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  1. petrino is our man. we just have not played as a team. i have seen open receivers, when was the last time we saw that. they are the same ones we had the last few years. concentration is the key. i do think that reeves got thrown out 2 soon, he had a fetish with te's. what we did to reeves sound like what we are trying to do to petrino. wade would have been nice, the players just weren't on board with the 3-4 defense...
  2. i'm all for it, defense can be as aggressive as it wants...
  3. lt bryant mckinnie 1st(7) lg steve hutchinson 1st(17) c matt birk 6th(harvard) rg anthony herrera ud(tn) rt ryan cook 2nd(19) i think when you look at it, you have to invest in lineman!!!...
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