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  1. Would have also helped if freakin' Andre Roberts had not given up a possession at an incredibly key moment (Seahawks had three straight possessions.) if you play for the Falcons Special Teams, and your names is not Matt, you probably suck.
  2. FIFY
  3. Ryan's 200 yard game streak broken. they should have thrown a rollout pass instead of taking a knee. BTW, that's on Roberts. Little SOB cost us a possession and almost the game!
  4. Hey. Please don't confuse sexual perversion with sexual harassment. There's nothing wrong with a little perversion between consenting adults.....Want to hear some stories?
  5. As we approach kick off, once again, there is an air of confidence in a game that would otherwise appear challenging. While talking to her without Devante Freeman, the Seahawks are without at least two key players on defense and two offense of linemen. Victory would not only keep the Falcons diminishing division hopes alive, it would actually provide hope for home-field advantage until the NFC championships. With games against every team ahead of them, they still control their own destiny. (other than the Eagles of course) With so much at stake, including the tremendous upside of the victory, as a long suffering falcon fan, I know what this means: dissappointment will be even greater after the surprisingly strong victory last week. Another devastating humiliation in front of a national audience awaits.
  6. What was that?
  7. I may SOUND like them, but only someone with your penchant for the false equivalency would equate the two.
  8. Good LORD you are jumping hard on this. What if it IS B.S.? He is NOT apologizing for this because he does not remember DOING anything. The MOST worrisome thing about his replies is that he hasn't said "I don't grab axes. Period." That could indicate that he actually DOES have an extensive history of ax grabbing. Or he doesn't want to get bogged down in the "She's lying" practice and victim attacks that could curtail real victims form coming forward in the future.
  9. She must have felt some kind of firm, too. What are the odds? Dude has been taking celeb shots with folks for 40 years and this is the butt he grabbed? That must be some kind of primus tuchus. Yes, I know what I'm doing here. I can also do math, and this doesn't make sense. Still holding . . . still willing to take the risk of looking like a hypocritical horse's ax.
  10. I just want to come forward right now and admit that I once slapped the ax of a 12 year old boy who was not my son. I was coaching a sixth grade basketball team. We started with six players, but the six the boy (the slappey) was sick and could only give us a minute or so at the beginning of each half. (I had sought to inspire him by regaling him with the Michael Jordon "Flue Game" but to no avail.) Anyway, we hung tough and kept it close and somehow won the game on a buzzer beater three pointer (when we trailed by two). As we stormed the court, I slapped the child on the butt. I apologized to him and his father soon after. I don't know what came over me. Maybe I saw Jimmy V do it once or something. Shameful.
  11. The moment you do, Trump's approval ratings will spike ten points.
  12. Swear to ....well, it's rather blasphemous. I apologize.
  13. STFG, dude insults like Snake.
  14. If this does, in fact, turn out to be a political stunt, Optimus and I definitely get the spotlight dance at the ABF Gay Recruitment Spring Semi Formal
  15. They're trying to do it in Alabama