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  1. Here's an insert from an article on ajc.com. It was good to see Coach Smith give the game ball to the players. Blank made the most of the day. Nobody deserved this more. He beamed a smile that hadn’t been so wide since the Falcons made it to the NFC title game in 2004. He soaked it all for the final minutes on the sideline. When the final seconds ticked away, he grabbed the game ball, walked with the players and coaches into the locker room and then presented the game ball to Smith. “Obviously it has been a long journey for him and I know how hard he worked with Thomas on this roster,” Blank
  2. Your right on the red seats blends in with the people
  3. I was thinking the same thing T.N.Touchdown
  4. I went to the jacksonville game and was pleased with his arm. I think he is a guy that does 2 speeds. In most video he doesn't show any zip but in person he gets it there quick.
  5. Did the front office go to Alge also...?
  6. let's build the competition at the line, it will help in the long run
  7. Hey, you forgot just about the best Clay Co product, Hines Ward, Forest Park. He was a senior my freshman year, I didn't play that year. Played at Mount Zion-Jonesboro 94-96. I played against Jamal Lewis my senior year.
  8. We better get a line that has been the problem for this team for YEAR, GET A LINE TO PROTECT HIM!!!
  9. If we take Ryan we, better get him a line LINE LINE LINE!!!
  10. what about the lohans, spears, and hiltons. some people just don't make the right choices regardless...
  11. i still want lineman... BUT WOW, faster than norwood!!!
  12. By the fact that the last place team has always won this division the next year. Go Falcons!!!
  13. i want lineman... no team gets as far as it does without the BIG MEN... Philly protected its investment, if we go QB I want him PROTECTED!!!
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