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  1. BruceReville (12/18/2007)
    Our Non-Denominational Diety

    Whom Art In A Non-Denominational Place

    Hallowed Be Thy Reference You Are Called By

    Thy Non-Denominational Kingdom Come

    Thy All-Inclusive Will Be Done

    On Earth As It Is Wherever You May Dwell

    The new team prayer could start out something like that :w00t:

    I know how Jesus loves a smart ##### but you could just try this:

    "Let us be blessed by our creator with the courage to play to our potential and bring us safely through this game."

  2. logic (12/18/2007)
    gritblitzer (12/18/2007)
    logic (12/18/2007)I respect the fact that Blank is of Jewish religion but his meddling in the pre-game prayers and his exlanation for why is pathetic. If his players and coaches weren't offended why should he care? How many of his players are jewish? Dude is a control freak..
    You heard it differently than I did then. Arthur's explanation sounded totally reasonable. Arthur never confronted Petrino about it. Arthur reminded McKay that there were several people within the Falcons organization who were of different faiths and that the pre-game prayer should reflect that (as it normally does in virtually every mixed gathering setting).

    That whole story is the Petrino camp desperately grasping at straws and throwing anything they can out there to make their boy look better.

    Anyone who buys into this story as being a real issue is a fool.

    I agree Petrino trying to use this as an excuse or a way to justify him bailing on his commitment is pathetic. I still feel that a team prayer (when 90% of the players are probably Christian) shouldn't offend a muslim accountant or jewish equipment manager that also works in the organization.

    Were they allowed to give Christmas gifts and cards or would that also disrupt Blanks policy? It just seems like a petty thing for an owner to be concerned with and something that eventually had ZERO affect on the teams performance on the field. Excuse me for getting all Bill O'Reilly but isn't this still a Christian nation?

    Why should the equipment manager or accountant, or . . . THE OWNER have to listen to a full frontal Jesus Prayer while on the job? Is the prayer for the TEAM or just the Christians? Do the Christians care what happens to the equipment manager, the accountant, or the owner during the game?

    Regardless . . . I'm sure Jesus is quite proud that the likes of Bobby Petrino is looking out for him. [That's a shot at Petrino, NOT Christians.] Although I am Jewish, I would hope that most true Christians would be wholly disguisted with Petrino's dishonesty and disloyalty as a whole, and his misleading the media about "meddling" with the team prayer specifically.

    Shameful from top to bottom.

  3. I was reading to my seven year old son last night when I saw Westbrook heading to the endzone. I went back to my reading before he got there but when I saw the Eagles taking a knee and running out the clock, I knew I had an opportunity to teach my son a much more valuable lesson than anything from the book.


    What a refreshing show of intelligence, character and team dedication. Credit also goes to Jon Runyan for giving him the heads up before the play. In the video, at :31, you can actually see Runyan running down field waiving Westbrook down! Cool stuff.

  4. I've been critical of Hall plenty of times this year, but that was NOT a late hit. I watched it several time at live speed with sound. The pile was working, the whistle had not blown until a millisecond before Hall made contact. There was NO WAY for him to have stopped after the whistle.

    Coaches say to play 'till the whistle. That's all Hall was doing. That was a P.O.S. call.

  5. roddywhite84owns (12/15/2007)
    doesnt suprise me, but you never know he could change his mind for the right offer

    "Honey, I know how difficult it would be to change high schools or not have your daddy around during your senior year, but if you invest my signing bonus, by the time you graduate from college, I can assure you that you will never actually have to WORK a day in your life . . . nor will your children."

  6. holymoses (12/13/2007)
    Dunn hasn't hampered by Petrino nearly as much as he has been hampered by the absence of Vick. Our running backs have enjoyed inflated stats because of the pressure Vick put on the back side ends, who could never crash down on running plays because they had to defend the bootleg/rollout by Vick. There was essentially one less guy to block and MUCH bigger cutback lanes.

    I want to clarify that I have TONS of respect for Dunn both as a player and a person. He is 100 percent class and I have no problem with him sounding off on Petrino. He has special talent which was enhanced by Vick. Note that Duckett was not exactly productive with Vick so obviously Dunn was brining something to the table.

  7. Dunn hasn't hampered by Petrino nearly as much as he has been hampered by the absence of Vick. Our running backs have enjoyed inflated stats because of the pressure Vick put on the back side ends, who could never crash down on running plays because they had to defend the bootleg/rollout by Vick. There was essentially one less guy to block and MUCH bigger cutback lanes.

  8. JDaveG (12/12/2007)

    PM function is down, at least for me. PM HolyMoses when you can and run this by him, or PM me. HM does personal injury (though I don't know if he specifically does med-mal), and I can refer you to people who do as well if he cannot. I know he and I share a high degree of respect for one med-mal lawyer in town.

    This is definitely worth looking into, though I have to warn you that the cost-benefit ratio for cases like this went down in light of tort reform. Essentially, since wrongful death is a "non-economic" damage (i.e., the life of your child is worth less in the eyes of the law than the cost of lifetime medical care had the baby lived), the vast majority of your recovery may be capped. Sad, but true.

    Anyway, I definitely would review it further. Med-mal is a highly specialized field, and it is very difficult to nail down medical negligence, in large part because you and I don't know the prevailing standards, and what seems like negligence might not be, and what seems normal might be rank negligence. It's worth a look if only to give you peace of mind.

    TWO YEAR statute of limitations from the date of injury and you MUST have an affidavit from an obgyn asserting that the doctor's conduct arose to a level of professional negligence.

    If you are CONSIDERING legal action, it is IMPERATIVE that you contact a lawyer ASAP. I'm with JDave, contact one of us and we can give you the name and number of an attorney who specializes in this area. (I don't.)

  9. I think his point was not that the media is giving evangelicals a "bad rap," but rather that the media tends to conflate "evangelicals" with "Christians," which is correct. It's a fine point, but an accurate one. Rather than "evangelicals," I'd have used the term "fundamentalists," which would make largely the same point. I understand why he did not use that term, but I think it's more accurate.

    Anyway, I think he's saying exactly what Lutherans throughout the ages have said -- the Two Kingdoms of God must be kept separate.

    Maybe the word we should use is "Theocrats"?

  10. I'm sort of confused . . . on the one hand, it sounded like he was blaming the media for evangelicals getting a bad rap, AND claiming the Christians are now the "victims" . . . which I think is total bunk.

    But his conclusion seems to be render unto Caesar . . . . which is fine. I'm just not sure I agree with how he got there! Maybe he's legitimating this psycho's point? Or is he saying we are going to remain a target so long as we stick our neck out in politics? Or is he just playing it straight . . . .that mixing god and politics has never "worked out"?

    Very interesting piece, regardless. Thanks JDave!

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