from the Democratic Party at a time when well, you know.
  3. When I read the first post, I was dismissive. After reading the 2nd post, I think thesouphead might be on to something . . . Interesting.
  4. This is a strange story. In that it is sort of new but not remotely surprising, and certainly not what was targeted with the "raids" of Cohen's homes and office. I would be pretty shocked if this is anything salient relative to the big picture. Frankly, Trump would be thrilled if people were talking about this (instead of other things.)
  5. I'm bad. I know I've made some mistakes in the past, but I'm willing to make up for that. I want to be good.
  6. That’s absurd. These numbnuts think it appeared Cotes was laughing at Trump? Wrong. They WERE laughing at Trump!
  7. A FB friend posted that. If that axhole thinks that woman needs to lose 30 pounds he has a fetish for prebubescent girls and has no business being ona school board...or any board.
  8. Trump, Wednesday, November 7, calls into Fox and Friends giddy with electoral success: "What a night! We had a great time. Vlad is awesome. The guy can drink some Brewski's! But the amazing thing was how well this RUSSIAN guy was picking AMERICAN election results!! He made Nate Silver look like a chimp. We hit the couch at at 7 oclock and BAM:' He's calling every Senate Race on the East coast, upsets and everything. I'm talking HOURS before any networks, even the fake ones. "I am a talented guy. I would say no one can prognosticate elections like I can . . . But I have to admit. My boy Putin is better."
  9. I WISH that was the case. But think about what is much more likely, in light of everything we have seen about Trump. He is ignorant about history. He relies on instinct in sizing people up. He gets all acquiver over powerful people/authoritarians. He has told us over and over that Putin has been very sincere in his previous deniles about meddling (despite knowing about specific American intelligence to the contrary. So he believes Putin. He considers Putin an honest vessel. If Putin told him Browder and McCaul were criminals, he believed him. He actually believed that Putin was drawing a fair equivalency. Our bad guys for your bad guys. Which, now that I think about it, is just stupid. You're right. Never mind. Except this was more about ignorance and naiveite than self preservation.
  10. Why are they saying this is a reversal? FFS. Of COURSE it was outrageous that this was EVER CONSIDERED. But if you say "we are going to think about it." And then come out and say "We decided 'NO'". That is not a reversal. FWIW, so far I have seen The Hil and CNN refer to this as a "reversal". This is disappointing. So, if you are keeping scorethis week, this is 2 reversals, 1 total cuck consideration to he has slightly more fortitude than an amoeba. (No meddling to meddling was reversal 1. No continued meddling to whatever they claim he said was number 2)
  11. It really isn't, but then you are mocked for reacting. I posted this the other day (when brought up the stenographer who wrote about Trump NOT using recordings.), but this is the frightening reality: He gaslights absurdities like "Russian meddling is fake news. Dems are using it as an excuse." And "This is fake news and we have recordings" (even though he doesn't.) Because he has a contingent of support that believes everything he says. And that contingent of people that I hope ( @JDaveG ?) I can cal call "Brain Dead Minions" is significant. I heard this morning that only 1/3 of Republicans believe Russians meddled with the election.) So no Republican can challenge trump without incurring the wrath of the BDM's. It is political suicide. So you have people like Rubio backing of criticism of Trump's Helsinki meeting fiasco with the whole "would/wouldn't) idiocy by saying "I can't get inside his mind so I'll take him at his word that that's what he meant." And he does it because he doesn't give a **** about America. He doesn't give a **** about Democracy. He wants his tax cuts. His deregulation, his Supreme Court Justices. You have some Republicans with integrity, like Steve Schmidt, George Will, Joe Scarborough, even John McCain, who leave the party and/or call Trump on his assault on Democracy. But that's not enough. The only folks left to put out the Dumpster fire are Democrats. And then you have axholes like Psychic Gibson and B.O. (with tremendous help from Russian Troll Farms) saying "Hey, you guys are not using environmentally appropriate water to put out this fire, I'm out!!! And then it seems pretty freakin' hopeless. Which is why I awoke this morning drenched in sweat, wallowing in my own feces, with Mrs. Holy Moses wiping drool to prevent drowning as I posted my outrage on the message board. Sure, that's just another day in the life of WFW, but I don't like it.
  12. This used to be my all time favorite sports trivia question. How many NFL cities have never had a black quarterback start a football game? For a little while, the answer was 1 Alas, Boston finally came around in 2016.
  13. Why would/wouldn't they approve funds for election security? (This is going to get cumbersome)
  14. Find me a heterosexual Progressive who would/wouldn't.* OK . . . or hasn't. *(joining flammable/inflammable as words that sound like they should mean opposite things but actually mean the same thing.)
  15. Remember how we decided we were not going to play the "look at what a few idiots with opposing views did so I"m going to blame all people with opposing views" game?