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  1. Well if they have a great draft pick then who knows next year. Oh wait....
  2. How to rub it in without getting expelled from their board. Hahahahahaha https://saintsreport.com/threads/feels-like-2012.402128/
  3. Sorry if posted elsewhere, didn’t see it. http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=24607508
  4. Meh, it's not our starters so no need to overreact but whoever is responsible for picking our UDFAs every year needs a re-evaluation. At the very least we need better players to practice again. I think I remember hearing that there was someone(not Dimitroff) responsible for making calls after the draft. That was a long time ago though.
  5. I mean it's pretty far, you can see numbers but not names if you have pretty good eye sight. It's kind of fun to sit up top sometimes though if you are a student of the game because you focus on the whole team at the same time similar to a chess board. Also, the video board is eye level. If you are on the lower level you could get a kink in your neck looking up all the time and lower level is not as close the field especially between the fields unless you buy the really expensive pass and stand against the wall.
  6. I think Raheem Morris, he kept saying "I told you" over and over as he walked off the field.
  7. I think Raheem Morris, he kept saying "I told you" over and over as he walked off the field.
  8. Sorry, I corrected it. I was confusing the 2010 when they went 13-3 and lost to the packers as the first seed with 13-3 in 2012 when we lost to SF Julio's second year.
  9. Without him we still make the playoffs, but don't make the Super Bowl. However, next offseason if you pay other positions the money that Julio is wanting and add a couple first rounders in a trade we can still easily win the Super Bowl. A younger less talented Matt Ryan went 13-3 with a worse defense and his receivers were Roddy, Michael Jenkins, and Harry Douglas. That being said I still want Julio. I'm not saying this is how it is but in the back of my mind I wonder if he simply just doesn't want to come to the off season. Making it about a raise with three years remaining on his contract is a way of avoiding it since you can't really just say I don't feel like it unless you are about to retire like Tony G. In an article last season Julio mentioned that he never works out on his own, he just eats healthy until OTAs. Obviously that changed this offseason but I still wonder if this is a way of skipping and having us waive the fines. The past few years he's been there but skipped the work in recent years due to injuries.
  10. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/13101196/julio-jones-atlanta-falcons-says-not-hold-contract 5th/6h paragraphs from the bottom: "I haven't been watching other people," Jones said. "All I can do is take care of me. I'm going to let [the Falcons] take care of that side of it. If they say be here at this time, I'm going to be there. I'm going to be accountable. "I'm not going to hold out for anything. My teammates need me. I'm being selfish if I'm not here and doing what I need to do." i sure do do miss the Julio that didn’t yell at coaches on the side line and talk to reporters about how he eats healthy but NEVER works out on his own in the off-season. The good news is he looks in great shape this year so I guess the contract, TO, and better health motivated him.
  11. I listen to Bill Shanks sometimes on the way home because he's really the only person local in Macon on days we can't pick up 92.9 the game because it's raining or something. I always like the other guys on his show better. Russ and a guy they used to have Charles Olson always knew a lot more about sports. Shanks just has strong opinions about the biggest topics. He does know a lot about the Braves since he works closer with them but he just talks about the biggest Hawks and Falcons stories and doesn't know the teams half as well as people on this board. I think he could probably name 15 players without looking it up. He has 3 years left + 2 franchise tags keeping him off the UFA market until he's 34, THE TEAM HAS THE LEVERAGE. Make Julio play the next two years under his current contract even if he just shows up for the season. Fine him for anything mandatory that he misses and If he tries to play hardball before his final year franchise him the next two years if he's still healthy until he's 34. I know this won't happen though because I doubt Blank let's them do the Le'veon Bell thing. He doesn't want the media circus but if we buckle to a player with three years left it's not good business. We front loaded his salary a little bit or he would be making more now. As for a trade I wouldn't take anything less than 2 high first round draft picks which won't happen. Just like no one pays the two 1st round draft pick cost of signing franchise players, no one would give up two high firsts. Even teams with low picks every year like the Patriots never sign franchise players. Why pay a top dollar contract AND give up two firsts for franchise players when you can have great players on cheap contracts. When was the last time someone signed a player that was under the franchise tag
  12. I sure hope this helps with Duke's aggressiveness/CT. Last year he wanted to play patty cake with RBs and then tackle them from behind 8-10 yards down the field instead of running through them at the point of contact.
  13. Pretty much, McPhee was 1.8 although his yearly cash is just over 1.7 which is weird when it's a 1 yr deal. The difference was probably incentives.
  14. Last years qualifier was 1.1 Mil but ended up being higher because of the rule that says only 32 picks are allowed, we should have got two more 7th rounders at 1.1 but only ended up getting the 7th for Compton at 1.85 Mil per yr who literally got us Mr Irrelevant. However, I don't know if the cancellations start at the qualifying number ( 1.1 last year) or the bottom of the 32 (1.85 last year). If it's the latter we should be okay I think.
  15. Sorry if this has been posted somewhere already but I just saw it pop up on Spotrac today which is way later than usual. Sounds like a great value for a 27 year old 3 time Pro Bowl special teamer even if he never plays on defense. However, I hope this doesn't block us from a 2019 compensatory pick which could turn out to be a 5th rounder based on the qualifying losses vs gained. The way I understand it is that each qualifying FA addition cancels a loss unless the variance is very large. Ex: Losing what would have been a 3rd rounder and signing someone who would only qualify for a 7th rounder. I think in those cases they throw you a bone of like a 7th rounder. Dontari Poe 3yr / 27 Mil = 9 Mil average 4th Round Comp Pick Taylor Gabriel 4yr / 26 Mil = 6.5 Mil average 5th Round Comp Pick - Cancelled by Fusco 3 yr / 12.75 Mil Adrian Clayborn 2yr 12 Mil = 6 Mil average 5th Rounder Comp Pick - Might be cancelled by Justin Bethel 1 yr 1.75 or is Bethel's deal too low to qualify ??? Andre Roberts 1yr 1.005 Mil = 1.005 Mil average, Does not qualify for pick - Cancelled by Logan Paulsen 1 yr 1.005 Mil. They signed essentially the same contract so either way I don't think we get a pick even if it did qualify. If Bethel doesn't qualify Fusco should apply to Clayborn instead and we get a higher 5th round slot.