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  1. 1 minute ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:

    This is making the rounds on twitter.  It's deeply ugly and unprofessional.

    But not wrong . . . .There are the vulnerable among us that are particularly susceptible to B.S.  And there has been a remarkable volume of B.S coming from the White  for the entirely of the Trump administration from Trump before and since.

    That is going to impact the vulnerable.  We saw it in Pittsburgh, we saw it January 6th.  We have seen it from folks right here on this message board.  


  2. On 5/16/2021 at 2:50 PM, Corn Pop said:

    Should’ve never fired Dan Reeves the season* the Ravens broke Vick’s leg and hired a guy who huffed ammonia caps.

    *3-1 record in games Vick played 

    Dan Reeves v. Arthur Blank was incredibly frustrating.  Blank was too new to the game and didn't get it.  He wanted his own guy.  I have so much respect for both of them but they brought out the worst in each other.

  3. Amazing the Bello had a pretty mediocre game.  He was not effective creating anything on the left side and seemed pretty hemmed in all night.  I thought he was getting exhausted and thought they would make a sub for him.  

    Then, with almost no time for a counter, the Montreal player completely over commits and boob, the game is over.  

    Nice first touch to get past the guy, then perfect pass to Mulrraney with the fresh legs.


  4. 6 minutes ago, Corn Pop said:

    I was referring to your Zionism.

    If you’d been paying attention over the past 10 years you’d notice that the vast majority of criticisms of Israel that I’ve posted here have come from Jewish people. 


    Really?  Since birth?  I was born Jewish.  I was not born a Zionist.  

    I have been critical of Israel.  I have expressed support for Palestinian rights.  

    You want to apply a certain label on me to undermine my credibility.  

    It's a technique.  Of a propagandist.  You are good it at.

    Is it possible that you and Achhilles are more absolute about your condemnation of Israel than I am in my support?


  5. 41 minutes ago, Corn Pop said:

    I realize that someone like yourself has been indoctrinated since birth to put your ethnic identity above all else and to deny the humanity of Palestinians. Luckily there have always been a lot of Jews with a moral compass.

    My favorite person on Twitter, Felix Biederman:

    And I realize that someone like yourself has so clearly established your impartiality towards Jews that you must mean something other than my Judaism when you say "someone like yourself has been indoctrination since birth to put ethnic identity above all else and to deny the humanity of Palestinians."  


  6. 21 minutes ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

    I have this and Polynesian!!! :lol:

    So all this Chic-fil-a talk cranked up a craving so I just went downstairs for a spicy chicken meal.  There were bins full of sauce but I noticed there was only one Garden Herb Ranch packet in my bag.  :(  We will rebuild!

    ALSO, As I was heading down there, I read that the CDC is saying no masks indoors or out if you are fully vaccinated.  So I'm hanging out at Chic-fil-a without a mask and everyone is looking at my like I'm a massive *******.  It's like I need to where a mask that says "I'm not an *******, I'm just following the new CDC guidelines!!!" 

  7. 23 minutes ago, AF89 said:

    All I know is just about every powerful Dem in my lifetime has bent over backwards to prove a one sided loyalty to Isreals right to pretty much do what it wants, at most you get a little pushback from the Clinton administration to "please do just a little peace talks as a treat" and we all know this time next midyear elections time the dumb white boomer narrative will be how Biden abandoned Isreal to unholy anarchy.


    13 minutes ago, Corn Pop said:

    Not so easy being an apologist for ethnic cleansing these days, is it?

    Maybe I'm misconstruing the original post, but it sounded like the usual attack from the RIGHT that ANY criticism of Israel by a Jewish American is "turning your back on your country."  And THAT is the take that gets old.  

    Michael Brooks is right:  Our Jewish values deplore subjugation.   To B.O. I'm an ethnonationalist.  To Orthodox Jews I'm self loathing.  

    Am I both?  Or neither?

  8. 1 minute ago, Corn Pop said:

    still glad I didn’t vote for this 




    Look:  Hamas is a terrorist organization.  They have elections.  They can vote for a Party that resorts to violence or a Party that works towards peace.  

    Same with Israel.  Israel has elected a President who doesn't care about peace and, in fact, extends settlements and further subjugation of Palestinians.  I absolutely do not think it is a coincidence that the recent aggressions occurred just prior to schedule Palestinian elections.  The escalation in hostility encourages both sides to to elect hawks.  Netenyahu is barely hanging on.  He NEEDS Hamas to remain in power and to "attack" Israel to rile up his own people and maintain his own power.

    Both Netenyahu and Hamas are willing to escalate violence, even when it means death to their own people, in order to maintain power.  

  9. 15 hours ago, Gritzblitz 2.0 said:

    All of them. Today is a pool day at the resort, then Hollywood, Animal, Epcot, and Magic the next 4 days. 

    I'm more excited for Hollywood and the Star Wars rides than my kid. 

    One of the most viscerally emotional moments I have had as a parent was walking through the gates at Disney World with my kids and thinking about being there with my parents.  Surprising how much pollen could suddenly accumulate in Orlando that time of year.

  10. 8 minutes ago, lostone said:

    Had to let the guy go today.  It broke my heart fam.  He was more concerned about me than himself and that broke me.  It was hard enough to deliver the bad news.  

    great way to go into my anniversary weekend :( 

    When a guy like that doesn't perform and is that gracious about getting canned, it makes you wonder.  

    He had the talent to get hired.  Why hasn't he performed?  Sounds like he's not a bad guy.  I wonder if he has depression issues or substance abuse issues.  Maybe he needed help with something that could have turned things around for him.  I guess you can't really broach that in the workplace . . . 

  11. 47 minutes ago, AF89 said:

    No idea wasn't there. She just pulled up to our dads house and was like "I couldn't find any normal gas so I filled it up with desiel is that bad?" 

    And I'm like well I don't know a ton about cars but yes definitely. 

    I think she would have been fine if she had just done like premium or something 

    I am certain that purging diesel form gasoline automobiles will be a cottage industry by now oclock.

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