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  1. I don't find it unbelievable, some of my best friends are from the other party. I said "interestingly enough".....although I'm not saying that you are referring to me.
  2. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/30155186/election-2020-political-donation-history-wealthy-sports-owners I'm not here to offer an opinion, only to inform. The mods made it clear that they will not tolerate inflammatory political comments on the first pinned thread so please be civil either way. I just found it informative that Arthur Blank gives to Biden and the Democratic party. Interestingly enough, the other co-founder of Home Depot Bernie Marcus is in the process of donating 90% of his 5.9 billion dollar fortune, 7 million going to Trump. https://www.businessinsider.c
  3. Trying to delete my post but I don't see a delete button so you get this There isn't a delete option anymore? I haven't been on as much lately.
  4. RIP Vaughn! He was the best Falcons reporter since Steve Wyche in my opinion, better than anyone at the AJC for sure.
  5. It feels like all of our run plays take 10 seconds to develop and Ryan holds the ball out the whole time.
  6. I'd be more scared of McNabb or Kolb. We saw what they can do to us the last two years. Vick holds the ball too long and fumbles behind the line of scrimmage. Because he holds the ball so long and takes so many sacks, he will play more to our defensive strength which is speed. The biggest thing that worries me is the loud obnoxious gangster like crowds he draws. Vick fans who have been generous enough to help clean up the dome and lower our ticket prices by boycotting the last four years will surely return to express unconditional allegiance to the torturer who crushed their hometown team
  7. Thanks Jay, I don't have twitter yet but I do have facebook. Does he have facebook or a public email?
  8. Thanks Tandy. I'm not saying he's terrible but I'd still rather have a recognizable celeb who could motivate the crowd. At least now I know who he is.
  9. As many of you have noticed. The NFL has changed the rules this season to allow teams to ask for crowd noise assistance. They ask for help on the big screens and there is also a guy sitting at a booth on the field that during commercial breaks tells the crowd to make noise when we are on defense. As he should, he scolds the crowd that this is not a library and notifies us when the best times are to make noise like third down or the fourth quarter etc. He seems like an average guy who has a little enthusiasm but surely they could do better. I want a big personality full of enthusiasm. I t
  10. I don't think Turner has ever had a "major" problem fumbling but this year he's perfect.
  11. The guy has 19 tackles at the start of his 6th year, and his first he only played in 4 games. His effort on that last tackle was fun to watch. Too bad people started piling out of the dome after Bryant's field goal. He's just one of our many versatile players like Roddy White or Jason Snelling who make plays outside of his job while doing main his job abmirably. Who wouldn't want a fast punter who can kickoff and then fly down the field and make a tackle at the 20 to end the game!
  12. Turner has 74 and Snelling has 47 carries. If you add in Ovie's 7 and Norwoods 2 you have 130 carries from our running backs without a fumble. THANK YOU for taking ball protection so seriously. It could easily be the difference between 3-1 and 1-3. Thank you Gerald Brown. Whatever you are this doing, it's working.
  13. The Great Debate John Clayton does his homework. I think Pat Yasinskas has had some good articles but John Clayton broke it down for him on several levels on why the Saints won't get past the Falcons much less repeat and all Pat could say was well....last year and uh well, now the Saints know what it takes. Then, he really looked like a division homer trying to throw in the "Carolina should at least be talked about and what if the Bucs win" comments. Just ask Sean Salisbury about the last guy who tried to take on the professor. I think he took my order the other day at Taco Bell. Favorit
  14. Offense: QB Matt Ryan Chris Redman John Parker Wilson RB Michael Turner Norwood, Jerious Jason Snelling FB Ovie Mughelli WR Michael Jenkins Kerry Meier Brian Finneran WR Roddy White Harry Douglas Eric Weems TE Tony Gonzalez Justin Peelle Keith Zinger LT Sam Baker Will Svitek LG Justin Blalock C Todd McClure Joe Hawley RG Harvey Dahl RT Tyson Clabo Mike Johnson Defense: LE Kroy Biermann Jamaal Anderson UT Jonathan Babineaux Corey Peters NT Peria Jerry Thomas Johnson Vance Walker RE John Abraham Chauncey Davis Lawrence S
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