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  1. Apologies for butting in, but  . . .

    I am not on TATF much, but I have noticed your posts and you seem pretty reasonable and fair-minded. 

    I don't know how long you have been using Pepe in your avatar/profile pic, but unfortunately, the association Pepe has with the Alt Right/White Supremacist movement. 

    I assume you do not align yourself with these groups, and I recognize the unfair limitations on expression this message implies.  However, in the way that Nazi Germany changed the meaning of the Swastika, and The Klan changed the meaning of the Confederate Battle Flag, the Alt Right has changed the meaning of Pepe . . . at least for now.

    So please consider that many, including myself, assume the worst when they see your posts.  It might or might not bother folks, but it is almost certainly bringing people to the wrong conclusion.

    Please consider this intrusion in the same manner you express yourself in your posts; thoughtfully.



  2. Can I still order that table???

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