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  1. I listen to Bill Shanks sometimes on the way home because he's really the only person local in Macon on days we can't pick up 92.9 the game because it's raining or something. I always like the other guys on his show better. Russ and a guy they used to have Charles Olson always knew a lot more about sports. Shanks just has strong opinions about the biggest topics. He does know a lot about the Braves since he works closer with them but he just talks about the biggest Hawks and Falcons stories and doesn't know the teams half as well as people on this board. I think he could probably name 15 players without looking it up. He has 3 years left + 2 franchise tags keeping him off the UFA market until he's 34, THE TEAM HAS THE LEVERAGE. Make Julio play the next two years under his current contract even if he just shows up for the season. Fine him for anything mandatory that he misses and If he tries to play hardball before his final year franchise him the next two years if he's still healthy until he's 34. I know this won't happen though because I doubt Blank let's them do the Le'veon Bell thing. He doesn't want the media circus but if we buckle to a player with three years left it's not good business. We front loaded his salary a little bit or he would be making more now. As for a trade I wouldn't take anything less than 2 high first round draft picks which won't happen. Just like no one pays the two 1st round draft pick cost of signing franchise players, no one would give up two high firsts. Even teams with low picks every year like the Patriots never sign franchise players. Why pay a top dollar contract AND give up two firsts for franchise players when you can have great players on cheap contracts. When was the last time someone signed a player that was under the franchise tag
  2. I sure hope this helps with Duke's aggressiveness/CT. Last year he wanted to play patty cake with RBs and then tackle them from behind 8-10 yards down the field instead of running through them at the point of contact.
  3. Pretty much, McPhee was 1.8 although his yearly cash is just over 1.7 which is weird when it's a 1 yr deal. The difference was probably incentives.
  4. Last years qualifier was 1.1 Mil but ended up being higher because of the rule that says only 32 picks are allowed, we should have got two more 7th rounders at 1.1 but only ended up getting the 7th for Compton at 1.85 Mil per yr who literally got us Mr Irrelevant. However, I don't know if the cancellations start at the qualifying number ( 1.1 last year) or the bottom of the 32 (1.85 last year). If it's the latter we should be okay I think.
  5. Sorry if this has been posted somewhere already but I just saw it pop up on Spotrac today which is way later than usual. Sounds like a great value for a 27 year old 3 time Pro Bowl special teamer even if he never plays on defense. However, I hope this doesn't block us from a 2019 compensatory pick which could turn out to be a 5th rounder based on the qualifying losses vs gained. The way I understand it is that each qualifying FA addition cancels a loss unless the variance is very large. Ex: Losing what would have been a 3rd rounder and signing someone who would only qualify for a 7th rounder. I think in those cases they throw you a bone of like a 7th rounder. Dontari Poe 3yr / 27 Mil = 9 Mil average 4th Round Comp Pick Taylor Gabriel 4yr / 26 Mil = 6.5 Mil average 5th Round Comp Pick - Cancelled by Fusco 3 yr / 12.75 Mil Adrian Clayborn 2yr 12 Mil = 6 Mil average 5th Rounder Comp Pick - Might be cancelled by Justin Bethel 1 yr 1.75 or is Bethel's deal too low to qualify ??? Andre Roberts 1yr 1.005 Mil = 1.005 Mil average, Does not qualify for pick - Cancelled by Logan Paulsen 1 yr 1.005 Mil. They signed essentially the same contract so either way I don't think we get a pick even if it did qualify. If Bethel doesn't qualify Fusco should apply to Clayborn instead and we get a higher 5th round slot.
  6. His dad's YouTube videos are pretty funny. Some are silly but some are hilarious.
  7. No worries, still great stuff. I've been keeping my eye on the comp picks as well. We can trade or sign players after June 1st without impacting the formula so we may go that route.
  8. Good stuff but not sure why would Alex Mack would garner the Browns anything this year.. He's been a Falcon for two years.
  9. If Ryan would give a Brady or Brees like deal where he is just a little below market value, he's be a champ. I'm sure of it. Just like Peyton could have won 5 or 6 in his prime but wouldn't take a penny less and stopped talking to Dan Patrick for even asking if he'd consider a "Brady like" deal for the team.
  10. that's the way it goes when you have a young defense that you just allocated by far the majority of it's draft picks towards and a talented franchise QB who will never give a Brady or Brees like discount to help the team.
  11. heck yeah, Riley seems to take contact passively, like he wants to run 5 yards upfield and lay them down gently.
  12. Sad to hear, sorry for your loss Saints fans.
  13. If we rescind Ben's RFA 2nd round tender before he signs it, he wouldn't cost us $2.914 million which is tied with Rico for this years 11th highest base salary, 17th highest cap hit per Spotrac.
  14. Now that we have Fusco, who goes? I would think Paztor or Harlow go and we try to sneak them on the practice squad but we will need a guard who can also play center so I'm not sure who would fit that bill. Harlow practiced at center in college but that's the only scenario I know of. The other scenario is that they rescind the tag on Garland if he hasn't signed yet. If he's only the 2nd backup guard it might be worth the extra couple million we'd save to let Harlow be our backup's(Schweitzer I'd assume) backup. Ty Sambrailo Ben Garland Sean Harlow Wes Schweitzer Austin Pasztor
  15. I why Kyle didn't try to keep him... I won't get too discouraged though as I'm sure our staffs have a good relationship and have had pretty honest conversations about him. Maybe they already had a replacement ready to step in.