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  1. You know that's all part of the drill. But you also know: Don't freakin' blink!
  2. Kettle meet Posh Spice.
  3. MDrake (attorney) debunked an awful lot of what you've said. HolyMoses (attorney) thinks you're a fundamentally decent person who has been so heavily indoctrinated in Red State Red Meat that you no longer can smell the bull crype you perpetually regurgitate.
  4. That's one guess.*. But a better one would be that I care a lot, but all of the "evidence" you have provided has been holy (keeping the misspell because I'm in Israel.) discredited, and this issue is deeply offensive to the deceased's family. * no one forced to read my post. I guess you're another one of those people who are just obsessed with my posts Gee! The guessing thing is fun!
  5. As Marla says, she knows BS when she sees it. What she DOESN'T say, is that as soon as she sees it, she posts it on this message board!
  6. Yeah....You too. What am I missing here?
  7. It's always entertaining during Yom Kippur services. When everyone iis standing it's just Arthur Blank and me as islands above a sea of bald heads... edit: That's not actually true. There are a lot of six footers, it's just that most of them have the good sense to have their heads down to read their prayer books rather than gawk at the Falcon's owner. And most of the have hair, too, but ithe joke worked better the way I started.
  8. “I knew Poole was going to be amongst us when in training camp I saw him counting in line, not for who he didn’t want to go against, but because he wanted to go against Julio (Jones),” Quinn said during his coach’s show last November. “… That told me right then and there the competitor that he is. As opposed to backing off, he wanted to go challenge it. I’m not saying he went up there and stoned him. However, it spoke a lot to the confidence that he had in himself to say ‘I want to try it against the best.’” When Poole was reached to comment on Quinn's remarks he replied: "WHAT?!?! Does he think I'm CRAZY?!?!? Who WANTS to go against Julio in drills...or ANYTHING?!?! I was trying to AVOID him. I just can't count for crap!"
  9. Maybe @marla_mulder or WFW can explain how this is doing anything but trolling his own supporters? http://m.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/trump_administration/trump_approval_index_history http://m.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/obama_administration/obama_approval_index_history Bear in mind that Rasmussen is a notoriously conservative polling firm. And even in rest mucin, at this point in his presidency, Obama was doing better. And at the conclusion of his presidency, Obama was doing much much better. Yes, of course there were points during Obama's presidency that he was below 50%, but that means nothing. At least anyone who understands these things. And, by the way, his strong approve/strong disapproval rating is still -11%
  10. Drain the Swamp!!
  11. I'd bake another pie.
  12. I have no idea why, but this popped up when I logged in from New wifi. This was the most prophetic and unfunny joke thread ever.
  13. Summary of Trump's deferments: http://www.snopes.com/2016/08/02/donald-trumps-draft-deferments/ And hitting with Serena Williams... Look, one of the great shames of our history is the elitism pervasive in Vietnam service avoidance. I'm in Israel walking around seeing 18 year old boys and girls in uniform. If you're going to have draft, this is how to do it: EVERYONE SERVES. Doctors who sold b.s. Medical deferments during Vietnam were sending less entitled boys to die. I don't blame Trump for taking advantage of the opportunities presented at the time, but his opportunistic exploitation of our soldiers now is cynical and hypocritical.
  14. Depends on your definition of "camp". My recollection is the "target" add were somehow directly connected to Palin. If this is from someone with similar ties with the Democratic Party, then it's a fair equivalence. And, Saint David of Holy Faulty conclusion, it's not cool at all regardless. But that does not make it the same.
  15. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But is that an actual conclusion that has been reached? Or is that there's not been a conclusion reached the other way? It's a matter being investigated or is it closed?