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  1. 10 hours ago, AF89 said:


    I think the game 2 win actually goes to Nate more than the Knicks.  I swear it looked like he was TRYING to lose that one.  Especially based on his post game comments.

    HOWEVER, there might have been some long term strategy that actually paid off:  After game two, the teams would only have one rest day for the next two games.  Rose was (arguably) our biggest match up problem.  He looked sharp and dynamic early in the series, playing 38 minutes with 17 points in game 1 and 39 minutes with 26 points and +12 in game two.  That's a lot of minutes for a guy with a lot of mileage and injuries on his legs.  He actually played more minutes than anyone in the series.  He was sharp enough in game 3 with 30 points in 39 minutes, but was -16.  And he deteriorated from there: 18 points -22 in game 4 and only 6 points -11 last night.

    Maybe Nate figured if Rose was on the court and his go to guys were on the bench, he was winning in the long run.

    Maybe he was SO confident that he didn't want the team to go stale after a sweep.

    Or maybe he's an idiot.

    But I'm hoping he'll be our idiot for a while.  Sign that man.

  2. 11 hours ago, AF89 said:


    He's* got this dream about buying some land.

    He's gonna give up the booze and the one night stands.

    And then  he'll settle down

    In some quiet little town

    And forget about everything.


    *I have not heard that song in 25 years but I did not have to look up that verse.  But I checked to make sure I had it right and I had it wrong.  I remembered it as "I" not "he".

    There might be something Freudian in that . . . 


  3. 32 minutes ago, Leon Troutsky said:

    Also, here is a retired general (Douglas MacGregor) openly calling for a military coup in France on a pro-Trump website:


    Here’s what he says about the US:

    It’s painfully obvious that many, if not most, of the senior military leaders like Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley are committed to globalism and multiculturalism, but one wonders what the majority of patriotic American soldiers, sailors, airman, and Marines, along with the courageous police officers and firefighters across the country, really think. What will these guardians of national order and security do when they confront more chaos and disorder on the scale of last summer’s criminal violence against American symbols, citizens and property in the months and years ahead?

    ^^^And who is this guy?  Some rando nutjob on the interwebs (other than a retired general)?  Nope, this is the guy who wrote that pro-coup and pro-authoritarian screed…

    It was Nov. 9, 2020¬†‚ÄĒ days after Trump lost his re-election bid, 10 weeks before the end of his presidency and just moments after Macgregor was offered a post as senior adviser to acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller.

    …  He had met Trump for the first time at an hour-long Oval Office meeting in April 2020. The two men bonded instantly. When the meeting ended, Trump told Macgregor, "I want you working for me. We will find a way."

    Trump had warmed to Macgregor through his frequent appearances on Fox News, where the colonel blasted the U.S. military's presence overseas, called congressional leaders "idiots," and ridiculed Pentagon policies on diversity and transgender troops.

    [General Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff] considered Macgregor "irrational edging on all-out lunacy."

    It didn't take long for Macgregor to agree to McEntee's offer to come onboard. ..


    Wasn't this the guy you quoted about Muslims having tons of kids so they can become a majority or something??

  4. Anyone have a link to what lead to Collins getting stiches in game 4?  I heard it got pretty chippy.  At the first sign that the Knicks are going to continue the overly physical stuff, I think Capela should go out with an early "injury", then have Okongwu or someone come in and knock Derrick Rose's teeth out.




    Send THAT kind of tone 

  5. 38 minutes ago, AF89 said:

    Yeah . . . this is a weird one.  I don't want to get into the whole parochialism of St. Louis because I don't know if this is a reflection of that or not.  But the "VP Parade" and the "VP Fair" was a HUGE thing growing up in St. Louis and even into the '90's.  (I guess it is still going on.)  Hundreds of thousands of people would go to the concerts and fireworks that were part of the Fourth of July celebrations. The Veiled Profit aspect was a total footnote.  It was just the 4th of July Celebration, so to most St. Louisans, it was not weird at all.  Pretty much it was limited to something that would happen during the parade:

    Kid:  Why is that women wearing a veil"

    Dad: No idea.  Check out the CLYDESDALES!!!

    Kid:  WOW!!

    There was a huge bike race around the old Busch Stadium that was one of the things that got me into racing.  I won the cat 4 race in 1988, which was a huge thing for me.  

    I don't think I want to read about everything behind it.

    But yeah, St. Louis is weird.  And I'm pretty sure this same weirdness is directly related to why it does not have a football team, but that is another very long story.

  6. On 5/27/2021 at 5:53 PM, Leon Troutsky said:

    Cool cool cool…

    A Trump appointee serving on West Point's advisory board has repeatedly spread a conspiracy that the Biden administration is bringing in non-White immigrants as part of a "grand plan" to have them outnumber White Americans of European ancestry in the United States. 

    In another interview, he also attacked women serving in the military in combat roles. 

    The comments were made in April and May by retired Army Col. Douglas Macgregor, who was appointed to West Point's Board of Visitors in the waning months of the Trump administration, and uncovered in a CNN KFile review of his recent comments. Macgregor also served as a senior official in Trump's Department of Defense, where he was tasked with the US withdrawal from Afghanistan after being appointed in November 2020. 

    Macgregor was previously nominated to be the Trump administration's ambassador to Germany, but his nomination failed to receive a hearing following a CNN KFile report on controversial comments on minorities, Islam, and Germany's remembrance of the Holocaust. He graduated from West Point and served in the US Army for nearly 30 years as a decorated combat veteran before retiring as a colonel in 2004. He is a frequent radio and television commentator on national security affairs, most recently for Fox News and RT, and has published five books.

