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  1. 2 minutes ago, Leon Troutsky said:

    ^^^Perhaps the best summary of her argument in that op-ed.  And the idea that the majority party doesn’t get to govern or enact its agenda when it wins an election is the opposite of democracy.  So Sinema’s argument that she’s saving democracy by supporting the filibuster is completely backwards.  

    As to her “what if the Republicans do this, this, or that when they win back the majority” stuff, yes that’s exactly what I want to happen.  The GOP should be able to enact its agenda if the voters choose them to govern and the voters can hold them accountable in the next election if they don’t like what the GOP is doing.  Again, that’s how democracy works.  

    Exactly WHAT does she think is going to happenif the Democrats DON'T end the fillibuster to protect votes?  Republicans will suppress Democratic votes, there will be Republican Majorities, and the FIRST thing they will do is eliminate the filibuster.  

    BTW, why didn't they do just that before?

  2. 24 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:



    Here is why I don't think she is acting in good faith:

    "I will not support an action that damages our democracy because someone else did so previously or might do so in the future. I do not accept a new standard by which important legislation can only pass on party-line votes," she added. 

    REPUBLICANS are taking actions that damage democracy with their various voter suppression bills.  The filibuster is actually UNDEMOCRATIC in that it lets the minority block the will of the majority.  SINEMA is in a position to take action to protect democracy, and in her refusal to act, is supporting actions that damage it.

  3. 27 minutes ago, The Monarch said:

    Also, OO came up big in the last series, and I would not be surprised to see him used on either Giannis or Lopez, to try and take advantage of his athleticism and excellent footwork.


    21 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:

    Was pleasantly surprised by him after being skeptical all season. Looking forward to him continuing to develop. 

    Agree, but for God's sake, do NOT let this man take any more mid range set shots.  He was massively rejected in the fourth quarter of game 7.  Might have been by Howard?

  4. 3 hours ago, Southern California Liar said:


    What he's really saying:

    He's such a little dorky Opie Cunningham that we ironically give him a name that makes him sound cool.  And even though he's such a dorky little Opie Cunningham, we support him because, for some reason, he is on the Hawks.  And finally, even though he is a dorky little Opie Cunningham, he actually managed to play pretty well tonight, but we don't expect him to ever do this again.

    The thing is, He isn't little.  And he is actually pretty quick.  He certainly was able to get to create open space and create shots yesterday.  They even ran a little Iso Opie.  (They also ran a little Iso Pero, I mean Iso Gallo.)  

    And it worked. Because Huerter is a pretty good basketball player who has been performing at a high level for three years.

    But there is no getting around the dorky.

  5. So we are finally seeing a flattening out of the downward curves of both Covid Cases and Deaths.  Fortunately, that flattening is occurring at pretty low numbers.  But that we are not continuing towards total elimination is concerning.

    I assume that the reason things are flattening out is that vaccines are flowing.  Folks who wanted the vaccine got the vaccine.   Folks who don't want it are not going to get it.  But EVERYONE is done with distancing/masking etc.   There are two problems with the unvaccinated mingling with the masses:  1) Every transfer of the virus is an opportunity for mutation.  Every mutation is an opportunity for something that is more dangerous AND vaccine resistant.   2) If we let the virus stick around, we will eventually have another wave, albeit smaller, when we enter next winter.  Of course, as unvaccinated gathering increases, we could see an immediate moderate reversal of the downward trend.

    Folks just need to get vaxed.

  6. 1 minute ago, Sn4ttBack said:

    I was pretty much over the Trump administration but what the MSM is showing about DOJ investigations is pretty insane. Right? Or am I wrong?

    Spying on people without just cause...

    It's actually worse than spying on people without just cause:  This is spying on individuals in another co equal branch of government because they are legally investigating you.  This is a police state.

  7. 53 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:

    He’s still taking victory laps on the Bible photo story. 

    Right . . . the Trump appointed IG's report that leaves an awful lot un answered, including why Barr was personally involved in assuring the area was cleared for the scaffolding.

    Reminder:  The IG report in Mrs. DownvoteDon's investigation said everything the state did was copacetic.  Jury said otherwise.

  8. 2 hours ago, Southern California Liar said:


    In which you retweet as gospel a dude who actually said "The Soviet Union actually" ended the Holocaust.  He did not say "The U.S. and our allies, including the Soviet Union, who actually sustained far more casualties and were instrumental in facilitating our advances." He wanted to leave the U.S. out of it completely.  

    Highly credible dude there who certainly is not misleading anything in his "education" on world history.

    Come ON . . . 

  9. I appreciate that this is meaningless click bate stuff, but that Lance Armstrong is considered the biggest jerk in the history of sports who was NOT connected with a murder is quite an achievement.  He was fifth overall

    https://www.thisvsthat.org/article/vertical/slideshow/the-most-unsportsmanlike-athletes-in-sports-ranked/19095/45?camp_id=81038&utm_campaign=81038&utm_source=fb&utm_medium=N. 0.17&utm_content=Pink shirt&fbclid=IwAR2stovgcgyXXav3rCGw__DudcWOCv9-2lSXe78SoJWokRIAlSxRmGQxUA8


  10. 6 minutes ago, Mr. Hoopah! said:



    I was sort of wondering about that when I saw her spouting off in that ridiculous black vest . . . 

    But how dumb are those folks when, under oath, she says "no one could possibly take that nonsense seriously" then says that same stuff, with a straight face, to a room full of marks.

  11. 57 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

    I've been at the lake for two weeks with a plethora of guests, playing WFW, the charming host. Sorry, I cannot help you at this time. 

    My DUDE, you made over 200 posts, including a bunch of GG tweets, while you've "been at the lake for two weeks with a plethora of guests, playing WFW, the charming host."  Glenn Greenwald is a fierce defender of Journalistic independence.  CERTAINLY you cam across his tweets expressing outrage of this breach by the Trump administration.  

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