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  1. Is there another tweet that says something like "Just because I'm not prohibiting anything doesn't mean you should take your grandparents out to eat in a crowded restaurant and not wear masks on crowded busses or anything like that." That tweet just screams "IT"S OVER! GO CRAZY FOLKS! GO CRAZY" I get it that we are on the down side of this. And maybe it isn't a horrible thing to open things up. But some caution would undoubtedly save lives. Hundreds if not thousands of life. And these folks are pro Life. I just screen shot* (on my phone) the current tables for daily new ca
  2. And she is full of ****. The one thing we SHOULD be able to agree with is that he did not GRAB her breasts. Why was she posting a USO pic with Franken on her Twitter account? It isn't like she did not have more USO pics to chose from? https://www.google.com/search?q=leeann+tweeden+uso&rlz=1C1GCEU_enUS825US825&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=L_YE6UEceKQTpM%2CRTT90u77y0KcXM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kTna82GMe3V-8yWECqE4kH2o814Eg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjwj8Cjq5LvAhVymeAKHYFiA2AQ9QF6BAgMEAE&biw=1680&bih=938#imgrc=L_YE6UEceKQTpM R
  3. That's just it . . . I think Franken said she could not consent to the joke . . to the objectification or whatever. If you have a quote that he mentioned contact, I would like to see it.
  4. What is cupping? Is it pretending to touch? Is it maybe barely touching accidentally as you look at the camera? Is it intentionally making light contact? Is it actually putting pressure? I'm not saying you can do any of these things. I AM saying that given the context, if it was the first two, it . . . I'll say this. If that was my son, and he was wearing crotch protection over his underwear and fatigues and he had been on tour with Franken and it was the first two (accidental light touching at worse) I would have no problem with it. And if it was my daughter, same an
  5. There was some *** grabbing. At least there were allegations of *** grabbing during pictures . . one was at a State Fair or something. If you subscribe to the believe women perspective, which I think you should, then the actual *** grabbing is grounds for bouncing him (and anyone else.) There were no allegations of anyone he worked with in the Senate but one coworker on SNL said he over rehearsed a stage kiss. But the picture was nothing. @Mr. Hoopah! Lee Travino can shake his head all he wants. But NO WAY is Al Franken sexually assaulting her in that picture. Again, it COULD b
  6. That apology is ********. She felt violated because he made a joke about harassing her. 1) There is no evidence that there was actual contact. 2) If there WAS actual contact, it was through a flack jacket. It was through a material that is intended to STOP A BULLET. That was the ******* JOKE!!! Now, we can have a discussion about whether or not he should make a joke about it. But I will go to my grave insisting that this was not sexual haassment. Wait . . . I'm sorry. Let's take a step back again: Did she feel violated because he touched her? Or did she f
  7. Please tell me you aren't talking about this photograph . . . . Please? Because we need to be clear about holding someone accountable for sexual harassment v. holding someone accountable for making light of sexual harassment.
  8. Two people are talking about sexual harassment in the workplace. And for that, Cuomo needs to go. ONE person is talking about a creepy old dude making a pass at her at a wedding. (He touched her back, face, and asked to kiss someone thirty years younger) I have no idea why anyone in the media is talking about that.
  9. Noted film critic Lou Reed would have been 72 today. Happy Birthday, Lou. Rock and Roll ANIMAL.
  10. Another Cardinal move that reminds me of a Simpson's Episode when someone invented a infant/toddler translation device. It was when folks were using baby leashes. They had a toddler translation that said "This leash demeans us both." Remember Emmitt Smith? That move was demeaning to him AND the Cardinals. Is was demeaning to Smith for ending his career with the freaking Cardinals. And it was demeaning to the Cardinals because of what they gave up to sign a guy way past his prime. Same here.
  11. Andrew Cuomo is the poster child for the rule: Once you can fake sincerity, everything else is cake.
  12. Don't do that. Never do that. Yesterday, dude hit his drive to a green side bunker on a par four and says "Easy sandy!!" (Making par from a sand trap pays a buck from everyone in our game) My playing partner and I just look at each other. Dude takes two to get out, three putts. Double boagie. Never do that.
  13. I'm pretty sure the guy at the beginning is shouting "Free Dumb!!! Free Dumb!!!" Because the crowd boos them when they are told they are on private property and the owner requires masks. https://www.mediaite.com/politics/freedom-cpac-organizers-booed-and-heckled-for-pleading-with-attendees-to-put-on-masks/?jwsource=cl
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