    Jesus . . . .Long story but . . . 

    A very dear old friend of mine from my early racing days in STL has bounced around a little and ended up in Hilton Head, where I spent the "long weekend".  He is about fifteen years older than me so when I was in my early/mid twenties, he was this cool adult Dentist dude in his '40's who drove a 928S with a bike rack and remarkably was fit for such an "old" guy.  He was awesome because he had no filter.  And I had no filter.  I'll never forget driving back from an epic mountain bike ride (in his Porsche) and I gave him some off the wall response to something we were talking about and he just calmly said "Downvote Don, your brain doesn't work the same way as other peoples' brains."  He also once screamed at me when I was obsessing about a girl who had dumped me "DOWNVOTE DON, WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN?!?!?"  

    So he cut right to the chase and I loved him for it.

    Then things got weird.  We lost touch, I heard he had some mental issues.  I was Facebook friends and had to block him because he was full MAGA.  But he reached out a while back. and I texted him about playing golf in HH this weekend and we had a really nice reunion/round Saturday.

    He told me he had actually been hospitalized for his manic depressive  condition, and had even been suicidal.  He was on his fourth wife.  The same guy was there, he truly is a beautiful soul and delightful, but as the round progressed, you could tell how bitter he was that so many of his old friends had turned on him.

    It was pretty clear to me that his old friends had not turned on him, they had tried to help him but couldn't break through.  He still isn't taking meds.

    We actually had respectful talks about politics and I was hopeful that I could  . . . i don't know, get him back to his old community a little or something.

    I had to cancel our round on Sunday for other plans, and he said he couldn't make Monday.

    Monday morning I texted him:  "I'm playing Golden Bear at 2:48 if things open up for you.

    He sent me back eleven 20-75 word texts going full MAGA on various topics.  It was weird and sad.

    The last bit was a couple of screen shots from the propaganda site "trending politics" about the MacGregor thing you posted.  Followed by a text "Kill everything white in sight.  Such good people.  These New Black Panther Party thugs.  Bring it. We fight back.  Let's see who wins."

    We are at a very strange and dangerous place.  And my heart aches a little more.

  7. 3 hours ago, bdog 29 said:

    If Fontenot manages to get a first for a 32 year old Julio who just came off an injury-plagued season and has actively made it clear he isn't coming back to Atlanta, he's earned a decent chunk of his paycheck for the year. 

    Love Julio but that contract makes this a win for us

    Yeah . . . . The fact this was posted and got 7 likes on a Falcons message board makes me think there there is no feakin' way we get a first.  Or a second.  

    If we do get a first, it means the league sees something in him that we don't (anymore.)

    BTW, Anyone have an answer on the $40 million dead money hit if we trade him?

  8. 4 minutes ago, Corn Pop said:



    Thank you, Mr. Good Faith Poster Who is Absolutely NOT Anti-Semitic for replying to substantive criticism from  a Jewish person with an insult that is completely random other than it targeted at another Jewish person.  

    Also thank you for explaining why you spent the better part of Monday or Tuesday mocking concerns about increased violence against Jews.

  9. 4 minutes ago, The Monarch said:

    dude needs to be suspended for this ****





    Suspended and taken out back and have the **** beat out of him.

    There is tough play that is part of the game and there is intent to injure that is NOT part of the game.  Flagrant fouls typically are part of the game.  **** like this is not.

  10. 31 minutes ago, Corn Pop said:

    Oh no I‚Äôve upset the ethnonationalist¬†ūüėĒ



    14 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

    She's a sensitive one, who quite frankly "exaggerates about her prowess" and time on the range and golf course. :tiphat::lol: 

    Perhaps, when your greatest support is from the opposite side of your purported position, it is fair to question either your strategy or your motives.

  11. 18 hours ago, Corn Pop said:


    A ****post tweet in which a vote to enhance security at the Capitol after an unprecedented breach is is conflated with police reform in response to the George Floyd murder.  Reforms that must be supported by a different party or something.


  12. 1 hour ago, Leon Troutsky said:

    It’s not funny, but it’s definitely funny…

    Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who is under fire for likening vaccine requirements to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany, once harshly condemned comparisons of migrant detention camps to the Holocaust as an "embarrassment to our country" that "should be shamed by everyone." 

    The comments, made in a since-deleted Facebook live from summer 2019 that was saved by CNN's KFile, were in response to remarks made by Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York in which she compared migrant detention facilities to concentration camps. 

    "She should be shamed by everyone. That she's actually using those terms and making that comparison," Greene said. "And I think it's an embarrassment to our country, that we actually have a congresswoman that would do such a thing. And I'm calling her out big time. 

    "I think everyone should call her out. She should never ever make that comparison. It's insulting, extremely insulting to the families who have family members that were murdered or survived concentration camps. And that just shows you a lot about who she is as a person. And then also anyone that agrees with her and the Democrat party."

    FWIW, THIS is the kind of "Whataboutism" that reasonable people label "whataboutism".

    It is not, as Glenn says, when you refuse to be accountable for when your side does the same thing.

    It's like this:  AOC makes an actually fairly reasonable comparison about the camps for children separated from their families (as a Trump administration policy) with Jewish children who were separated from the families in German concentration camps.  Strained, for sure, but at least reasonable.  

    Then, MTG makes a completely bat **** crazy comparison of some kind of vaccine passport to the holocaust and doubles and triples down on it.  Republicans say "WHATABOUT AOC?!?!"  They can't defend MTG's statements, they can only conflate them with something they WANT to claim is comparable but clearly isn't.  


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