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  1. The key is next season to keep that same intensity through all games... even when we play the bucs, etc
  2. very true.. all points valid.... but EXCEPT for Gonzalez.. I think new additions to the ones that might leave could be an upgrade if scouted properly... Lets see what happens
  3. To finish and put the Falcons season in perspective.. this was a franchise 5 yrs ago.. that had a dog fighter as a QB.. had Bobby Patrino only coach us for 6 weeks then bounced to college.. had a 4-12 record that season...we were the laughing stock of the NFL... we didnt have a QB, Coach, etc... and never had back to back winning seasons .. Even with Vick... Move ahead 5 yrs... We have had the Best record in the NFC since that time.. Winning seasons every year from that point.. and Made it one game out of the Super Bowl... in a year that most people on here thought we wouldnt even make the pla
  4. Ill be there in the house at Ray Jay.. Go falcons... I look at this like the Eagles game.. Had a terrible game against Oakland and still won.. today had a terrible game against the Cards.. and still one.. then we bounced back and picked up a convincing win on the road.. Real fans RISEUP.. all these trolls and fantasy nerds go sit down
  5. the ball was caught... and they said he was a DEFENSELESS receiver???? then he hits him with the shoulder and then gets fined 50 g's??? WOW
  6. people around here go crazy when we lose games..... its all good
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