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  1. Hey, I'm reasonably successful attorney who has invested well and have been married to a Jewish women for 20 years. My dye has been cast.* *This post has been made strictly for stereotypical humor and in no way reflects actual intimate aspects of my marriage which are none of y'all's business.
  2. "Hey, Occupational Hazards. Every job's got 'em. What are you going to do?" - @ya_boi_j
  3. My kids are vaccinated and I am fine with them doing whatever. I'm just saying that you can't blame greed or laziness on people making a decision to accept government support rather than work someplace where they life at risk.
  4. Come on . . . . . it is NOT like "going to the grocery store." The reality is that we have ALL limited our time spent in doors around the general public. Sure, masks and distancing helps, but the more exposure, the more risk. I would not let my kids work at a restaurant, retail shop etc.
  5. As WHAT team Chaplain? The fact that THIS guy is going to have an NFL contract and Colin Kaepernick does not tells you everything you need to know about White Privilege.
  6. Wait: The fair question is "Are these 'easy, good paying jobs' that expose people to COVID on a daily basis?"
  7. Any predictions on which way this vote goes? It is a secret ballot. So I think Cheney pulls it out again. A slight majority of Congressmen will keep Liz in her post, a HUGE majority will express outrage afterwards.
  8. The last twenty minutes was like watching a different game. Very interesting that United's three subs were all to forwards. Interesting tactic. I guess the thinking is to take advantage of a team that had to open up the field and hope to get a buffer goal rather than just bolster defense. I don't mind the strategy, but it failed pretty miserably. We were sloppy and slow on defense. Seems like one set of fresh legs up front and two sets back would work better. Of course, I'm the expert so . . .
  9. The leftist purist take that Libs are suckers for acknowledging when awful people do decent things is the worst of takes. Let's ignore the atrocity that the former (and future) bad actors are standing up to, and focus on the atrocities of Libs for recognizing their decency. It's as if they don't WANT the atrocities to stop.
  10. OK, Now I have to tell my "Why Bobby Petrino was worthless SOB BEFORE he quit mid season by post it note: Lefwich was the starter and led the team to a 1-6 record. But he got hurt. Joey Herrington replaced him and won two straight games and, by some miracle, the Falcons were actually still in the playoff hunt at 3-6. Game 10 was here against the Bucs and Byron was back and brutal. I desperately hoped Herrington would take over in the second half, but Lefwich stayed in and continued to be brutal. And the game was over 31-0 by the time the Herrington finally entered the game at the
  11. What happiness? It is a grown *** man who is so upset that he is crying and has a stomach ache! Talk about anxiety!
  12. The attack on Critical Race Theory might be one of the most ironic movements of my lifetime. Perhaps the perfect definition of "self evident"
  13. In case anyone missed it, I'm pretty sure the operative word here is "hangar", right?
  14. But how will kids get to their floor when they are carrying two six packs?
  15. That is pretty much exactly what Joe Scarborough was suggesting this morning. (Feel like you need to take a shower now?)
  16. Liz Cheney: Ned Braden Republican. Who'd a thunk. Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy joins the Republican leadership amalgam that is Reggie Dunlop. At :43
  17. On Inauguration Day, the United States had the 9th most Covid Deaths per Capita. 100 days in to the Biden Administration, the U.S. is down to 18th. Leadership matters.
  18. Wow . . . One of the strangest in the short history of Atlanta United was Carlton getting benched . . . or worse actually. He was kept out of uniform and later banned from the victory parade the day of the MLS Cup. Apparently he played well enough for Indy last year, and there is not evidence that he actually stormed the capitol, although he indicated an intent to go to the rally. He's a dumb kid. Maybe he'll mature. He certainly could turn things around and have a successful career. It seems like he should GTHO of Georgia though.
  19. In which amateurs with inferior information grade professionals with superior information on the extent to which the latter agree with the former. Were there any experts the Monday after the 2018 draft giving the Falcons kudos for drafting Foye Oluokun in the sixth round?
  20. Oh Dear Lord. One of us needs to . . . (It might be Kemp.) Gov. Kemp travels to southern Texas, Mexico border FFS https://www.11alive.com/article/news/politics/gov-kemp-travels-to-texas-border-with-mexico/85-c9c6317e-9ce9-4de9-b7c0-3908eaaa3dc4
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